The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1264

Chapter 1264 Feidins Card Adventure Trigger

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"Ok. Expand the range of the unmanned reconnaissance fleet. We have to be cautious. The next section of the journey is not safe," Kevin replied as he sat in the captains seat.

He was slender and had a fair complexion with a handsome appearance. He was dressed in a set of elegant casual clothes, coupled with a black wide-brimmed hat adorned with a feather. His shirt was unbuttoned, revealing a smooth, white chest. A slender saber hung sheathed on his waist, engraved with magic patterns that gave away its identity as a magic weapon.

White Wave Kevin was one of the recorded Beyond Grade A seeds in the universe. He did not belong to any organization but rather travelled freely within the universe.

This sort of neutral Beyond Grade A seed had always been an important target for the advanced civilizations, and Kevin was no exception. The three Universal Civilizations, the Super Star Cluster Alliance, and advanced civilizations in Blackhole Edge had handed him olive branches.

However, Kevin had never expressed his stance, not only because he did not wish to work under others, but also because he wished to leave himself some room to maneuver.

Originally, the price set by the three Universal Civilizations had moved him, and he was thinking about joining them, but the recent news about the Sanctum Revival made him dismiss such thoughts.

Even though the three Universal Civilizations had greatly increased their offers after this incident, it was no longer the same; Kevin remained unmoved. Suddenly, he no longer felt that the promised resources by the three Universal Civilizations were attractive, and he did not even wish to bargain. He directly decided to turn around and join the Beyond Grade A organizations, leading his fleet to the Flickering World.

He had even chosen his target. Black Star controlled the Sanctum Revival, so he had to join the Black Star Army. As long as he got to the Beyond Grade A realm in the future, he would be able to enjoy the benefits of a favorable position.

Kevin casually swiped through his communicator, browsing the latest news events on the local network channels. He soon noticed an article with an interesting title.

The three Universal Civilizations claim to know of the phenomenon behind the Sanctum Revival. They have always been researching it, and now they have also produced results.

Seeing this in the headlines, Kevin could not help but sneer with a disapproving expression.

"Tsk, in order to soothe the hearts of the public, the three Universal Civilizations have started to produce fake news"

In the near future, similar news would appear from time to time due to the impact of Sanctum Revival to the galactic community. This had triggered a chain reaction, even shaking the direct descendants of the advanced civilizations. In Kevins view, the three Universal Civilizations were doing this to placate the public and make the ordinary people believe that the three Universal Civilizations could also use such technology.

While such rumors were groundless, they could not be said to be completely ineffective. There would always be certain citizens in the Galactic Society who followed simple and crude logic, which made them believe that the three Universal Civilizations were involved in every field. Even if the Sanctum Revival was an unheard of technology, they would believe that the three Universal Civilizations had long known about it but kept it a secret.

However, these people were mainly only those in the lowest social strata. People like Kevin would naturally not believe it.

"The three Universal Civilizations are greatly pressured now. This is not a bad thing. Only when theres competition between the major factions will people like us get noticed. In order to win us over, they will have to come out with better welfare. If not for the three Universal Civilizations feeling the pressure, they would not have suddenly increased the chips to win me over."

Kevin scratched his jaw as he muttered to himself.

Reading on, he realized that the comment section was a little strange. There were many negative comments and curses directed at the Supers, with people feeling irritated about the privileges enjoyed by the Supers. Some were even furious about the unequal treatment. These comments all received a lot of likes and praise from the lurkers on the web.

Kevin carefully looked through the comments before helplessly shaking his head.

Toward the strength, status, and privileges that Supers enjoyed, the majority of the ordinary people both admired and feared them, but they also envied and hated them. Supers were one of the most active social classes in the universe, but they only accounted for a very small part of the total population of the universe. Compared to the ordinary people who were the mainstream, both sides had been plagued with conflicts for a long time.

Most people in the universe were destined not to have the potential to become Supers since they were born, doomed to be mediocre their whole lives. The more they admired these Supers, the more they would hate themselves for not having such a life and their unfair destiny. Thus, this hate would also pass to the surrounding matters related to Supers. Using reasoning could not tame the hearts of these people, thus forming a stubborn social contradiction between both classes.

On the universal scale, Supers and ordinary people were not just a matter of social class, not even of the same biology make up. Supers represented the direction of evolution, whilst the ordinary people represented the low-level life forms. Even if the galactic society did not promote such a perception, many people thought of it as the truth.

The ordinary people who occupied the mainstream of the population were unwilling to accept their innate position as the eliminated of the evolutionary process, so conflict was doomed to happen.

In reality, most galactic residents did not dare make trouble in front of the Supers, but they would not hesitate to go on the quantum network to attack and vent their emotions. The Sanctum Revival seemed to have become a detonator for the grievances of the galactic residents, leading to many more of these ordinary residents becoming angry and shouting about injustice.

In such herd venting places, emotions would naturally outweigh ones rationality. Even if many of the people knew that the strength a Super had was a result of hard training, it was meaningless. They would only stop the scolding when all Supers in the universe were dead or when they became Supers themselves.

While Kevin was not surprised at this, he felt that the eruption behind the class conflicts had been too violent. He would not believe there was nobody manipulating the thoughts of people behind the scenes.

"Dark clouds keep accumulating, and heavy rain will arrive sooner than scheduled. I always feel that if this continues, it will be bad for the future of our Galactic Society"

Kevin shook his head.


At this moment, the spaceship suddenly shook, and its radar buzzed in alarm.

"Warning! Warning! Detected a space jamming device nearby, exiting hyperdrive. An unknown spaceship is fast approaching!"

