The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1284

Chapter 1284 Aurora No Feidins Adventure Records

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Chapter 1284: Aurora No, Feidins Adventure Records

Rossellins return was just a small interlude, and Han Xiao left it to his subordinates to make arrangements.

After returning to his office, Han Xiao pinned the surveillance of the army players entering the black market before opening the forums to check the response of the players.

The forums were very active, and the posts regarding the controlling of the black market occupied a large number of pages. The situation on every planet was different, with the environment, characters, and events varying, causing the situation that each individual encountered to be unique.

Some people managed to save their targets in time, like Crispy Chicken Wings, obtaining a group of professional assistants that could continue to develop according to the original black market channel. Some players came a step too late and did not manage to connect with the black market personnel. They would have to build a new black market channel from scratch, which was equivalent to them fumbling in the dark. Many players of the army were sharing the situation that they had encountered, and there were many confused requests for help.

A small number of players who had started to come into contact with the black market also shared their experience and insights on the forums. This was because when Han Xiao issued this mission, he had set it as a collective mission with a comprehensive completion rate, depending on the total degree of control over the black market.

Every players mission results would be calculated into the overall completion rating. Therefore, it was not enough to just complete the mission alone. If the players wanted a higher reward, they needed others to be on equal grounds with them. Thus, many of the pioneers at the black market were happy to share and help the other army players take over the black market. It was a win-win situation for all.

"The current development seems to be more positive than expected. With the model now, the players might inject new energy into the Galactic Black Market and help the black markets in various areas connect with each other."

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

Due to the fact that they could not be seen in public, there were very few large black market organizations that could cross Star Systems, let alone Star Clusters. Black market managers like Secret Master were even rarer. Most of them were small black market organizations that were limited to one or two Star Zones, akin to local tyrants.

Even though there was a black market organization that managed the black market in name, the overall structure of the Galactic Black Market was still very scattered.

As for the local black market forces, their partnerships were basically fixed over a long period of time. Most people only knew about their own small territory, and it was difficult for them to expand outward. There were many reasons, one of them being that the flow of information between the small black market forces in different regions was limited.

The way Han Xiao saw it, if the players took over the black markets en masse, they could use the information on the forums and private chat channels to become catalysts, becoming the glue of many black market organizations.

With the incentive of cumulative progress of the mission, most players would be more than willing to cooperate with other players. In that case, the regional black markets that were dominated by the army players might have a chance to build a bridge of cooperation with each other, which was much easier than using any normal methods.

In this manner, the goal of integrating the Galactic Black Market that he had proposed to the association back then could be advanced in a quick manner.

"This is a good move. Ill make the best use of the players characteristics and hit a few birds with one stone"

Han Xiaos lips curled up. With all his developments, he had already turned into a chess player behind the scenes, and the chessboard was getting bigger and bigger. Now, it was truly akin to the starry sky.

The players still needed more time. Han Xiao closed the forums, took out his encrypted communicator, and called Oathkeeper.

A few seconds later, the communication was connected, and Oathkeeper appeared on the screen.

"Black Star, whats the matter?"

"You know about the recent sanctions, right?"

"Yes, we all watch the news every day." Oathkeeper nodded. "But you only contacted me now. Do you need any help?"

"You can say that. Since the three Universal Civilizations have decided to restrict me, as the only one in control of the Sanctum Revival, I have to retaliate. What theyre most afraid of is that there will be too many Beyond Grade As, so its best to revive some more people to pressure them."

"But we havent gathered all the keys yet, so theres no way to revive any more" Oathkeeper was in a difficult position.

"No, the Sanctum Keys are so precious. Even if I gather all of the necessary parts, I wont use one for this reason I mean to pull out some more Holy Accord members. After all, your side is the reserve of Beyond Grade As in this battle, and now is the time to use the Holy Accord."

Without waiting for Oathkeeper to reply, Han Xiao quickly continued.

"Furthermore, I feel that the three Universal Civilizations are probably trying to see if I can revive any more Beyond Grade As, so its best to give them a response. The more Beyond Grade As there are, the more uncomfortable the three Universal Civilizations will be, making them feel that the cost of trial and error is too high. Only then will they be more cautious, and similar tests will be decreased in the future."

"There is indeed such a possibility" Oathkeeper hesitated for a moment. "I dont object on principle, but youll have to talk to them about who will come out. There should be quite a number of unreliable people in the second batch. Its best to be cautious."

