The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1259

Chapter 1259 Youngsters Times Have Changed

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"Indeed. I remember that very long ago, just three of four Beyond Grade As appearing in a few decades was already quite a lot, yet there have already been eight new Beyond Grade As in the past few decades. Although this kind of thing is very random, it does prove that the times are evolving."

"Thats right. The population in the galactic society is increasing, the study of the Super system has been improving, and the Beyond Grade A seeds have been reaching their tipping points. Theres going to be a period with many new Beyond Grade As."

The time before the meeting started was always for the members to chat and bond. They chatted casually, and it was boisterous.

Han Xiaos projection sat in the main seat and looked at this peaceful scene with a smile.

Looking at how clueless everyone was, Han Xiao smirked slightly These people had no idea that something huge was about to happen that would change the structure of the entire universe.

At this time, someone suddenly brought up a topic related to Han Xiao.

"I received the Federation of Lights warning a few days ago, strictly prohibiting me from privately spreading Ultimate Knowledges. Your Excellency Black Star, did you know about this?"

Hearing this, many people added their input and expressed that they had received the same warning from the three Universal Civilizations. They all looked at Han Xiao.

Han Xiao glanced at the three Universal Civilizations direct members, nodded, and said, "I spoke with the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations not long ago. They hope I can solve the issue of privately spreading Ultimate Knowledges."

"And what did you say? Manison asked.

"The three Universal Civilizations maintain the laws of the galactic civilization. Ill do my best to cooperate with their work without affecting the operations of the association." Han Xiao gave a meaningless answer with a smile.

Manison snorted softly. He knew that given how smooth Han Xiao was, he would not directly reject the three Universal Civilizations and would most likely agree verbally.

This time, a direct member said, "How do you plan to solve this problem?"

"I havent decided. Do you have any advice?" Han Xiao turned and looked at him.

"I think that one of the reasons the private spread of Ultimate Knowledges is happening is that the statute of the association is too lenient and did not clearly forbid it. I suggest improving the statute and heavily punishing those who disobey"

While this direct member spoke, the other association members all shut up and exchanged looks.

The interests of the direct members of the three Universal Civilizations were different from normal Beyond Grade As. The two sides were the two most clear-cut factions. As the three Universal Civilizations became more and more dissatisfied with the acts of the Beyond Grade A Association, the conflict between the two factions grew stronger. People had already secretly proposed to Han Xiao to kick the direct members of the three Universal Civilizations out of the association more than once.

Han Xiao listened to the direct member for a while. He suddenly interrupted him and said with a smile,

"These suggestions are all not bad. Ill consider them carefully. Lets leave this topic to the next plenary. Today is the welcome meeting, after all. We shouldnt overstep our bounds."

He skipped this topic casually with a meaningful tone.

This direct member Beyond Grade As heart sank. He understood Han Xiaos subtle warning and had no choice but to sit down reluctantly.

The other Beyond Grade As, however, were excited Shouldnt overstep our bounds was a warning to the direct members of the three Universal Civilizations, telling them not to forget who the master of the association was and not to think the three Universal Civilizations could give them orders.

With Han Xiaos subtle response, many people felt more at ease. As Black Star was quite closely related to the three Universal Civilizations, some people never stopped worrying about Black Star changing from taking the firm path like the Mechanic Emperor to compromising with the three Universal Civilizations.

Seeing this, Kasuyi helped to calm the atmosphere and said, "The president is right. Were gathered here today to welcome the rookie. Lets not talk business."

Hearing Kasuyi, the atmosphere became joyful again. The people skipped over this topic and started guessing the identity of this new rookie. Some even set up bets.

After discussing it for a while, someone looked to Han Xiao again and joked, "President, the rookie of this time should be Mahel, right? Its not going to be another new Beyond Grade A officer from the Black Star Army, is it?"

Han Xiao raised his brow, with a smile that was unlike a smile on his face.

"All I can say is everyone is definitely familiar with them."

The people chatted while waiting. After some time, everyone was finally present.

Seeing this, Han Xiao raised his hand, signaling everyone to quiet down. "Its about time. The welcome meeting can start now. Lets remain quiet and get ready to welcome the rookie."

Hearing this, everyone became silent, turned around, and looked at the side gate of the room. According to the routine, the rookie always walked out from here.

Not long after, the side gate was finally pushed open. Mahel walked out and appeared in front of everyone.

The people started softly discussing right away.

"I knew it. It is indeed Mahel."

"Haha, I guessed right. Give me my money."

"Hmm? Why does he look weird?"

They sized up Mahel and realized that something was off right away. Mahels eyes were out of focus as if his spirit was not here, and he was frozen.

"Whats he doing standing there and not coming here?"

"Why isnt he saying anything? Hes not mute, is he?"

They were confused.

At this time, another person walked out from behind the gate, then another, and another Very soon, dozens of people swarmed out and pushed Mahel aside.

"W-whats going on? Isnt today the welcome meeting?"

The people present were stunned and lost.

This time, Han Xiao smiled and slowly said, "Dont have to be surprised, these people are all rookies who will be joining the association today. Guys, lets welcome them."

As soon as he said that, everyone was bewildered.

Youre not f*cking pulling my leg, are you?

Even the three Universal Civilizations direct members on the side had their eyes wide open with shock.

