The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1299

Chapter 1299 Arriving Storm

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" These are the new members wholl join the association today. Well be comrades on the same side from now on."

At the Beyond Grade A Association headquarters, Han Xiao introduced these newcomers to everyone present with a smile. They were Joeys group and the new batch of Holy Accord members.

After Manison got hacked by the three Universal Civilizations, he quickly arranged the time for them to join the army, and it was that day.

Hearing Han Xiaos introduction, the various Beyond Grade As present sized these newcomers up and looked surprised.

Although they already knew the Sanctum Revivals existence, they were still astonished when they saw a new batch of revivors.

Plus, not only were there revivors who were joining the association this time, but Black Star even attracted a few others who were avoiding the world previously to make the association stronger. From the way they looked at it, this was undoubtedly Black Stars measure against the three Universal Civilizations plans, and they were excited byit.

At the same time, this proved that Black Star could use the Sanctum Revival more than once, which was what the majority of people present cared about and were pleased by.

"Were all friends now that youve joined the association. Please, sit," Kasuyi said with a smile.

Joey and the others sighed and sat in their seats. Although they had a bit of social anxiety, they still tried to chat with the other Beyond Grade As.

The Holy Accord members exchanged looks and chatted as if this was the first time they had met.

The people chatted with the newcomers for a while. The atmosphere was harmonious like a big family.

Han Xiao waited for a while. Seeing that everyone chatted about enough, he smiled and said, "Alright, now that you guys have gotten to know each other, other than welcoming the newcomers, theres actually another matter that needs to be discussed today."

Hearing this, the room immediately became quiet. Everyone turned around and looked at Han Xiao, waiting for their president to continue.

Seeing this, Han Xiao changed into a serious expression and said slowly, "Not long ago, the three Universal Civilizations worked together to hack into Mechanic Emperors database and succeeded. The three Universal Civilizations are both testing and provoking us. Therefore, Id like to hear everyones suggestions today about how we should respond."

The people subconsciously glanced at Manison and saw that Manison was resting with his eyes closed. "I know about this. I received the distress signal back then too," Kant said with a deep voice, "Manison is a member of the association, so we should stand up for him." "Thats right. Although Manison is despicable, dishonorable, wretched, petty, old, ugly, and shameless, hes one of us. He was attacked by the three Universal Civilizations for no reason, so the association cant act like it never happened," Sun Hunter said.

"I agree." Secret Master nodded. Sun Hunter turned and glanced at him. "Which part?"

" All parts." Secret Masters eyes twitched and felt a bit of his luck had disappeared.

Manison snorted, opened his eyes, and said, "Focus on the matter. Dont insult others."

"Come on, is telling the truth illegal?" Sun Hunter said with a surprised tone.

Manison took a deep breath and calmed his emotions down. Calm down, calm down, no point getting angry Han Xiao gave Sun Hunter a look of approval and asked the others for suggestions.

More than ninety percent of the people agreed to stand up for Manison. It was not because they were good friends with old Manison, but it was not a personal matter. They hoped to receive the same treatment if something similar were to happen to them in the future.

" Since the majority agrees, the association will condemn the three Universal Civilizations actions tomorrow and demand that they give an explanation. At the same time, everyone, dispatch your armed forces. When necessary, we might have to take military action on the three Universal Civilizations."

Hearing this, the people were slightly stunned.

They thought just verbally condemning was about it, or a group of Mechanics causing trouble for the three Universal Civilizations vassal organizations at most. Why did Black Star sound like he was about to start a war?

However, their surprise only lasted for a few seconds, and they did not oppose it.

With the Sanctum Revival, most people were quite confident. Starting a war was not impossible to do. Plus, most people felt that Black Star was just planning to make it an exercise to intimidate them. After all, the situation was balanced for the time being and did not look like a war was about to break out.

"Hmm. Also, to prevent things like this from happening again, I suggest having everyones original body gather in the Flickering World and not give the three Universal Civilizations a chance to take us out one by one. Of course, this is not compulsory. If some people dont want to come, they can choose not to, but theyll have to deal with the consequences of that themselves"

While saying that, Han Xiao glanced at Manison.

