The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1263

Chapter 1263 Undercurrents Move Once Again

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There was a beautiful brown wooden table placed on the top of the tower, of which was made from the core of the Devil Pith, an extremely precious material in magical alchemy. There were four ivory-colored tea cups on the table, which were filled with tea of an amber color. The steam emitted from tea filled the surroundings with fragrance, allowing people to feel calm. Obviously, the tea leaves were also a precious material.

Seated at the table, four figures looked at the boundless city whilst elegantly drinking the tea leisurely.

At this moment, an almost invisible phantom appeared beside the table, as though this space had suddenly distorted.

"My messenger is back"

One of the old men in gorgeous mage robes pressed on the center of his brows, his mana absorbing the phantom.

He shut his eyes for a moment, as though savoring the taste, but his brows suddenly jerked.

"It seems like something major has happened in the main universe."

Hearing this, the rest placed down their teacups, looking over curiously.

"What happened?"

"See for yourself."

The elderly mage waved his hand, a thread of spiritual force shooting out. It sank into the heads of the other three, allowing them to share his memories. The news was about the changes in the Beyond Grade A Association, shown in the galactic news.

"Primordial Ones were revived? Sanctum Revival?"

"Theres actually such an event?"

The few of them revealed expressions of surprise.

"The changes in the main universe are really progressing rapidly with each passing day. Things that I never dared to imagine are all coming true. Such are the tides of time" The elderly mage sighed.

"It doesnt matter how they change. This doesnt matter to us anyway. Weve isolated ourselves from the world. Wasnt it just to avoid such storms?" The other person shook his head.

Even for an advanced civilization, they could not supervise the birth of every Beyond Grade A. Everyone pursued different things. Sometimes, there were Beyond Grade As who were unwilling to fight for power, unwilling to show their skills and change with the times, so they chose to seclude themselves after reaching the Beyond Grade A realm, hiding their hard-earned strength.

Because those who could be promoted to the Beyond Grade A realm were generally people with strong ambitions and desires, there were relatively few of them who had no ambitions and yet could still advance. These were usually attributed to luck and were not recorded by the advanced civilizations.

These four were Beyond Grade As who had retired from the universe a long time ago. They were like-minded individuals, staying away from the main universe and settling deep within the secondary dimensions, forming a cooperative front to take care of each other.

This secondary dimension named Land of Four Gods was not naturally formed. The four of them had selected a suitable dimension before putting in the elements stolen from the main universe such as materials and people, transforming it into a prosperous world much like a utopia. At the same time, everybodys mind was wiped, so they would think that this dimension was an entire world. The population thus proliferated down from generation to generation.

The residents could stay free from war and enjoy the tranquility of the world. The majority of people there could all live to the end of their lifespan and worshipped the four as their Gods of Creation.

The elderly mage shook his head. "That being said, the Sanctum Revival is worthy of our attention. Sooner or later, well also experience a time when we decay. If we can obtain a second life, we can continue to exist."

"That time when we left the place, we never had any intentions to return. Are we going to break this intention now?" one of them said in a hesitant voice. They had gotten used to staying in this place and had some fear of going back out.

The mage stroked his long beard, only replying after a while. "Lets wait and see again. Nows not a good time to go back. We can wait till the dust settles before we have a chat with the younger lad known as Black Star."

Even for those Beyond Grade As that avoided public scrutiny, they could not help being drawn in by the Sanctum Revival offered. Not only were the four of them affected, but similar issues were also happening in the many corners of the secondary dimensions.

The Sanctum Revival was akin to a deep water mine, stirring up the mud and sand in the depths of the seabed, causing the hidden existences to reenter the range of sunlight, surging as undercurrents in corners that no one knew about.

Within the Arcane Churchs Temple of Ten Thousand Gods, numerous statues of gods in all shapes and sizes stood. Some were majestic and heroic, some detached from the mortal dust, and some indescribable. The only thing in common was that each statue appeared lifelike. They were gods of various religions circulating in the universe.

The [Gods Chosen] Wuornos stood in the center of the main hall, his head bowed as he prayed. The silvery-gray sacrificial priests robes fluttered even without a wind, as colorful and peculiar auras flew around his body vigorously. If one were to observe the interior of these auras, they would see that it seemingly contained lines of divine words.

At this moment, a priest led an upper echelon of the Arcane Church to enter the temple.

"Your Excellency, Gods Chosen, the Pope requires your assistance."

The upper echelon of the Arcane Church saluted as he spoke with a respectful attitude.

Wuornos stopped his prayers, indifferently speaking without even turning his head. "Speak."

"Because of the Sanctum Revival, we have reached a new cooperation agreement with both the Crimson Dynasty and the Federation of Light, planning to form a joint scientific research team to conduct research of our own to obtain the Sanctum Revival. Were preparing to establish a secret research institute in the desolate universe belt in the middle of the three territories, and the Pope would like you to hold the fort there, Gods Chosen."


