The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1262

Chapter 1262 Mechanical Divinity

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But Han Xiao did not plan to talk about it at all. The fundamental contradictions were already placed up front, so negotiations would be useless if that was not resolved.

The three Universal Civilizations wished to achieve the result of preventing him from resurrecting the Beyond Grade As in history at will. The Revivors had to first be screened by them, and the number could not exceed a certain value. In short, the Sanctum Revivals would be limited, in a way that best fit with the needs of the three Universal Civilizations.

Even if he were to compromise, as long as the three Universal Civilizations did not control the Sanctum Revival function, their behavior would not change. The foundation of trust had already been broken; nothing said now would be able to dispel their fear. This fundamental conflict of interest had already prevented both parties from reaching a consensus.

Han Xiao naturally did not want to tie up his hands and feet. Now that the checks and balance were established, there was nothing they could do even if Han Xiao did not wish to negotiate. That being said, he did not wish to further provoke the three Universal Civilizations.

Unless the three Universal Civilizations made a move, he did not intend to expose any new Beyond Grade As revived by the Holy Accord.

"The three Universal Civilizations could be said to have turned into our enemies. While they are not yet openly hostile, the business cooperation between us will be gradually lifted. Naturally, their resource support will also not be handed to me.

"Tsk, Marbruce has never been happy with me. Its only because of the deal signed between Urranrell and I that he has no choice but to continue to give me strong support. Now, he can finally terminate the cooperation in a fair way.

"However, Im not the only one who is receiving this treatment. Except for the direct descendants and the allies who have not made a clear statement, its difficult for anyone else to be able to continue cooperating with the three Universal Civilizations. It is necessary to enhance the independence of the association."

The nature of this wave caused by the Beyond Grade A Association had changed. The three Universal Civilizations would no longer continue their original intentions of killing their enemies but would carry out non-armed conflict countermeasures such as economic sanctions.

With them taking the lead, a large number of affiliated civilizations would also terminate their cooperation with the Beyond Grade A organizations. If targeted policies were introduced, many of the interstellar consortiums would also choose to terminate their contracts with the Beyond Grade As. No matter how powerful the Beyond Grade As were, there was no way for them to develop their organizations without support, and Han Xiao did not doubt the influence of the three Universal Civilizations in this area. Free trade would turn into a political issue.

Because the three Universal Civilizations were hegemons, they did not care about losing this portion of cooperation, but for the Beyond Grade A organizations, it would be a significant dip in income. Many of their channels would be cut off, which would have a great impact.

This situation would cause the Super Star Cluster Alliance to take advantage of this vacancy and attempt to lure in the Beyond Grade As to replace the position of the three Universal Civilizations. However, the three Universal Civilizations were even more likely to turn toward the Super Star Cluster Alliance than to continue to cooperate with the Beyond Grade A Association.

Of course, even if the three Universal Civilizations were to take this route, they would not do it in a high-profile manner. This struggle would be out of sight of most galactic residents.

Such problems would not happen in the short term, but it was necessary for Han Xiao to establish an interest system for the Beyond Grade A Association that was independent from the three Universal Civilizations. The current interest system could only be regarded as a semi-complete product, needing further tuning.

"There are countless organizations contacting me these days to ask about the Sanctum Revivals. These are all resources that can be used."

Han Xiao scratched his chin thoughtfully.

For the ordinary citizens, while the Sanctum Revival was magical, it had little to do with them. Instead, it was the consortiums with more sensitivity in business that were requesting further cooperation, believing that this would be a huge business opportunity.

In Han Xiaos opinion, these were all building blocks that were delivered to his doorstep.

The various consortiums had always been important partners for the Beyond Grade A organizations, but if the three Universal Civilizations adopted such economic sanctions in the future, these various consortiums would be caught in a dilemma between the two factions, not knowing which to choose.

During these unordinary periods, Han Xiao did not wish to clarify any risks with his investors. He planned to immediately accept any investors that wished to invest, tying the association and the consortiums further together to prevent them from running away.

If there came a day when economic sanctions really took place, the consortiums could either be as stubborn as mules and stay all the way or slice off a big piece of their flesh to withdraw. In short, they would not be allowed to pull out with all their investments.

For some organizations with Beyond Grade As, the significance of the Sanctum Revival was even more important. Among them, Han Xiaos attention was focused on the surviving descendants of those historical Beyond Grade As. A few of them had already reached out to him, expressing their desire to resurrect their ancestor.

"The surviving descendants of the historical Beyond Grade As theyre both a source of propaganda and a pool of high-value talents. With the Sanctum Revival in my hands, we can gain something of value from these groups," Han Xiao muttered.

Resurrecting a Beyond Grade A would only allow him to receive gratitude from said person, but acting on someones request to resurrect would mean he could obtain many more benefits.