There were no signs before today. They all thought today was an ordinary welcome meeting. None of them thought such a surprise would happen.

Every welcome meeting was hosted for just one person. When had the association ever accepted so many rookies at once?

Plus, when did so many new Beyond Grade As appear in the universe? There were as many of them as a third of the association! It was completely impossible!

What festival is it today? Is the president joking with us?

He must be.

While these thoughts flashed past their minds, they subconsciously sized up these dozens of rookies. Suddenly, their bodies shook.

"Wait a minute, these people look so familiar!"

"Are they Primordial Ones"

"How is that possible? The Primordial Ones died centuries ago. They must have purposely dressed up this way!"

"Aiyo, they really look the same. Their disguise is amazing!"

The people hastily searched for the information of the Primordial Ones online and matched with the revivors present. They were all surprised.

Manison looked at Han Xiao with a frown and asked with a deep voice, "Whats the meaning of this? Finding a group of people to disguise themselves as Primordial Ones and even letting them join the association. What is this nonsense"

"You think its fake too?"

Han Xiao glanced at him and was not surprised. After all, to those who did not know about it, this was way too unbelievable. Anyone normal would doubt it.

He slowly stood up and looked around. His grin grew bigger as he said firmly, "I know you all have doubts, but these people are none other than the Beyond Grade As who existed in history. They have awakened from the river of time, revived, and decided to join the association to shine for the Beyond Grade A class!"

As he said that, the venue became dead silent.

Everyone present was completely dumbfounded.

That was, everyone except Kasuyi, who was shivering with excitement. He was the only other person who knew about the Sanctums, and he immediately linked them.

Is this what Black Star did when he went missing for four months

"Tell me, is this true?" Kasuyi turned and stared at Han Xiao. He could not wait to hear the answer, afraid that this was just a joke.

Han Xiao gave him a firm look and said slowly, "On my honor, I hereby promise that this is not a joke!"

At this instant, joy, shock, admiration, and other emotions exploded in Kasuyis heart!

He only had one thought in his mind

Black Star did it!

At this time, Beiger, who stood at the front, chuckled. He stepped up, facing everyones shocked looks, and said calmly, "Youngsters, times have changed!"

As soon as he said that, the energy of dozens of Beyond Grade As shot up the sky without holding back!


With a loud noise, the rooftop of the entire venue was blown away. The floor and walls cracked!

The enormous pressure swept the entire planet. At this instant, all lives on Planet Finn were pressed onto the floor almost simultaneously. Deafening alarms echoed across the planet!

The Beyond Grade As present were all remote projections and could not feel the impact, but all of their organizations had an agency on Planet Finn.

Almost instantly, everyone received an emergency report from their agency. All of their radars were showing dozens of Beyond Grade A energy sources, coming from the dozens of people right in front of them! No evidence could be more solid!

At this instant, the expression of all the members present changed drastically. Their faces were filled with disbelief and aghast.

This is true? The Primordial Ones are alive


Everyone was dumbfounded!

An irresistible shock instantly shattered their view of the world, leaving only endless confusion.

At this point, almost no word could describe the shock they were feeling.

Even Manison was stunned for a few seconds. He turned around hastily and stared at Han Xiao.

"What in the world did you do? How did they revive"

Like waking up from a dream, eyes filled with disbelief focused on Han Xiao.

These revivors were all brought into the association by Black Star. He definitely knew all about how this happened!

"Black Star, how the hell did this happen"

"Answer us!"


The people were in an uproar, wanting to know the answers.

Seeing how worked up everyone was, Han Xiao smiled and said calmly, "In this world, theres a special information form phenomenon named the Sanctum Revival. Once you step into the Beyond Grade A territory, you will leave a set of backup data. Even if you die and leave absolutely nothing behind, not even ashes, you can still be revived through the Sanctum Revival.

"This will only happen once for everyone, meaning all Beyond Grade As have a second life and using this phenomenon is how I revived them from their graves in history!"

Having received a clear answer, everyone was astonished.

The shock and jubilation exploded in everyones mind!

Theres such a mysterious phenomenon that only works on Beyond Grade As in the universe? Is this another Space Wonder

Everyone realized that this was a gift to all Beyond Grade As!

If they had heard about this from someone else, they would most likely have laughed at it and not believed it. Now, however, an example of it happening appeared right in front of them, proving what Han Xiao said was true.

The next second, the way everyone looked at Han Xiao changed.

Black Star had revived so many Primordial Ones, which meant that he already controlled the method of using it. He explained that it existed, but he never said anything about how to use the Sanctum Revival. Therefore, for now, Black Star was probably the only way they could enjoy the benefits of Sanctum Revival

Thinking from another perspective, it had only been about half a year since Black Star became the president. Logically, he might have discovered the method of Sanctum Revival long ago and kept it hidden all this time if he did not become the president

This moment, everyone felt that electing Black Star as the president was the wisest decision they could have made!

Han Xiao looked around at everyones expression.

"Since everyone no longer has doubts, dont forget the subject of todays welcome meeting"

Han Xiao raised his hand. The seats around the round table started moving, and rows of new seats extended from under the ground. These were for the revivors. Then, Han Xiao clapped his hands.

"Everyone, lets welcome the return of the old era."

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