The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1257

Chapter 1257 Intimidation

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Fist of Polar Channel Bagnita. He was an extremely strong Pugilist with an explosive, aggressive, and destructive style. The founder of multiple Pugilist styles, he was an expert in the Polar Channel Flow. Although he was not the founder of the Polar Channel Flow, he was publicly recognized as the best in the Polar Channel Flow style.

This guy was not from the Tragedy of the Pinnacles but was a neutral Beyond Grade A from even earlier. His cause of death was unknown, and he left his race behind.

Bagnita wore a sleeveless army combat shirt. The muscles on his arm jumped as he said coldly, "I hate it the most when people give me a multiple-choice question. Whether I help you or not depends on my mood. If youre going to force me, theres absolutely nothing to talk about!"

"People with a unique personality usually dont live long." Dylan sneered.

Hearing this, the others looked at him and nodded in agreement.

Bagnita ignored him, looked around, and said with a deep voice, "Were all Beyond Grade As. Whats there to be afraid of? Those with a backbone, stand with me!"

Han Xiao shook his head and realized that he was surprisingly calm, as if he was used to it. In fact, it might feel weird if a Pugilist who was not headstrong appeared.

He turned and looked at the revivors. With a shrug, he said, "Who else agrees with him? You can step forward."

The people exchanged looks and hesitated; no one responded. Instead, they backed away and isolated Bagnita.

Seeing this, Bagnita frowned, snorted, and said, "Humph, the Beyond Grade As are getting more cowardly with each generation!"

Dylan tutted and mocked him. "Hehe, youre trying to provoke us to risk our life to play with you. If a fight really breaks out, you can probably walk out alive. You wont be the one to die anyway. Just say it out loud if you want others to block bullets for you. Were all Beyond Grade As here. Who are you putting up a performance for?"

Bagnita glanced at Dylan and said with disdain, "Idiot."

Seeing this, Han Xiao looked back at Bagnita, raised his brow, and said, "Looks like youre the only one. Do you still want to continue?"

"No one dares work with me. What else can I say?"

Bagnita snorted and put down his crossed arms.

Han Xiao could not help but laugh and said, "Arent you smart, but dont you think youre too naive? You tried to incite the other revivors, but when you saw it cant be done, you gave up and wanted to act as if nothing happened. Do you really think its going to be that easy?"

Bagnita frowned, tightened his arm muscles again, and said, "What do you want?"

Han Xiao slowly walked forward into the revivors toward Bagnita while saying, "I revived you guys because its beneficial for the entire class, not for charity. I have already explained the situation very clearly earlier. Were on the same boat here Still, I never thought about sacrificing you guys. I didnt even force you guys to take any risks and gave you all a choice to stay in the Holy Accord and watch us fight hard for our future. If we win, you guys can enjoy the victory together. If we lose, you guys can still stay hidden and save yourselves.

"You cannot appreciate us giving you a second life, but you were willing to destroy our whole plan just for your own desire Of course, youre free to do that. But since youve done it, dont blame others for dealing with you."

As soon as he said that, a sudden change occurred!

Raging energy erupted, covered with blinding Pugilist flames. Bagnitas fist landed heavily on Han Xiaos chest like an asteroid!


"You knew Im a Pugilist, yet you still dared approach me. Youre asking for a beating!"

This thought flashed past Bagnitas mind. There was no way he was going to wait and do nothing. Seeing Han Xiaos words were heading toward a dangerous direction, he immediately decided to strike first.

The next moment, the power of the punch exploded. Dense Pugilist flames gushed out from Han Xiaos back, turning into a cylinder-shaped energy shockwave that created an enormous hole in the room.


A blinding beam of light shot out from this galactic base as if an explosion occurred inside.

In the room, the people were surprised to see how decisive Bagnita was in attacking. Some wanted to help while others wanted to back away and watch.

However, before they acted, they saw that Han Xiao, who had just been punched heavily, did not even shake. It was as if nothing happened to him. In the blink of an eye, Han Xiaos hands grabbed onto Bagnitas head and he raised his leg!


Bagnita shockingly could not resist such an enormous force at the time. His head was dragged down and intimately hit Han Xiaos knee. Blood gushed out from his nose, and his brain trembled.

Before he recovered from the short moment he was stunned, Han Xiao wrapped his one hand around Bagnitas head and locked him in place, while the elbow of his other hand slashed down on Bagnitas arched back.


The sound of bone breaking appeared in everyones ears, and a visible dent appeared on Bagnitas spine.


Many people inhaled with shock. The looks in their eyes changed again.

Taking one powerful attack head-on just to heavily injure the opponent in exchange we wont believe it even if you tell us hes not a Pugilist!

At this time, Bagnita finally recovered from the short moment he was stunned. He roared, and the flames on his body erupted again. His muscles bulked up. A dense energy spread instantly, and his attributes shot up in a flash.

Then, Bagnita grabbed Han Xiao by his waist, kicked back with his legs at full power, and pushed Han Xiao through metal walls one after another. They shot out into space like an asteroid.

"Thats Polar Channel Flow!"

The people instantly figured out what happened.

Relying on the explosive power of the Polar Channel Flow, the combat capability of Pugilists could usually shoot up a small Grade. As the publicly known master in the Polar Channel Flow, its effect on Bagnita was even more incredible. Plus, with his personal improvements on it, its side effects were very limited.

Bagnita was not a peak Beyond Grade A on his own, but with his explosive power, he was more than capable of fighting a peak Beyond Grade A and earning himself the name of Fist of Polar Channel. In the revivors eyes, he was very strong.

Although they had just felt how strong Han Xiaos Energy Rank was not long ago, they had never seen Black Star in combat and did not have a clear idea of it.

