The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1279

Chapter 1279 Meetings And Backups

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In the eyes of many civilizations, the three Universal Civilizations seemed to be wiping away the rust on their bodies, slowly regaining the cruelty they displayed eons ago. Many were secretly worried, not knowing how much of their edge the three Universal Civilizations would recover.

Public opinion was the rifest on the quantum network, and many of the Supers were in an uproar. They expressed extreme resentment toward this decree and felt that the excuse for sanctions used by the three Universal Civilizations was simple cr*p.

In their view, the association had not done anything heinous. The motive of the three Universal Civilizations was simply their need for control. This caused many of the Supers to feel extremely disgusted, thinking that it was a violation of freedom for the Supers.

For a period of time, the associations voice among the Supers rose once again, and countless Supers went to support the association, thinking that this was unfair.

However, it would be unrealistic to say that the methods of the three Universal Civilizations were ineffective. The slogans of support shouted by the Supers were merely that, since no one wished to put themself in danger. Thus, those Supers who initially wished to join the association slowly retreated

One could still use the internet to make themselves look and feel good, but their bodies were still the most honest.

It was just that this method had no effect on the players. Instead, it aroused widespread dissatisfaction. This was not limited to the players who were in the Beyond Grade A faction, but even players from the neutral faction and the three Universal Civilizations faction were annoyed.

To the players, while sanctions could be forced on others, the same should not apply to them. The three Universal Civilizations tried to force them to conform to their ideals, which sparked a rebellious mentality for some of the players.

So what if its the three Universal Civilizations? Why dont they take a look at what the name of this version is? Do you think were all afraid of you?

The players were originally a part of the Super community, and thus, they were innately closer to the association. These sanctions also indirectly strengthened the determination of some players to join the association, speeding up the rate at which players from various organizations switched over to the association

Anyway, since were not afraid of death, just try it!

At this time, while public opinion was raging, the Beyond Grade A Association held an emergency meeting under the call of Han Xiao.

In the associations meeting hall, no one was late, and many Beyond Grade A projections sat there with solemn expressions.

Some did not attend, and some of the seats at the round table that should have been filled were vacant.

At this moment, however, everyones gaze was trained on Han Xiao at the main position.

Han Xiao surveyed the audience, both of his hands steepled in front of his nose as he spoke.

"The reason for me convening this meeting is clear, I believe. The three Universal Civilizations have imposed sanctions on us, so we must also reciprocate and counterattack."

As he spoke, he gestured at the empty seats in the room.

"Everyone can see that the direct members of the three Universal Civilizations did not come to this meeting. I have temporarily terminated their membership rights, and we are no longer obliged to provide any form of help, including but not limited to Beyond Grade A military, technical support, and more. If you have any objections, please stand up now."

Just as he finished speaking, the room echoed with a resounding, "Approve!"

The key behind these two commands was to obtain the consent of the Beyond Grade A allies. After all, while the allies were not direct members, not everyone was on bad terms with the three Universal Civilizations.

However, this time, the three Universal Civilizations did not differentiate, throwing everyone, even their allies, under the bus. This made the majority of the allies unhappy.

Only a few of the allies hesitated due to different concerns, but before the situation turned for the better, they could not leave the association since they were already riding atop the tiger. If they did not accompany the association in advancing and retreating, they would not be able to mix in with the rest of the Beyond Grade A circle in the future. In addition, the attitude the three Universal Civilizations had toward the Beyond Grade As was not worthy of their high hopes.

In the eyes of everyone present, the second life afforded by the Sanctum Revival was naturally more important than anything external.

The majority of strength held by a Beyond Grade A organization was judged by the strength of their leaders. So long as they were still helming the place, even if their organizations were hit by various problems, they would always make a comeback. They were people who relied on their abilities to feed themselves and thus did not panic.

Almost everyone knew that the goal of them uniting was in the interest of benefitting their entire caste. The three Universal Civilizations had already exposed all their cards, so if they did not unite to resist now, there would not be any more chances in the future. Temporary gains and losses were not important at the present. Only those with extreme short-sightedness would view such things with importance, thinking about how they could save themselves.

The association was playing the role that was originally envisaged, becoming the link for the unity of the Beyond Grade As. Even if someone had different thoughts and opinions, they could only stand with the association at this point in time.

"Since everyone agrees, these two orders will remain active until the three Universal Civilizations revoke the sanctions." Han Xiao narrowed his eyes.

To be honest, he had long wanted to exclude the direct descendants of the three Universal Civilizations but never had a good chance. Now they had just sent an excuse to his doorstep.

Milizaus stroked his beard before solemnly saying, "No matter what, the sanctions will pose a problem for us. Black Star, what are your plans?"

Han Xiao tapped the table. "Channels, territory, manpower, funds These are all entry points for the three Universal Civilizations to restrain us. Withstanding the pressure will be our next focus. It is imperative for us to shrink our business and streamline the scale of our operations. Among them, the most affected would be the channels, as the sanctions practically deprive us of resources. Thus, the Galactic Black Market will be an important area for us Secret Master, well have to rely on you."

Secret Master nodded.

As the administrators behind the Galactic Black Market were all Beyond Grade As, in the future, the black market would serve as the logistical core of the association. A new round of expansion and integration would inevitably occur in the black market, which would be beneficial to Secret Master and the other administrators.

Han Xiao paused momentarily before he continued. "Furthermore, not everyone in the universe will impose sanctions on us. These forces will also be the targets of our cooperation."

"Like the Super Star Clusters?" someone probed.

Han Xiao flashed the person a glance, smiling. "If the bargaining chips are right, the Super Star Cluster will also be an option."

