The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1285

Chapter 1285 Shocking Origins

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Chapter 1285 Shocking Origins


At this time, the Throne in the cabin that was collecting dust suddenly flashed, and Han Xiao appeared.

The helmet opened, revealing Han Xiaos face. He asked in a curious tone, "What important discovery have you made thats worth calling me here?"

"Youre an expert Mechanic, quick, take a look at the big guy outside." Aurora pointed outside the window.

Actually, there was no need for her to tell him. The moment Han Xiao asked the question, he noticed the abnormality of their environment. Following Auroras finger, he immediately saw this strange body.

"Yo, its huge! Flesh and machine are fused together. Its a little like grafting, but it doesnt seem to be the case What is this? Where did you guys find it?"

Han Xiao was shocked.

He did not know what this thing was either. It looked to be many times larger than the normal size of his Mechanical Deity. Its body was covered in wounds, as though it had experienced all kinds of cosmic disasters.

"This is what we suddenly encountered. This space seems to be a sealed domain" Feidin explained.

Han Xiao nodded as he stroked his chin.

"From the sound of it, this body seems to have been maintaining a strange domain, and you guys accidentally barged in. If its mechanical technology, it should be a high-level usage of spatial technology, creating a fixed field of folded space around the body or changing some physical constants in this field. This is high-end technology."

"But theres no reaction from the spaceships detector." Aurora patted the control panel.

"Let me see"

Han Xiao checked and realized that all the devices were operating normally. His eyes gleamed.

"Hmm, either the device is affected by virtual interference or the other party has some kind of amazing concealment technology. Either way, the technology is extraordinary" Auroras spaceship had gathered quite a lot of Jayzs technological treasures, but for it to have been blinded, Han Xiao naturally took it seriously.

"Could it be a Space Wonder?" Feidin was curious.

"Dont jump to a conclusion so quickly" Han Xiao waved his hand and took over the controls. "Since the spaceship cant retreat, lets see if we can approach this big guy."

"Are you sure?" Aurora was a little hesitant. "I felt a weak life signal from it, but no matter how I tried to send it a message, it did not respond"

"This big guy is alive?"

Han Xiao was stunned for a moment before his interest was piqued. He knew Auroras ability very well and would not make any mistakes.

Initially, he had thought that this was the remains of a gigantic mechanical body thrown around by some civilization or Mechanic who did not care about public morals. However, since this mechanical body was alive, things became much more interesting "Lets go take a look."

Han Xiao only hesitated for two seconds before making a decision. He controlled the spaceship to move forward.

As expected, this dark area seemed to only allow them to advance but not retreat. The spaceship slowly approached the target.

The closer they got, the stronger the contrast between their sizes. The details of the body were enlarged in their vision, making them feel how small they were.

After a while, the spaceship stopped at a long and narrow hole on the finger of the mechanical body. It was like a huge cave that extended thousands of meters into the interior.

The hatch opened, and the few of them got out of the spaceship, stepping onto the rugged ground.

The flesh and machinery beneath their feet were intertwined with each other, making it unsuitable for normal walking.

Han Xiao squatted down and inserted his fingers into a piece of flesh to experience the sensation it gave. He then observed the muscles and veins before nodding.

"Muscles, tendons, and fat. They all look like normal biological tissue, not artificial biochemical tendons"

As he said that, he exerted some force with his fingers, and a little bit of blood seeped out from the muscle.

Han Xiao looked up and saw that there were solidified bloodstains all around the flesh and blood tissues. They looked black and splattered outward, like blood that was suddenly sprayed out by a slash.

His eyes flashed, and he suddenly thought of Old Man Manisons criminal technology. This body was a little similar to a criminals biological modification and biochemical prosthetics.

At this moment, Feidin said, "Black Star, Im not feeling too good"

Han Xiao and Aurora turned around, only to see Feidin holding onto his chest with his brows furrowed.

"Whats wrong?"

Han Xiaos heart tightened.

He reached out and poked Feidin, triggering the combat information. After seeing it clearly, his expression changed slightly.

In Feidins status bar, a negative status called [Dissolution] appeared. The effect would take 0.01% to 0.5% of his health, energy, and stamina every second. However, under the influence of his Lucky Halo, Feidin only suffered the weakest negative effects.

Why didnt he have such a reaction before? Could it be that this happened after entering this body?

Han Xiao opened the interface and realized that he did not even have the (Dissolution] status. He did not have any notification about judgment being made as well.

Could it be that this effect only targeted those below Beyond Grade A? Was it limited to life forms or dead objects?

He turned to look at the spaceship parked at the side, and after a simple inspection, he realized that the exterior armor of the spaceship was showing signs of rusting and dissolving. The material used to make this spaceship was extremely tough, and even a portion of the Black Star alloy was mixed in. It had its own recovery ability, but even this was not immune to the (Dissolution) state

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes as a hypothesis started to form.

"This area can only be entered but not left. Whether its a living thing or an inanimate object, everything will start to dissolve upon entering the body. Interesting, this feels like a flytrap. This is probably a trap that drifts through the universe, and those who accidentally bump into it will not be able to escape and will become its nutrients"

Luckily, there was a healer with sufficient power in the team. Otherwise, it would have been slightly troublesome.

