The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1247

Chapter 1247 Consumed

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After this incident, although the Limitless Financial Group secured the last bit of their business and survived, it was severely damaged. Only a part of Sorokins elite offspring remained to protect their family business.

However, even though the Limitless Financial Group was already severely damaged, it only fell from the position of top consortium and was still a big consortium in the Star Field, clearly proving how many assets Sorokin had worked hard to accumulate. In terms of making money legally, there was probably really no one among Beyond Grade As who could match him.

If not because it was not convenient to let Sorokin appear in front of the public, Han Xiao almost wanted to make him in charge of the commercial area of the army. Han Xiao had already confirmed that making money was really one of the few hobbies of Sorokin.

In Sorokins own words, the increase of the money he had was visible and much easier than the increase of strength. He loved this kind of snowballing mechanism; the increase of his assets made him happy.

However, Han Xiao also did not plan to let Sorokin do nothing. He decided to have Sorokin take care of some business affairs behind the curtains.

This guy loved to make money, so letting him enjoy his hobby was also a form of entertainment for him. He could also give him some dividends He had no place to spend it anyway.

The way Han Xiao looked at it, the Limitless Financial Groups players were the unluckiest. When they returned in the next version, their reaction would probably all be the same

Wheres my faction? Its such a big faction. What happened

Just thinking about it, Han Xiao felt pitiful.

Looks like Ill have to take these homeless leeks into my warm arms and show them that love really exists in the world.

After the Crimson Dynasty announced the wanted order of Sorokin, Gauds case seemed to have finally settled. The dynasty did not do anything after that, and everything went back to normal.

The focus of the galactic society shifted with it and back to the developments of the Flickering World. The fourth exploration phase had already finished, ending with the exit of the Super Star Cluster Alliance. There would still be the fifth phase, the sixth phase, and so on. All would be focused on developing peacefully. The developments afterward did not have much to do with the Beyond Grade A allies.

A few months later, the Germinal Financial Group finally digested the inheritance of the Limitless Financial Group and submitted a detailed report to Han Xiao.

In his office, Han Xiao carefully read through the report on the screen. After a while, he finally nodded with satisfaction and looked at the remote projections of Sylvia and Iapetus in front of him.

"You guys have done a good job consuming these businesses of the Limitless Financial Group. The army has taken a huge step in the progress of expanding its subdivisions in the various Star Fields, at least saving twenty years time."

"Its all thanks to your guidance. Youre the lighthouse of the army, showing us the path." Sylvia smiled lustfully.

Han Xiao caressed the back of his palm and said, "I also saw on the report that we recruited some of Sorokins offspring. Some even actively chose to join us"

"Thats because no one can resist your charm." Sylvia did it again.

Han Xiao looked at her oddly.

Whats going on with this woman today? Did her personality change?

Han Xiao ignored her, turned to look at Iapetus, and said, "What do you plan to do with Sorokins offspring?"

Iapetus rubbed his moustache and slowly said, "Although Sorokin escaped for his crimes, his offspring are innocent. Some of them were raised as elites and had high management positions in the Limitless Financial Group. Theyre very capable, so taking these people in is great for the Germinal Financial Group. Of course, Ill test them before giving them positions, limit the power they have, and split them up into different management positions."

"Hmm, do as you said."

Although Han Xiao felt like it might be immoral for them to join the person who caused Sorokin to go missing, he felt like given Sorokins personality, giving birth to offspring was probably just to raise trustworthy assistants; he would not be too emotionally attached to him.

Beyond Grade As breeding offspring as assistants was very common. Most people would carry out group activities at most to increase efficiency. Beast Ancestor was the only one in this era who was so extreme about it.

"Offspring are indeed good. They can be raised systematically from a young age. Maybe I should start to breed some babies," Han Xiao mumbled.

Sylvias eyes lit up instantly. "Ill do it! Maternity leave is still leave. I dont mind it!"

Han Xiao almost fell down from his chair from shock.

What, are you already this desperate for the sake of taking leave now?

Not only do you want to take leave, but you even want to sleep with your boss! How do you think something that incredible will happen?

Iapetus coughed on the side and whispered, "If you want to take maternity leave, I can help too"

Sylvia glared at him. "Keep dreaming!"

