The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1266

Chapter 1266 Travelling Feidin

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He had been too busy digesting his technology recently. Only when Feidin called him and told him that they had captured a hunting team that specifically targeted the Beyond Grade A seeds did he then notice.

"Speak in detail, I want to know everything." Han Xiao put down the parts in his hand, his expression turning solemn.

"Its like this" Feidin explained the entire process.

After capturing these assailants, he had dug up the amazing intelligence through interrogation and reading of memories. All the Calamity Grades that attacked Kevin were acting on orders and had quietly controlled the galactic pirates that had been wandering nearby, waiting to intercept Kevin.

"Do you know which organizations they belong to?" Han Xiao was curious.

Feidin nodded. "Ive already checked. These Calamity Grades did not leave any information within the universe. At the same time, they have no relevant memories, and they do not know which organization they work for, only unilaterally accepting direct orders from an account. The account for tasks for each person is also different. When I reviewed their memories, I discovered that they had been receiving some sort of thought-shaping training since young, specially to create warriors with weak self-awareness.

"Death warriors without any history? To be able to train up eight Calamity Grades as Death warriors from an early age, this is no small organization. The thought training should be a form of brainwashing that can maintain a long-term effect on the Calamity Grades. This should be technology at or above the Star Cluster level."

Han Xiao furrowed his brows, pondering silently for a while before he asked, "Any other clues?"

"Ive found some safe houses and codewords, as well as their activities. When I finish sorting them out, Ill send you the report containing the top-secret accounts of these people for receiving tasks. It may be useful to you."

Han Xiaos brows rose. "To think youre placing so much importance in this matter. It seems like you also know the problem in this."

Feidin sighed. "If I could not guess the potential ramifications, then I would not have called you at first notice People who can cultivate so many Calamity Grade Death Warriors will not be a small organization, and this team might not have been sent to only kill one person. Add that to the Sanctum Revival issue, this situation is obviously not simple."

Han Xiao nodded. "Thats right. Organizations who have the motivation and the abilities to do such a thing are few and far between. The Super Star Cluster Alliance is also suspicious."

While he did not manage to get their origins, through the analysis of different factors, Han Xiao first thought of the three Universal Civilizations as well as the Super Star Cluster Alliance, both of whom intended to do such a thing.

The former wished to reduce the impact of Sanctum Revival, secretly reducing the source of new Beyond Grade As joining the association in the future. The latter had more hidden motives, mainly to aggravate the situation and pin the blame on others, creating opposition and forcing the three Universal Civilizations and the association to turn hostile.

Of course, he could not ignore the possibility that there was someone fishing in the muddied waters, so Han Xiao did not immediately jump to a conclusion. Rather, he only assumed it to be the secret operation of the three Universal Civilizations or the Super Star Cluster Alliance.

As inferred, there was a high probability that there existed more than one hunter team. At present, there were many Beyond Grade A seeds rushing to the Flickering World from each Star Field, so the orchestrators behind the scenes were likely to deploy interception troops. These Beyond Grade A seeds would be at risk, as not all of them would be so lucky to run into the top milkmaid of the universe.

Feidin scratched his head in puzzlement. "Forget about the Super Star Cluster Alliance, but the three Universal Civilizations would they really do such a thing? Conducting such a crazy plan, are they not afraid of facing the backlash of all Supers? Its too radical."

Han Xiao shook his head, not looking surprised at all.

"This sort of behavior is crazy but effective. The Beyond Grade A seeds in the entire universe are not many to begin with, and the cost of them going hands-on is not high. Even if all these people disappear, the backlash can be easily suppressed.

"Moreover, the three Universal Civilizations were clear that they had lost the monopoly advantage of having Ultimate Knowledge. The association can give whatever they can give, and with the addition of the Sanctum Revival, it will be difficult for them to attract new talents. On the other hand, the association did not even require any advertisement to attract new talents. If they do nothing, the situation will only get worse, so instead of sitting and watching, its better to send these Death Warriors to kill people and ruin what they cant get.

"As for the methods as with the Tragedy of the Pinnacles, the three Universal Civilizations have never been good people. Dont be mistaken. As winners of the exploration era, none of them would have survived if they were not cruel. Once they panic, they can do anything."

Feidin pursed his lips. "Arent they afraid of being revealed?"

Han Xiao stroked his chin. "I feel that they would be afraid, but I cant be sure since I have to look at their overall picture."

There was no Beyond Grade A Association in his previous life, and Sanctum Revival was kept under wraps, so the Beyond Grade A seeds were not intercepted. This was the first time Han Xiao had encountered such a situation, without knowing what the three Universal Civilizations would even do.

