The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1243

Chapter 1243 Holy Accord: We Are Serious About Acting

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This time, the door opened. Oathkeeper walked in, and the noise in the room suddenly disappeared. Everyone, including Sorokin, looked over.

Oathkeeper looked around, stopped at Sorokin, and said with a deep voice, "Ive considered it over the past two days. Ill accept you into the Holy Accord."

Joy appeared on Sorokins face. Just as he was about to speak, Oathkeeper stopped him and added, "But before that, you have to resolve your conflict with Black Star. I dont want you to bring problems to the organization."

Hearing this, Sorokins expression turned serious. "What ideas do you have?"

Oathkeeper slowly said, "First, we have to test the risk, which is how persistent Black Star is about killing you. Therefore, well use your location as bait and see if Black Star chases after it."

"How do we do that exactly?"

Oathkeeper opened the star map, pointed at a transit hub planet in the Ancient Star Desert, and said, "Well find a way to spread rumors saying youve passed by Planet Deere recently, then set up surveillance to see how Black Star reacts to it. If his men come right away to investigate, it means hes indeed hunting you. If Black Star invades Planet Deeres node using Virtual Intrusion, our men will discover it too To show our sincerity in working together, well share the situation reflected by the surveillance with you."

Sorokin thought about it for a moment and agreed with this plan. Although he did not think Black Star would be hunting him, faking his whereabouts would not threaten his safety, so he had no objections. Instead, he was quite impressed by how cautious Oathkeeper was. It suited his taste.

From his perspective, he could totally just retire and not do anything, but Holy Accord was not going to agree with that. They were worried Black Star might find them just like he did. Therefore, they actively wanted to remove the hidden threat. He could not make the decision for the Holy Accord, so he could only cooperate.

"If Beiger is really hunting him, what do we do?" Beiger added.

"Then, therell only be two ways to solve this problem." Oathkeeper looked at Sorokin, acted like he was troubled, and said, "Either we erase Black Star, or you fake your death to deceive Black Star."

"That makes sense," Beiger added. "Black Star will only give up hunting him if he thinks hes dead. After all, the dead dont speak. Anyway, Sorokin knows how to fake his death; he can just do it again."

Sorokin felt this was logical and nodded. However, thinking about it, he said with a reluctant tone, "But thats too risky. Black Star knows my identity, so hell definitely be wary about me faking my death. Im worried that if he discovers it, Ill really be dead"

Oathkeeper shook his head. "Honestly, thats even more convincing. We have the Sanctums, so if you really die, we can revive you. Not only will the threat be eliminated that way, but youll really become one of us."

Sorokin laughed awkwardly. "Id rather pass on that. Plus, he has the Spacetime Amber. Im worried he might seal me up"

It sounded like a good plan, but how could he trust the Holy Accord? What if they did not revive him after he died?

Oathkeeper frowned and said with a displeased tone, "This plan has the lowest risk and highest success rate. In the end, you say you want to join the Holy Accord, but you dont see us as being on your side."

"Im really very sincere about joining the Holy Accord, but trust needs to be developed over time"

Sorokin looked troubled but complained inside.

This plan means you guys are only bearing the minimum risk. Basically, you dont have to do anything at all. The problem will be solved regardless of whether Im really dead or not

Conversely, fighting Black Star was very risky for Holy Accord but much less risky for him, so of course, he favored this plan more.

"Humph, so youre still forcing us to help you to kill Black Star." Violet Queen snorted.

Sorokin had nothing to say.

" Well talk about it when the time comes. Lets see if Black Star responds to the fake information first."

Oathkeeper purposely glanced at Sorokin with dissatisfaction. He did not say much and left.

Not long later, through secret channels, the intelligence that Sorokin passed by Planet Deere got spread out. At the same time, the Holy Accord organization set up many men on Planet Deere for surveillance.

Time passed day by day, and the information got spread further. As they did not know if Black Star had received the news yet, they could only wait and stare at the surveillance screens all day.

As this involved him personally, Sorokin was most concerned about it. He stared at the screens every second.

