The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1287

Chapter 1287 One Arrow

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Chapter 1287 One Arrow

Planet Apostle was located at the center of the Sigma Star System. It was an enormous planet and the home of Black Stars mechanical life civilization. Crisscrossing mechanical buildings filled its surface, and mega buildings were everywhere. It was full of the sense of industrial beauty.

As the mother planet of the mechanical life civilization, it went through modifications many times. The mechanical lives emptied the insides of the entire planet using planetary engineering technology, replacing the majority of the planet with metal. It had become almost fully mechanical; the Planet Apostle was basically a portable galactic war fortress. With the population of the machinery civilization rocketing, the size of the planet also increased. At the start, it was only normal-sized; now, it was gigantic.

Four enormous satellites surrounded Planet Apostle. They were mainly used as galactic mega machinery by the mechanical lives.

At this time, an enormous wormhole crack appeared beside one of the satellites. A mechanical army dragged the gigantic unknown mechanical body out like ants.

Streams of light flew out from Planet Apostle and hovered not far from the mechanical body. It was the Apostle Weapons, including Psionic Prime.

With the increase of Han Xiaos technology level, these Apostle Weapons also actively updated their body parts time and again. They looked very different from before. If their original appearances were like ordinary free players, they now looked like whale players.

At this time, a flash of light flickered beside Psionic Prime. Han Xiao arrived through teleportation. The various Apostle Weapons had received word earlier and all greeted him.

Light flickered in Psionic Primes electronic eyes. He looked at this mechanical body, and a virtual screen with a curious emote appeared on his head as he asked monotonously, "Lord, what is this?"

"A mechanical wreckage that contains unknown technology. Its for my study. Im leaving it with you for the time being. I dont want too many people to see it, so I cant put it in Black Star Palace," Han Xiao replied.

Psionic Prime nodded. "Ill have a secret lab built just to store this mechanical body. Should I document it now?"

"Hmm, go ahead. This big guys name will be SWY-001 from now on."

Han Xiao casually gave it a code. There was no special meaning to SWY. It was just the initials of the Pinyin for no idea what this is. He felt this code name relayed the idea very clearly and decided to use this code for anything unknown in the future he came across.

While SWY-001 was being transported, Han Xiao turned and took a look at the machinery civilization and nodded in his mind.

After developing for about eight decades, with the army providing resources, the machinery civilization expanded tremendously in the Sigma Star System, displaying their galactic industrial level of growth. They achieved self-sufficiency and were thriving. Plus, its population was exploding; it had already become one of the important sources of army staff for Han Xiao.

Even without the bonuses of his Mechanical Force, the machinery civilization was more than capable of dealing with an ordinary Star System civilization. After all, the biggest advantages of machinery civilizations were their highly efficient resources distribution, highly united mindsets, and close to zero need for reproductive and entertainment activities. Yet, they would not come across negative societal problems like normal civilizations would. Everyone in the civilization was a perfect soldier. It could be said that the industrial system of machinery civilizations was made for war.

Han Xiao could not help but think of the Black Spirit Race, which was developing in the neighboring Ednea Star System. They also had a hive mindset that allowed them to possess the ability to distribute resources extremely efficiently, learn the technological skill tree collectively at an incredible speed, and come up with new directions for their technology at the same time. They were also developing extremely rapidly; they had already started to send their people into the galaxy and were transforming into a Star System civilization.

With the astonishing learning ability they possessed because of the mental network, the Black Spirit Race raised many scientists and had already provided a lot of talents to the logistics department and the Super Academy.

However, due to the differences on the individual level, the Black Spirit Race took a path that varied from the war machine path of the machinery civilization. It created a new culture. Comparatively, the Black Spirit Race was more recognized as a civilization by the galactic society.

Both civilizations were growing rapidly. With these two civilizations hand in hand, the Black Star Armys self-sufficiency ability was quite outstanding. Han Xiao was rather satisfied with the growth of the two civilizations. They only spent decades catching up to the standard of a Star System civilization, which was astounding. Although this was partly because of the Black Star Armys full resources and technological support, under the same circumstances, Planet Aquamarine was still very far from becoming a Star System civilization.

"Comparisons sure hurt. Planet Aquamarine probably has no other advantages other than having bred many talents"

While he was sighing, the engineering team finally transported all of SWY-001 over. The directional wormhole then spun, shrunk, and disappeared.

Han Xiao focused his mind and ordered the mechanical army to quickly build a lab around SWY-001.

The Galactic engineering technology was very efficient. In a short time, the brief structure of a gigantic lab was already built that wrapped around SWY-001.

"Let me see what treasure lies within you"

With a delighted mood, Han Xiao walked into the research area and could not wait to summon all kinds of research devices. He instantly threw himself into the reverse engineering process.

The first step he took was to search the memory module of SWY-001. Very soon, he discovered a damaged memory chip module and an enormous organ with brain tissue. However, be it the mechanical technology or the biological technology, they were all beyond his expertise.

Han Xiao made the mechanical assistants take out the memory chip, placed it into a specially made data analysis device, and started reading the information inside it. At the same time, he also ordered another group of assistants to bring out a needle-shaped cable and push it into the pale brain fluid of the organ. It then started to read the memories stored within.

Very soon, reports appeared on the screen. Due to the fact that this mechanical body was created by fusing many Mechanics, the memory module seemed to contain the life experience of all these Mechanics who sacrificed themselves. The memory files of SWY-001 were heavily damaged and contained tons of meaningless information, so the analysis was quite slow.

Han Xiao had a few research targets. One was to directly obtain the blueprint knowledge of these Mechanics through digging deeper into the memory module. If successful, it would save him a ton of time, and he would not have to reverse engineer all the parts of SWY-001s body.

