The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1260

Chapter 1260 Times Have Changed

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However, the scene happening in their minds was probably akin to being robbed by a bunch of thugs while they were happily camping and feasting on hotpot in the wilds. This was too damned surprising!

Seeing this, the dozens of Revivors smiled and took their seats one after another. Seeing Mahel standing stupidly on the same spot, some of the Primordial Ones kindly pulled this little brother to his seat as well.

The applause slowly stopped, and Han Xiao sat down once more before looking at Beiger and the others. "Everyone, would you like to introduce yourselves?"

"I feel that theres no need." Beiger waved his hand as he surveyed the scene. "If they want to know who we are, they just have to check up on our history."

Everyone subconsciously nodded. The Primordial Ones were all famous, so every Beyond Grade A would have heard their names before.

At this moment, Dylan raised his smooth chin slightly. "Although Im not a Primordial One, I believe everyone here should also know of me, right?"

Everyone turned to face him. Among the Revivors, there were a few that were not Primordial Ones, so they were not as popular and well known as the rest.

"Who are you?" Sun Hunter was curious.

"Tsk, theres really someone who doesnt recognize me?" Dylan glanced at him. "Little thing, listen up. Im the Elf King Dylan. Go home and brush up on your historical knowledge. Dont ask such ignorant questions next time."

Sun Hunter was stunned for a moment before turning furious.

Do you even know how to talk, to dare call me a little thing!

If it was not my remote projection here, Id conjure dozens of gun barrels into your mouth and blow you to death!

On the other hand, many of the Mages felt a jolt in their spirits.

"So, it turns out to be the famous Elf King from the history of magic. Its said that you took a different approach, pioneering a special elven spell system. Now it has become the mainstream magic system of the elves, but unfortunately, due to your sudden death, some of the mysteries and secrets have been lost forever. I hope I will have the opportunity to ask you for advice in the future."

Austin could not help but speak, showing his goodwill. A Mages desire for spells was akin to the Mechanics curiosity about technology.

Hearing this, Dylan instead lowered his head to pick at his nails before casually saying, "Itll depend on my mood. I normally do not like to converse with untalented Mages, but if my mood is good, I could share some information."

Austins expression froze, and he shut up. Seeing this, the other Mages that wished to talk also closed their mouths, not wanting to flatter a non-responsive person.

Seeing this, many of them gave Dylan side-eyes.

It turns out that this person spoke with such a strange tone. No wonder he died so badly in historyhe deserved it!

Seeing that the atmosphere had become a little delicate, Beiger moved away from the subject and smiled. "I have to say, this association is run well. During our time, there wasnt such a good environment. The people who established the association are really long-sight and talented!"

"I feel that way as well." Han Xiao smiled.

Hearing this, everyone glanced at Han Xiao and at Beiger, whose expressions remained unchanged.

These two were really shameless, one flattered so obviously, while the other was bold enough to accept it.

Beiger turned back to look at the rest as he spoke in a friendly manner. "We have many days ahead of us. I hope that we will have the chance to get to know each other better."

Everyone nodded and responded without putting on an arrogant expression. The Primordial Ones were the pioneers of this path, so respect was definitely needed.

The newcomer orientation finally returned to its original role. Both groups of people communicated with each other for a while, allowing the dozens of Revivors to integrate into the association. Even if the other members of the association felt this matter to be hard to believe, they had to accept the fact that these elderly had risen from their coffins.

While the Revivors were accepted on the surface, everyone was still filled with doubts. They were very curious about how Black Star had discovered the phenomenon of Sanctum Revival, how he convinced the Revivors to join the association, and where they had stayed until now.

But Han Xiao behaved splendidly, lightly skimming past all these questions without properly explaining anything.

Everyone felt as though they had an itch in their hearts, their impression of Han Xiao turning more mysterious. They all began to feel awed by him. No one knew how much strength he had hidden, only feeling that he was unfathomable.

But precisely because of this, the rest of the Association felt relaxed. In the past, everyone obeyed the rules of the association for protection and resources, but another important reason had been added.

The Sanctum Revival gave everyone assurance. Originally, there were still some people worried about the three Universal Civilizations, counting gains and losses, but their mentality had now stabilized, their fear of the three Universal Civilizations diminishing significantly.

Just as everyone was busy chatting, Manison sat by the side silently observing, his heart full of shock.

Black Star, turns out this is the trump card you prepared. Beautiful! The Sanctum Revival is of extraordinary significance for us. Not only will this enhance the confidence of members in facing risks, but it also strengthens the cohesion of the association. The group will be more united than ever before.

Furthermore, the resurrection of the historical Beyond Grade As is a way to quickly replenish our numbers, more efficient than slowly wait for a new Beyond Grade A to be born. The strength of the association will expand greatly in a short time, being reborn and breaking through the safety line of the three Universal Civilizations at once. Even they will have to weigh up the consequences if they wish to make a move With this, I dont have to risk launching the Intelligent Plague.

Manison sighed in his mind.

He had always been worried that Black Stars route of peace would form the basis of confidence for the three Universal Civilizations and was worried that the influence of Black Star alone would not be able to affect the determination of the three Universal Civilizations. However, it seemed now that Black Stars response was completely out of his expectations, allowing him to even be relieved of his hidden cards.

Manison had no choice but to admit that Black Stars move was far more effective than his plan of sacrificing eight hundred soldiers to wipe out a thousand of the enemys soldiers.

