The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1295

Chapter 1295 The Second Key And Invasion Operation

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"Overall multiplier bonus, huh? Quite powerful."

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

The bonuses of this talent clearly reached the Molding Talent level.

Given his current Intellect, the ten-percent Intellect increase would give him a few thousand Intellect points. With the Mechanical Force strength and the Machinery Efficiency bonuses, his actual combat capability increased significantly. One of his Apostle Weapons could now fight a high level Beyond Grade A for some time.

Judging from the interfaces description, the difficulty in awakening Unique Talents increased each time he obtained one, but the effects would also be stronger. Old Manison had both a single bonus talent (Virtual Technology Innovation) and a large-scale bonus talent (Billion Mechanic Empire). Clearly, Manison obtained the latter many Unique Talents later than the former. Yet, Han Xiao acquired it easily.

"Sigh, Old Manison, oh Old Manison, how sad for you"

Han Xiao sighed and was so sad he laughed.

Since his Unique Talent would get stronger after each one he acquired, he could not complain about his first Unique Talent. Only, he had no idea when he would trigger the brief structure of the next Unique Talent.

"I wonder if Old Manison has talents that increase the chances of awakening Unique Talents"

Han Xiao subconsciously licked his lips and was tempted.

Thinking back, he had to admit that Old Manison really had a rich inventory. Sadly, he was an ally on his side now, or he might really be tempted to hack into Old Manisons database After all, others databases were way too tempting to Mechanics.

Putting this impulsive thought behind, Han Xiao looked at the interface. The name and the remarks of the talent had yet to be filled up, and he had a headache about it.

As an expert in naming things, he had extremely low confidence in his ability to name things.

"What should I call it? I have to think of a proper name this time, or what will happen if the players get this talent through Character Summon Cards one day?" Han Xiao pondered for a while and filled in a name he felt was acceptable.

Having confirmed the name, the content of the talent was updated on the interface right away, and he could not change it again.

Emperor of War-Han Xiao

Remark: Born for wars.

"This name should be normal for this kind of fighting talent."

Han Xiao felt it was fine, but he was not very sure about his naming sense. However, since he had already named it, he stopped dwelling on the matter.

As he was about to leave the lab and try out his new talent at a desolate planet nearby, his communicator suddenly rang.

He took out to look at it, and to his surprise, it was the head of the Land of Four Gods, the elderly whom he beat up before, Mystery Mage Joey Terrain.

He accepted the communication request, and Joey appeared on the screen.

"What is it? Have you contacted me because you guys made up your minds?" Han Xiao sounded interested.

Joey looked a little gloomy, took a deep breath, and said softly, "We agree to join the Beyond Grade A Association, but we hope to keep our freedom. Plus, the coordinates of the Land of Four Gods must remain a secret to the other members. Well attend the plenaries, and if something important happens, well also provide assistance, but we wont be forced Is this okay?"

Han Xiao smiled.

These four b*stards finally made up their minds. This was probably their limit.

"Sure, this is a good start. With you guys, the association will become stronger. I wont publicize the coordinates of your secondary dimension, and the association doesnt force its members to do anything. However, Ill mention you guys are Beyond Grade As who retired. Plus, you guys have to be at the venue yourselves when showing up for the first time. Is that ok?".

"Sure." Joey nodded and hesitantly said, "So, about the Sanctum Revival"

"Dont worry, youre one of us after joining the association. If you guys die, Ill reviveyou."

"Thats good"

"Alright, send me all of your information later. Ill register you guys into the association and arrange for your welcome ceremony."

After chatting a bit longer, Han Xiao hung up the call. About ten seconds later, he received the personal information of the four of them and told Phillip to arrange the procedures to have them join the association.

He thought for a while before calling Oathkeeper. He had already spoken with some of the Holy Accord members to have them appear in public when the time was right. Since Joey and the others were joining the association too, he might as well have them join at the same time so that it would be easier and more convenient.

Very soon, Oathkeeper appeared on the screen.

"Black Star, what is it?"

"Hmm, its about the welcome ceremony of a new batch of Holy Accord members. Ive already made the arrangements, so you can have them come to the Flickering World now," Han Xiao said.

"Ill tell them." Oathkeeper nodded. He hesitated for a moment before suddenly saying, "Black Star, theres one thing I have to tell you. The second set of the Sanctum keys have almost all been collected." " So soon?"

Han Xiao was surprised.

Oathkeeper was in charge of this matter, and Han Xiao did not pay close attention to it. He thought the Holy Accord would need a few years to collect the second set of keys. He did not expect them to be this efficient.

"Yes. The resources list the Super Star Cluster Alliance provided included quite a number of materials for the Sanctum keys that are very difficult to purchase elsewhere, but these advanced civilizations had them. Some more sensitive materials that are banned from circulating on the market are surprisingly circulating on the black market, and you gave them to us, which increased our progress greatly," Oathkeeper explained.

"I see." Han Xiao understood and felt relieved like invisible weights were lifted off from his shoulders.

He would only really be confident about facing the cleansing with the second set of Sanctum keys. He no longer had to act like it in front of the three Universal Civilizations.

"Which Sanctum?"

