The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1265

Chapter 1265 Snatched

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The effect of this move was significant, suddenly turning her journey into an exciting one. According to definitely inaccurate and incomplete statistics, the duo had been involved in more than a dozen incidents, be it large or small in just the past two months.

Aurora was now satisfied, but Feidin felt completely helpless as he was dragged around by Aurora to continue his career as a handyman.

He could not help regretting the fact that he had managed to separate Chen Xings soul, otherwise he could pass time by talking to her, not being just a mascot like he was now.

The spaceship they operated was specially crafted by Black Star. The hyperdrive engine, energy shield, detection radar, Cloaking Devices, and other miscellaneous devices were all top tier. Not too long ago, the spaceship had detected the abnormal energy fluctuations there and concluded that a battle was taking place. The special interference device of Black Stars broke through the channel interference and saw Kevins call for help.

At the same time, Auroras ability also sensed multiple Calamity Grade life signals and immediately knew that there was excitement to be discovered there. Thus, she turned to take a look, chancing across this scene.

While she was not aware of the events that had transpired, throughout her months of wandering, she had long developed her own style of doing things Regardless of why they were trying to kill each other, until she got the bottom of it, none of them were allowed to die!

With the limitless power provided through her milk, she could be that arrogant!

Seeing that Kevin was on the verge of death, Aurora did not waste her time, immediately drawing out a portion of healing energy. With her current Beyond Grade A strength, healing a Calamity Grade completely was as easy as taking a breath. In a moment, Kevin was reconstructed perfectly, and he even felt as though he was stronger.

" Im not dead?"

Kevin lowered his head, staring at his undamaged body. For an instant, he had faced death straight ahead, thinking that he was about to die, but the sudden infusion of milk caught him off guard. He could no longer tell if he was in reality or an illusion.

At the same time, the faces of the besieging Calamity Grades twisted, and they suddenly dispersed.

"These are Beyond Grade A fluctuations. Run!"

The group split up and fled without hesitation. Enchantment tattoos lit up on their bodies, showing magic circuits of short-range teleportation being inscribed on them. With only slight fluctuations in space, all of their teleportation skills were activated.

"Thinking of running after beating me up"

Kevin recovered to his senses, rushing toward the nearest enemies. A strong aura condensed on his blade, slashing out as a sharp blade light.

The teleportation procedures of three of the enemies were interrupted as they avoided the attack.

However, a small vortex had already been created in front of the others, which was still rapidly expanding. It would only take them a few seconds to complete their preparations, allowing them to teleport and escape from there.

Seeing that the teleportation technique had been successfully engaged, the few of them were about to sigh in relief. However, a unique spatial fluctuation suddenly spread out from Auroras spaceship.


This fluctuation acted like an iron, directly smoothing all the space folds within the battlefield. The portals that were on the verge of forming shattered and disappeared.

On the spaceship, Aurora pouted.

"Humph, do you take my spaceship as a decoration"

Her spaceship contained a lot of black technology, which included what Han Xiao had obtained from Jayzs technological treasure. The powerful spacetime anchoring was just one of the minor abilities her spaceship possessed.

Seeing this situation, the faces of the Calamity Grades turned pale. They glanced at each other, resoluteness flashing in their eyes.

The next moment, the group of people gave up on running away, turning their heads and rushing toward the shuttle-shaped spaceship, as though they wished to end up in mutual annihilation.

Feidin narrowed his eyes, about to take action. However, Aurora tapped on his shoulder.

"Its okay. Let me do it."

Her eyes flashed, and the energy levels in her body surged, instantly transforming her into her mature version. The Mark of the Underworld on the back of her hand also lit up.

With a wave of her hand, Life and Death Energy combined to form the Resurrection Energy. The energies entangled with each other, weaving out bones, muscles, and blood vessels, transforming into the temporary mortal shells of ten different species.

Under the power of the Resurrection Energy, the temporary shells were quickly materialized, their outlines almost the same as the owners previous physical bodies. The only difference was that these temporary bodies all emitted a faint fluorescence light and retained certain characteristics of an Energy Life form.