Letting the device continue to read the information, Han Xiao searched and found the master artificial intelligence control module. There was a very high possibility that it contained the logs of all this mechanical bodys functions. It was basically like an instruction manual for him.

However, the master artificial intelligence control module was protected by a virtual firewall that used the basic code of this unknown civilization, which was different from the galactic societys virtual technology. He also had to break it down to the fundamentals like with the Virtual Mutiny Virus from the Intelligent Plague.

This was not difficult for Han Xiao now; it only had to take his time.

According to SWY-001s traits, it was very possible it had two consciousnesses. The soul consciousness that was sleeping in the biological brain and the artificial intelligence consciousness stored in the mechanical memory chip. Therefore, as long as he could penetrate the firewall and rewrite its artificial intelligence, he might be able to brainwash it.

After all, Han Xiao had learned the Felon technology, so he was no stranger to something like this.

While he was being busy, a notification suddenly popped up on the interface.

You have acquired some insights from the current research.

+16.4% Unique Talent Progress.

Current Progress: 61.1%.

"Progress for my Unique Talent? Today is really my lucky day!"

Han Xiaos movements paused, and his eyes sparkled.

In the past decades, he had only triggered progress for his Unique Talent three times. Now its progress finally increased again. Had this notification not popped up, he might have forgotten about it.

During the version update, his EXP inventory was tight, so he did not use Awakening Points to progress his Unique Talent development. However, since the players had returned, he would consider taking this route.

Nonetheless, Promotion was his priority now. Han Xiao did not plan to use his EXP in other areas; he planned to accumulate enough for his Promotion before using the remaining EXP to increase the levels of his abilities and obtain Awakening Points.

After all, he did not know what the requirement of stepping into the higher territory was and had decided long ago to increase his Energy Rank as much as possible before his next Promotion. The Gods Trait Transformation was one route; acquiring another Unique Talent was not bad too.

Having obtained SWY-001, Han Xiaos research focus shifted. He spent most of his time analyzing SWY-001 in the lab, using some leisure time to speak to the Holy Accord members one by one, convincing some of them to only appear in public when the time was right.

Meanwhile, in the outside world, the three Universal Civilizations and the Beyond Grade A Association did not continue fighting on the surface. However, their fight in the black market became more and more intense as time went on. The players who took over the various areas of the black market received challenges time and again. Most people overcame these obstacles by working together and slowly pushing the progress of uniting the black market.

In the Endless Nebulae, at a certain transit station planet in the Didora Star System

Kaching kaching The sound of footsteps that sounded like someone was stepping on shattered glass echoed in a dark room.

Army Commanders Big PP leaned against the wall. His body was covered in wounds, and a puddle of blood had formed under his feet. He was in the heavily injured and immobile state; all he could do was open his eyes wide and glare in the direction the footsteps came from.

Very soon, the footsteps approached. The outline of a large silhouette gradually became clear under the dim lights. It was a man holding a blood-colored mechanical heavy axe that was dripping with blood.

Behind him was a mess. The floor was covered in corpses, and blood was splattered everywhere. The walls were riddled with bullet holes, and tons of shells and metal fragments scattered across the ground. An intense battle seemed to have happened here.

This was a base in the black market that had been taken over by Army Commanders Big PP not long ago and had started to operate properly.

However, today, one man had come and single-handedly destroyed this black market channel, killing every single person in the base. Army Commanders Big PP was the only one left alive. He had been killed many times and depleted his revival count. He was completely powerless because

This man was a Calamity Grade!

The mechanical suited warrior stopped before Army Commanders Big PP and opened his helmet, showing a face covered in brown scales like a pangolin with the face of a man. He said coldly, "Youre the last"

"Dafis, we never had problems in the past. Why are you doing this? Were you hired by the three Universal Civilizations subsidiary organizations?" Army Commanders Big PP clenched his teeth.

Having operated the black market for quite some time, he knew about the organizations around. This pangolin looking guy in front of him was the leader of a renowned civilian armed force, a Calamity Grade Mechanical Pugilist!

Hearing this, Dafis giggled with mockery. "Do I have to tell you before killing you?"

"You arrogant prick! You destroyed my mission. Ill remember you, so just you wait!" Army Commanders Big PP clenched his teeth and snarled angrily.

"What? You want to take revenge? As a Grade B Super? Just because youre a so-called Immortal?"

Dafis face was cold. He was unaffected.

Then, he slowly raised the heavy axe in his hand and said coldly, "Youre too weak. It doesnt matter how many lives you have Its your honor to die by my hand."

As he said that, the axe slashed down, and blood spilled everywhere.

This time, Army Commanders Big PP did not revive again. He had used all of his revives for these six days. Seeing this, Dafis turned around and walked away without turning back, leaving only corpses behind.

Army Commanders Big PP was forced to log out immediately and could not log in again for one day. He could only access the forums.

"F*ck, you forced me to do this!" Army Commanders Big PP was filled with rage.

He had worked hard to take over this part of the black market, but now that it had been destroyed by a Calamity Grade, his mission was over. He could only start again in another area.


The more he thought about it, the angrier he got!

Filled with flames of fury, he could not take it anymore. He clenched his teeth, opened up the group chat on the forums, and said in the army channel, "My black market got destroyed by a Calamity Grade! Brothers, weve kept a low profile for so long. Anyone interested in fighting a boss and earning some glory for the army commander? Im willing to pay!"

The channel remained silent for a moment, then messages filled the screen like a waterfall. The things they were saying were all similar.





How much?

With one arrow shot into the sky, millions of warriors answered the call!

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