The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1250

Chapter 1250 Headstrong

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The remote projections of the Beyond Great As sat in the venue. Compared to forty years ago, there were more seats now. Beside Hila, an empty seat was added for Aurora.

At this time, the Beyond Grade As present were all chatting and curiously guessing the identity of this new Beyond Grade A.

As the information had not been leaked, the people present only knew that another new Beyond Grade A had been born in the universe. They did not know who this rookie was.

"I wonder if the rookie is a neutral or a member of a big organization."

"Theres no information anywhere at all, and Black Stars already recruited this guy. I have a feeling this rookie is closely related to Black Star."

"Im only curious about what Super class this rookie is."

"I hope its not a Pugilist. Theres already enough people with clogged brains"

The people chatted within their factions.

After forty years, many more factions were formed in the Beyond Grade A Association.

Some were classified by the huge organization they were infor example, the three Universal Civilizations direct members, their allies, and the neutral ones. Some were classified by their partnerships, like those Beyond Grade As whose organization worked very well with each other. Others were classified by different classes. These factions were formed because of the private spread of the Ultimate Knowledges, which caused the Beyond Grade As in various classes to gather around the stronger ones with the same class as them.

Because of that, many members hoped the rookie had the same class as them so that they could expand their faction.

Han Xiao let them chat freely for a while. He then clapped and smiled.

"Alright, lets keep it down and welcome the rookie."

Hearing that the vice president had spoken, the members all shut their mouths, ignoring Manison, who was resting with his eyes closed.

Not long after, the side gate of the venue opened. The mature version of Aurora walked in and sized up everyone curiously.

The Beyond Grade As present also looked at her with curiosity and mumbled softly.

"So, shes the new Beyond Grade A. Doesnt look like a Pugilist, great."

"Hmm, I dont know her. I know all the renowned Beyond Grade A seeds in the universe. Shes definitely not one of them."

"Thats weird. She looks familiar to me Dont you guys think she looks a little similar to Hila?"

At this time, Han Xiao spoke. "This rookies name is Aurora. She only stepped into the Beyond Grade A territory not long ago. Shes Hilas sister and also is a member of the Black Star Army. Her ability is the complete opposite of Hilas. She controls life energy. This can help others to quickly regenerate their wounds and recover their life force Aurora, on behalf of the Beyond Grade A Association, I welcome you."

As soon as he said that, shock appeared on almost everyones face.

This rookie is a Black Star Army officer again

Shes even the relative of another Beyond Grade A. What are the chances of that

"One controls death; one controls life. And theyre sisters! Why does this sound familiar?" someone murmured.

Hearing this, many people recalled that there was a similar pair of sisters among the Primordial Ones.

Same Esper Abilities, same two sisters this is too coincidental!

If someone were to say the two sisters were completely unrelated to the Primordial sisters from history, the vast majority of people there would never believe it.

Recalling the stories of the Primordial sisters, the way they looked at Hila and Aurora changed subtly. On top of disbelief, a tint of desire appeared.

Hilas ability could reduce peoples life span. If her sisters ability was the opposite, did that mean she could increase peoples life span? Or could she even imitate the Primordial Ones and create the legendary Underworld?

Most people present had ideas of befriending Aurora and immediately welcomed her. They were very enthusiastic.

They avoided Hila as much as possible but acted the complete opposite with Aurora.

Seeing this, Hila coldly warned, "Dont have any ideas about my younger sister. I wont hold back."

"Were greeting Aurora. What does it have to do with you?"

Many snorted.

Although they feared Hilas ability, they could not act that way.

However, words were one thing. Indeed, not many dared have any vicious thoughts. After operating for fifty years, the association had already established a reputation. Not many were willing to violate the rules and do anything to its members. Furthermore, most people feared the giant organization, the Black Star Army. Even if they were not afraid of Hila, they had to consider Black Star too.

As they thought of Black Star, they could not help but feel bitter and jealous.

He had acquired another Beyond Grade A officer Where in the world did Black Star find so many top talents from?

"Er, Im Aurora. Im glad to join the association"

Aurora came to her seat and briefly introduced herself. She then read the script she had memorized and said the standard things like its an honor to be a part of the association.

The others responded kindly.

Hila watched on the side and secretly curled her lips.

Tsk, you dogs. Ive never seen you this enthusiastic toward me before

Aurora was the focus of todays welcome meeting. She had finally entered the Beyond Grade A circle and was filled with curiosity. In the face of the others trying to befriend her, she kept on talking excitedly, creating a clear contrast with Hilas cold image.

From her own words, the others confirmed that Aurora could extend their life span. They were overjoyed.

However, as soon as they mentioned anything about requesting her to do it, Aurora kicked the ball to Han Xiao and stated that she would only listen to Black Star. This was discussed beforehand to increase Han Xiaos reputation and position further, increasing his chances of being reelected as much as possible.

Hearing this, the people looked at Han Xiao. When they saw that he was smiling, they immediately knew that they had to pay a price for Han Xiao to approve their requests. After knowing him for so many years, they knew that Black Star was not easy to deal with or deceive. The presidential election was very soon; it was easy to figure out what Black Star was trying to convey.