"I know." Han Xiao nodded. He already had a demographic in mind. Among the second batch of Revivors, the neutral unlucky ones who died in the Calamity of the Pinnacles were the best targets. He could also show them to the Super Star Cluster Alliance and increase their confidence in the deal.

Speaking of which, it had been quite a few days, and the list of resources that the Super Star Cluster Alliance promised to compile in exchange for the resurrections had yet to arrive

Just as this thought appeared in his mind, a notification popped up on his communicator.

Ding! Ding!

Han Xiao opened the interface and saw that it was the list of resources that the Super Star Cluster Alliance had sent over for the Sanctum Revival.

"Hey, speak of the devil. What a coincidence," Han Xiao muttered to himself and nodded at Oathkeeper. "This is probably the situation. Ill talk to the Revivors in a while. Help me convey my intentions in the next few days so that they know what to do. Also, give me a reliable list based on their performance over the past year."

"Alright then."

Oathkeeper felt weird.

They were clearly partners, but he felt like he was the subordinate instead

After giving some more instructions, Han Xiao ended the communication and browsed through the list the Super Star Clusters sent.

He only offered ten slots for the first batch, but the Super Star Cluster Alliance was generous and took out quite a number of good items. They were basically all Universal Treasures and Gold Grade blueprints.

All the Super Star Cluster civilizations were after all victors of the exploration era war, and they had fought many against civilizations. While they might not be as rich as the three Universal Civilizations, they were still well off, not lacking in Universal Treasures or Gold Grade blueprints.

However, Han Xiao had hidden the benefits he had gotten from Jayzs treasure and the Sanctums very well. People who were not familiar with him would not know about his current foundation, so the list of resources that the Super Star Cluster Alliance made with confidence did not catch his eye at all.

Han Xiao chose three of the more attractive offers and gave them three slots. He then returned the rest to the Super Star Cluster.

Not long after the message was sent, the Super Star Cluster Alliance contacted him.

"Black Star, your appetite is too big. Dont push your luck. Were already very sincere!"

Hearing this, Han Xiao secretly smirked.

Who were they talking to? Did they not know who had the upper hand?

"Ill decide if youre sincere or not. There are seven more slots. If you dont want them, forget it. Dont buy them if you have the guts."

"Well buy it."

"By the way, payment first."

"You win!"

The contact from the Super Star Cluster Alliance went offline.

There was nothing he could do about it. Having a monopoly of the market meant he could be that domineering. One could complain about it, but they had to buy what they needed.

After rebuffing the contact, Han Xiao turned off the virtual screen and was about to continue studying the Gold Grade blueprints in the workshop.

However, at this moment, his private communicator suddenly received a message from Aurora.

"Theres a huge discovery. Come quickly!"

Han Xiao was stunned for a moment before he turned curious.

Aurora was still traveling with Feidin, and they had not contacted each other for quite some time. Usually, she would not contact him if something happened. Now that she had suddenly called him, he did not know what was going on.

However, Feidin was wearing an external Lucky Halo. No matter what happened, Han Xiao felt that he would not be surprised.

"By the way where did you bring me?"

Inside the spaceship, Aurora swallowed her saliva and looked outside the porthole with her eyes wide open.

"I dont know either. It suddenly became like this outside"

Feidin looked in the same direction with shock.

The two of them were originally piloting the ship leisurely in the universe, but then the environment outside suddenly changed, and the starry sky disappeared, turning into a pitch-black space without a trace of starlight. It was as if they had passed through some barrier, entering an unknown territory.

However, the spaceships alarm did not react at all, nor did the monitor show any abnormalities.

The two of them were shocked and immediately controlled the spaceship to retreat. However, this pitch-black space seemed to have no concept of distance. Even though the spaceship had accelerated to its hyperdrive state, it remained in its original position and could not leave this vast area of space.

The reason they discovered this was because there was a single coordinate system reference object in this pitch-black space, which was also the source of their surprise.


Looking out the window, they saw a broken mechanical body floating quietly in this dark space. Its size was terrifying, many times larger than the Mechanical Deity they had seen before.

Compared to it, the spaceship was akin to a speck of dust on a normal persons body.

The structure of this body was similar to that of an upright organism. Its flesh and blood were intertwined with machinery, and its skeleton was crisscrossed with metal. However, it was severely damaged, riddled with holes.

What shocked Aurora the most was that her Esper Ability actually felt a weak life force from this body.

This thing seemed to be alive!

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