The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1290

Chapter 1290 Traitor?

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Ta ta ta!

Rounds of ship cannon attacks landed in the city following Dafis, creating craters one after another. Everywhere the attacks landed, tall buildings turned to ruins, flames rose from the ground, and screams echoed. Along with the pouring bombardment, airdrop cabins descended from the sky, penetrating the buildings like meteors and partially burrowing into the ground.

The hatches opened, and Guild of Gods players swarmed out like a black tsunami to surround Dafis. An intense battle erupted once again.

The planets garrison fleet was also startled. They hastily fired at the guild fleet. The two sides exchanged intense crossfire outside the atmosphere. The anti-aircraft weapons and railguns of the planet were also activated. Closely packed electromagnetic rail cannon attacks bolted across the sky toward the guild fleet. Looking down from above, the garrison bases around the city that was attacked shot out anti-gravity carriers one after another, carrying ground troops to prevent the battle in the city.

Although Planet Burger was a low-level colonial planet, it still had a military defense force. However, in terms of individual strength, the strongest defender was only Grade B. After all, the Feeney Civilization was just a Star System level civilization with only ten or so Calamity Grades; they did not have the luxury to station a Calamity Grade on such a low-level colonial planet. On the communication screen of the guilds main ship, the Planet Burger managers expression changed drastically. He was both shocked and enraged, and he yelled, "How dare you violate the Peace Treaty? Are you trying to become the Feeney Civilizations enemy? I demand you stop immedi" Before he could even finish, Jupiter slammed the button and hung up the communication right away. His eyes red, he yelled, "All backup teams! Enter the charge cabins and take over all the garrison fleet on this planet! Attack whoevers in our way!"

Since he had made up his mind, he might as well do it till the end and attack the troops of the colonial planet too, eliminating all obstructions of the first guild kill.

Although the guilds fleet was outnumbered by the planets garrison, their biggest advantage was individual strength. As long as one or two players could board the enemy battleship, they could kill the whole crew in it and take over the ship, increasing their own strength. After all, there was no way this kind of low-level colonial planet could put one Grade B on every battleship.

"Hes lost it. Hes lost it" Poseidon mumbled on the side, saying what all the guild pillars were thinking.

Jupiter suddenly turned around, stared deadly at him with a dangerous look, and said word by word, "What did you say?" "Brothers, with me, charge!"

Poseidons expression instantly became firm. He waved his hand and headed toward the charge cabin with a group of elites. It looked like he was bravely heading into a battle with no return. His emotional change was very smooth.

Very soon, charge cabins carrying players shot out like missiles, biting into the enemy ships. The garrisons battleships fell into the Guild of Gods control rapidly one after another, turning around to fire at the ground, making Dafis situation worse. Some airdrop cabins even landed on the base that controlled the anti-aircraft weapons. Tons of players charged forward to paralyze Planet Burgers military force. There were battles happening in many places on the planets surface and outside the atmosphere. Explosions appeared continuously as cities were blown into ruins one after another. It was complete chaos.

Planet Burgers manager was both furious and panicking. He hastily requested support from the nearest galactic garrison base while reporting the attack on the planet to the artificial intelligence core of the Feeney Civilization through the emergency military channel. He also sent the report to the various key departments.

About two minutes later, he quickly received a serious call from an upper echelon. "What are the details? Who are the enemies?"

"The enemies are a group of Immortals. According to the law enforcements report, they claim to be the Black Star Armys men and are chasing after a Calamity Grade" The Planet Burger manager quickly described the situation, stating that the cause of all this was that he received a message from the emissary to protect Dafis.

He actually did not know about the relationship between Dafis and the Feeney Civilization, but since the emissarys position was higher, he could only obey. He kept subtly hinting that he was only obeying orders and was not the one to be blamed.

After hearing the explanation, the Feeney Civilization upper echelon seriously said, "Ive understood the situation. Go restrain the attackers for now. The nearest garrison base will send troops over right away and arrest them!"

Hanging up the communication, Planet Burger manager heaved a sigh of relief. Protected by his bodyguards, he quickly walked to the safe house underground while telling the secretary to contact Dafis on the way.

At the same time, inside the city that already became a battlefield, Dafis suppressed the shock in his heart and fought intensely with the Guild of Gods players. In order to dodge the attacks from the sky, he could not fight at his full strength and planned to retreat. He was appalled by how absolutely lawless the players were. From the way he looked at it, it was unwise to keep fighting with these maniacs. Dafis felt more and more regretful about having messed with these people. At this time, the internal communication device of the mechanical suit suddenly rang. It was a call from the planet managers secretary relaying the planet managers message. Dafis eyes sparkled. "Youre saying that reinforcements are on the way, so I have to restrain these Immortals as much as I can so that when they arrive, these brutes will all be eliminated?"

"Yes, the upper echelons have already dispatched the garrison. Reinforcements will arrive very soon."

The secretarys tone was respectful. Although Dafis was the one who caused this, he was the only Calamity Grade at the scene and was a member of the Feeney Race too. Planet Burger needed his help for the time being. " Okay, Ill stall them."

