The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1289

Chapter 1289 Lawless

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Chapter 1289 Lawless


Explosions occurred nonstop, and beams of flames blasted from inside the base, penetrating its armor and creating countless holes. The location of the explosions kept changing, and the battlefield was shifting rapidly.

Inside the base, the troops of the Guild of Gods were already in an intense battle with Dafis while more and more players were landing from above like pouring rain to join the battle.


The enormous blade of the axe detached from its handle, covered in blue Mechanical Force electric sparks and spinning like a rotary saw. Everywhere it passed, blood and flesh spilled, and shattered mechanical parts were all over the place. A silver spinning chain connected the blade and the handle, dancing like a wild dragon. It looked messy, but it actually controlled the movements of the blade to a highly precise degree.

Mechanical Pugilists were masters in technological weapons. They created their own techniques based on their weapons, which became their special styles. Therefore, Mechanical Pugilists who used the same styles basically all used the same mechanical weapons. This axe style Dafis used was called RC-03 Rope Axe. The essence of it was controlling the chain. It was great for fighting in complex environments and was one of the styles Dafis excelled in.


The spinning axe blade flew past the players, winding through them on the way and burying into the chest of a player who turned into an Aberration. It continued spinning and sliced open large pieces of bones and flesh.

"I caught him!"

This player adjusted his pain senses to the lowest, so it did not hurt at all. He grabbed onto the spinning axe blade, ignoring how it made blood gush out of his hand like a river.

The Aberrations of the MT team all pounced over, each grabbing onto a part of the chain and pulling it, while the damage output team poured all of their attacks on Dafis body.

Dafis twisted his waist and created a yellow spinning energy shield around him that blocked the players attacks. Amid the colorful explosions, the shield was rapidly filled with cracks.

In this short moment, Dafis made a command in his brain. The neural signals flowed into the control module of the axe. In an instant, the chain tightened. A plasma wave appeared around the chain and knocked away the hands of the many Aberrations.

Then, the axe suddenly went into overload mode. With a loud bang, the spinning speed of the blade rocketed, instantly cutting off the hands of the player who grabbed it and retracted along with the chain, slashing all the Aberrations on the way in half and returned to the handle. Dafis swung it around his body, sent out a silver shockwave from the axe blade, and blasted away many Pugilist players who wanted to get close to him.

Although he was tremendously outnumbered, Calamity Grades were much stronger than Grade Bs. The players had no choice but to fill this strength gap with their lives. Before Dafis got exhausted, the players would have almost no chance of catching him off guard. "Keep going, Secondary Tank team, go!"

"Damage team, remember to spread out!" "Teams on the outside, stop the minions and dont let them come in!"

The Guild of Gods formation was shattered time after time, but they went back to charging forward without fear. The captain commanded the battle efficiently in the team channels.

To players, the most troublesome part was that they could not control who the boss attacked. The only thing they could do was send the MT team forward and make a line of defense with their flesh.

Even so, Dafis would still choose to go around the MT team to attack the fragile backline. Most of the time, the players could only adapt and improvise. Luckily, the Black Star Armys armor was very tough, so the damage dealers would not be killed instantly. Above the base, the Guild of Gods fleet was clashing with the Heavy Iron Guards fleet.

On this battlefield, they were the ones who were outnumbered. The Guild of Gods fleet was at a small disadvantage. However, with the aid of the more advanced technology on their ships, they could still continuously disrupt the opponents formation and hold on.

The command room was shaking nonstop. Jupiters hands pressed on the command table as he stared closely at the fight with Dafis displayed on the screen. He said with a deep voice, "This wont work. The efficiency of the siege is too slow. This wont last long Ignore their fleet, aim all weapons at the boss, and provide firepower support!"

"What about the people around him?" Poseidon asked.

"We dont have the leisure to mind the casualties on our side. Tell them to be mindful and dodge the attacks as much as possible," Jupiter said decisively.

As the order was given, the more than ten guild battleships turned their cannons at the same time and locked onto Dafis, who was inside the base. Light beams and tracking missiles fired one after another.

A loud alarm rang on the internal radar inside Dafis mechanical suit. Irritated, he hastily dodged aside. The next moment, beams of light penetrated where he was earlier and chased after him.

The players had been warned earlier and dodged the attacks, but some still did not make it and were turned to ash.

If the opponents were only a group of Grade B Immortals, it would actually not be a big problem for Dafis. However, with the accurate fire support of the fleet, he was troubled.

The players were not afraid of being killed, but he was. Ordinary Calamity Grades could not last long under the high energy ship cannon attacks, and he was only a Mechanical Pugilist, which did not have the highest defenses, nor did he dare to test it out.

The fight went on intensely. The base was a mess. The Guild of Gods fleet was restrained by the enemy ships, only able to provide support occasionally. The shockwaves of the bombardments gradually created wounds on Dafis.

Seeing the Immortals getting killed by the attacks of their allies while the rest were still charging forward, Dafis mouth twitched uncontrollably.

"Tsk, these maniacs"

He could not help but feel a little bit regretful like he had poked the hornets nest.