This was basic demand and supply. Since he had a monopoly, he could decide the price, and in Han Xiaos view, this might be the correct method to operate the Sanctum Revival.

Right now, however, in order to maintain a sense of secrecy, it would be better not to turn it into a business.

Han Xiao populated his memo, recording thought after thought. It was the presidents duty to guide the development direction of the association, so it was necessary for him to consider all aspects and begin preparing early.

Very quickly, the memo was densely filled up. Han Xiao listed the current affairs that had to be completed, turning it into a complicated mess. Scanning it, he nodded to himself.

"Regarding the work of the association, this is about it. On the side of the organization, Ill withstand the pressure, using my own strength as the foundation to maintain all of these things"

While he thought to himself, Han Xiao opened up the interface with a smile.

With the Revivors joining the association, his bonus given by [Proof of Leadership] had seen a small rise. In the past few decades, he had digested most of Jayzs technical treasures, building a variety of Gold Grade equipment. He had already come a long way on the road of Gods Trait Transformation.

His Machinery Gods Trait Transformation had reached the apex at level fifteen with the help of his Mission Completion Cards. As for his Void Gods Trait Transformation, it had reached level nine, which was also quite a high level.

The bonuses brought about by both of them had once again increased his Energy by thousands of Ona. At the same time, when his Machinery Gods Trait Transformation reached the final level, it brought about additional enhancements to himself, such as obtaining another fragment of the First Sanctum, as well as a fifteen percent increase in his chance to form an exclusive talent.

But unlike the first two times, his unknown talent was finally activated, turning into a new talent[Mechanical Divinity]!

This was a special reward given when one reached the top of the Mechanic Class. The effect was comprehensive, covering strength of abilities, Machinery Affinity, manufacturing efficiency, and basic attributes, giving bonuses to Endurance and more. This allowed Han Xiaos Energy to rise by more than 900 in one go, making progress in every single possible manner.

In addition, [Mechanical Divinity] provided him with two additional abilities. The first allowed him to obtain a stacking bonus when he activated his machinery with Mechanical Force, allowing him to get stronger as he fought.

The second gave him an ascension for his life level in his next advancement. From Han Xiaos viewpoint, this might be the most critical effect, which would live up to its name of transformation.

As for the Void path, it mainly strengthened his Race Specialties and basic attributes, improving his Racial Talent. At the fifth level, the Black Star races talent [Mechanical Genius] experienced a forward leap in evolution, giving him a fragment from the First Sanctum.

As for his Unique Talent, Han Xiao was finally not totally clueless about it. During these decades of research, he had finally triggered a notification from his interface.

The Unique Talent was not one that could be obtained from a sudden epiphany. The mechanism worked when relevant activities were carried out, randomly giving him a certain amount of progress each time. Only when the progress bar was filled up could a true Unique Talent be formed. The triggering frequency and amount of progress depended on the probability of the activity being able to form his Unique Talent.

Because of the bonus awarded by his Gods Trait Transformation, Han Xiao had finally activated a prototype. It had only triggered about three times in the decades, with an extremely low probability. His progress bar was only at 44.7%. At this rate, it would take more than a hundred years for a normal Beyond Grade A to be able to develop their own Unique Talents.

The Awakening Points were able to speed up this progress, but he had no leeks to harvest for a few decades, so Han Xiao decided to be economical, not upgrading his skills, which led to fewer Awakening Points.

Our Great Mechanic Han gazed at his interface as he silently calculated his strength.

The Energy Rank increase brought to me by the various specialties is really high, opening up a gap between myself and the topmost echelons of the universe. I belong to a position on my own now, and when I reach my advancement for level 360, I might really step into a totally new realm

The best thing to do now would be to push my Void Gods Trait Transformation to the maximum before my advancement, in order to maximize the benefits. The Gold Grade blueprints that Jayz left for me might be insufficient, but as long as I enter The First Sanctum, I should be able to collect a wave of these blueprints, and there will not be a need to worry about not having enough Gods Trait Transformation points

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled in expectation.

Nobody seemed to have been able to set foot in this higher territory, even in the previous iterations. When the time came, what sort of feeling would it be?

"Unexpectedly, the Beyond Grade A Association gave us such a huge surprise!"

In the Super Star Cluster Alliance remote conference room, the leaders of the various Super Star Clusters were gathered together, their expressions unable to withhold their grins.

Ever since they lost in the Flickering War, the Super Star Cluster Alliance had been driven out of the Flickering World by the three Universal Civilizations. They could only endure this humiliation and go home to lick their wounds and recuperate, lying dormant whilst waiting for other opportunities.

They did not expect that merely a few decades later, the patterns in the universe would change once again.