Iapetuss expression froze. Facing Han Xiaos meaningful stare, he wisely went offline.

Only two of them were left in the room. Sylvia suddenly smiled lustfully, shook her waist left and right, and walked to Han Xiao. She pressed her arms on the table, leaned forward, pressed her lips near Han Xiaos ears, and whispered, "I wasnt kidding. What do you think of me?"

"Is today your estrus cycle? Looks like I have to remember this date and calculate your cycle so I can dodge you in the future."

Sylvias face twitched, and her smile became stiff. She did her best to not lash out and said with a suggestive tone, "Do you really not know just how charming you are? My admiration for you has flooded since long ago. Are you really going to treat me like this?"

"Stop it. Its not useful to me. Say what you want to say."

Han Xiao was unaffected. He pressed on Sylvias forehead and pushed her head away.

Excuse me, Im a righteous man. I have never practiced the "if theres something to do, let the secretary do it; if theres nothing to do, do the secretary" system.

Usually, you were always dismissive of me, but today you suddenly turned into an emotionless praising machine. Theres definitely something you want from me today.

Sylvias expression collapsed. She kicked Han Xiaos leg heavily, then rubbed her feet while grinding her teeth with annoyance. "Ive been the Chief Administrative Official for decades. Youve always used me like a tool! Ive had enough. I want to change my position!"

Han Xiao thought it made sense. Although Sylvia was very loyal, she would not be happy about being a tool for so long, especially when the lifespan of Calamity Grades was far shorter than Beyond Grade As. She had basically given her youth to the army.

He always said that the hairline was the durability of the officers, but Han Xiao considered himself to be quite flexible. As long as the request was logical, he would not really treat his officers like tools.

"What do you want to do then?"

"I want you to teach me to become a Beyond Grade A!"

"Huh?" Han Xiao almost thought he had heard wrong.

"Ive given my heart and soul to the army, putting in my entire youth, but youre not even willing to teach me!" Sylvia was angry.

"No, no, thats not true. Its just that becoming a Beyond Grade A depends on talent. Even if I teach you, you dont have too high a chance" Han Xiao sighed.

"I dont care. I just want you to teach me!"

Sylvia pulled Han Xiaos arm and shook it like she was begging him. In front of others, she was a decisive, capable, and smart Chief Administrative Official. But in front of Han Xiao, she was still occasionally that little girl in the past.

"Alright, alright, after youve finished the handover for your job, come back as my student." Han Xiao agreed.

Hearing this, Sylvia finally smiled brightly. She kissed Han Xiaos cheek and ran away like a thief.

At the door, Sylvia stopped, turned, and smiled like a fairy with a slightly blushed face. She said with a playful tone, "I really wasnt kidding about what I said earlier."

Then, before Han Xiao could respond, she ran away.

"Tsk, as if Id believe you, you little minx." Han Xiao shook his head and wiped away the lipstick on his face.

In his previous life, after Sylvias father was sent into a prison, Sylvia could only wander in the universe without a goal. Now, the army had given her a home and a goal she could work for.

Without him knowing, many peoples fates had changed because of him.

"Sylvias potential shouldnt be enough to reach Beyond Grade A, but nothing is absolute. Even garbage like Kohler and Beyoni can become Beyond Grade As, after all. With my teachings, Sylvia might not be completely hopeless I shall teach her some knowledge from Jayzs treasure trove."

Han Xiao nodded in his head.

Beep beep beep!

At this time, his communicator suddenly rang. He took it out and to his surprise. It was a call from Ames.

Sylvia just left seconds ago and Ames already called?

So coincidental, is this the sixth sense of woman?

Han Xiao shivered slightly.

He focused his mind and picked up.

Ames appeared on the screen holding her cheek with her hand and smiling elegantly.

"Weve not met for quite some time. Do you want to come and have a chat? Aesop brewed a batch of new wine."

"Thats it? No, no!"

"Also I might slightly, a little tiny bit, miss you." Ames blinked.

"Lets go."

Without hesitation, Han Xiao put on the King suit immediately.

For the past few years, other than the plenary, he did not meet with Ames much. He had been busy with plotting and studying machinery. He felt a bit sorry for it. Furthermore, he had just dealt with a huge matter, so he also needed some soothing and stress relief.

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