The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1294

Chapter 1294 Memory File And First Unique Talent

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As time passed and the galactic civilization saw that the three Universal Civilizations still did not make any move, they realized the situation. Knowing the three Universal Civilizations could not do anything to the Black Star Army, the public gradually condemned the Black Star Army less.

On one day, the Super Star Cluster Alliance received an anonymous piece of information that stated how the Feeney Civilization protected Dafis. The Super Star Cluster Alliance then released this piece of information without hesitation and promoted it, quickly shifting the public opinion in another direction.

At this point, the masterminds behind this incident basically all got what they wanted and stopped making moves. Without those who guided the public opinion, very soon, voices online quietened down. The galactic society was never in shortage of topics and news, other new events quickly attracted the attention of the galactic residents.

However, the impact this incident caused remained.

The various civilizations adjusted their strategy, no longer willing to participate in the conflict between the three Universal Civilizations and the association. They stopped part of their disruptions of the black market, making the work of the various Beyond Grade A organizations easier.

Without the local civilizations working for free, the three Universal Civilizations dispatched their own Immortals to interfere in the black market conflict and deal with the Black Star Armys Immortals.

The conflict between players had no restraints. In the next month or so, the two sides fought intensely. Many planets with black markets became battlefields. With the technological aid from the army, the various big guilds eliminated hostile Calamity Grade Supers one after another. The Cancer of the Universe title became more and more recognized.

Han Xiao, however, did not pay attention to how boisterous it got in the outside world. While the two sides were fighting night and day, he spent most of the time in the lab, reverse engineering SWY-001 continuously while building new Universal Treasures to increase his Gods Trait Transformation stage.

One day, he finally made a breakthrough in the reverse engineering of SWY-001.

In the bright research lab, SWY-001s enormous body was fixed in the middle covered in tons of operating multifunctional mechanical arms, doing all kinds of reverse analysis.

Mechanical assistants flew around SWY-001 in midair, transporting parts from time to time like bees.

Han Xiao hovered in midair at the same height with SWY-001s head. Beside him was a round anti-gravity worktable. Tons of neatly arranged virtual screens surrounded him, showing all kinds of parameters nonstop. He commanded the various research teams through this worktable.

"The deciphering is finally done"

Han Xiao let out a deep breath.

After more than a month, he had finally deciphered the many modules of SWY-001. Of course, the memory file was the most important among them. He already deciphered it completely and turned it into readable data.

On the virtual screen, tons of information was displayed. The meaningless data was all filtered out, leaving only the essence of SWY-001.

Han Xiao browsed through. The useful information could mainly be classified into three groups. One was the various technology this mechanical body used, another was the blueprints in the memories of those Mechanics who sacrificed themselves, and the last was their memories about that unknown civilization.

The name of this Universal Civilization eliminated by the World Tree Civilization was Karma Republic after translating it into the galaxy common language.

Unlike the explored universe, the Karma Republic was the only Universal Civilization in the area it was in. It took over all the other races in its area, turning them into its own subsidiary civilizations and had absolutely control over them. The Karma Republic even distributed all of their territories and lands.

They created a surveillance system and came up with Civilization Levels. They made the rule that the results of the research and developments of all civilizations had to be reported, copied, and given to the Karma Republic. If they made breakthroughs, they would gain Civilization Points. With enough points, the civilization would be allowed to level up and receive better privileges with the Karma Republics approval.

If a civilization could not make any technological breakthroughs in many years and could not reach the minimum point of a certain period, that civilization would be downgraded. The Karma Republic would retrieve all kinds of privileges including its territories.

The galactic society level of the Karma Republic was very strict. Although the competition between civilizations gave them a certain amount of motivation, overall, the atmosphere of the entire society was still quite boring. After all, all of their developments were monitored and controlled by the Karma Republic. They could see the end of their path right away. Most civilizations had no choice but to spend the majority of their resources on research projects to maintain their level or level up. As for the lives of their citizens, it was kept at the minimum.

Most citizens were only surviving too. Under

control of the Karma Republic, the cost of violating the law was way too high, so there was no point in doing it. The Super knowledges were also strictly controlled by the Karma Republic and could not be spread freely. The only way to learn them was legally. If things went on normally, the Karma Republics civilization strength would continue to rise as time passed, absorbing the nutrition of so many subsidiary civilizations at the same time. Sadly, they met the World Tree Civilization and were wiped out in the end.

As Super knowledges were strictly controlled, the Karma Republic had firm control over the various civilizations under them. However, because of that, they lacked high level combatants and had fewer than twenty Beyond Grade As. Plus, due to the lack of conflict, there were only two peak Beyond Grade As.

Both had its pros and cons. The three Universal Civilizations were worried about individual strength going out of control but accumulated tons more high-level combatants because of it. Chaos would breed more strong individuals. The Karma Republic did not have such worries, but when facing an exterior enemy, they ended up not having enough high-level combatants.

Facing the overwhelming attack of the World Tree Civilization, the high-level combatants of the Karma Republic almost collapsed on the spot. In the end, they were forced to use a technology called Fusion Mechanical Ascension that only Mechanic Supers could use.

Through focusing the strength of one peak Beyond Grade A, tons of Grade As and Grade Bs, they aimed to help this peak Beyond Grade A break through the limits and turn into a real Mechanical God, stepping into the higher territory. However, it failed in the end. Although they did obtain a much stronger individual, he did not evolve and was defeated in battle surrounded by the people of the World Tree Civilization.