"The conflict between the three Universal Civilizations and the Beyond Grade A Association has begun. Black Star is always surprising us, even managing to dig up all those dead people. The three Universal Civilizations will definitely not sit still. This is our opportunity."

The eyes of the Star Arc Civilizations leader flickered as the corners of his mouth rose.

Someone laughed. "Thats right. This is a good time to intervene and also a direction to shake the rule of the three Universal Civilizations. We can make some improvements to the basis of our original plan."

Even whilst recuperating, the Super Star Cluster Alliance was not idle. They were already planning to create some trouble for the three Universal Civilizations.

They originally wanted to jointly support a special task force, instigating the anger of the common people that suffered from inequality, reducing the goodwill of these people toward the three Universal Civilizations so as to shake their rule.

But plans could never keep up with the changes. There were now obviously better options.

Everyone had their own ideas, and they discussed vigorously.

"From what angle should we intervene in this storm?"

"Its impossible to appear in person. We have to hide behind the scenes Since the three Universal Civilizations and the Beyond Grade A Association are restraining themselves, we should intensify their conflict and make them turn openly hostile."

"The best result would be having both sides lose out, but the Beyond Grade A Association only possesses top-level strength. The power difference between the two is too wide. They are not an opponent of the three Universal Civilizations, so we should find a way to help them increase their power."

"Are you talking about cooperating with them? That works, but it will attract the attention of the three Universal Civilizations."

"No, no, not cooperation. We can secretly kill a few of their members, then pin the blame to the three Universal Civilizations, just like what they did to us in the Tragedy of the Pinnacles"

The people threw out idea after idea, discussing them endlessly.

At this moment, the Star Arc Civilizations leader interjected.

"Maybe we could play it big this time!"

Hearing this, everyone turned, curious.

"What are your thoughts?"

The leader narrowed his eyes as he solemnly spoke. "Currently, the contradiction is only between the Beyond Grade As and the three Universal Civilizations. This scope is still too narrow. We can attempt to provoke a greater opposition For example, we can expand the conflict to the entire Super class against the three Universal Civilizations!

"We can spread rumors that the three Universal Civilizations wish to slaughter the Supers in order to prevent new Beyond Grade As from being born, then we find some people to pretend to be part of the three Universal Civilizations. The hunting team will expose themselves, and by then, even if the rumors are too exaggerated, fear will be the best persuasive power, leading to panic.

"The Beyond Grade A is the natural leader of the Supers, which will cause them to step up, confronting the three Universal Civilizations and deepening their conflicts. The Beyond Grade A Association might seize this chance to increase its power since it will not miss out on such an advantage. The three Universal Civilizations will thus lose a lot of Supers, people, and prestige Isnt this very profitable?"

Hearing this, everyone jumped in shock, staring at each other.

After being silent for a while, someone asked, "Isnt this a bit too exaggerated? If you instigate the rebellion of the entire Super-class, Galactic Society will experience a huge disturbance. Besides, the three Universal Civilizations will not sit still and wait. They will come out with countermeasures, and if they expose us, what should we do?"

"The risk is indeed high, but the benefits are proportional. This is already the best bet. I just put forward a new path we can follow. As for the specific details, well still have to consider it further."

The leader of the Star Arc Civilization then added after a pause, "Besides, the three Universal Civilizations are unlikely to be completely clean as well. Judging by their current situation, they might really have the idea of creating a fault in the Supers. Since they cannot prevent the resurrection, they can only prevent the birth of the new people. But even if they have such ideas, they will only act secretly to target potential Calamity Grade seeds. What were doing is just helping them advertise it."

The Star Arc Civilizations leader sneered.

I dare not say anything else, but Im the best at sh*t stirring!

Somewhere within the Ancient Star Desert, in a bustling galactic transit station, a few people clad in black robes walked among the ceaseless streams of people, their appearances hidden.

Suddenly, a few of them stopped, looking at a tall building not far away. At this moment, the virtual screen on the wall of the building was broadcasting news about the Sanctum Revival and the association.

The lead man slightly lifted his hood, revealing a stern face. It was Pangon, and those with him were the avengers that had left the Holy Accord about two months ago.

"Humph, Beiger and the rest are already born" Pangon whispered to himself.

By the side, a companion glanced at him. "Weve been out for several months. What are you planning to do?"

Pangons eyes flashed coldly.

"With just our strength, its too early to take revenge against the advanced civilizations. Now that Beigers group has attracted the attention of the universe, we should secretly develop our forces. Once we have accumulated enough power, well head to the three Universal Civilizations for revenge Before that, we have to hide our hostility and even pretend to cooperate with the three Universal Civilizations to stab them at the right time."

As he spoke, Pangon took out a communicator and showcased the life history of someone. It was actually the EsGod!

He pointed toward EsGods data and spoke.

"Just like this junior of ours, theres a lot of learning value. We can consider his methods"

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