The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1273

Chapter 1273 Traitor

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This person wore a broken mechanical suit and was covered in blood, as if he was seriously injured. He struggled to stand up, raising his hand to eject a thin energy shield to ward off the surrounding high-speed sandstorm.

The next instant, a few rays of light flashed behind him, and Pangon as well as a few other Beyond Grade As quickly surrounded him.

Pangon coldly stared at the person, his tone full of murderous intent.

"Kotlin, you betrayed us!"

This Primordial One named Kotlin gasped for breath as he looked around the people surrounding him. He sadly smiled.

Everyone present was at the Beyond Grade A realm, so the spatial fluctuations and folds left by the teleportation and transitions were all clues for them to track him, leading to his inability to get rid of them. His communicator network was locked by the Mechanics around Pangon, so there was already no way for him to escape.

Pangons expression was stone cold, as he raised his fist and shouted, "Ive said this before. Our principle of action is to not drag Black Star and Holy Accord down in our affairs. For you to try to exchange intelligence on them to the Super Star Cluster Alliance in exchange for assistance has already broken the original agreement. I can only get rid of you!"

He felt heartache yet grateful. Kotlin was a member of the Avengers, so he was saddened that his companion had deviated to another path, but he was also grateful that he managed to discover this before he and the Super Star Cluster Alliance formed deep bonds.

Kotlin exhaled before solemnly speaking. "Pangon, cant you see it. With our meagre manpower, even if we develop ourselves silently for hundreds of years, we basically cannot complete the revenge plan. It is whimsical to hope so without external help. I cant do it just by following you; its a waste of time!"

Pangon was silent for a moment before resolutely replying, "Even if hope is slim, I will not use this method of betraying Oathkeeper and Black Star. Theyve carried out the mission of the Holy Accord, reviving us and giving us a second life. Youre ungrateful to do so!"

"Were all founders of the Holy Accord, and without our efforts in the early years, how could they be able to grasp the Sanctum Revival method now? I indeed owe Oathkeeper, but for Black Star heh, hes just an opportunist. How dare he put on a front as though hes our savior? His position now was obtained through us!" Kotlins eyes flashed, and his attitude remained stubborn.

Another Beyond Grade A by the side coldly said, "Black Star is merely planning for the future of the entire class. While were not participating in it, we should not try to backstab him or get in his way. Youve crossed the line."

Kotlin did not seem to approve as he raged immediately. "What does the bullsh*t class struggle have to do with me I only had one goal from the beginning, and that is to avenge my compatriots! For that, I could give up everything, including my life. This time, I didnt even think about getting back alive! Since theres only one chance for us to undergo the Sanctum Revival, to me, the Holy Accord and Black Star are now useless!

"If they did not affect me, I could have given them face and helped them keep their secret, but Black Star is obviously trying to find ways to coexist peacefully with the three Universal Civilizations, my enemy! In the future, he might even show his loyalty and destroy us! If he dares block my way, he can only scram!"

Hearing this, Pangon and the rest frowned.

The goals of each of the founding Primordial Ones in the Holy Accord were different. Not everyone did this to escape the war, and people such as Pangon and Kotlin wished to leave a lifeline to protect their civilizations one day after the war as assurance.

Pangon shook his head. He felt that there was no point wasting his breath on Kotlin anymore. The guy had been completely corrupted by his hatred, unable to accept any other advice. He just wished to take revenge at all costs.

He did not wish to waste his time by arguing over Kotlins personal beliefs. He changed the topic and coldly asked, "What benefits did the Super Star Cluster Alliance promise you?"

"We havent negotiated." Kotlin did not hide anything either.

The secrets such as the way to open the Sanctums as well as the formula for creating the keys were firmly held by Oathkeeper and Black Star, and they had never been disclosed to the other Revivors. Kotlin could only trade a shallow layer of intelligence, such as the composition of the Holy Accord and the private deals between Black Star and the Holy Accord. However, just that was already very valuable.

Before negotiating conditions that fit both parties, Kotlin would naturally remain a stranger to them. It was not the first time he had dealt with such organizations, so he would not reveal his bargaining chips, otherwise he would lose his negotiation value.

Pangon mutely nodded before the Pugilist flames on his body re-ignited. He coldly said, "Alright, theres nothing more to say. Ill send you off personally."

"I never intended to wait for death. If you wish to kill me, then come and try!"

Kotlin burned his life without reserving any, frenziedly exciting his fatigued cells.

The next instant, several silhouettes blurred and smashed into each other.


Fierce shock waves swept across the surface, causing the planet to shatter.

In the secondary dimension world, Han Xiao shuttled forward at high speed, jumping through secondary dimensions repeatedly as he headed deep in.

After receiving the news from Oathkeeper, Han Xiao had taken the coordinates and gone straight in to track the peeping Tom.

Over the years, Han Xiao had constructed many new machines, and this mechanical suit he was currently wearing was a model that specifically allowed him to move through the secondary dimensions at high speeds.

As for the traitor on Pangons side, Han Xiao had no control over him for the time being. Pangon and the others could not take a Throne along as well, so he could not go there even if he wanted to. He could only leave it to Pangon to settle While this person was a little reckless, his combat strength could not be faulted.

