The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1280

Chapter 1280 Withdrawal And Conditions

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The moment he finished speaking, the scene turned silent, and the expressions of the many representatives present were complicated.

The power of the Black Star Army in the Shattered Star Ring was too large. This Star Field could practically be considered as their backyard. More than eighty percent of the civilizations there had different areas of cooperation with them, and they had always cooperated happily in a win-win situation. The sanctions were a trouble for them.

However, they were even more afraid of the three Universal Civilizations. In terms of interests, they were more intertwined with the three Universal Civilizations.

It was not just that, but the strongest seven civilizations of the Shattered Star Ring had already chosen their positions, expressing support for the three Universal Civilizations. No one knew what sort of agreement they had with the three Universal Civilizations, but even reluctant, all of them had no choice but to follow suit.

" Agreed."


Everyone was silent for a while before opening their mouths one after another. Many of them vaguely glanced toward the Planet Aquamarine civilization, their eyes complicated, with pitying, sighing, or gloating gazes.

The condition to access the Civilization Conference was to be a Star System level Civilization, but Planet Aquamarine was of a different breed. It ranked as a surface civilization, but its status was brought to it by Black Star. Just a Beyond Grade A was enough to propel them to the sky.

For a long time, many of the civilizations had envied and hated Planet Aquamarine. They could not cultivate a Beyond Grade A, but they actually had three of them. This was some bullsh*t luck!

With the promotion of Hila and Aurora, the status of Planet Aquamarine had risen rapidly in recent years. Even if the civilization was weak, they could afford to be rampant in the Civilization Council since all the civilizations in the Shattered Star Ring depended on the Black Star Army. They had taken good care of Planet Aquamarine, but without the protection of Black Star, Planet Aquamarine would be nothing in their eyes.

Since Black Star had fallen out of favor, many of the people in the room wished to see the Planet Aquamarine turn into a joke.

Very quickly, every civilization present either agreed or abstained from voting, leaving only the Star Pupil Civilization and Planet Aquamarine having not expressed their opinions.

At this moment, one of the Star Cluster level council members spoke up. "Representatives of Planet Aquamarine and Star Pupil Civilization, only you two are left."

The expression of the Star Pupil Civilization Represent was conflicted, his lips twisting around. After a few long seconds, he finally answered in a low voice.

" We abstain."

Everyone could not help but glance at him, and a touch of surprise flashed across their faces. However, they understood the reason behind.

Only Planet Aquamarine was left, and everyones gaze fell onto Bennett.

"Planet Aquamarine Civilization, what about you guys?" The Star Cluster representative pressed on.

Bennett took a deep breath before solemnly speaking as he stood up.

"We strongly oppose these unfair sanctions and will never accept the unprovoked accusations and slander From now on, Planet Aquamarine Civilization will withdraw from the Shattered Star Ring Civilization Conference!"

His tone was sonorous and powerful, without hesitation.

Everyone suddenly went into an uproar, looking at the expressionless Bennett in surprise.

They had thought that Planet Aquamarine would adopt a more roundabout attitude but did not expect them to be so stubborn, immediately speaking about leaving the council.

The Representative of the Purple Crystal Civilization could not help but ask, "Are you certain?"

"Black Star is one of the greatest figures in the history of Planet Aquamarine. We will not allow any person or organization to maliciously slander him. Even the three Universal Civilizations should not arbitrarily discredit the great figures of other civilizations!" Bennetts tone was hard as steel.

Having said this, he directly lifted the remote projection, disappearing from the meeting. He expressed his attitude through actions.

Seeing this, many of the representatives exchanged glances, their expressions complicated.

They did not expect that Planet Aquamarine would be so resolute as to remain standing by Black Stars side, willing to bear the hatred of the three Universal Civilizations

In fact, in their eyes, Planet Aquamarine had a much better way to deal with this matter. They believed that Black Star would understand, but to take such a tough attitude and openly challenge the three Universal Civilizations, they would likely become a model for the latter to use as a lesson to learn for others.