After almost ten days, the Holy Accord organization finally got the intelligence that one fleet from the Ancient Star Desert subdivision of the Black Star Army had arrived on Planet Deere and was searching for Sorokins information on the planet.

"The situation is very clear. Black Star is indeed hunting you closely. Youve brought us risk!"

In the remote surveillance room, Oathkeeper glared at Sorokin, his tone very displeased.

Sorokin did not reply. He looked extremely frustrated, and his heart sank.

He could not oppose this solid proof; he did not expect Black Star to want to kill him so much that he was hunting him secretly.

So, this guy not only wants my money but even my life!

What an evil man!

F*ck, although I tricked you several times in the past, Ive already paid the price for that! Black Star, why do you want me dead so much

This time, Oathkeeper said with a deep voice, "You really are not willing to fake your death to fool Black Star?"

"No." Sorokin shook his head without hesitation.

Oathkeeper looked distressed. He walked back and forth, annoyed, as if he was hesitating.

After quite some time, he spoke reluctantly like he had finally made a difficult situation.

"Since thats the case, we can only eliminate Black Star!"

As soon as he said that, the other Primordial Ones were instantly appalled and expressed their strong objection.

"We have no conflict with Black Star. Why should we mess with such a strong enemy just for Sorokin?"

"Wouldnt fighting Black Star also leak our existence?"

"This guy is just threatening us. Dont fall for it!"

The elevated emotions of everyone startled Sorokin. He did not dare express his opinion.

"Stop!" Oathkeeper argued with them for a bit. He then raised his voice and said firmly, "Therell be no next time!"

Then, he glared at Sorokin and coldly said, "Are you satisfied now?"

"Nonsense, Im not the one forcing you guys to deal with Black Star. This is your decision. Id rather ignore him." Sorokin sighed and expressed this was not his fault.

He was originally not planning to threaten the Holy Accord organization to fight Black Star because he would offend them that way. However, he was not the one making the choice.

In his position, he could not change their stubborn opinions and convince the Holy Accord to ignore Black Star. It was like someone who owed loan sharks a lot of money and took refuge in someone elses home, not only causing them trouble, but also attempting to convince them to put up with the loan sharks harassment Even Sorokin felt that was a little bit shameless.

Oathkeeper snorted and said slowly, "All and all, you brought the trouble, so youll have to solve it. Since Black Star is hunting you, youll be the bait to lure him into the trap."

"Alone?" Sorokin asked.

"Of course, three of us will accompany you, both to prevent you from escaping and to help you fight Black Star." Oathkeeper shook his head. "As for the rest of us, well set up an ambush far away and join the battle when the time is right."

"Will that even work? Black Star has the King suit and is not afraid of being outnumbered," Beiger added, displaying his expertise as an actor.

"Dont worry, Black Star will never expect there to be dozens of us, and thats our biggest advantage! The trap set up by Sorokin will only have four people. Its only our first measure but will seem like the whole ambush to Black Star. With Black Stars strength, hes unlikely to flee against four people and will definitely try to fight. Therefore, the team with Sorokins mission will be to stall Black Star." Oathkeepers tone sounded like this was real.


"Try to create an opportunity, of course! The dozens of us will be accumulating energy. As long as you can temporarily control Black Star and make him not have the time to use the King suit, Sorokin, well charge right in with Beigers teleportation spell, attacking him all at the same time, while having those who excel in the soul territory try to heavily damage Black Stars soul!"

Oathkeepers tone was very firm and filled with confidence. Even he almost believed it.

Sorokin analyzed the plan and felt that the success rate was much higher than for him to act alone.

He believed that as long as Black Star did not use the Spacetime Amber to guard against the attacks, even he would most likely not be able to endure the focus fire of dozens of Beyond Grade As.

Although Soul Flame was not in his hands, Oathkeeper could use it all the same. Furthermore, there were not just the two of them who excelled in the soul territory in the Holy Accord organization, which made Sorokin feel there was an even higher chance of succeeding.

"This plan should work. The success rate is probably above seventy percent. The entire galactic society practically sees Black Star as a god, but he definitely has limits no matter how strong he is."

Sorokin was relieved and expressed his support for the plan.