While the two of them were typically at odds with each other, he acknowledged Han Xiaos ability and was quite relieved this time that he did not believe in the wrong person.

On the other hand, Kasuyi glanced at Han Xiao from time to time, his favorability of him increasing.

Kasuyi was aware of most of the facts behind the Sanctum Revival and was probably the only person there other than Han Xiao who knew of the fact that there were no limits to the Sanctum Revivals. He was naturally more excited than anyone else.

He did not know why Han Xiao was pretending that there was only a single chance for the Sanctum Revivals, but after a little thought, he could guess the general intention and naturally would not expose it on the spot.

At this moment, Kasuyi could not help but feel fortunate.

Thankfully, my relationship with Black Star is not too bad. Ive never offended him and even chose him as my companion to explore the Celestial Star Alliance. If it was someone else, even if they know the existence of the Sanctums, they would probably be just like me, having no clue even for the next few decades I dont know how he even managed to master the Sanctum Revivals.

Kasuyi was unaware of the Holy Accord, so he thought that Han Xiao had gotten inspiration from their trip to the secondary dimensions. He secretly sighed to have found himself a reliable comrade.

While the majority of the association members were pleasantly surprised and excited, the descendants of the three Universal Civilizations had solemn expressions.

From a personal point of view, the Sanctum Revival was indeed a divine revelation for the Beyond Grade As, but from the perspective of the civilization, if the Beyond Grade A Association possessed such a method, it would be earth-shattering news for the direct descendants.

The Beyond Grade As now have an extra life, so unstable factors cannot be removed once and for all. This will be troublesome. Even if they can be cleansed once, the deceased will definitely learn how to be smart after reviving, turning to hide and plot their revenge in secret.

The core of this problem was Black Star. Only he had the means to perform a Sanctum Revival. Unless he was killed first, or the method of Sanctum Revival was obtained from him, it would be almost impossible to split the Beyond Grade A Association.

The direct descendants frowned as similar thoughts appeared in their minds.

They had more or less received the news that the three Universal Civilizations planned to attack the Beyond Grade A Association, but at this juncture, Black Star had revealed his true colors, deliberately exposing this method. In their opinion, this was undoubtedly a warning signal. The three Universal Civilizations would be frightened with this move, such that they would not act rashly.

Moreover, the high-end combat strength of the association had suddenly soared up by a third. Even if the upper echelons of the civilizations wished to carry out their plan, they also had to consider the issue of their costs.

For the entire Beyond A realm, he did not hesitate to take the pressure upon himself This is not like Black Stars usual style.

Thinking of this, the eyes of the direct descendants looking at Han Xiao turned meaningful.

Han Xiao also noticed the gazes of these direct descendants, but his face was calm, and he secretly smiled.

The Calamity of the Supers was inevitable, and conflicts would eventually erupt. Right now, he had become the detonator of the Calamity of the Supers, but his fundamental goal had not changed. He had to find a way to keep the three Universal Civilizations in check, so as to control the intensity of the conflict during the Calamity of the Supers and save more strength to deal with the World Tree Civilization.

His other objective was for self-consideration. Only when the entire Grade was cohesive could his position be more stable.

Ive finally taken this step. Theres no retrieving a loosed arrow. I can only guide these torrential times, ceaselessly running forward

All sorts of thoughts flashed past, and Han Xiao calmed down. He clapped his hands, interrupting the communication as he spoke.

"Now that everyone has gotten to know each other, there will be opportunities in the future to socialize. Lets stop here for todays welcome meeting. Well discuss the resource allocation at the next regular meeting, helping our seniors rebuild their influence."

Everyone nodded without any objection.

There were a lot of Beyond Grade As, which would inevitably cause them to share a part of the profits. However, the existence of the Sanctums gave everyone the decision in their hearts to get closer to Han Xiao. His authority in the association had already expanded to the extreme.

"Alright, then lets end the meeting today."

Han Xiao smiled and directly cancelled his remote projection.

Seeing this, everyone dissipated on their own.

No matter what emotions they had, everyone was aware that the ecology of the Beyond Grade A realm would be rewritten. When what happened in the venue today was spread, the flow of the entire Galactic Society would be greatly affected. A storm of change was bound to rise from this point, sweeping across the entire universe!

The instigator of this whole thing was actually someone who had not shown himself for a few decades yet came out straight with a bangBlack Star!

Many Beyond Grade As had a feeling that Black Star would likely open the curtains to a new era!

The content of this welcome party was not kept secret. With the help of those people with certain intentions, the news spread faster than expected. It had already spread to all the major Star Fields by the next day, having countless media channels scrambling to write various reports.

When the many galactic residents and organizations saw the news, their first reaction was disbelief, thinking it some sort of fake news.

Could a Sanctum really resurrect a dead Beyond Grade A? The Primordial Ones who had been buried in history collectively came back to life?

Stop joking, okay. Even the TV studios would not dare to shoot stuff like this!

However, within a few days, the members of the Beyond Grade A Association personally confirmed the veracity of the news. The entire Galactic Society was confused!

This was really true

The historical figures from our textbooks are now alive

If Im not insane, then the world must be insane!

The emotions of countless residents exploded!

Driven by panic, fanaticism, and shock, the news spread faster and faster. The Galactic Society, which had experienced calmness for decades, was once again thrown into a stormy sea.

Be it an ordinary person or Super, civilization or private organization, almost everyone could vaguely see a storm brewing at rapid speed.

The universe seemed to be heralding a change!

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