The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1275

Chapter 1275 Im The True Mechanic Emperor

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There was an endless expanse of white, without any matter present. It just resembled a white, blank space.
Suddenly, a blue vortex appeared out of thin air. Han Xiao and the rest flew out of this portal.

Joey sent out a spiritual message. "This is a prototype of a secondary dimension that Ive created. Generally, we all spar with each other here to improve ourselves. You have no problem with this, right, Black Star?"


Han Xiao surveyed his surroundings before nodding in assent.

After reaching a consensus to spar, they decided to change the location due to the fear of destroying their own base. Joey opened a portal, leading everyone to his usual training site.

Advanced mages could utilize magic such as fantasy realization to artificially create secondary dimensions. This white world was merely an imperfect prototype, very simple to manufacture.

"While you might wish to fight against all four of us, we will not take advantage of you. At most, all of us will go one after another until one side admits defeat."

Joey snorted as he dropped this sentence. He then rapidly withdrew, his comrades each flying to a corner.

Han Xiao merely smiled without talking, opening up his interface for a glance.

As expected, a notification popped up, telling him that a special mission had been activated. The format was similar to that of the Beyond Grade A Mission Requirements, which was to last for a certain amount of time in battle. The rewards were divided into different levels, with the highest rating allowing him to randomly draw an ability from any of the four, as well as to gain a talent named [Secondary Dimension Adaptor].

This talent would allow him to obtain bonuses based on the environment when fighting in the secondary dimensions, increasing his combat power slightly. It was just a general-purpose talent, but it was better than nothing.

"Heh, would be nice if I could receive such a surprise every time."

Han Xiao smirked.

At this moment, Joey, who had opened up a good distance, finally stopped. He made a few hand seals, levitating before a series of magic circles, which turned into light gates. Countless monsters then surged out, with all sorts of varieties present within the various secondary dimensions.

"You want to compete with me in the Army Style?"

Han Xiao nodded.

The opponent had definitely heard of his reputation, so he would not allow him to close in easily. Thus, they wanted to use the Human Wave Tactic to go against his own Human Wave Tactic.

Joey was not a specialized Summoner, but having lived in the secondary dimension for such a long time, it was unknown how many strange secondary dimension creatures he had already seen, let alone the contracts he had signed. He could summon quite a lot of them, and most of them were very powerful.

Han Xiao guessed the others thoughts at a glance. He wished to use his solid foundation to fight against him, since he assumed that Han Xiao was lacking in accumulation, having only entered the Beyond Grade A realm relatively recently.

"Fine, Ill play with you."

Han Xiao did not mind. He pulled up his secondary dimension barracks, and the endless mechanical army poured out. Compared to the scattered formations of Joeys monsters, the mechanical army queued up neatly, forming different formations. There was a unique sense of beauty within.

At the same time, he summoned his Divine Mechanical Throne, floating high up in the central area guarded by the machinery, like the commander of an army.

The mechanical army and the summoned monsters grew in volume, the battle line stretching out endlessly to form a confrontation.

While the array of summoned monsters frequently roared and screamed, the mechanical army was on the extreme end, totally silent.

Seeing that both sides had already deployed their troops, Han Xiao waved his hand as he commanded, "Do it."

As soon as he spoke, the mechanical army moved as one.

The heavy machinery vanguards at the forefront immediately raised their shields, advancing neatly forward. As for the long ranged mechanical units at the back, they discharged all their firepower at once. The dense number of psionic energy beams seemed to combine into a curtain of light, directly targeting the summoned monsters. Han Xiao watched as the ranged regiment directly decimated the enemys lineup, spraying huge pieces of monster carcasses everywhere. In addition, the elite vanguard troops were engaging in three-dimensional combat, acting as independent guerrillas as they sought for opportunities to attack the weakness in the enemys formation.

At the same time, large swathes of golden lightning chains were emitted from the Divine Mechanical Throne, instantly connecting the various mechanical units, forming a spider web-like shape. The large number of mechanical soldiers dyed with the golden lightning received the buffs of the Mechanical Force, their performance increasing sharply by the naked eyes, as though they had entered a state of excitement.

Joey was unwilling to show weakness. With a wave of his hand, beams of magical lights spilled onto the summoned creatures, which also brought about a state akin to a blessing. The summoned creatures behaved like a flash flood, rushing toward the mechanical army!

While there existed a variety of summons, their formations were not scattered with the blessing from Joeys spells. The different types of summoned creatures formed a formation with complementary abilities and tactical coordination, instead of rushing out as a swarm.

The two waves approached each other quickly, before slamming viciously at each other, akin to a comet smashing against Earth!


Chaos broke out in an instant, and the scene blazed up. The teeth of both troops were intertwined with each other, as machinery collided with flesh and blood. They fought tragically, killing each other repeatedly!