Han Xiao was also helpless to the fact that the Beyond Grade A seeds were targeted. He could only treat it as collateral damage.

"This storm is getting bigger and bigger." Feidins expression was worried. "What do you intend to do?"

"The purpose of the association is mainly to solve the conflicts between the Beyond Grade As, so the Calamity Grade is not within our scope. Nominally, it is not suitable for us to cross the boundary and provide assistance"

Han Xiao stroked his chin as he thought aloud.

"However, if we dont stop this, the seeds will suffer great casualties, which is not conducive to our recruitment of new Beyond Grade As. How about this? Dont they wish to join the various Beyond Grade A organizations? Well ask those organizations to secretly send people to protect and escort them. This can be justified in name."

"Alright." Feidin paused for a moment. "However, this response force will encounter battles with the hunting squad. Do we wish to spread the news and make the seeds vigilant, at the same time giving a warning to the person behind the scenes?"

Han Xiao thought for a while but finally shook his head.

"Secretly spreading it to the seeds is enough. This news should not be spread out on a large scale If we expose it now, the happiest would be the Super Star Cluster Alliance. I dont wish to tear off all pretenses with the three Universal Civilizations, nor do I want to be used as a weapon by the Super Star Cluster Alliance. Lets focus on protection first. For the time being, we will avoid conflict if possible."

While the Sanctum Revival was in name his, the Holy Accord had yet to be able to collect the second set of keys, so Han Xiao did not have much to rely on for now. Causing trouble was not his favorite action; it was better to be low-key.

"I understand. What else do you need me to do?" Feidin asked.

"For you guys how about you search for more Beyond Grade A seeds in the vicinity. They will be safer with Aurora around them. Then, we can just bring all of them back."

As he spoke, Han Xiao smiled in a praising manner.

"Youve earned yourself a great merit this time. Without your warning, we might have had to wait till many seeds went missing before we realized something was wrong. My decision to have you go along with Aurora was a good move!"

He felt that Feidin was the perfect intelligence officer. Most people had to search for things, but it was the exact opposite for Feidin. Even if he were only to lie down every day, he would still be able to run into key intelligence, as though it was an automated process for him.

This Feidin is really useful!

Feidin showed a helpless expression. He had already resigned to the fact that he was a tool to be used.

"By the way, what should I do with the captives after the interrogation? They could serve as evidence."

"What else can we do? Send them to the Underworld."

Han Xiao waved his hands casually.

The two further discussed the details before hanging up. At this moment, Han Xiao suddenly noticed that his interface was blinking.


You have triggered the mission [Stop the Hunting]!

Mission Introduction: For some reason, some unknown organizations are trying to hunt down talents who wish to join you. As a well-known organization, protecting the personal safety of your candidates is a basic requirement.

Mission Objective: Try to prevent the hunting of the Beyond Grade A seeds.

Remarks: The reward depends on the Mission Rating, which is correlated to the number of people successfully rescued.

Basic Reward: 8 billion Experience, +20 Favorability of rescued targets, 2 Random Rewards, 1 Blank Character Summon Card.


"The experience is a little stingy, but the blank Character Summon Card is pretty good stuff."

Han Xiao closed the interface. The level of this mission was not enough to excite him any longer. At present, he paid more attention to the matter itself.

"The three Universal Civilizations have quite the strong reaction to this. Being able to coexist in harmony is a pipe dream Anyway, the version update has gone on for almost fifty years, so the players should be back soon. Im afraid that will cause another explosion."

Han Xiao rubbed his brows, his thoughts wandering before he suddenly thought of something.

"By the way, since someone is hunting Beyond Grade A seeds, this will also be my chance to poach people. I dont know how Karlot is doing now. He should at most be a normal Calamity Grade, not taken seriously yet. I can just knock him out and bring him over."

Han Xiao had a sudden urge to do so.

In the past, because he was worried about the possibility of a premature death of Karlot due to dramatic changes in the plot, he did not insist on poaching him. However, now that someone was targeting the Beyond Grade A seeds, they could not blame him for doing tit for tat.

Originally, Karlot was supposed to become the pillar of the dynasty, but now that they had started this fiasco, they should not blame him for it!

Unlike the orchestrator behind the scenes, Han Xiao knew exactly who would become future Beyond Grade As. While it might have been difficult to poach them in the past, this was now a different matter.

"If they were to learn the truth, they would have to thank me. For the safety of the universe, Ill go all out to protect them. Maybe this is the so-called love has no boundaries. I admire myself so much. How could there be such a majestic person in this world?"

Han Xiao was so moved by himself that his shamelessness levelled up.

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