Wuornos turned his head, pointing to an angel wielding a sword next to him. This was one of the deities worshipped by a large religious school named Barbaroy. Based on the schools system, this deity governed over combat itself.

At this moment, an invisible energy spread, and the statue suddenly shook. A golden-white aura shot out from within, separating itself from the statue. At the moment the light left the shell, the lifelike feeling of the statue dissipated.

This golden-white aura suffused into Wuornos body. The next moment, a crash was heard as an illusory figure suddenly grew out from his back.

This phantom had a pair of glowing wings and held a gorgeous long sword. It was surprisingly in the same outfit as the deity, except that its size and appearance were similar to Wuornos instead, as though they had combined.

At this moment, the phantom was holding Wuornos shoulders with its hands, attempting to pull itself out of Wuornos body inch by inch.

In just a few seconds, the sword-wielding angel had succeeded in separating itself, flapping its wings and floating into the air, splashing a pale, golden energy all over as it quickly transformed from a phantom into a physical entity with a strong aura. It stopped when the energy fluctuations reached the level of an upper-tier Beyond Grade A.

The two figures stood side by side, looking like different versions of the same person.

At this moment, Wuornos slowly spoke.

"One deity is enough. Barbaroy is good enough for this task. Take him there."

"Alright, Ill escort him over. Thank you for your gift."

The upper echelon of the Arcane Church nodded and saluted.

No matter how many times he witnessed this, he could not help but secretly marvel and admire this scene.

This was the guardian of the Arcane Church, the person recognized in the universe as the strongest for many years now, the legendary Gods Chosen who could summon the gods

This one person could take on the persona of all the gods!

This was not just his personal ability but one of the core Universal Treasures of the Arcane Church, which was integrated into Wuornos body, creating the title of Gods Chosen.

At this moment, Wuornos saw that the other party had yet to leave and lightly asked, "Is there anything else?"

The person in question recovered his senses and hurriedly said, "Theres another matter. The Pope asked me to ask this question"


The upper echelon paused before carefully continuing. "The Pope wishes to know, do you have a guarantee of being able to get rid of Black Star?"

Hearing this, Wuornos finally turned to look at him. He frowned.

"I cannot guarantee that."

" Alright. I apologize for intruding; Ill be off now."

The person could only bid farewell.

Sending him off with his eyes, Wuornos lowered his head to continue praying. From the start to the end, he did not leave his spot at all, as though he was also a statue of a deity that was fixed in place.

The news of the Sanctum Revival quickly rose to a fever pitch in a few days, with no sign of fading even after half a month. The major news channels found a new entry point, beginning to count the Revivors and their identities, which attracted the curiosity of the people, allowing their ratings to remain high.

At the same time, the Wayne Card company announced that they would work overtime in order to produce all related card decks of the Revivors, formulating several new genres of gameplay based on the Sanctum Revival, further inflaming the level of popularity.

And among the various classes of society, the Calamity Grades reacted the most fiercely.

The Calamity Grades already had the strength to occupy a territory, so many of them would rather be a big fish in a small pond than join in under the lead of a Beyond Grade A organization. However, the existence of the Sanctum Revival changed their plans.

Generally speaking, those who were Calamity Grades would join Beyond Grade A organizations either to obtain shelter or to seek guidance. But some people were aware of their own potential, understanding that they were unqualified to enter the Beyond Grade A realm. Thus, they did not have much motivation to cultivate. Many of them chose to come to a standstill, indulging in the luxury brought about by their power.

But now, almost no one could refuse the attraction that was a second life. Even those who had accepted their mediocrity early could not help but feel their passion rekindled.

This was especially so for the Beyond Grade A seeds!

Initially, most of the Beyond Grade A seeds had a sense of arrogance, and not everyone would seek guidance from a Beyond Grade A. Even if they knew that this would be beneficial to them, they did not wish to work for others.

Some of the Beyond Grade A seeds practiced the lone wolf method, aiming to complete the sublimation of life level on their own.

However, the situation had changed. They would not be able to enjoy the Sanctum Revival if they did not step into the Beyond Grade A realm. Thus, these potential stocks that were one step away from the Beyond Grade A realm would gradually have their mentality fluctuate, beginning to think of plans to join under the Beyond Grade A organizations, obtaining guidance to achieve the qualifications for Sanctum Revival as soon as possible.

Those who could even become Beyond Grade A seeds were decisive people. Once they had come to a decision, they immediately put it into action. For a period of time, many of the seeds stopped roaming around, adjusting their schedules to turn toward the Flickering World.

Those who had abilities could afford to be arrogant, but for the majority of the time, the reason they behaved so was only because the benefits offered to them were not enticing enough. This was the law of the universe.

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