After chatting for some time, someone could not hold back his curiosity and asked, "Why do you work for the Black Star Army?"

"Well, Black Star saved me" Aurora briefly shared her experience in the Germinal Organization, saying that Black Star had saved her life.

Hearing this, even those who knew about Black Stars early history were astonished.

A puny surface civilizations organization that made three Beyond Grade As, just how blessed is this Germinal Organization

After some time, seeing that they chatted about enough, Han Xiao spoke and changed the topic.

"Alright, youve all met. Let me use this opportunity to say something. The next plenary will be the presidential election. Manison will step down then, and all members can run. The election will be in the form of voting, and everyone has one vote. Dont forget."

The people nodded.

At the same time, Manisons eyes opened slightly. He glanced at Han Xiao and closed them again.

On a certain planet in the Flickering World

"The next presidential election, huh? If I can take that seat"

Inside a palace, Royces eyes gleamed.

He was a relatively new Beyond Grade A. With the assistance of this platform, he quickly formed his own organization. Therefore, he knew what power the association had very well and had been eyeing it all along. Occasionally, he would fantasize about himself being on top of it.

The next president would be elected in two months time, and Royce felt his chance was here.

As a rookie, he knew that he could not compete with seniors like Black Star. However, the ambition in his chest made him want to give it a try no matter what.

What if he made it?

He was a doer. As soon as he had that thought, he immediately started to act on it.

"Im definitely no match for Black Star in terms of strength, but the election is vote based. Although my chance is thin, its not completely hopeless"

Royces eyes spun rapidly.

The rookies who had just stepped into the Beyond Grade A circle for a short amount of time had no way of finding out about Han Xiaos personal relationship with the other members, so he did not have a strong sense of Black Stars connections.

Therefore, in Royces eyes, he did not have completely no chance.

One of the reasons he dared do this was that as a member of the association, his life would not be in danger.

In terms of combat, although Royce admitted he was no match for Han Xiao, he felt the difference would not be too big.

When Royce came to fame, Han Xiao had kept a low profile for quite some time. Everything he knew about Black Stars strength came from hearing it from others; he had never experienced it personally, nor could he really see the details by looking at the videos on the internet.

Overconfidence was a common problem for most new Beyond Grade As. They were ambitious and headstrong, always dreaming of taking over those at the peak.

Usually, only a beating from society could cure this illness, but ever since Royce became a Beyond Grade A, he had yet to receive any treatment.

"Although Black Star wants to become the president, who said I cant take it from him?"

Royce started planning in his head and was looking forward to it.

Two months passed very quickly, and the election of the Beyond Grade A Association came as expected. The various organizations in the universe all focused their attention and waited for the results.

Inside the closed venue, all members came online earlier than usual. The atmosphere was solemn. The peoples eyes kept moving back and forth between Manison and Han Xiao.

"Ahem, since everyone is here, lets start," Han Xiao said. He then looked at Manison with a smile. "Lets have the president host the meeting."

Manison glanced at him, slowly stood up, and looked around the entire venue.

After a short silence, Manison then spoke. "The association rules state that the president will be elected every fifty years. Now that fifty years have passed, Ill be stepping down from the president position and will not be running today."

As soon as he said that, the people were stunned.

Although most people knew that Manison would not be re-elected, no one felt he would easily give up. To their surprise, Manison gave up running for president completely.

Han Xiao was a little surprised too. He was already prepared to debate with Manison, but Manison directly gave up.

Odd, this doesnt suit old Manisons personality!

"Are you really not running? Is it because youre worried about being embarrassed when you lose to me?" Han Xiao asked to confirm.

"Humph." Manison did not reply.

Seeing this, Han Xiao shook his head.

No matter what Manison was thinking, as long as he did not run, his biggest competitor would be gone. Becoming the president was almost certain for Han Xiao.

"If thats the case, Ill be the first to run." Han Xiao looked around at the expression on everyones faces and asked, "Who else?"

Many people looked away and did not meet his eyes.

Judging from the current situation, it was basically already decided that Black Star would become the president. Plus, he was indeed the most suitable for it.

None of the peak Beyond Grade As who were the most qualified to run even spoke, so most people read the room and shut their mouths. They were thinking they might as well let Black Star be the only one running so that the voting round could be skipped, and he would become the president on the spot.

However, when everyone thought that was how it was going to be, a voice filled with confidence sounded.

"Ill run!"

Who? Whos so headstrong

The people were shocked. As they turned around, their expressions became odd.

Royce raised his hand and remained in the posture. He had an excited smile on his face as if he was enjoying the moment of being the center of attention.

"Are you sure?" Han Xiao was a little surprised.

"Anyone can run anyway, so why not try it? What if I win" Royce was not afraid at all and looked directly at Han Xiaos eyes, giving the vibe of confronting him directly.

This looked quite hot-blooded on the surface, but in the eyes of the people present, it was nothing but ridiculous.

This rookie is so daring. Does he really want to wrestle with Black Star?

At the same time, Aurora quietly whispered into Hilas ear and asked, "This guy should be a Pugilist, right?"

Hila glanced at her.

"You guessed that right."

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