Moreover, none of the revivors knew any key information such as the method to open the Sanctums. Even if intelligence was leaked, the outside world would at most know of the existence of the Holy Accord and his connection with them. Such problems could be controlled, and there might even be advantages among the disadvantages.

The Holy Accord in his past should have met with a similar matter, but the offender was not anyone who was currently a Revivor. In the Calamity of the Supers version during his previous life, Kotlin acted normally, and it seemed that no information about the Holy Accord had been leaked.

"This could be the butterfly effect caused by me. In the past, the Sanctums were not exposed, nor was there an association, so he mustve made a different choice."

At this moment, a black flame materialized beside him, which took on the shape of Oathkeeper. As he followed Han Xiao, he spoke.

"Black Star, the problem on Pangons side has been resolved. The traitor has been killed."

"Quite efficient." Han Xiao nodded. "Did you manage to find out the reason?"

"Oh, Kotlin spoke like this"

Oathkeeper recounted the incident to him.

Hearing this, Han Xiao silently nodded.

"No wonder"

This was indeed related to him. In his previous life, the Holy Accord had always kept to the shadows, not participating in these political storms. The Revivors had all maintained a neutral stance in the past, but they had all been converted by Han Xiao to join the Beyond Grade A war. Thus, Kotlins mentality was altered.

However, this was a rare situation. Basically, the Revivors would not risk leaking any intelligence, as they knew that once the plan of Black Star and the Holy Accord was known, they would be hunted down and might even cost Black Star his life, wasting his precious second life.

People like Kotlin who were ungrateful and did not care about their lives were few. This binding of class interest and the safety of ones life was enough to suppress most of them.

In actual fact, Law and Fay had privately suggested in the past that Oathkeeper use the Soul Flame as a way to seal their mouths. While it might not be a strong restraining factor, it could be used to sense when a Revivor was leaking intelligence. However, this suggestion was rejected by Oathkeeper.

Han Xiao also did not agree with this proposal. It would be easy if things could be that simple The Holy Accord was able to suppress the second batch of Revivors, mainly because they relied on the support of the Primordial Ones in the first batch. Their identities were people who had originally founded the organization, so if this suggestion was carried out, the nature of the Holy Accord would change, and the Revivors would run away.

Han Xiao shook his head to clear his thoughts. "Traitors are hard to avoid; we just have to be more careful."

"Kotlin was not like this Sigh, hatred can really change a person completely. The next time we activate a Sanctum, lets not count him in."

"Thats only natural." Han Xiao nodded.

The two of them were the only people who knew the true mechanism of the Sanctum Revival function. After this incident, they had removed Kotlins name from the list, and they would no longer consider reviving him in the future.

This b*stard thought that the revival only worked once, so he felt that the Holy Accord and Black Star were of no use to him, deciding to kick them to the curb since they had outlived their usefulness. As such, Han Xiao decided to grant him his wish, so Kotlins Sanctum Revival was limited to that once. He would never know what he had missed out on!

At this moment, the built-in secondary dimension coordinate tracker on the mechanical suit pinged.

Han Xiao followed its instructions and jumped through a few more secondary dimensions, after which he broke into the chaotic space stream, moving until he abruptly stopped outside a secondary dimension.

The outer wall of the secondary dimension in front of him was inscribed with countless magic array circuits, which protected the place tightly. This was obviously an artificial transformation, and the coordinates that were given to him also indicated this place.

" It looks like a dimensional Mage Pagoda at first glance."

Han Xiao carefully scrutinized his surroundings.

Because he possessed the coordinates provided by Oathkeeper, he had arrived very quickly. The Holy Accord had long deployed countless countermeasures against prying eyes. Once someone tried to snoop on them, they would be tracked. The magic and technology involved in this was akin to how ones IP address could be tracked.

Han Xiao flew over and placed a hand on the magic protective shield on the outer wall of the secondary dimension, feeling the strong repulsion. This indicated that the strength of the shield was extremely tough.

"A barrier of this level would only be arranged by a Beyond Grade A, and not just a normal Beyond Grade A"

Han Xiao secretly nodded to himself, his eyes gleaming.

This meant that it was likely secluded experts within the secondary dimension had known of his presence but did not take the initiative to greet him.

Tsk, were they pretending to be tortoises? Thinking it was safe so long as they remained within their turtle shell?

"It seems like I need to utilize some brute force."

Han Xiao did not plan to use any force, but seeing the other partys attitude, he could not help but raise his palm, a lump of psionic energy gathering.

At this moment, Han Xiao acutely felt the magic barrier of the secondary dimension fluctuate, opening a gap.


The next moment, a figure flew out of the gap, arriving near him. This person wore a platinum and gold mage robe, with a pointy mage hat, and had a long flowing white beard. His appearance was very similar to a famous violent, dual-wielding battle mage.

A mental message surged into Han Xiaos mind. "How do you do, guest from afar?"

Looking over, Han Xiao raised his brows as a look of surprise flashed across his face.

This was simply because he recognized the stranger that he had met for the first time.

Turns out to be this guy Isnt he the Beyond Grade A in seclusion who fought with the World Tree Army in the secondary dimension during the World Tree War in my previous life?

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