Han Xiao looked at the information of the technology. The interface showed that the name of the blueprint was (Fusion Mechanical Ascension). Other than the functions he already knew, the side effect was that the users personality would change and become a collective consciousness.

"This technology cant reach its planned goal, but it is a breakthrough for them nonetheless. Its not very useful to me on its own, but the modules formed after the fusion are very powerful. Maybe I can reverse engineer them, imitate their structure, and create a new Mechanical Deity?"

The SWY-001 was the combination of flesh and machinery. The flesh provided tons of Super cells that gave the machinery the Mechanical Force it needed. He had (Polar Channel Flow Blood Rage), so he should be able to achieve the same effect if done correctly.

If he could successfully imitate SWY-001s form, he had a feeling that his Mechanical Deity would undergo a huge change.

Other than (Fusion Mechanical Ascension], Han Xiao also obtained tons of blueprints from the mechanical bodys memory file. However, only the peak Beyond Grade As memories had a few Gold blueprints.

Han Xiao recorded all that technology before looking at the decipher page of the memorychip.

He was done deciphering the quantum network code of the Karma Republic and broke through the firewall long ago, so he could already rewrite SWY-001s artificial intelligence program.

Han Xiao hesitated for a while before closing this page. He did not want to make modifications to it before finding out the connection between the artificial intelligence consciousness and SWY-001s biological consciousness.

"Speaking of which, Im not sure if theres some kind of bonus to studying SWY-001 or not, but the trigger rate of my Unique Talent is quite high for some reason."

Han Xiao looked at the interface. In the past month of studying SWY-001, the progress of obtaining a Unique Talent was triggered again and was at 75.8% now.

According to the previous progress it made every time it was triggered, a Unique Talent would be formed after triggering it two more times.

However, he had no idea when these two times would happen. Since he was only a quarter away from completing the progress, Han Xiao leaned toward completing it using Awakening Points. He did not do it in the past because his progress was too low, but now that he was very close to completing it, the cost became much lower.

The players had already been online for quite some time, and he had accumulated quite a lot of EXP. Although he was still far from the Promotion at level 360, leveling up a few levels was not a problem. Plus, when he used Random Rewards to try to acquire Mission Completion Cards, he sometimes got lucky and obtained Awakening Points too.

"Lets try it. It should be doable." Han Xiao put all his EXP into leveling up all the way to level 344 before it ran out.

He took out one Awakening Point, put it into his Unique Talent, and a notification popped up.

Use 1 Awakening Point to increase the progress of Unique Talent? (Confirm/Cancel]


According to the level of this Unique Talent, 1 Awakening Point = 2.8%-3.2% progress.

Unique Talent Progress +3.02%.

Current Progress: 78.82%.

"A three-percent increase for one point on average"

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled. This was much better than expected.

He would be able to obtain a Unique Talent with just about seven or eight more Awakening Points this way.

According to the rules of the Awakening Points, a hundred points could activate the basic structure of a Unique Talent, and the accumulation of progress would only start after that. Converting one Awakening Point to three percent, the cost of obtaining a Unique Talent from nothing would at least be 134 Awakening Points.

He had naturally activated the basic structure of his Unique Talent, then slowly accumulated the progress to about seventy-five percent, meaning he saved 125 Awakening Points.

"At most eight Awakening Points, which I have right now and dont even have to level up abilities for. The cost is completely acceptable. Ill do it."

Han Xiao rubbed his hands. With excitement, he put one Awakening Point after another into the progress of his Unique Talent.

Very soon, with enough Awakening Points, the progress finally reached a hundred percent!

A notification popped up on the interface.

Unique Talent Awakened.

Please select one main focus for the talent from the three options below.

"Oh? So, this is how it is"

Han Xiao raised his brows. He had thought the effects of a Unique Talent were completely random, but it turned out that he had a certain extent of freedom in choosing his preferences. This reminded him of creating his Racial Talent back when he became a Beyond Grade A.

There were not many choices. It was probably because the Unique Talent progressed naturally.

Maybe if he used Awakening Points since the start, he would be able to completely design it to his likings.

Han Xiao hesitated for a while, then chose the Main Class Enhancements.

Main focus confirmed.

Please select one secondary focus for the talent from the three options below.

"The two Unique Talents of old Manison are building and Virtual Technology, which should be strong enough for me"

Han Xiao considered for a while, then chose the third choice.

Secondary focus confirmed.

Please replace one of the bonuses from the three options below.

"Replace one effect, huh? This means that these last three options are the bonuses given by the talent in the end."

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes, pondered for a few seconds, and chose the first one. It was the only one that was slightly weaker than the other two.

Replacement complete.

(Long-range Attacks) randomly switched to (Class Main Attribute Bonus).

All preferences confirmed, creating Unique Talent

Creation complete.

You have received Unique Talent ((Unnamed) Han Xiao]!

(Unnamed)Han Xiao: +10% INT. In battle, +1.2 Mechanical Force multiplier, +1.3% machinery efficiency multiplier. All multipliers are applied after other bonuses

Remarks: (To be filled).

You have received your first Unique Talent. Difficulty of activating the next Unique Talent increased. Initial level of the next Unique Talent increased, meaning higher bonuses and more preferences.

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