The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1255

Chapter 1255 Fourth Round Mission And Second Revival

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"Hmm? Im already out?"

Han Xiao felt the complete opposite from when he entered the Sanctum. It was as if he passed through a thin membrane and his body became heavier, like stepping out from a pool.

Recalling what he had experienced in the Sanctum, his memories became blurry like he was seeing through a clouded window. However, it felt much better than what Oathkeeper described. It should be because his authority was higher.

The technology and knowledge he had memorized were totally clear.

Han Xiao looked down at his palm. The mark that represented his authority level in the Sanctum was already gone, leaving only the Sanctum revival mark.

"Lets see if I can open the interface now"

Han Xiao tried to bring up the interface, and the next moment, notifications popped up rapidly one after another.


You have successfully entered The Third Sanctum.

You have received 1 [The Third Sanctum] Fragment.

[A Relay Across Iterations] third round completed.

You have received 200 Billion EXP, 2 Random Rewards, 3 [The Third Sanctum] Fragments.

You have entered a Sanctum. [The Third Sanctum] fragments are now assembling

Assembly completed. You have received ability [The Third Sanctum Authority Lv6]!


"I knew it, the fragments represent authority. I cant open the interface in the Sanctums, but it still works."

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

He opened the ability introduction of [The Third Sanctum Authority Lv6] and read it. It was basically about the same as what the Sanctums message board described, only more detailed. It also stated that the speed of time in the Sanctums also relied on the level of authority.

Han Xiao took out his communicator to look at the date and was relieved.

"Phew, less than four months have passed. This is much shorter than I expected, unlike that unlucky Oathkeeper, who spent years there. This means that the higher the level of authority, the closer the speed of time in the Sanctum compared to the main universe."

He was in a much more delighted mood. After all, he had expected this to take years and already made preparations for it. Since it had taken less than four months, it was a pleasant surprise.

He took out the communicator and looked at it. Since he had already made the arrangements before entering the Sanctum, the affairs of the army and the association were all taken care of. The past few months had been peaceful, and nothing big had happened. Those seeking revenge, including Pangon, had yet to appear.

"This is the best scenario possible. I still have a hold of things."

Han Xiao nodded, put the communicator away, and looked at the interface. The fourth-round mission of [A Relay Across Iterations] had also popped up.


Fourth round started!

Mission Requirements (Optional)

1. Share the information related to the Sanctums, The Great Reboot, the Universe Iterations, and so on with the current advanced civilizations (Super Star Cluster minimum).

2. Prove the existence of the Sanctums to the advanced civilizations and help them to open the Sanctums.

3. Make use of the level of authority advantage you have and lead the advanced civilizations into the Sanctums.

Remarks: Select one or more mission requirements stated above. The more requirements completed, the higher the Mission Rating for this round will be.

Basic Reward: 25 Billion EXP, 1 All Sanctum Fragment.

Bonus reward will be given depending on the Mission Rating.


"Hmm, so this is what the fourth round is like It requires the person who entered the Sanctum to share this precious information with the advanced civilizations Well, it makes sense. This is the meaning of a relay, after all. The perspective of this mission is bigger; civilizations are the key to the universes growth. The sooner they know about the Sanctums, the more time theyll have to prepare. The final goal of this mission, judging from its name, is to help the civilizations get through the Great Reboot"

However, although Han Xiao understood the purpose of this mission, he did not plan to do it.

From the perspective of the mission, helping the civilizations get control of the Sanctums was the top priority. However, this would cause unpredictable impacts on his plan.

It was no longer personal. Han Xiao had to think for all the Beyond Grade As.

In the future, to deal with the Great Reboot, they might have to work with the three Universal Civilizations. However, for now, there was no way he was going to be in a hurry to share such precious information with the advanced civilizationsit would be betraying the Beyond Grade As.

He only planned to work with the three Universal Civilizations after the association got a firm hold of the Sanctum revival function. Otherwise, the Celestial Star Alliances complete rule over the Beyond Grade As would be a prime example of their future.

Han Xiao sighed and decided not to complete the mission for the time being.

At this time, a few spaceships suddenly deactivated their stealth mode, appeared, and asked cautiously in the public channel, "Is this His Excellency Black Star?"

"Yes, its be."

Han Xiao looked up and was not surprised.

He had noticed these few Holy Accord organization spaceships earlier and knew that they were the guards Oathkeeper had stationed there.

Han Xiao paused, took out the communicator, and called Oathkeeper. It was picked up very quickly.

Oathkeeper appeared on the screen with a face full of surprise.

