The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1268

Chapter 1268 All Heroes In The World Enter My Squad

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Excluding the allies and direct descents of each civilization, as well as the people in existing factions, the current number of neutral Beyond Grade A seeds would be about two fifths the total, around 1,200. For this collective defection, roughly five hundred people, or almost half of the total number of neutral seeds, went over to join a Beyond Grade A faction, of which the number of people joining the Black Star Army was the highest!

This was equivalent to the association harvesting most of the top talent pool accumulated over the years of the explored universe. It was unknown how long it would take for the next batch of talents to grow!

Be it a Beyond Grade A or a Beyond Grade A seed, they were both top figures of the power pyramid and naturally possessed the attributes of a leader. Since both sides had merged on a large scale, the quantitative change has turned into a qualitative change. It was not just a simple matter such as the attitude of the Beyond Grade A seeds letting them choose where to rely on, but more of a signal and influence for many of the Supers, even the other Beyond Grade A seeds. This made everyone think that joining the Beyond Grade A Association at this time would be a wise choice!

The large-scale migration of the Beyond Grade A seeds caused a huge ripple effect over the next few months. A large number of Supers rushed to follow in their footsteps As part of the strong at the apex of the power pyramid, their every word and action affected the people below. This was the meaning of a role model.

This matter was regarded as a movement with special significance, nicknamed the Scattered Stars Return by the galactic citizens. They likened the Beyond Grade A seeds to new stars that were scattered everywhere finally returning to their homes. A large group began to worship the members of the association, completing the cycle of Pioneers and Legacy holders.

Regarding the Scattered Stars Return, the entire Galactic Society was also analyzing the impact of this event from every angle. Gradually, a rumor spread that the function of the Beyond Grade A Association would change, their influence radiating to all Supers. A day would come when the association would no longer be a solely Beyond Grade A group; it would become the new organization that would lead all the Supers, becoming another pole independent of the three Universal Civilizations and turn into another ruler of the universe!

This statement was accepted and endorsed by a large number of Supers. Many Supers cheered, excited as they faintly waited in anticipation. In the eyes of most people, the Beyond Grade A Association was naturally qualified to lead them.

While there were so-called regional associations for Supers in the universe, the masters behind the scenes were the three Universal Civilizations, which used these associations as nothing more than tools for managing the Supers. The nature of those regional associations was inherently problematic.

In the eyes of the people, if the Beyond Grade A Association would one day evolve to become the guild for all Supers, it would truly be the organization that served the Supers. Their goals would naturally not be the same as the three Universal Civilizations.

The mentality of the Supers came from the fact that there had not been a unified voice to speak for them for too long, and they desperately wished to have a home. To put it simply, it was the sense of them finally finding an organization to which they belonged.

However, this sort of argument was not born naturally. Someone was behind it fueling the flames, pushing the Beyond Grade A Association to the forefront and igniting public opinion.

Just as the universe raged with rumors and speculation, Han Xiao was busy welcoming the Beyond Grade A seeds in Black Star Palace.

Black Star Palaces Great Hall was huge but practically empty, with only the 300 seeds huddled in the middle. They either stood or hovered in the air, chatting as they eyed the doors leading into the hall, keeping a watch for Han Xiao.

"Everyone should be here now. Is Black Star still not coming? Weve been waiting for almost half an hour."

"Tsk, you want to see a pinnacle Beyond Grade A, but you dont even have that much patience. You think people will come over to see you just because you want to see them?"

"Just be patient. Maybe His Excellency Black Star is actually watching us in the dark, observing our patience."

Everyone chatted casually, turning around to glance at others occasionally. There was a slight wariness in many of their eyes.

Many of them were familiar with each other, having fought together or against each other before, and they regarded each other as whetstones. Everyone knew that the number of slots around Black Star and the other Beyond Grade As were limited. With so many people in the army now, there was a high probability that they would have to compete for places, so everyone here was technically a competitor.

At this moment, the door suddenly opened. Han Xiao stepped in with his officers following behind.

Upon seeing this, the hundreds of Beyond Grade A seeds subconsciously stopped talking, straightening their postures as they exercised the etiquette of their respective cultures, expressing basic respect to one of the top powerhouses of the universe.

"We pay respects to Your Excellency Black Star!"

"Welcome to the army. Well be family from now on, so theres no need to be this courteous."

Han Xiao waved his hand, putting on a warm smile.

Seeing the hundreds of seeds hailing from different areas, Han Xiao could not help but feel a little excited. This large number of experts meant a great replenishment for the armys advanced combatants.