Since there was an opportunity now, the revivors did not help anyone, nor did they stop themthey all wanted to observe Black Stars strength in combat.

Most Beyond Grade As were proud, all of them wanted to see how strong this so-called leader of Beyond Grade As was and what gave him the confidence to call himself that.

The revivors were initially expecting a marvelous fist fight, but the change that happened in the next second took them by complete surprise.

Han Xiao locked his hands around Bagnita too. Right after that, Mechanical Force erupted from all over his body. At the same time, countless mechanical soldiers swarmed out from the galactic base, shrouding the sky, and instantly fired at the two of them!


Like a newborn Fixed Star, the expanding energy light sphere lighted up the cosmic space!

As the aftershock of the explosion spread, the protective shield of the galactic shield was activated automatically, barely blocking it out. The entire base was pushed out while heavily shaking.

The sudden blinding light made everyone narrow their eyes subconsciously. They all looked surprised.

"Did the two of them both die?"

"What a violent style of fighting."

"By the way, Black Star is a Mechanic? From his body strength, hes a total Pugilist!"

The people unavoidably started to worry and looked around. However, they realized that the Holy Accord members all looked very calmed and did not seem to be worried at all.

"Are you guys not worried for the safety of your partner?" someone asked.

Beiger turned, glanced at these people, and smiled. "Hehe, something that can kill Black Star probably doesnt exist!"

At this time, the light gradually started dissipating. Two closely attached people flew out from the center of the explosion, quickly headed to the base, and returned to the room through the hole.


The sound of someone collapsing sounded. Bagnita lay on the ground like a dead dog; almost not a single spot on his body was whole. He was heavily injured and extremely close to death.

Shocked, the people looked up and saw that although Han Xiao was also wounded, his wounds were regenerating at an unbelievable speed, and Han Xiao returned to normal almost instantly. Han Xiao was the one who had brought Bagnita back.

With a calm face, Han Xiao gestured at Oathkeeper with his mouth.

"Take care of his injuries. Dont let him die."

The Holy Accord members were not surprised at all. A few of them walked forward and flipped Bagnitas body over a few times while spraying regenerative potion on him. It somehow looked like brushing sauce on barbequed meat.

Seeing this, the revivors could hardly believe their own eyes.

Thats it?

Did the fight even take three minutes

They were expecting an intense huge battle. None of them ever thought Black Star would thrash Bagnita so quickly.

Bagnita was no trash Beyond Grade A but a famous Beyond Grade A!

They already knew that Black Star might be very strong, but they had never thought he would be this strong. It completely surpassed their experience-based expectations!

No wonder he dares call himself the leader of the Beyond Grade As. Hes indeed qualified for that

This thought flashed through the minds of many of them.

Han Xiao stretched his neck and the muscles that felt a little sore from the bombardment massage earlier. He turned and saw the stronger fear in everyones eyes and nodded internally. He was quite satisfied with the impact of this battle.

He was not actually angry. He scolded Bagnita only to intimidate the others.

This was because he knew that there were definitely more people who had the same thoughts as Bagnita who only did not dare respond because of the situation they were in. In order to get rid of such thoughts, making them afraid of doing anything by just outnumbering them was not enough. He had to make them feel the huge difference in individual strength. To that end, showing them then and there was the most effective method.

The best way to intimidate them was to crush Bagnita in a short time.

Therefore, Han Xiao deliberately displayed his intention of wanting to attack Bagnita while going closer to him at the same time. He did all that so Bagnita would fight him at close-range, which would make using die together easier. After all, this combo was the most efficient way of defeating an opponent in a short time!

The biggest advantage he had was the amount of information he had. Anyone who knew about him well would never get close to him, but these revivors did not know about that yet. Therefore, based on his outdated experience, Bagnita did not give up on this opportunity and fought him at close range right away, completely falling into Han Xiaos trap.

The moment Bagnita chose to fight him at close-range, the ending of this battle was already decided.

The effects of crushing Bagnita reached Han Xiaos expectations, shocking the fragile hearts of these people. There was only one more step to take.

Seeing that Bagnitas body was gradually recovering, Han Xiao took out the Spacetime Amber and wrapped Bagnita up. He then said coldly, "I wont kill him, but in order to avoid uncertainties, I shall ground him so that he calms down."

The next moment, the Spacetime Amber formed around Bagnita. His body was fixed inside the amber.

"Whats this?"

The people were confused. The Holy Accord members on the side explained.

Very soon, everyone present understood the function of the Spacetime Amber. They all looked shocked and scaredthis thing was almost the nemesis of Beyond Grade As.

This time, Han Xiao turned to them and smiled brightly.

"The person who brought up the question has already been dealt with. So, everyone, have you made your choice?"

Their looks differed. Some were smiling bitterly, while some were swallowing their saliva nervously.

There was no suspense to what choice they were going to make.

" Im willing to stay in the Holy Accord."

"Me too."

With someone taking the lead, the rest all responded one after another.

Between the two choices, almost everyone chose to stay in the Holy Accord organization. They did not want to appear in the outside world, at least not before they understood the whole picture clearly, so they did not have to take risks.

Very soon, Dylan was the only one who had yet to express his choice.

Han Xiao looked over. "What about you? Are you staying in the Holy Accord or joining the association?"

Dylan caressed his smooth and white chin, snorted, and said, "I wont want to miss something this fun Ill join the association! If we start fighting the three Universal Civilizations, count me in!"

Then, as if he felt he did not say enough, Dylan scanned at the other revivors present and snickered. "The books are right, cowardly and ordinary people are always the majority."

Hearing this, Han Xiao could not help but to look at Dylan again.

You really deserved to be slain. Even I want to

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