"Black Star? Doesnt it take a few years? How did you return so fast?

"Maybe because Im lucky?" Han Xiao shrugged.

"Really? I dont believe you."

Oathkeeper expressed strong doubts and was bitter.

Why did it take a few years for me and only a few months for you? Its unfair!

"By the way, why didnt you tell me about the message board? Naughty you, did you hide it from me on purpose?" Han Xiao narrowed his eyes.

If not because he felt something was not right, he might have left without seeing the message board. Furthermore, Oathkeeper did not say anything about the Sanctums authority level, which made him unavoidably suspect Oathkeepers motives.

"What message board? Whats that?" Oathkeeper said with a confused tone.

"You dont know?"

Han Xiao raised his brows and observed Oathkeepers expression but could not see anything.

It might be because Oathkeepers authority level was too low and he could not remember, or he was hiding it deliberately. Anyway, no matter what motives Oathkeeper had, such a trivial matter was in the past. Han Xiao did not want to bother dwelling on it.

" Never mind. Ive already acquired the Sanctum revival mark. Quickly bring the fleet over."

"Okay, on it," Oathkeeper immediately replied.

Han Xiao nodded, thought about it, and added, "By the way, it might be best to bring those Primordial Ones. Were not reviving only the people we know this time. We have to make sure theyre under control."

"Understood." Oathkeeper nodded.

The targets of the first revival were the old members of the Holy Accord organization, all people who knew about the Sanctums, so they got a grip of the situation very quickly. However, the targets of this batch were outsiders who had no idea the Holy Accord even existed. Once they were revived, it would be difficult for them to accept the reality.

The targets of this revival were filtered, mostly Beyond Grade As who died in accidents. None of them were a direct member of any advanced civilizations, an ally at most. Also, many of them died during the Tragedy of the Pinnacles.

As the Tragedy of the Pinnacles incident had the highest number of Beyond Grade A deaths ever since the exploration era, they occupied quite a high percentage of all Beyond Grade A deaths in history, so it was tough to avoid those who were sacrificed in the Tragedy of the Pinnacles in the process of finding suitable targets to revive. Even Han Xiao could not guarantee there was no one difficult to deal with among them.

In his previous life, the Holy Accord revived many batches of Beyond Grade As, including many outsiders. Yet, they still only appeared during the World Tree war version and did not leak any information beforehand. This proved that the Holy Accord had a certain way to restrain them.

The Holy Accord organization was not a charitable organization. Never mind those Primordial Ones who joined long ago, but if any outsider who revived later wanted to cause trouble, the Holy Accord probably would not mind sending them back into their coffins while adding more nails.

"Thinking about it, Oathkeeper lying to the members of the organization saying that they could only revive once was a good thing. This way, those who revive after will treasure this one revival chance and wont mess around."

Han Xiao nodded. He hung up the call, opened the secondary dimensional army box, took out a small portable base from it, and rested inside, reading about events from the past four months while waiting for Oathkeeper.

Two days later, the Holy Accord organizations fleet finally arrived along with many Primordial Ones.

The fleet docked at Han Xiaos portable base, and they met there.

"Its surprising you came out after only four months. Looks like we wont have to wait years." Beiger and the others were pleasantly surprised.

Han Xiao scanned around but did not see Pangon and his clique. He asked, "Wheres Pangon and his group?"

"They left the Holy Accord three months ago. We have no contact with them now." Oathkeeper shook his head.

Han Xiao nodded and did not say anything. This was within his expectations. The good news was that before Pangon caused any big problems, he had already returned.

"Alright, lets cut to the chase and revive these people. You guys just stay on the side. Theyll only calm down and speak with us properly in the face of overwhelming power." Han Xiao displayed the Sanctum revival mark on the back of his hand.

The others nodded and had no objections.

The group of them came to the venue prepared beforehand and stood in position. Han Xiao took over the activation device from Oathkeeper, took a deep breath, and pressed on the activate button.


The Sanctum revival mark suddenly gave off an extremely bright light, flew out from the back of his hand, and turned into an expanding, blinding sphere of light.

The next moment, the light sphere split up and turned into illuminated figures of various shapes that slowly materialized, turning into several Beyond Grade As who all looked lost.

At the front was a male elf with long ears and an elegant posture who was wearing an exquisite robe. He looked around. His eyes stopped at Han Xiao, and he mumbled, "So, this is the underworld Youre dressed like a ghost. You must be the legendary King of Hell."

"Huh?" Han Xiao frowned. Since youre so clever, speak more while you can, or Im afraid you wont have the chance in the future.

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