This number was too exaggerated. It seemed as though he had underestimated the impact the Sanctum Revival would cause on the lower levelled Supers. If there was no such thing, the general resources being offered would not even shake a single one of them.

At this moment, Han Xiao felt a kind of pride. Of course, he felt more of the joy of being able to harvest such a bountiful crop of leeks.

Scanning the group, Han Xiao noted the burning gazes of everyone present and smiled. "I know why youre here. The threshold for the Sanctum Revival is a Beyond Grade A realm. Ill definitely try my best to help you get promoted, but as for whether or not you can succeed in the end, it will all depend on your own destinies"

Everyone nodded, their eyes gleaming.

Han Xiao said a few more ceremonial words before arranging for everyone to come forward and accept his inspection according to the practices of the army. He then browsed through the attributes of each person.

The Beyond Grade A seeds were not mediocre people; all of them were masters in their fields. However, from Han Xiaos point of view, most of them had almost exhausted their potential, with only a handful having the chance to be promoted. He had a set of criteria for judging ones potential, mainly their expertise and skills. Their differences were graded by him, and those with potential were silently selected and kept in his mind.

After completing this step, Han Xiao had a rough gauge in his heart, so he took two steps back and loudly spoke. "Everyone, I now have a basic understanding of your level. Ill arrange positions according to your own personal abilities. Of course, you can send me your applications regarding your desired posts, and Ill consider your thoughts and wishes.

"But I must state in advance that some slots are extremely limited. If there are too many applicants, you may have to compete for the same position. For example, the Guard Corps of the two Deputy Army Commanders and I can be challenged each time, with the winners rotating in the position. Everyone should be mentally prepared for this."

When faced with an influx of people, a normal persons treatment of them would be to fairly distribute them out. However, with these masters, Han Xiao deliberately adopted a competitive format to avoid dissatisfaction. At the same time, he would be giving those unsuccessful people the opportunity to challenge successful applicants again to stimulate everyones motivation to cultivate

While this method was not useful to most of the people present, those in the Pugilist class felt their fighting spirit being strengthened.

Everyone glanced around subconsciously, their fighting intent sharpening.

At this moment, someone suddenly said, "Many thanks, Army Commander, for your protection. If not for your help, we would all have died mid-journey. I would like to ask, do you know the origins of the hunter squad?"

The moment his voice sounded, the entire room suddenly turned quiet.

Everyones expression showed at least some suspicion. They did not mention this just now, but no one would be so carefree as to not get to the bottom of this matter when it involved their lives.

Han Xiao stopped smiling. He paused before saying a meaningful tone, "You already have the answer in your heart, dont you?"

Hearing this, the expressions of the crowd grew more complicated, and a slight commotion sounded.

"Its time to throw aside your fantasies and illusions. It seems like this was done by the advanced civilizations, and they wish to claim our lives."

"Has the relationship between the association and the advanced civilizations reached this point already? Its only been such a short time. What will happen in the future?"

"Sigh, the targets during the Tragedy of the Pinnacles have been passed down to us now. The Sanctum Revival is also a double-edged sword."

"If Id known about this situation earlier, I might have already been frightened into retreating."

Those present sighed in low voices. Facing the hostile attitude of the three Universal Civilizations, they were all a little frightened.

Before they chose a side, they did not expect the advanced civilizations to retaliate so strongly. There was no way for them to show regret anymore.

"Alright, dont ponder about it any longer. You have already chosen your path, so all you have to do is to continue walking forward."

Han Xiao clapped his hands as he comforted everyone. His officers then took the crowd to their rooms to rest and wait for his orders.

As he sent everyone off with his gaze, a flash shone in Han Xiaos eyes. He then turned his head and left the great hall, walking for a while before arriving at the secret room.

Pushing the door open, this room was filled with bunks, but most of them were empty, with only one occupied.

Han Xiao walked forward, pressing the button to stop the hibernation program. With a hiss, the hatch slid open to reveal the figure inside. It was Karlot, who was lying down with a peaceful expression.

Karlots brows trembled as he slowly opened his eyes. At first glance, he immediately saw Han Xiao standing in front of him, causing him to be taken aback.

"Your Excellency Black Star?"

Karlot was stunned.

In the past, he was young and immature, and he did not know of the identity of Black Star. As he grew up, he understood what kind of opportunity Black Star had offered him back then, and he became a fan of Black Star. However, he knew that their statuses in the universe were vastly different, so it would be difficult for them to have a chance to meet in the future. He felt that Black Star might have forgotten about him a long time ago, so he merely followed Han Xiaos deeds in silence.

