The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1298

Chapter 1298 Argument

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"What are you talking about?".


Manison glared at Han Xiao. Having his biggest secret exposed, a storm was happening in his heart.


He had never told anyone he secretly studied the Virtual Mutiny Virus, so how did Black Star know?


Prophecy? Doesnt make sense, my base is covered in Information Form disruption devices, so others cant even find where my main body is, let alone that Ive been studying this technology.


Is he faking it?


"Dont lie. Since Ive pointed this out, of course, Ive obtained solid information," Han Xiao added. "As the president, I have to know my key members well. What you thought is a secret is no secret to me. Plus, I also know your research has already shown results This is very important, so tell the truth."


Manison looked at Han Xiaos calm expression and felt a chill in his heart. Suddenly, panic appeared in his mind for the first time in an extremely long time. He felt as if all his secrets were transparent to Han Xiao.


No matter how dangerous the situation he was in earlier when being invaded, his emotions remained completely unaffected. Now, just speaking with Han Xiao, his calm mood was broken instantly, and his mind was shaken.


This *sshole Black Star is really my fated nemesis.


Manison clenched his teeth in his mind.


He was in a dilemma. He really wanted to insist on hiding it, but he decided to tell the truth in the end.


"Since you knew, why didnt you stop my research?"


Han Xiao smiled in his head. Its not like I can control what you research about Plus, what I have is better.


The Virtual Mutiny Virus Manison made was only a semi-finished product. As for him, when he completed the [Intelligent Plague] mission with an S Mission Rating back then, he obtained the original (Domino Virus). Though incomplete, it was not something a mere forgery Manison created could compare to.


However, there was no need to tell Old Manison this. Han Xiao coughed and said, "Only because there was no need to."


Hearing this, Manison started making guesses and narrowed his eyes.


"Humph, I got it. You actually wanted this insurance too, but because you wanted to be elected president, you deliberately watched me do the dirty work. You dont oppose us having this dangerous technology, but it wont affect you this way." " Whatever you think."


Han Xiaos mouth twitched. To be frank, he liked talking to people who loved making speculations. He did not even have to come up with excuses, and the other person would do it for him. It was really quite convenient.


"Humph, were the same, after all." Manison snorted.


Han Xiao thought he might as well follow Manisons speculation, so he said seriously, "But I still dont agree with the path you wanted us to take. That hasnt changed."


Manison subconsciously wanted to argue, but as he thought of the Sanctum Revival method Han Xiao revealed that was indeed much more effective than what he planned to do, he could only shut up.


Seeing this, Han Xiao paused and continued, "The Virtual Mutiny Virus is a weapon of mass destruction to the galactic society. Its more than powerful enough to overthrow all order and turn the entire explored universe into chaos. Back when I personally shattered the virus core, in the eyes of the public, this dangerous technology disappeared forever, so they stopped worrying. However, if the three Universal Civilizations find out this technology surfaced again, things will be different."


"I think the three Universal Civilizations will be more wary." Manison did not seem concerned.


"You still want to be so stubborn and take one path to the end. Itll soon be too hard to turn back" Han Xiao sighed.


Though the association was confronting the three Universal Civilizations, the two sides were only intimidating each other, which formed a balance. However, if the Virtual Mutiny Virus appeared again, it would be seen as holding the entire galactic society hostage. Even if the association had no intention to use the virus, the nature of this conflict would change completely.


After all, the Virtual Mutiny Virus was too powerful. It could shatter the order of the galactic society and turn into a universal level disaster. When this technology was controlled by an individual and turned into a modifiable virus weapon, its threat would multiply tremendously once again. The individual could totally invent countless generations of the virus and release them all at once, crushing the galactic societys average artificial intelligence technology.


Without even having to think about it, there was absolutely no way the three Universal Civilizations would allow anyone other than themselves to have a hold of such a deadly weapon. It would be the equivalent of giving someone else the power to control the life and death of the galactic society.


Furthermore, Han Xiao would be affected too. The outside world all thought that he had destroyed the virus, so if Manison was discovered to possess it, even if Han Xiao was not related, conspiracies would definitely receive a lot of recognition. The outside world would think Han Xiao only put on a show back when he destroyed the virus core, while he actually formed a partnership with Manison behind the curtains.


This way, his image would shift to the complete opposite side and he would really become the common enemy of the universe. The association would be dragged down along with him too Fighting the domineering three Universal Civilizations as the oppressed side would be a justifiable battle for their rights and would receive a lot of support. However, if the association forced the three Universal Civilizations to obey through holding the entire galactic society hostage, the entire situations nature would change, and the number of people supporting the association would plummet.


"Theres never been a way to turn back to begin with," Manison said slowly. "Youve always talked about intimidation and balance. When will all that end? If we dont obliterate the three Universal Civilizations ambitions completely, theyll never give up controlling the scale of individual greatness. A balance without strategic deterrence isnt sustainable. Isnt it good to let the three Universal Civilizations know we are capable of rapidly destroying the entire galactic society?"