Dafis hesitated for a moment but agreed in the end.

It would not be easy for him to escape. The mechanical suits travel speed was no match for the guilds fleet. If he left Planet Burger and lost the help he had, he would be in an even more dangerous situation. He felt it was better to stay there and work with the Feeney Civilization, wait for the government troops to arrive, and wipe out all the Immortals. Anyway, he was in a good state for now. These enemies could not threaten his life for the time being. Furthermore, a ton of his subordinates had died, and he was filled with anger. His desire to fight back was tough to suppress. Hanging up the communication, Dafis stopped getting distracted by the thought of retreat, raised his mechanical chain axe, and charged into the players formation. Everywhere he passed, electronic sparks exploded, and blood poured everywhere.

At the same time, in the SWY-001 research lab

"Master, hum Somethings happened!"

Han Xiao, who was studying the nervous system of SWY-001, received the message from Phillip. He moved his eyes away from the research report and turned to Phillip.

"What happened?" "In the Endless Nebulae Star Field, a group of army Immortals are attacking the colonial planet of a Star System civilization" Phillip switched to the surveillance footage and explained the situation. "What? They challenged a Calamity Grade on their own?"

After hearing the full situation, Han Xiaos eyes narrowed, and a complicated expression appeared on his face. "This day still came" He had known long ago that as the average strength of the players grew, they would challenge Calamity Grades on their own sooner or later. It was destined to happen.

Players were always the representatives of anarchism. The stronger they became, the more uncontrollable they were as they would gradually ignore all kinds of restrictions. The reason they had always seemed peaceful was that they did not have enough strength to really influence anything, and he had managed them well.

However, at Version 5.0, the players peacefulness had almost reached the limit, and chaos started to surface. In his previous life, this was one of the key fuses of the Calamity of the Supers. Even with his influence now, there was no way he could change the players nature. "Tsk, this wont be easy to settle"

Han Xiao shook his head and sighed.

He understood the situation. The enemy was someone who obstructed the players from taking over the black market. There was no problem with the players grouping up to attack him, and Han Xiao was not going to oppose that.

However, the part that troubled him was that they violated the laws of the galactic society At least be mindful of your image when attacking a boss! This meant that there were disadvantages to both rewarding them and punishing them. The former would make the players even more unconcerned with the laws, while the latter would hurt the leeks feelings and damage their sense of belonging to the faction. Neither were things he wanted to see.

The person Han Xiao was most annoyed by was none other than the moron Jupiter

Black Star Army carrying out business, please let us through? Is your face even bigger than mine? Did you eat the Face Face Fruit too? Even if you decided to fight a boss no matter what, at least dont expose who you are!

Han Xiao was speechless. He exhaled and slowly said, " Too reckless. No matter what, its best not to take the blame for this. The top priority now is to clean the evidence as much as possible." While speaking, Han Xiao pressed between his brows and entered the quantum network. With Phillip as the transit station, his data stream quickly arrived in the guild battleship.

The battle on Planet Burger became ever bloodier. The defenses of the planet were mostly shattered by the Guild of Gods. Tons of their battleships were seized and made the guild stronger. The battlefield around Dafis kept shifting on the planet surface. Four cities had already turned into ruins. Facing the guild players unending chase, Dafis energy and stamina were depleting very quickly. He started to feel exhausted, and wounds no longer regenerated on his body. His status gradually worsened, and his combat capability unavoidably weakened. Boom!

Dafis spun and swung his axe, flattening a Pugilist player on the wall, and hastily gasped for air. Not daring to stop, he quickly took many big steps backward and dodged the attacks of more than a dozen Cannon Masters. The place where he stood moments ago became a crater.


Not only were his muscles sore, but his brain was hurting like it was stabbed by needles too. After all, the mind was not the Mechanical Pugilists strongest suit. The Psychics and the mind Mages of the Guild of Gods contributed a lot, attacking Dafis consciousness every second. He basically could not dodge them at all and could only take the damage head-on. These attacks made up at least sixty percent of all the damage he took.

"Hu Hu The reinforcements are still not here."

Dafis checked his status and was not looking too good. From the moment he fell from his peak state, the issues began to snowball. He was almost at his limit.

One who had never been surrounded by the players could not understand how horrifying it was, and Dafis finally felt it now. He initially thought he could last a very long time. Only now did he realize that he had completely underestimated just how difficult it was to deal with these maniacs. He misjudged the strength difference between him and the players. If reinforcements dont come soon and I keep staying here, this might be the end of me

The thought of wanting to retreat appeared in Dafis mind again.

However, at this time, he suddenly felt something and looked up at the atmosphere, surprised. "Finally!"

An enormous fleet was quickly approaching. Its formation was neat and fearsome. It was indeed the government military army the Feeney Civilization had sent. There were almost two thousand battleships. The guild fleet had no chance of matching up to it! The Planet Burger manager who was hiding in the underground safehouse saw the images of the battlefield and was overjoyed. "The army is here! Hahaha, these brutes are done for!"