However, the moment they collided, the mechanical army gained the upper hand, constantly squeezing the monsters back under their advancement.

"What a powerful mechanical army!"

Joey gulped in shock before hurriedly casting a temporary buff spell to stabilize his frontline troops. He also cast a recovery spell to heal their injuries.

It was a pity that all his efforts came to naught.

The Han Xiao right now was terribly strong, with his additions of Gods Trait Transformations, Machinery Faith, Proof of Leadership, and Mechanical Divinity. This gave him overwhelming Mechanical Force strength, which even the Mechanic Emperor could hardly match.

Moreover, his decades of research into Jayzs technological treasures had allowed his Mechanical army to be updated and strengthened many times over. Not only were there many new models of combat machinery, all the machines had their performance raised by several tiers.

Han Xiaos current combat power was probably at the very forefront of the universe. There was no need for him to burst his potential, and he could crush almost anyone in an upright manner.

As for Joeys summoned creatures, they were in no way a match for Han Xiaos mechanical army!

The battlefield quickly turned into a one-sided advantage, where the machinery attacked and retreated as they wished. Their formation remained tight knit as they travelled back and forth, constantly shattering the formations of the summoned monsters, slowly whittling them.

At the rear, Han Xiao remained firmly seated on his Divine Mechanical Throne, adjusting the type of Mechanical Force buffs. He had too much machinery now, and his Mechanical Force was not enough to cover all his troops, so he had to constantly adjust the focus of his buffs manually, using it as a means to control the overall situation and the battlefield.

At the same time, Han Xiao also opened a specific battle formation buff, which was a commanding skill commonly used by the Army Style. There were various combat methods, formations, and tactics existing in the form of different talents and skills, and this was a special command-type skill that provided an overall boost for the army. It would boost all attributes by at most ten percent, which was akin to adding wings to a tiger.

Very quickly, the summoned monster army experienced serious casualties, and Joey felt his heart ache. He raised his hand, drawing mana from the Mage Pagoda floating in the air, before slapping his palm against a portion of the machinery.


A huge golden magic circle akin like a lotus flower spread out, and the area in the mechanical armys location suddenly collapsed. The chaotic space streams raged, but it was only restricted to this circular area.

The mechanical soldiers in the area seemed to have been erased by an eraser, disappearing into thin air in an instant. The soldiers that subsequently entered this area also disappeared into thin air.

Gazing over, Han Xiaos eyes narrowed.

"Instant exile spells are actually being used to serve as traps. This is interesting"

The disappeared machines were not destroyed but rather exiled by Joeys spells into the chaotic space stream of the secondary dimension world. All of them were split up, so there was no knowing where they would end up. This effect was similar to the Dimensional Exile Bullet that the Holy Accord had, but its effect was better.

This was one of the reasons Joey was so suited to fighting in the secondary dimensions. He had a lot of self-made spells that could only take effect in this place and could not be used in the main universe.

Joey stretched out a few more palms, exiling a few more areas of machinery. At this moment, his senses suddenly rang in warning, and he did not hesitate to activate a short-range teleportation spell, leaving his spot.


The next moment, a highly concentrated ray blasted over, penetrating the layers of magical barriers he had set up to hit his afterimage.

Flashing to the side, Joey turned to look at the origin of the beam. He discovered that Han Xiao had unknowingly donned a mechanical suit that was dyed black in color. He raised his fingers to point over at him, the fingertips of the mechanical suit still flashing with light.

"You really dodged it fast. I still thought of trying out the actual combat capabilities of this anti-Mage gamma splitting ray."

Han Xiaos tone was a little regretful.

The style of a normal mechanic was to prepare countermeasures against any sort of enemy. In the past few years, Han Xiao had developed a lot of new weapons against the five major classes, changing out his entire equipment set.

This anti-Mage gamma splitting ray was based on a highly concentrated gamma ray cluster imitating a gamma ray burst, supplemented by magic suppression energy through the reverse transformation of Psionic energy. It was hypothesized that when hitting those of the Mage classes, it would then impose a magic activity inhibition state for several hours, greatly weakening the opponents spells and magics.

Han Xiao shook his head before standing up from his throne and disappearing.

Joeys heart sounded with warning bells, and he immediately sent out a backhand filled with magical power behind him, barely blocking the fist of Han Xiao which jumped out from his Void Hyperdrive.


As the hand and fist connected, a shockwave of blue and purple suddenly burst out!

Joey was about to borrow the force to increase the distance between them but discovered to his dismay that his palm was glued to Han Xiaos fist. He saw that Han Xiaos mechanical suit suddenly lit up with fluorescent blue phantom energy patterns, which pulsed like it was breathing.