Seeing that the fish had bitten the bit, knowing the ways of fishing very well, Oathkeeper said with a warning tone and a deep voice, "Dont be glad so soon. Youd best pray this plan succeeds. Otherwise, if Black Star escapes, hell definitely leak our information too. Then, your leverage will be meaningless, and Ill hold you responsible for it. You can make a guess on what well do to you Therefore, for your own sake too, youd better give your all in this mission!"

Hearing this, Sorokins expression turned serious, and he nodded firmly.

Half a month later, in a certain desolate universe belt of the Ancient Star Desert, a small spaceship hovered. There were only four people in the spaceshipSorokin, Beiger, and two other Beyond Grade As.

Beiger stood with his arms crossed. He glanced at Sorokin who was beside and said with an unsatisfied tone, "Tsk, I never thought Id have to fight alongside you one day. Unlucky."

"Tsk, you think Im happy to see your face?" Sorokin snorted. He did not want to argue with him. He changed the topic and said, "Its been so longwill Black Star really come?"

"Who knows? Weve already sent the coordinates out; it all depends on how strong his love for you is," Beiger joked.

Sorokin was about to strike back when an unwelcome guest entered the range of his senses. His expression changed immediately.

"Someones here."

The other three sensed it too and became silent. They looked in the direction of the presence they felt outside the porthole.

After a while, an asteroid approached extremely quickly. It seemed to have noticed the four of them too. It stopped not far away, and a familiar face appeared.

"Its Black Star! Hes really here!"

Sorokins expression turned grave. He flew out of the cabin and stood opposite Han Xiao. Beiger and the other two followed along.

Han Xiao scanned through the few of them and laughed in the public channel.

"Yoho, I see, you deliberately leaked your coordinates to lure me into a trap, huh? So, the information about your whereabouts some time ago was fake information you made up and spread purposely Hehe, I dont know where you got the help from, but Sorokin, oh Sorokin, arent you underestimating me too much, daring to attack me with just four people?"

"Black Star, I didnt expect you to be so persistent in chasing me. Youre too much! Dont blame me. You left me no choice!"

This was what Sorokin was most irritated by. From the way he looked at it, he was the one who incurred much larger losses, yet Black Star hunted him nonstop. It was too excessive.

"Sorry, Im not a forgiving person. Youve plotted against me one too many times. Therell be quite a number of problems with letting you escape. Therefore, its better for you to live inside my Spacetime Amber suite, safe and sound."

While speaking in the public channel, Han Xiao glanced at Beiger and the other two with mockery in his eyes.

There were only five people there and supposedly two sides, but there were three group chats. One was the public channel, and another was the temporary combat group chat Sorokin, Beiger, and the other two were in.

The third was the actor group chat that Han Xiao, Beiger, the other two Beyond Grade As, and all the Holy Accord members ambushing far away were in. Basically, everyone except Sorokin.

"Do it!"

Sorokin did not want to bullsh*t with Han Xiao and attacked right away while also telling Beiger and the other two to attack together.

Seeing how much of a hurry Sorokin was in, everyone was laughing out loud nonstop in the actor group.

"Hes getting impatient"

"Hahaha, why do I suddenly feel pitiful for him?"

"Its so tragic. I can hardly watch."

"Youd better take a few more looks. Im afraid well never see him again"

The people joked around. The actor group chat was filled with a joyful atmosphere.

"Stop it. Were in the middle of a performance. Be serious about it," Han Xiao said while laughing. He summoned his mechanical army and charged into Sorokins attacks.

Beiger and the other two hastily joined the battle. They did their best not to burst into laughter and fought alongside Sorokin as if they were really on his side.

The battle broke up instantly. The energy left by the five of them left scorch marks in space.

The opportunity only existed for the blink of an eye. If they could not annihilate Sorokin instantly, this guy would still have time to leak the information. Now was not the time yet, so the Holy Accord was still performing for Sorokin.

Sorokin thought victory was in his hands and focused entirely on fighting Han Xiao. However, what he did not know was that the teammates he had high hopes in were all actors ready to backstab him any second.

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