Weird, Im not the only Calamity Grade the three Universal Civilizations bribed, and there are Calamity Grades hunting the Immortals everywhere. Ive never heard of anyone who faced their revenge. Why am I so unlucky?

Dafis dodged five explosions and looked at the corpses of his subordinates all over the floor. His expression became more and more gloomy.

Although he was not afraid on his own, the others in the base were not as strong as him. Grade B Supers were already the backbone of the Heavy Iron Guards, yet they were almost powerless under the attacks of the Guild of Gods. A ton of officers who followed him for many years had died.

They were all talents he had put in a lot of efforts to recruit; it was not worth it at all!

"These Immortals came prepared. If this goes on, my energy and stamina will keep dropping. Things wont look good then. Plus, theyre here for me. If I keep fighting here, itll only kill more of my men"

Dafis hesitated for quite some time before taking a deep breath and making the decision. The next moment, the energy inside his body started boiling. He swung his axe and spun it like a gyroscope, releasing an arc-shaped vibrating shockwave that expanded from the axe blade.


A blue shockwave exploded and expanded rapidly. The powerful shockwave instantly blew away all the players nearby. Most of them were stunned momentarily.

The players who recovered first hastily got up and were surprised to see that Dafis did not continue attacking. Instead, he broke through the wall and sprinted out, quickly disappearing in everyones sights.

"Hes fleeing?"

Their expression changed as they hastily started chasing.

However, they realized that Dafis had already flown into space and changed his mechanical suit into galactic travel mode. Thrusters shot out flames from behind. His speed kept increasing, and he fled further. "Stop him!"

Jupiters expression changed. He quickly commanded the fleet to ignore the incurred damages and penetrate the Heavy Iron Guards line of defense, wanting to chase after Dafis.

However, at this time, alarms suddenly rang on all the battleships radars.

A small fleet appeared at the edge of the battlefield and rapidly approached. Their exterior armor had the symbol of the Feeney Civilization. They said in the public channel, "This is the Feeney Civilization police patrol. We have detected unusual energy reactions here. Everyone stop where you are and prepare for a check!"

The law enforcement is here too? Dafis, who was fleeing, thought.

His headquarters were in the Feeney Civilizations territory, so, of course, there was law enforcement there. Usually, they minded their own business. He did not know if they wanted to stop him too.

While Dafis was pondering, he suddenly received a communication from his mechanical suit. It was the Feeney Civilization emissary who visited him and was in the safe house of his base.

"You keep going and leave. The law enforcement wont bother you." The emissary cut to the chase.

"You called them?" Dafis understood.

"Who else? Or are you going to protect me?" The emissary was not in a good mood. "Ill tell them to buy some time for you. Get as far away as you can. I cant help you if they chase you after that!"

He was just there as a guest and never expected to be in such danger, so he blamed Dafis for it.

As he was afraid of being killed by the aftershock, he urgently used his authority to call the law enforcement to stop the battle, at the same time forcing Dafis away From the way he looked at it, since these Immortals were after revenge, as long as Dafis left, they would be lured away too. This way, he would be safe.

"Ill go now." Dafis nodded. He initially wanted to eliminate the enemy together with the law enforcement, but now he had no choice but to agree to leave. He did not want to see the emissary in danger too.

The emissary hesitated for a moment and said, "Planet Burger is just around the corner. Thats a colonial planet for low value citizens. Ive already spoken to the manager of the planet, so you can go to Planet Burger. Although they dont have a large garrison there, those enemies wont dare violate the Peace Treaty and attack a colonial planet."


Dafis hung up the communication and accelerated at full power output. Although the Guild of Gods had set up spacetime stabilization anchors and limited his hyperdrive, his regular flying speed was fast enough. He turned into a stream of light and gradually disappeared in sights.

Seeing this, Jupiter panicked. Were only halfway through and the boss has just escaped, what do we do now? "Aiyo, I told you your plan wasnt reliable. They can escape even if they cant win. You think were in a dungeon?" Poseidon sounded unhappy.

Although they could weaken a Calamity Grade with their lives or even have the chance to kill him, it was very difficult for them to stop a Calamity Grade if he wanted to run. After all, the desperate situation Atimo was in was tough to replicate. Plus, Dafis was not a nave kid who could not read the situation; he fled as soon as he saw the situation was not good for him. No way he was going to stay here and fight head-on with a ton of Immortals like an idiot.

"Shut up!" Jupiter scolded him. Veins popped up on his forehead. He then opened the public channel and shouted, "Black Star Army carrying out business, please let us through!" "I dont care who you are! This is the Feeney Civilizations territory. No one can do whatever they want! Stop your ships and be checked immediately, or well see it as a crime!"

Having received orders from the emissary, the captain of the law enforcement force did not back down. He continued commanding his troops to stop the guilds fleet. "Then, why didnt you stop that guy who ran away?" Jupiter was extremely annoyed and marked Dafiss direction.

"None of your business! This is your last warning. Stop your ships immediately!" the captain yelled angrily.