Many of the representatives shook their heads and sighed, involuntarily glancing at the Star Pupil Civilization representative.

In their eyes, what the Star Pupil Civilization did was undoubtedly the right thing

But in their hearts, all of them were unsatisfied toward the three Universal Civilizations, and seeing how someone actually dared to stick their head out filled them with admiration.

Almost every civilization wished to oppose the hegemonic decree from the three Universal Civilizations in a clear-cut manner, but unfortunately no one had such confidence.

The representative of the Star Pupil Civilization secretly clenched his fists in a place where no one could see, as an expression of shame flashed across his face.

In his office, Bennett opened his eyes as his vision returned to the room.

He only saw a group of executive officials waiting there, staring at him for orders.

Bennett lightly sighed before solemnly ordering.

"We have already withdrawn from the Shattered Star Ring Council. Announce our decision to the whole civilization."


No one said anything more, receiving the orders and leaving the room in a file.

It did not take long for this incident to spread across the entire Planet Aquamarine through their official media and social channels.

Bennett stayed within his office the whole time. After reading the news, he took out his communicator and logged onto the quantum network to check the publics attitude on this matter.

Soon, messages came into his view.

"Well done! Ive long gotten tired of seeing the three Universal Civilizations!"

"To dare discredit our greatest, what a bunch of garbage!"

"I sincerely support the decision of our federal government. The three Universal Civilizations are clearly bullying us. Did you think we were submissive people"

Seeing the messages filled with indignation and righteous fury from the citizens, Bennetts old face crinkled into a smile.

Lets hope that this was the right choice

On the Star Pupil Civilizations mother planet, Psyker stood in front of the window, overlooking the bustling city. Flying vehicles passed as they emitted trails of flames in the neighborhood, and the glow was reflected across his seven pupils simultaneously, like countless flashing meteors.

At this moment, a few of the upper echelons walked into his office.

"Has everything been settled?" Psyker blandly asked, without turning his head back.

"Yes weve made them express their attitude in the council," someone replied with a low voice. They seemed rather disappointed.

Psyker turned around and slowly said, "Get ready for my retirement ceremony as soon as possible."

Upon hearing this, the expressions of several of the upper echelons became heavier. They revealed a sense of helpless sorrow.

Seeing this, Psyker smiled. "You will soon take over my authority. Dont be so glum."

One of them could not help but grit his teeth and ask, "Do you have to do this? Cant we be like Planet Aquamarine and express our objections?"

Hearing this, Psyker fell silent. " Im not Black Star. He alone can make the three Universal Civilizations fear his presence. I dont have that ability."

Psyker was uncomfortable in his heart. He shook his head gently before looking out of the window again as he whispered, "If we wish for the civilization to avoid the attacks of the three Universal Civilizations, then I can only step down In the end, we are all involuntary people trapped within the torrent of the times."

The three Universal Civilizations sanctions specified that the Beyond Grade A could not interfere in civilization politics in any form, even if they had always been the leader of the civilization. Psyker attached importance to the Sanctum Revival, but he could not sit back and watch his civilization be sanctioned. Thus, he decided to surrender his power and step down.

As the saying went, when there were policies at the top, there would be countermeasures from the bottom. As long as the political connection between himself and his civilization was broken, the Star Pupil Civilization would not meet the standard to be sanctioned and would not be downgraded. After becoming a free man, he could also throw himself into the struggle of the Beyond Grade As without any baggage.

At the same time, Psyker was not completely letting go. Going rogue was just a temporary measure to avoid the limelight. If the association reached a balance with the three Universal Civilizations, he would still have the chance to regain power.

Furthermore, having led his civilization for so long, he wished to let go and take a break.

"I understand."

The rest of the upper echelons helplessly nodded.

At this moment, someone thought of something and said, "By the way, the Shattered Star Ring Council passed a bill, asking us to cooperate with the sanctions. What should we do?"