Kevin looked up in surprise, hurriedly switching to the outside field. He soon saw a small fleet surrounding him. They were a galactic pirate group active in this area, with the leader seeming to be a Calamity Grade.

The next moment, the shouts of the galactic pirate group sounded in the wide area communication channel.

"Quickly stop your spaceship and open the hatch. Allow my people to board the ship. Otherwise, we will open fire!"

"It turns out theyre here to loot"

Kevin breathed a sigh of relief, and his expression turned cold.

"Captain, what do we do?" the pilot next to him asked. He believed in Kevins strength, so he was not nervous at all.

"Humph, let them board. Since theyre looking for death, then well give it to them. Ill finish them off quickly."

Kevins eyes flashed.

Very quickly, the fleet stopped in place according to his instructions. Seeing this, the galactic pirates quickly approached, connecting their spaceships.

The hatch opened in a flash, and a galactic pirate stepped into the spaceship with a gun. Everyone onboard was waiting in front of the passage.

"Wheres the captain? Tell him to come out and see me!" The galactic pirate looked around.

At this moment, there was a loud shout from the crowd.

"You messed with the wrong person!"

Kevin, who was hidden in the crowd, suddenly attacked. He drew out his long, slender saber, cutting out a splendid sheen as a sharp cold light shot out.

The galactic pirate leader was shocked, hurriedly raising his arm wrapped in Pugilist aura to block the surprise attack.


The next second, blood spewed, and the galactic pirate leader screamed in pain as the blade cut through his aura and into his arm, deeply embedding within.

Kevin gripped the blade in both hands as his feet spun. A wave of white blade light suddenly lit up, leaving a remnant flash on everyones retinas.


The arm of the pirate leader fell on the ground. The incision was smooth, and the blood seemed to not have kept up with the speed of the blade as there was a split second of pause before it sprayed out, staining the spaceship corridor.

Both of them were in the Calamity Grade, but Kevins Energy rank was much higher, so he maimed his opponent in a single blow. As a Pugilist of the War Soldier Branch, Kevin was extremely lethal, having long reached the master level in swordsmanship.

Right at this moment, a sudden change occurred!

In the team of galactic pirates, seven to eight of them released the aura of a Calamity Grade and attacked Kevin at the same time, like hunters who had been stalking their prey for a long time!

"What!" Kevins pupils shrank, his eyes changing drastically.

These people definitely did not belong to the galactic pirates. If there were so many Calamity Grades, they would have been famous, and he would not be surprised like this.

To be so close and yet unable to sense their auras, these assailants were not simple!

Kevin did not have time to think about the origins of this group. He hurriedly dodged and blocked, but the attack was too sudden, leaving him to withstand most of the heavy blows. Blood spurted out as he suffered a heavy injury. The Pugilists of the War Soldier Branch were not famed for their defense.

"Theyre not ordinary Calamity Grades. Theyre all masters!"

Kevin was horrified, and while coughing blood, he slashed out wide, smashing through the bulkhead of the spaceship to flee into the universe, attempting to approach another spaceship.

At this moment, the seven to eight Calamity Grades chased after him, intercepting and cooperating to destroy all the spaceships while entangling Kevin, leaving no path of retreat.

Seeing that his path of retreat was cut off, Kevin could only resist desperately. With every exchange between him and the group, he was put in more and more danger.

Even with his status as a Beyond Grade A seed, he could not withstand the siege of seven to eight Calamity Grades. After all, not everyone had the frightening ability of Black Star.

"You guys are not galactic pirates. Who are you people" Kevin yelled in the wide area communication channel. Through his senses, he could vaguely feel the resolute killing intent of these Calamity Grades, as though they were there purposely for him.

Could it be that this group allied with the galactic pirates to plot against me?

But his question was destined to never be answered. These Calamity Grades were silent, only answering with their attacks, unscrupulously releasing their cold killing intent.

Seeing this, Kevin gritted his teeth, unwilling to sit still as he called out for help on the wide area communication channel while still trying his best to break out from the siege. Even knowing that his chance of escape was slim, he would not give up.

As his injuries grew more severe, he gradually burned out and started to lose his consciousness.

"It took me such a long time to gain my strength and to set foot in the Beyond Grade A field. Could it be that Ill have to die like this here?"

Kevin tried his best to persevere as a strong unwillingness surged in his mind.

At this point, everyones attack suddenly halted. They looked up, seeing a shuttle-shaped spaceship appearing in their sight not far away, approaching as it seemed to have discovered the abnormal energy response there.

"There are eyewitnesses. What should we do?"

"Ignore them. Kill the target first."

The few people exchanged words before increasing the intensity of the offensive, abandoning all defenses, fighting tooth for tooth.

This became the last straw. Kevins wounded body could no longer bear the offensive surge and shattered into pieces. His life quickly fled from his body.

One of the Calamity Grades was about to deliver the final fatal blow, but at this moment, something strange happened!


A holy golden light shot out from the spaceship, approaching quickly and shining on Kevins tattered body.

The next moment, as though a miracle happened, Kevins body returned to its intact state in the blink of an eye. All his injuries disappeared without a trace. He opened his eyes in confusion.

"This is"

The pupils of those Calamity Grades shrank, and they all turned to the spaceship where the beam of light came from.

At the same time, Aurora retracted her hand from within the spaceship, her eyes flashing with excitement and curiosity.

"Its really fun to go out with you. I always encounter strange things."

By the side, Feidin helplessly shook his head.

If it was not for him being volunteered, he would not have wanted to accompany Aurora to travel everywhere. To put it nicely, he was a bodyguard, but in fact, he was just being used as an event trigger to make her journey more interesting and fun.

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