Jupiter clenched his teeth. Having spent so many resources, giving up halfway would be a huge loss. He planned this operation, so he would definitely take the blame for it. He immediately made up his mind.

"Were going to finish this boss today no matter what! Advance! Get rid of whoevers in our way!"

As he said that, the guild fleet no longer hesitated and fired at all the enemies, be it the Heavy Iron Guards or Feeney Civilizations law enforcement team, trying to open a path.

Some of the players who were still in the base returned through traction beams. Some simply used up all their energy by attacking randomly and killed themselves to revive in the ships. The two sides fought for some time. Most players returned to the ships except for a few who were still in the base. Army Commanders Big PPs was one of them.

"Fu*k, since you ran away, your home will vanish!"

Army Commanders Big PP was extremely annoyed by the fact that Dafis had fled. He took out a sphere portable bomb right away.

This was a small dark energy annihilation bomb he had spent quite a lot of his savings to purchase. Before the Guild of Gods contacted him, he originally wanted to use this thing to die together with Dafis, and now he decided to just activate it.

The next moment, a dark red explosion erupted!


Light rapidly expanded and devoured the entire base, turning the metal of the base into atoms.

The emissary who was in the safe house waiting for the law enforcements to pick him up was blown to ashes before he could react. He died on the spot painlessly.

Not only him, all members of the Heavy Iron Guards in the base were reduced to atoms. No one survived.

The law enforcement force captain was shocked.

"Are these people crazy? How dare they use such a dangerous weapon here?"

Just like the psionic bombs, the dark energy annihilation bomb was also a highly dangerous weapon prohibited by most civilizations and severely punished when discovered.

Even some wanted criminals did not dare do this. Was the Black Star Army not in the Lawful Faction? Were they not afraid of damaging their reputation?

The law enforcement captain was intimidated. The emissary was already blown to pieces anyway, so he decided to let the guild fleet through, afraid that these maniacs might send him a dark energy annihilation bomb too.

Without the law enforcements obstruction, the guild broke through the siege and chased after Dafis.

Battleships were designed for galactic travel; they were much faster than Dafis. The distance between the two sides quickly decreased.

Dafis noticed the battleships chasing behind him. Complaining that the law enforcement fleet could not even slow them down in his head, he had no choice but to keep running.

Having left the spacetime stabilized area, the two sides entered hyperdrive mode at the same time, turning into two streams of light, one thin and one thick.

Not long after, a planet appeared in their sights. It was the low-value colonial planet of the Feeney Civilization, Planet Burger.

The residents on this kind of colonial planet were all those who were not willing to work, using the governments money to maintain the lowest standard of life. Almost all civilizations had planets like this that usually had zero visitors.

"Im here!" Dafis looked overjoyed as he quickly sent a request to land.

As the emissary had already informed Planet Burger of his arrival, his request was instantly approved. The garrison fleet outside the atmosphere did not stop him. Seeing this, Dafis dashed into the atmosphere without hesitation and headed toward one of the cities.

At this time, the Guild of Gods fleet finally caught up and stopped outside the planet. The garrison fleet of the planet gathered in front of them and stopped them from advancing.

Their spaceship suddenly received a message. A prosthetic man appeared on the screen. He was the planet manager of Planet Burger, and his attitude was very cold.

"Im the manager of Planet Burger. Youre not welcome on this planet. Please leave immediately, or Ill contact the nearest garrison to banish you."

Hearing this, the guild pillars inside the main fleet looked at each other and were in a dilemma.

"President, what do we do now? This colonial planet clearly wants to protect our target." Poseidon looked at Jupiter, whose eyes were glowing red, and said cautiously, "We should retreat for now. According to the laws of the galactic society, we cant attack colonial planets"

Jupiter looked troubled. He then clenched his teeth and forced out the following words.

"I dont care! Well kill the target today no matter what! Dont let him run again. Fire!"

Meanwhile, Dafis landed in a city. The streets were quiet with only a few pedestrians who were looking at him confused.

Ignoring them, Dafis looked up at the fleet hovering outside the atmosphere. Frustration and irritation flashed through his eyes.

This was a huge loss. A ton of his officers were killed, so his heart was bleeding.

If not because of the concerns he had, he would have tried to kill all those Immortals. He did not want to seek help from a planet at all.

"Never mind, Ill let these people live for today, then find them one by one in the future"

Dafis clenched his teeth and took out the communicator to contact the emissary. He had fled very quickly earlier and still did not know that his headquarters were already destroyed.

As he made the call, no one answered.

While Dafis was feeling confused, he suddenly had a sense of danger and hastily backed away!


The next moment, cannon beams fell from the sky like pouring rain. The entire street was shattered!


Dafis expression changed drastically. He looked up at the fleet that was firing at the city with disbelief.

They fired at a colonial planet just to kill me, ignoring the civilian casualties?

Dont they know what kind of deed this is? Even the Beyond Grade A Association thats fighting head-on with the three Universal Civilizations wouldnt do something like this!

A chill shot up his spine to his brain, and his flames of rage were instantly frozen.

Dafis heart was filled with shock.

These people are lawless!

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