Psykers eyes flashed, his tone playful, as he replied, "You guys decide. Ill just remind you not to take it so seriously. The civilizations of Shattered Star Ring are cooperating with each other, but no one will do their best because all of them are smart, knowing that both the three Universal Civilizations and the Beyond Grade A Association cannot be offended. If we leave ourselves a way out, we will have better days ahead. Dont worry about that. The civilizations themselves know what to do."

In the Super Star Cluster Alliance remote conference room, the rest of the Star Cluster leaders gathered in a hall, everyone showing solemn expressions, displaying a majestic attitude.

Everyone was serious as though awaiting a distinguished guest. It was precisely Han Xiao.

A few days ago, after learning about the attitude of the association, the Super Star Cluster Alliance had issued a private invitation to Black Star to have a meeting with them and received a positive answer.

The leaders had made a show out of this meeting. On one hand, they wished to show their sincerity and cooperation to Black Star Basically, they were willing to pretend and butter up to him.

Time ticked by, and Han Xiaos projection suddenly appeared.

Surveying around, Han Xiao greeted, "Hey, everyones here?"

"Your Excellency Black Star."

Everyone nodded.

This should be the first time all the leaders of the Super Star Cluster Alliance were speaking with Black Star. No matter what emotions they had, everyone suppressed them to be cordial.

In fact, most of the grievances between the Super Star Cluster Civilization and Han Xiao were only limited to the friction during the Flickering War, which was no deep hatred.

Only the Three Kings of Modo secretly clenched their fists, trembling in anger.

Their grudges with Han Xiao were the greatest, since they were directly kicked out of the Flickering War. There was also one of their leaders whom they suspected to have died in an assassination from the Black Star Army. The other partys hands were covered in Modo blood.

If it were not for the overall situation, the Three Kings of Modo would have pounced on Han Xiao.

Han Xiao swept his gaze across the room, disregarding them as he slowly spoke. "Im quite busy, and I believe everyone knows why, so lets make this long story short. I also roughly understand the purpose of you inviting me to meet. From your standpoint, you also hope that therell be an organization that can resist against the three Universal Civilizations. Now that we have flipped the table with the three Universal Civilizations, the association needs new allies. As long as their price is right, cooperation between our two parties will not be a problem."

"Very good, this is also what we want." The leader of Star Arc Civilization coughed and expressed their agreement as the representative. "So, what do you want?"

"Channels, territories, resources, funds, intelligence networks" Han Xiao listed the most urgent needs of the association, as well as hiding the rare materials needed for the Sanctum key openings within.

After discussion, the Star Arc Civilizations leader nodded. "These things can be provided, and the share meets your requirements. Long-term supply will also not be a problem. In order to show our sincerity, we will give them to you as soon as possible."

"Then your conditions?" Han Xiao calmly replied.

"First, we hope that the association will continue to confront the three Universal Civilizations and carry out more counterattacks." The leader stretched out a finger.


"Second, we hope to get assistance from the associations top people, such as combat strength, techniques, and the like."


"Third, we hope the association can provide its own channels and special products. Working closely with the Super Star Cluster Alliance will help both of us achieve a win-win situation."


"Lastly we hope that you will use the Sanctum Revival to resurrect all of our dead Beyond Grade As, especially those who were sacrificed during the Tragedy of the Pinnacles!"

As his voice sounded, everyone became more eager, staring firmly at Han Xiao.

The last condition was their core requirement. If they could resurrect their direct ancestors, then in terms of advanced combatants, the Super Star Cluster Alliance would be able to stand up against the three Universal Civilizations.

Moreover, the Tragedy of the Pinnacles was an eternal thorn in their hides. If this could be remedied, then it would all be worth it!

Han Xiao did not find it surprising. He stared at everyone with a playful smile, but a cold gleam seemed to flash across his eyes like that of a reapers scythe.

"The three Universal Civilizations gave the same conditions, and I rejected them. However, that was then, and this is now. I can consider this request but the current price you are offering is far from enough."

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