Han Xiao rubbed his temple and said, "Sure, the galactic society is very important, but when their rule is strongly threatened, the three Universal Civilizations will be willing to pay any price to eliminate their enemies. Although its not easy to form a galactic society, at least it can be rebuilt. But if they lose their ruling position, the three Universal Civilizations would rather wipe out everything and start anew. The three Universal Civilizations are acting cautious and fearful now, but once something crosses the line, theyll have the decisiveness to destroy everything and be reborn. Theyll never be threatened. This is not something we want to see happen."


Having spent so many years in Galaxy, he had seen things clearly. The production power of the galactic era was astonishing. When the production chains of the society no longer needed people to participate, to some advanced civilizations, population was only a renewable resource that was not even that valuable. They granted their people the rights they enjoyed only because of the functions they provided, not the people themselves.


Most of the time, the more advanced and stronger a civilization was, the less it had to care about the wishes of its people because there was nothing the people could do anymore. The three Universal Civilizations and the Super Star Cluster civilizations had already reached this level, only they did not do it. One reason was their traditions and regulations, and another was so that the society would remain in a virtuous cycle. This was not their weakness.


Therefore, Han Xiao had never doubted that the three Universal Civilizations would flip the table if pushed too hard. To them, people dying was no big deal. They only were not willing to flip the table, not that they could not.


"Hehe, if it were in the past, maybe youre right. But now youve brought the Sanctum Revival to the association, along with the intimidation of the Virtual Mutiny Virus, I dont think the three Universal Civilizations will still be as daring Anyway, I hid this technology to back the association up. Youre the president now, so deal with it," Manison said unhappily. "The fundamentals of this technology are in my brain, so these people cant steal it. But they stole some related lab records and logs. Although there is no clear description of the technology in them, whether they can link the records to the Virtual Mutiny Virus or not, I dont know."


" Tell me the truth, did you do it on purpose?"


"Its already happened. On purpose or not, does it matter?" Manisons tone was calm. "I hid this trump card mainly to prepare for the worst. Since the association wants balance, them finding out about us having this trump card is much better than finding out when we use it. At least it wont be the worst situation." " Really good job, and I thought youd really respect the path I want to take as the president."


Han Xiao gave him a meaningful look, turned around, and left right away.


Manison watched Han Xiao disappear in his sights. His lips seemed to have moved faintly, but he then went back to focus on repairing his firewall.


As his consciousness returned to his office in Black Star Palace, Han Xiao opened his eyes.


"Mechanic Emperor what an ass."


Regardless of whether the three Universal Civilizations stole it or Manison deliberately leaked it, there was quite a high chance the existence of the Virtual Mutiny Virus was going to be discovered by the three Universal Civilizations. This meant that the association had no choice but to deal with it.


Although the second set of Sanctum keys were collected now and he did have plans for an all-out war, he wanted it to come as late as possible. He thought the balance could last for a long time, but this sudden incident probably sped up its arrival tremendously. Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.


One way or another, it had already happened, and he had to prepare for it.


In the Joint Conference Room of the three Universal Civilizations


"Oh? Mornisa did it, nice."


Seeing the report, Louis nodded with satisfaction.


"Nothing to be happy about. If all of our main artificial intelligences couldnt deal with just one Mechanic Emperor, that would be strange," the pope said calmly. "Youre right." Louis looked at the remote projections of the Beyond Grade A Mechanics in front of him and wondered, "Wheres Mornisa? Why isnt she here?"


"She was heavily wounded by the Mechanic Emperor and is resting now. She doesnt have the energy to deal with other things," Defender Romo said with a deep voice.


"Hmm, send her my regards then." Louis waved. "What did you guys get this time?" "All data has been sent to the Science Institute. Theyre reorganizing and stitching the information. The results should come in very soon," Romo replied.


The data fragments they stole from Manisons database were not in order. It was a violent invasion, after all. Quite a large portion of the data was incomplete and had to be put together like puzzles. Only then would they know what data they had acquired.


Louis nodded. As he was just about to speak, an emergency report popped up on the virtual screen on his table. It was from the Science Institute.


"So soon?"


Louis raised his brows and looked at the report. Suddenly, his expression changed drastically.


The report consisted of the incomplete experiment records of Manisons research and developments of the Virtual Mutiny Virus. The Science Institute was still adding in more information as quickly as possible. However, just from the test results of these records, one could see that Manison had already achieved some results.


Marbruce and the pope saw his expression and turned to him. "What is it?"


" Take a look yourselves." Veins appeared on Louiss forehead as he sent the report to the two of them.


The two of them looked at it. Their expressions suddenly changed too, and rage appeared on their faces.


Romo and the other direct Beyond Grade As were curious.


What information did the Science Institute piece together from the data they collected that was able to make all three leaders so furious?


This time, Louis closed his eyes, calmed his mind, and looked at the curious Mechanics. He waved and turned off the remote projections. Only the three leaders were left in the room.


Seeing that the outsiders had left, Marbruce coldly said, "Mechanic Emperor never gave up and is still studying the Virtual Mutiny Virus, achieving some results even I wonder if Black Star shattered the virus core back then just to put on a show for us."


"If not because we hacked into the Mechanic Emperors database this time, god knows when we wouldve found out about this." The pope had barely suppressed his rage.


Louis looked at the two of them and said slowly, "The nature of the matter has changed. We have to prepare for the worst. Get ready for war."

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