But he did not expect his idol would actually appear all of a sudden in front of him.

The next moment, Karlot remembered what happened to him before he went into hibernation, and his expression changed.

"Was it you who knocked me out and brought me here? Where am I?"

"This is my base camp." Han Xiao smiled.

Right now, his relationship with Karlot was stiff, so it took him some energy to track down Karlots whereabouts. However, Karlot had never realized his talent, so he was never taken seriously, and his capture had been smooth.

"You" Karlot hesitated. "Why did you bring me here? Do you still remember me?"

If it was someone else, he would have long struggled to break free, but this was Han Xiao, who held a special position in his heart. Thus, he found it hard to be angry.

"Of course I do, and my impression was deep." Han Xiao sized up Karlot with an approving gaze. "We parted many years ago. Youve already become an adult now, not bad."

Hearing this, Karlot could not help but feel moved. He did not expect Han Xiao to remember him so firmly.

Thinking about how Han Xiao had been optimistic about him, Karlot suddenly felt a little ashamed and embarrassedly said, "Im sorry that I let you down. My potential doesnt seem to be as good as you thought."

He had managed to successfully enter the Calamity Grade in forty years, but after that, he seemed to stagnate. It seemed as though his potential had been exhausted, stopping at the ordinary Calamity Grade level.

Karlot did not care about the thoughts of outsiders, but in front of Black Star, he could not help but feel frustrated, thinking that he had failed the expectations the latter had of him.

"Are you saying that I was wrong?" Han Xiao spoke out with a smile that was not like a smile on his face.

Karlot did not speak, merely acquiescing to it.

Han Xiao laughed, raising his hand to pat Karlots chest. "Dont look down on yourself. The dynasty does not value you because they have no foresight. Ive always believed in your potential."

Hearing this, Karlot again felt moved and ashamed.

"Arent you curious why I brought you over? This is the reason." Han Xiao narrowed his eyes, "Actually, Ive always been paying attention to you. The dynasty has never seen your talents, so they never assigned resources to you, which has affected your growth. I cannot bear to see a talent being buried, so I brought you here to help you stimulate your potential!"

" so, youve always been observing me?"

Karlot had an expression of wonderment. He was deeply touched on how he could be so favored by Black Star.

Han Xiao smiled as he poked Karlot.

"Dont underestimate the huge potential in your body. You might think that the Calamity Grade is your limit, but let me tell you, Calamity Grade is far from your end!"

"You think that I can become a Beyond Grade A?" Karlots eyes widened.

"Not only that I think that you might even reach the pinnacle Beyond Grade A realm, becoming one of the foremost experts in the universe!"

Han Xiaos tone was full of passion and also provocative.

"Do you really see me this way?" Karlot mumbled.

Seeing that he was close to tipping, Han Xiao turned solemn as he said in a deep voice, "Then tell me now. Are you willing to remain here and accept my help?"

Karlot hesitated a little. He had also followed the news and knew of the current storm that was brewing. He whispered, "You wish for me to stay here, meaning I have to leave the dynasty and enter the army?"

"The situation has changed now. The dynasty and I are going against each other. Only by remaining by my side can I give you the most detailed guidance. However, this will make it such that you can no longer stay in the dynasty." Han Xiao did not deny anything.

Karlot fell silent, seemingly conflicted. After a while, he slowly raised his head as his expression grew determined.

"I understand. Im willing to stay by your side and receive your guidance!"

Karlot might have worked in the dynasty for decades, but in his eyes, it was just a job. It did not determine that he had to be shackled to the dynasty forever. With his family having passed on years ago, he was a lone wolf floating in the cold universe without any concerns.

The dynasty had never placed any importance in him. Although they allowed him to enter the secret training base, that was because Black Star had shown interest in him, or else they would not have given him this special treatment. They eventually still kicked him out of the camp All his fortune had been given to him by Black Starthis much, he understood.

Furthermore, Karlot felt that Black Star did not need to scheme against him. He just wished to repay Black Star for whatever grace the latter had shown, so even if Black Star was wrong about him, he would still reach the Beyond Grade A realm!

Hearing this, Han Xiao breathed a sigh of relief.

"I knew you wouldnt let me down."

Thanks to the good relationship formed decades ago, setting the impression to become the role model of Karlot, the difficulty in recruiting him had been reduced by dozens of times.

This is the importance of information

Han Xiao secretly smirked. He finally got his hands on a coveted golden leek.

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