With a flick of her finger, ten Calamity Grade Hero Spirits flew out from the Mark of The Underworld, merging into the shells. The next moment, their bodies all burst forth with Calamity Grade energy fluctuations.

The Hero Spirits descend, reincarnating from the Earth!

These series of actions were fluidly performed, which hinted at the ceaseless practice. At this moment, the Hero Spirits had become complete life forms, possessing the actual combat power of their previous lives.

"Go, take them down." Aurora laughed.

The ten Calamity Grades nodded and immediately rushed out of the spaceship, intercepting their opponents and fighting them. Kevin saw this but was not surprised, quickly joining the battle.

The Hero Spirits did not care about death at all, so they did not even bother to defend. For them, an aggressive style of play was nothing more than a tactic. It might be unscrupulous, but it allowed them to operate above their combat levels, showing more power than before their original deaths.

Even though she completely controlled the Holy Light Particle, Auroras frontal lethality was still weak. She had thus become completely accustomed to the Summoning style but still stuck to only summoning up to Calamity Grade Hero Spirits. The physical consumption of summoning the Beyond Grade A Hero Spirits was too large. Plus, she had promised Han Xiao that she would not easily allow the Beyond Grade As to come out for a walk.

A Beyond Grade A would naturally bully the Calamity Grades, and without any suspense, these Calamity Grades of unknown origin soon retreated hastily.

Seeing that they were about to be captured alive, the group of people clenched their teeth, crazily compressing the energies in their bodies. Their bodies were soon covered with glowing cracks.

"Theyre planning to implode!"

Kevin was shocked, subconsciously drawing back.

He did not expect this group of people to be so decisive, opting to blow themselves up than be caught alive.


The next instant, the bodies of the several people burst into flames. A huge shock wave blasted outward.

However, this self-detonation had only just started when a holy light shot out from the spaceship again. Sweeping past, the fragmenting bodies of this group of people re-bonded and were restored to their original state.

The pupils of these people shrank, and they once again imploded without hesitation, only to have the same scene occur again. The moment they felt the pain of their bodies tearing apart, another light would shoot out and heal their injuries.

After trying a few times, the results remained unchanged. The faces of these people were now filled with despair as they understood that their lives were no longer theirs to control.

They could not live how they wanted, but they could not die when they wanted to either!

"Thats enough. Dont fool around with them anymore. Ill do it."

Feidin shook his head in resignation.

He took out the Soul Swapper, replacing the souls of a few of them into prepared containers of animals.

In this period, Feidin had also reached the rank of a Beyond Grade A seeds. With this weird Soul Swapper, it could be said that it was rare for him to meet an enemy that could threaten him in the Calamity Grade.

The bodies of those whose souls were transferred turned into empty husks, collapsing where they stood and were easily captured. The Hero Spirits set about cleaning up the battlefield.

Seeing this scene, Kevin finally relaxed. He was full of joy at being able to escape from the dead and quickly broadcast through the wide area communications channel.

"My name is Kevin. Esteemed ones, you have saved my life. May I know if I may have the honor of thanking you face to face?"

After a few seconds, a voice sounded from the channel.

"Lets talk on the spaceship."

Kevin was energized. As he approached the spaceship, the door opened, letting him fly in.

After following the guiding robot to the command room, he saw the eye-catching Aurora at a glance. He did not hesitate to salute in excitement and surprise.

"Turns out that its the new Deputy Army Commander of the Black Star Army, the Goddess of Life, Aurora. Its my blessing to be able to meet you!"

When Aurora had made a move, Kevin had vaguely guessed her identity, but only now did he dare confirm it when he saw the person in flesh.

Kevins happiness only grew.

Fortunately, he had met Aurora, who was a master of life. If it were someone else, they would probably not have been able to pull him back from death.

In the vast universe, I actually managed to encounter a Beyond Grade A that could save me. What sort of probability was this?

My luck is too good!

"Eh, when did I get this moniker?" Aurora actually intended to act high and mighty like Hila, but hearing this, she stopped in shock.

"Dont you know?" Kevin said. "This is because youre the sister of the Goddess of Death and hold the exact opposite powers, so the world has started calling you this."

"Not bad, Im also someone with a moniker now." Aurora giggled.