Hearing this, some of the Super Star Cluster Beyond Grade As that were disguised as neutral parties brightened.

At this time, Kasuyi interjected. "The Super Star Clusters Its ok if they make trouble, but are you willing to cooperate with them?"

"That will depend on whether both sides can come out with a bargaining chip that they are satisfied with. Moreover, from another viewpoint, the Super Star Cluster also needs us to confront the three Universal Civilizations. While both of us are not to the point that we are mutually tied down, we each have something that the other can give," Han Xiao said.

At this moment, Manison lightly snorted. "Initially, I cooperated with the Super Star Cluster Alliance, but the reaction from the three Universal Civilizations was not small at all. If we arrive at a deal with them, the three Universal Civilizations will definitely be riled up, and it will not be a simple matter to clear up."

Han Xiao turned to him, raising his brows. "You scared?"

"Humph, what do I have to be scared of?" Manison snorted in disdain. "Im just reminding you of the consequences."

Han Xiao waved his hands. "It doesnt matter. Since the three Universal Civilizations have decided to publicly impose sanctions, they must have also predicted that we will contact the Super Star Cluster Alliance. But they did not care, proving that theyre psychologically prepared, maybe even having the mentality to capture all of us in one go Even so, we still have to contact the Super Star Cluster Alliance to let the three Universal Civilizations know that were not easy to handle."

"I thought you would always remain loyal to the three Universal Civilizations." Manison spoke coldly, apparently still having the Intelligent Plague incident at the back of his mind.

"I only aim to maintain order. Ive never had any sort of loyalty toward the three Universal Civilizations. If I can maintain order in the universe, it doesnt matter who I support." Han Xiao rebutted.

Manison blandly replied, "That sounds nice to hear, but arent you just taking my old path? It seems like Im still right after all."

Han Xiao did not think much of it, smiling. "You endangered the entire Galactic Society with your actions. I only made the rulers fear our power. The two are different in nature. Im much better than you."

"Humph, excuses, excuses." Manison avoided his gaze, no longer daring to speak.

Since things had already developed to this point, the fake Virtual Mutiny Virus he had developed over the years was practically of no use, so Manison felt that this was a pity.

However, in his opinion, it was still good as secret insurance. If the association could not withstand the pressure of the three Universal Civilizations, he would not mind using this assassin to help the association, turning it into the situation he originally envisioned.

Han Xiao did not bother with Manison either, carefully explaining the next steps of the plan. Right now, the association needed everyone to be united, not involved in their own private disputes. His current authority and words were already enough to make everyone obey.

At the very end, Han Xiao paused before instructing, "If we want to resolve this situation, we must either let the three Universal Civilizations revoke the sanctions on their own, or we open up a new form of development. We can progress in both routes simultaneously but acting is one thing. We also have to maintain a balance, not implicating too many innocents. The purpose of our counterattack is to make the three Universal Civilizations feel pressure in facing us directly. The three Universal Civilizations are pressuring us so as to force us to make a wrong move, allowing them to prove that we pose a huge threat to the Galactic Civilizations."

Everyone nodded in return. They also understood this logic, as such mind games in war were common. However, if they broke the baseline, then they would become the unreasonable ones.

This meeting lasted almost a whole day, and many of the members divided the labor among themselves. While the association was originally a loose alliance, it now felt more like an organization.

After the meeting ended, the projections disappeared one by one, leaving only Han Xiao and Kasuyi in the room.

Kasuyis expression relaxed as he smiled. "When are you planning to show your hand against the three Universal Civilizations? They seem thoroughly convinced that theres only a limited number of revival opportunities in the Sanctums, or else they would be more radical."

He was more confident than anyone else about this battle, as he held the secret of the unlimited times for Sanctum Revival. He had no fear of the sanctions from the three Universal Civilizations.

At the same time, Kasuyi felt that Han Xiao made the right choice by concealing this secret. Otherwise, the three Universal Civilizations would probably not adopt such a radical method. In his opinion, this was luring the three Universal Civilizations to make the wrong decisions.

"No worry, well just wait for the opportunity." Han Xiao waved his hand.

"Anyway, you know what to do, so Ill leave it to you." Kasuyi nodded before cancelling his projection.

Han Xiao shook his head, his eyes flashing.

"I estimate that the Super Star Cluster Alliance Beyond Grade As dressed as neutrals will have already conveyed my words to the Super Star Cluster Alliance"

The leaders of the Super Star Cluster Alliance gathered together, listening to the report.

"Are you sure? Black Star said he wants to reach out?"

Many of the leaders were overjoyed.

"The association is now in a tight situation and urgently requires new channels. It also has to fight back against the three Universal Civilizations. Cooperating with us is naturally a good choice," the leader of the Star Arc Civilization said, his eyes beaming.

While Black Star had some conflicts with them and they disliked each other, if they could obtain help from the Beyond Grade A Association through Black Star, that little grudge could not be considered much.

The stronger the Super Star Cluster Alliance became, the more uncomfortable the three Universal Civilizations would feel. The Super Star Cluster Alliance were most willing to have a new variable appear in this universe.

As for the offenses stated by the three Universal Civilizations when violating the sanctions, the Super Star Cluster Alliance did not give two hoots. Both of them were in conflict, so even without this extra reason, the three Universal Civilizations would still suppress them at every opportunity.

However, the association only cooperated with them at this point, after falling out with their old bestie the three Universal Civilizations, treating them like a backup plan

Thinking of this, many of the Star Cluster leaders felt a little awkward.

But they did not wallow in their anxieties for long.

Forget it. As long as we get the good stuff, so what if were spare tires?

Were happy to be so!

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