He signaled Aurora to treat Feidin while he took out a metal needle and stabbed it deep into the flesh on the wall, attempting to cause damage. If this big guy was an individual, it should be able to display combat information on the interface.


The next moment, a notification popped up on the interface.

Han Xiao opened it, and his expression changed.

The level, species, and abilities of this body were all question marks. Only its name was not a question mark, but there was no difference. It was called (Unknown Polymerized Entity).

This things level is actually so high

Even if it was Manison or Sorokin, who had a higher level than him, he could still see a portion of the other partys information. The information of this body was almost all question marks, which could only mean that the difference in level was too big. In the explored universe, Han Xiao estimated that only Wuornos had reached such a level.

"Where did this thing come from"

Han Xiaos curiosity grew stronger.

He really did not have any impression of this body in his memories. Logically speaking, such a strange thing should not have been unknown in his previous life. He did not know if it was not discovered or hidden by someone.

Han Xiao did not have time to care about Aurora and Feidin, focusing on studying the thing. He tore off a lump of flesh from the ground, broke off a few mechanical parts, and then activated the material detector in his mechanical suit to scan and analyze them.

Not long after, the two analysis reports were shown.

The first was the analysis result of the mechanical parts. It showed that its microscopic structure was very novel. There was no matching material in the database, which proved that the material of this mechanical body seemed to be composed of some unknown alloy. The second document was an analysis of the flesh sample. No matching biological genes were detected, which proved that the source of the flesh sample was most likely not a known species in the explored universe. However, the existence of the Super Gene was detected from it, which was highly compatible with the Mechanic class. Although the cell activity was extremely weak, it also seemed to contain extremely weak electromagnetic energy.

Han Xiao had a theory, immediately tearing off a few more chunks of flesh to test. Every single one of them had Super genes, and they were all Mechanic cells.

"The flesh and blood came from Mechanics"

Han Xiao recalled the size of this body, and his face twitched.

If the flesh and blood of the body belonged to the same person, it would be fine. But if it came from different individuals How many Mechanic bodies did it take to construct such a large body?

"Why dont we test it out?"

Han Xiao shook his head and weighed the flesh in his hands. After hesitating for a while, he activated the [Bold Explorer) skill.

This skill was useless against the character itself, but this body seemed to be different. A piece of flesh that had already been separated could very likely pass the judgment.

As expected, the next moment, the skill took effect.


The world in front of Han Xiao suddenly changed, and images that he had never seen before began to flash back.

It was as if a starry sky had opened up in front of them, and an incomparably glorious galactic civilization appeared before their eyes. As fleets traveled through the starry sky, the territory expanded outward. Planet after planet turned into colonial areas, and cities rose from the desolate planets. Countless spaceships came and went among the planets, and it looked like a prosperous civilization.

However, the next moment, a series of wormholes suddenly appeared in the sky, and an unknown fleet invaded. The flames of war spread to this peaceful civilization, and blood, slaughter, and screams replaced the original prosperity. As the invader advanced, dark green roots extended out of the void and pierced the planets of the invaded like straws. These planets melted, shrunk, and died at a rate visible to the naked eye. In the end, they all turned into liquid nutrients and were sucked away by the roots, leaving nothing behind.

"This is"

Han Xiaos pupils constricted.

He was all too familiar with this scene. It was the same as the World Tree War Version!

The World Tree Civilization had invaded this unknown civilization!

Before he could analyze further, the illusion in front of him changed and arrived in a universe.

A large number of Mechanics were gathered there, sitting cross-legged in the middle of the starry sky. Behind them were their own mechanical armies, forming a magnificent formation. Around them were ring-shaped mechanical devices that covered the entire area.

A Mechanical Deity suddenly appeared in the middle of the crowd, releasing a strange energy wave that enveloped the entire area, resonating with the ring-shaped mechanical device.

All of a sudden, the bodies of all the Mechanics in the area exploded, turning into pure flesh and blood, mixing together with their respective armies and then turning into a torrent, pouring into the Mechanical Deity in the center The size of this Mechanical Deity grew larger and larger, eventually turning into a colossal body. Its flesh and metal fused perfectly, and its appearance was like an indomitable mechanical prosthetic giant!

However, before Han Xiao could be surprised, the scene changed again. The gigantic mechanical body that was still intact a second ago suddenly became tattered, as though it had gone through countless battles. Its appearance was very familiar. It was the mechanical body that Han Xiao and the others had met.

This damaged machine seemed to have been scrapped. It lost all its momentum and slowly drifted in the universe. In the end, it was captured by a huge black hole and swallowed, disappearing without a trace.


At this time, his perspective zoomed out once again. The unknown civilizations territory had completely turned into darkness, almost cleaner than the desolate universe belt.

The fleet of the World Tree Civilization was like a customer who had eaten his fill. They retreated in satisfaction, leaving behind an empty universe.

This was the last scene of the illusion.

Han Xiao shivered. The effect of the skill disappeared, and his vision returned to normal.

His eyes were still filled with shock as he muttered to himself, "I seem to have discovered something incredible"

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