"The First Sanctum this time."

Han Xiao was delighted.

The Third Sanctum he entered the last time contained knowledge mostly about biology, genes, and Esper Abilities. Although he acquired quite a lot of knowledges, it was not very compatible with his class. However, the First Sanctum seemed to be closely connected with machinery technology. If he could enter it once, he would probably obtain the technology that suited Mechanics best, which would be incredible.

It just so happened that his authority level in the First Sanctum was even higher than the Third Sanctum. He currently had seven fragments. Entering the First Sanctum would give him one more, meaning he would have level eight authority when he entered and would be able to do many more things while inside.

"What about the collection of the keys of the other Sanctums?"

"Ill show you" Oathkeeper sent him a set of data.

The Holy Accord recorded the progress of the several Sanctum keys, so it was easier to see. At this point, other than the First Sanctum key, which was at ninety-two percent, the second highest was the Third Sanctum key, which was at sixty-seven percent. The others were all around forty percent, except for the Sixth Sanctum, which was only at seven percent.

Han Xiao looked at the progress before looking at the material lists of the various keys. "Ill pay attention to these materials too. Keep up the good" "Hmm, you keep up the good work too. The organization will treat you generously." Oathkeeper said it and felt extremely good. Before Han Xiao could respond, he hung up the communication right away.

Han Xiao placed the communicator down, scratched his head, and had a weird expression.

Usually, he was the one who spoke like that to Oathkeeper. However, this time, Oathkeeper suddenly changed his tone and took him by surprise.

Interesting, hes not happy with being ordered around by me, so he wants to gain small advantages over me verbally?

Humph, childish

Ill definitely say it quicker than you next time!

Han Xiao curled his lips and decided not to be concerned. Besides, everybody knew who was making the calls.

"The second set of keys is almost ready. I can consider showing some of my cards to the three Universal Civilizations now"

Han Xiao focused and pondered.

According to his judgement of the situation, one of the most effective ways to defuse the stalemate between the three Universal Civilizations and the association was to seek peace after a war. Let the three Universal Civilizations start the cleansing and let the two sides fight all they wanted. When the association suffered from severe losses, they would revive all their members and display the truth about the Sanctum Revival not having a limited number of uses.

This way, while learning a painful lesson, the three Universal Civilizations would realize there was no way they could restrain the Beyond Grade As. Then, they would most likely abandon their current strategy and focus on studying the Sanctums. The balance achieved through this should last for a very long time.

However, although this method would have limited damages to the Beyond Grade A Association, the three Universal Civilizations would suffer severely from it. After all, the destroyed fleets, armies, and killed soldiers could not be revived. If the three Universal Civilizations direct members died in this war, even though the Sanctum Revival could revive them, Han Xiao was definitely going to postpone their revival to after reviving the associations members.

He had two goals, one to deal with the World Tree, another to protect the Beyond Grade A class to not take the Celestial Star Alliances path. The former was more important.

"Before the World Tree war breaks out, its best not to cause too much damage to the military force of the explored universe. Therefore, the intensity of the conflict has to be controlled; the association cant start a battle, and the current situation has to be maintained. This plan can only be executed if the three Universal Civilizations actively start a cleansing"

Han Xiao let out a deep breath.

From another perspective, stopping the cleansing was possible. In order to avoid damaging the explored universes strength, he might have to go against his initial plan and share the World Tree Civilizations information in advance so that the war would break out earlier

However, whether the three Universal Civilizations believed it or not was not for him to decide.

"Hope the three Universal Civilizations dont play with fire. Maintaining the current state is good enough"

In the Primeval Star River, somewhere in a desolate universe belt, a spherical galactic fortress hovered. It looked like an enlarged metal brain. This was a Super Long Range Virtual Mind Wave Enhancer. On its surface were matrix-style quantum network bases that could hide the data sent to a certain extent and enhance the strength of a Virtual Intrusion.

Two round mechanical devices flew around it. This was the Federation of Lights Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device. Outside it, highly advanced stealth devices hovered like buoys and shrouded the area, preventing all kinds of detection means, including prophecies.

At this point of time, the avatars of Mornisa and several Beyond Grade A Mechanics sat inside the Virtual Mind Wave Enhancer on their own seats. They were all direct members of the three Universal Civilizations.

After preparing for about two to three months, the three Universal Civilizations finally agreed to this operation. The participants were all direct Beyond Grade A mechanics. Led by Mornisa and assisted by the three Universal Civilizations, they had gone to the Primeval Star River to hack into Manisons database.

The three Universal Civilizations took out many cutting-edge devices, even sharing the computing power of their civilizations main artificial intelligences to help with the intrusion, all to successfully break into Manisons database and take him by surprise.

"Virtual Mind Wave Enhancer and Intrusion Style Quantum Network Base Matrix operating at full power output, Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device entering preheating stage Federation of Light, Crimson Dynasty, Arcane Church main artificial intelligence computing power shared. Hacking route adjusted. Preparation complete. Please give the command."

The emotionless voice of an artificial intelligence sounded in the room.

Mornisa looked around at the teammates present, and a red light flashed across her avatar as she firmly said, "Guys, lets do it!"

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