While it was only one compared to the multitude Hila had, it was a good start. Sooner or later, she would be able to defeat her sister and crush her under her own feet proudly!

Fantasizing about this scene, Auroras emotions were surging with joy.

Glancing over, Feidin immediately guessed that Aurora was distracted again, so he could only take the reins. "Anyway, we received your call for help, so we came over just in time. Could you please explain what exactly happened?"

"Its like this. I was actually journeying but suddenly came across a bunch of galactic pirates"

Kevin explained the whole process truthfully without hiding anything.

After hearing this, Feidin squeezed his perfectly shaped chin as he guessed, "It seems more than meets the eye. These people are by no means just galactic pirates. I think they specifically aimed at you. Could it be a vendetta?"

"It doesnt make sense. Im typically a do-gooder and have avoided any struggles of the factions. Even if I have to kill, I make sure I get rid of the roots as well. I have also never provoked an organization that could release seven or eight Calamity Grades at once."

Kevin drew a blank.

Hearing this, Feidin was lost in thought for a while before he muttered, "If its not a vendetta, then its likely related to the current storm."

"What is it about?" Kevin was curious.

"Oh, Im still not sure, but we managed to capture a few live ones, so some interrogation will reveal everything"

Feidin shook his head, but he suddenly paused, and his words grew sharp.

"You just mentioned that you were journeying over to the Flickering World to join the Black Star Army?"

"Thats right"

"Great!" Feidins eyes lit up. "You dont need to travel so far to the Flickering World. The Deputy Army Commander is right in front of you and is definitely qualified to accept newcomers. You could just stay and become part of her Guard Corps."



Kevin paused for a while.

His original objective was to become a Black Star Guard, to enjoy the benefits of a favorable position, but Aurora had practically saved his life. While she was a new Beyond Grade A, her Esper Ability was unique, which would guarantee the safety of his life under most circumstances.

Even if he went over to the Flickering World, he might still encounter more dangers. Temporarily staying by Auroras side was not too bad.

"Yes, yes, yes, come under my command. As long as you come, I can give you the position of Guard Captain!" Auroras eyes lit up.

While she was the Deputy Army Commander, fully qualified to employ her own Guards regiment, she had been busy travelling ever since she was promoted. She had not recruited anyone, and thus, she had no Guards under her.

The talents in the army had mostly been divided by Black Star and Hila, so even if she tried recruiting from the inside, it would be difficult to find any masters. She had always envied the Guards that Hila had.

Now that she had encountered a Beyond Grade A seed in trouble, Aurora immediately had this thought.

Kevin struggled for a while before being tempted.

" Alright, Im willing to be the Captain of your Guard Corps."

He had also done some research on the organizational structure of the Black Star Army. From his point of view, there were three factions, each with the respective Beyond Grade A as the leader.

Black Star was undoubtedly the ruling faction, but there were too many talents within, and there was no opportunity to show off, which made his chances of standing out remote. Hilas faction was mainly comprised of women and had already been formed with no intention of expanding. Furthermore, Hila was also not known to be a good leader. In contrast, Auroras faction had just been established, so if he became one of her early followers when she had a shortage of people, his status would naturally be extraordinary.

While Kevins original intention was to obtain the Sanctum Revival, since he had decided to join an organization, he would not be satisfied with being a marginal person without any sense of existence.

"Thats great. Ill help you register for your army authority! Phillip, come out!"

Aurora was overjoyed, immediately summoning Phillip. She could not wait to register Kevin as her Guards Captain.

Why is she even more excited than me?

Kevin felt a sinking feeling, but he had no choice but to cooperate.

However, this feeling of being appreciated by his boss made him feel more moved.

Seeing this, Feidin did not bother them, simply walking to the side and entering the spiritual realm to interrogate the prisoners.

After a while, Aurora had completed the procedures for Kevin, and the Hero Spirits had also cleaned up the battlefield.

At this moment, the two saw Feidin walk back with a solemn expression.

"Youre done interrogating? Hows the situation?" Aurora was curious.

" The situation has exceeded our expectations. The matter is more serious than we thought."

Feidin shook his head, speaking in a steely tone.

"Immediately report to the Army Commander. This matter is out of our league!"

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