Joeys expression changed drastically at this moment, as he found out that the mana in his body was to flow into his opponent outside of his will, through their connected hands.

The Psionic energy agglomeration decay module was invented by Han Xiao. By stimulating the process of production and transformation of psionic energy, he was able to create an energy that could engulf all other energies. As long as the judgement requirements were met, it could assimilate and absorb the opponents energy, turning it into fuel for his energy furnace.

To put it simply, this was akin to the Star Absorbing Great Art!

Joey immediately made a decision, activating an enchantment and producing spatial turbulence, swallowing himself in it and getting rid of his controlled state as he disappeared without a trace.

"Oh, he really has many ways to escape."

Han Xiaos brows furrowed, and he turned his head to survey his surroundings. He saw a blast of chaotic space stream surge out from the extreme end of the battlefield, spitting Joey out. The chaotic space stream that seemed uncontrollable had actually been transformed into his own vehicle.

"Close shave I lost around five percent of my total mana in just that brief contact." Joey was secretly surprised when he looked into his own status.

This time, the blue lines on Han Xiaos mechanical suit dimmed as he shook his head with a smile.

"Its better for all of you to come at me at once. You alone wont give me any pressure."

Hearing this, Joeys expression sank. The other three by the side did not have good expressions either.

In just that short exchange, Joey had personally experienced Han Xiaos strength. He felt that he had no shortcomings, like an impassable mountain. He could not think of any way to defeat Black Star with just his own abilities.

Since Joey was the strongest out of the four of them, the other three of his comrades were secretly shocked to see his embarrassing performance. Even without going against Black Star, they knew that they would get the same result, or worse.

There was no point sending themselves up for the slaughter one by one!

Cognizant of this, the other three started to be tempted by Han Xiaos suggestion.

Originally, they did not do so because they had to maintain their dignity as Beyond Grade As, but now that they would just be beaten up if they went one by one, it would be better to besiege Black Star and avoid making a fool of themselves.

As for their round robin arrangement at the start that was what Joey said; it had nothing to do with the thoughts of the other three.

One of them coughed a little before solemnly saying, "Since you so strongly demand it, we cannot refuse your invitation. Lets spar together then!"

Glancing at him, Han Xiao secretly gave a thumbs up.

What a shameless sentence, this has my style all over it. Thumbs up to you!

The three of them no longer watched by the side, joining the battle one after another to showcase their magic.

Seeing this, Joey blushed as he recalled his thoughts before fighting.

However, he knew in his heart that just relying on himself would be a lost cause, so he chose not to reject his comrades help. He would rather pretend and not say anything, cooperating with them in battle.

The five fought fiercely, clashing and tumbling around, causing the wall of the secondary dimension to tremble constantly. This dimension was not made to withstand the aftermath of their battle and soon became full of holes.

This battle lasted for several hours, and they had already cycled through three battlefields, with the fourth secondary dimension they were fighting in on the verge of breaking apart.

There was a huge floating island here, and at this moment, the entire island was stained red with blood, with broken corpses lying everywhere.

On the uneven ground, Joey was leaning on his staff, panting heavily and covered with cuts and bruises.

With horror in his eyes, he tremblingly raised his hand to signal to Han Xiao, hurriedly saying, "I, no, we have lost. Dont come over anymore!"

Not far off, Han Xiao stopped moving, his voice laced with regret. "Just like this? I still have quite a few devices I havent tested out"

It had taken him a long time to find such good opponents to spar, so he did not wish to make this battle a quick one. He took out all the equipment he had made in the past few decades to test out, torturing Joey and the others to the point he almost left them with psychological trauma.

This time, because he mainly focused on testing out his equipment, Han Xiao was not too serious in fighting and did not activate any of his aces. Even so, Joey and his gang could not cause him any trouble. The situation was always under his control, a one-sided victory.

He had a slightly clearer understanding of his own strength If anyone were to fight head-on with him, without a dozen Beyond Grade As with an Energy Rank at 70,000 or above clashing with him, there would basically be no danger to him!

Han Xiao sighed in relief.

"This is not even counted as my warmup. Ive given you guys a chance, but you did not use it well."

Hearing this, the four of them were speechless.

If these words were spoken before the fight, they would have been unhappy, but now, they recognized the strength gap between the two sides. Knowing that Black Star could deal with all of them himself, the arrogance in their hearts dissipated.

The Beyond Grade As were realistic. If they could not beat someone, there was nothing they could do but endure it.

However, while Joey and the rest were being tortured by Han Xiao, they also saw the accumulation that Han Xiao showed. They finally understood why Black Star dared to fight against the three Universal Civilizations.

Black Stars mechanical army was simply incredible, his accumulations too terrifying. His mechanical army was practically endless!

The title of Mechanic Emperor obviously belongs to you instead!

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