In the guild main fleet, Jupiter noticed this hostile army too, and his heart sank.

Sh*t, this looks like the local government army! We took too long. Seems like I underestimated the difficulty of this BOSS. A Calamity Grade whos free to move around is too tough to deal with. Is this mission still too difficult for the guild?

Looking at the huge reinforcements, Jupiter began to despair. However, he then clenched his teeth and ordered the fleet to continue firing at Dafis. "President, are we still not going to retreat?" Poseidon asked in the channel.

"Retreat, how? Were already here. How can we give up halfway? If we leave, the resources weve spent will really all be wasted All members! We must kill the boss today even if it costs all our revival counts!" Jupiter clenched his teeth and told the troops to get ready to fire at the reinforcements.

However, this enormous army suddenly stopped at the edge of the battlefield. Not only did they not fire, but they did not even move anymore. As minutes passed, Dafis, the Planet Burger manager, Jupiter, and the players all became confused.

What, are these reinforcements here just to watch the show?

The Guild of Gods was lost and had no idea what was going on. However, since these reinforcements did not attack them, they did not attack these reinforcements either and focused on attacking Dafis.

The Planet Burger manager panicked. "What are they waiting for? Why are they not attacking?" He was panicking hard. He tried to contact the reinforcements many times but received no response at all. The joy on Dafis face gradually froze. He was at a loss and could not understand what was happening

Under the influence of shock, he could not help but making wild speculations

Why arent the reinforcements firing?

Theres a big problem!

If not because he was waiting for the reinforcements, he might not have stayed to fight with the enemy. Yet, when the reinforcements had arrived, they only watched on the side and did not seem to want to join the battle

Is this the Feeney Civilizations plan? Keeping me here with an excuse so Ill be murdered in cold blood by the Immortals, killing two birds with one stone? Is it because they feel I know too much, and now that they had no use of me, theyre deliberately letting me die?

Dafis was shocked by his own speculation, and he immediately panicked!

"Damn it, Ill be done for if I keep fighting. I cant rely on the Feeney Civilization. I have to leave!"

Dafis clenched his teeth and went into overload mode. His powerful energy blew the surrounding players away. Then, taking a round of focus fire head-on, he charged up into the sky. His mechanical suits thruster operated at full power output. He turned into a stream of light and flew toward the atmosphere, wanting to escape the battlefield. However, at this time, the Feeney Civilization reinforcements at the edge of the battlefield suddenly fired, shockingly aiming at Dafis, who had just escaped the atmosphere!


Extremely shocked, Dafis hastily turned on his shield.

The next moment, he was entirely engulfed by the attack and took the full damage of it. Boom! After a chain of explosions, he fell from the sky and crashed to the ground, stirring up tons of dust.

Ka la ka la

His already heavily damaged mechanical suit turned into pieces and shattered all over the floor. Dafis lay in the middle of the enormous crater facing up as blood gushed out from all the organs on his face. His entire body was suffering from burns. Some parts were even charred and giving off white smoke. The bones and organs in his body were a mess. He was severely injured. A ton of players rushed here from afar. Seeing this, Dafis clenched his teeth and forced his body to stand up. He was still shaking and had yet to recover from the stunned state the powerful attack had caused him. He could barely stand properly. Looking at the Immortals surrounding him, Dafis felt the terrible state of his body, and a bitter smile appeared on his wounded face. "Ahem so this is it, getting tricked by the Feeney Civilization in the end"

Dafis coughed with pain and knew that this was his final moment.

Thinking of the bright future the Feeney Civilization had promised him, Dafis was filled with only regret.

In the end, I trusted the wrong people Taking a deep breath, Dafis felt like a hero facing his doom. Filled with frustration, sorrow, and rage, he yelled at the nearby Immortals, "You want my life? Come take it! I wont stay here and" Before he could finish, the players around him attacked from all directions.


Chains of explosions flooded Dafis.

At the moment he lost consciousness, Dafis was filled with even more regrets.

Couldnt you wait for me to finish my last words?

The explosions lasted for more than ten seconds before everything stopped. Dust settled, and air became clear. A completely burnt corpse lay on the ground with absolutely no signs of life. Seeing this, the many players paused for a second and suddenly started cheering.

"Nice! We finally killed him!"

"We got the first kill! First kill!"

"That was so f*cking exhausting. This boss knew how to give himself more screen time. I was so confused." "Did anyone record the entire thing? Send me a copy!"

Inside the guild main ship, Jupiter saw the guild kill Dafis with his own eyes and was finally relieved. The anger that filled his mind was finally gone. Having earned the first guild kill, all their efforts and the resources spent for this mission were not wasted!

Jupiter looked at the Feeney Civilization government army on the side that had an unknown goal and frowned again.

The consequences of killing the boss without caring about anything else seemed quite severe. He now had to think about escaping, and that fleet was probably not going to watch them leave

He knew that the chances of escaping were extremely low and almost negligible. Jupiter scratched his head. How about we all just die here?

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