Manison closed his eyes again and acted like he did not hear it. He was definitely not going to show his well-hidden original body in front of others.

Most people had no problems with this. Quite a number of them had come to the Flickering World recently to begin with, operating their forces here, so they did not have to travel far. The Beyond Grade As in the other Star Fields also had no problems with staying there temporarily.

They discussed for a while more to confirm the arrangements before going offline as the meeting ended.

Very soon, Han Xiao, Kasuyi, and Ames were the only three left in the venue.

Han Xiao glanced at Ames and said, "Arent you going offline? I have some private matters that I need to speak with old Kasu."

Ames shook her head, sighed, and said, "Aesop told me to tell you. He saw a confrontation that attracted the attention of the entire universe. The two sides confronting each other were the association and the three Universal Civilizations. The future he saw stopped there. He only knows that the results of it will change the fate of the entire universe. He wants to tell you to deal with it cautiously."

"The old man saw a prophecy again, huh?" Han Xiao narrowed his eyes, nodded, and said, "Got it, wait for me at home. Ill fetch you with the King after the meeting ends."

Ames smiled and went offline.

Now, only Kasuyi and Han Xiao were in the room.

Kasuyi heard the conversation from earlier and softly said, "Black Star, are we going to start a real fight with the three Universal Civilizations?"

"Very likely." Han Xiao casually explained the matter about the Virtual Mutiny Virus.

Kasuyis expression changed uncontrollably, and he did not know what to say. After quite some time, he sighed and said, "The Mechanic Emperor is still too stubborn, but theres nothing we can do about it, since you arent telling him that the Sanctum Revival can be used an infinite number of times Without the Virtual Mutiny Virus, your plan could have been carried out steadily. This added deterrence will only make things worse and change the nature of the entire situation." "Hehe, even if he knew the truth, hed most likely think the Sanctum Revival and the Virtual Mutiny Virus are a perfect match." Han Xiao curled his lips. "Never mind him. Anyway, be prepared. Tell your Void Dukes to monitor the three Universal Civilizations armies in the various big secondary dimensions. If they send troops to fight us, theyll definitely go all out." "Understood."

Kasuyi nodded and went offline.

The confrontation between the Beyond Grade A Association and the three Universal Civilizations already lasted for quite some time, the galactic society already gradually got used to this uptight atmosphere.

However, on this day, the Beyond Grade A Association openly condemned the three Universal Civilizations for hacking the database of its member, Manison, and demanded an explanation. The Federation of Light retaliated and claimed that Manison had stolen their secrets multiple times. This was just a late debt collection and a punishment that should have happened long ago.

The galactic residents were already used to seeing conflicts like this and thought this was another joyous day of the two sides verbally fighting each other. However, what happened next made many people sense it was different this time.

According to the past experiences, the association and the three Universal Civilizations would condemn each other back and forth a few times, and this matter would be over without much happening. Even if there were any punishments, it would at most be like a new law to target the Beyond Grade A association.

However, this time, the galactic residents and the various organizations shockingly realized that the two sides seemed to have decided to do the real deal.

After the announcement was made, the three Universal Civilizations and the Beyond Grade A Association surprisingly both dispatched troops on a large scale. The three Universal Civilizations fleets rode out from the Central Galaxy and stationed themselves at the various Star Fields, while the Beyond Grade A Associations people mainly gathered in the Flickering World.

A storm was brewing.

Even ordinary people could see that something was wrong. Although the three Universal Civilizations did not continue to make announcements after making the initial response, they were clearing sending the message that they would start a war any time.

Since the two sides confronted each other, most galactic residents were only watching a show, but now they were all nervous.

Most messages online of hoping the three Universal Civilizations could cleanse the Beyond Grade As were just people venting their emotions. When it seemed like it was really going to happen, many people panicked a little and were worried such a large-scale battle might affect them too.

Suddenly, the atmosphere of the entire galactic society became tense. Countless pairs of eyes paid close attention to the two sides.

"Weird, why are the three Universal Civilizations so daring all of a sudden?"

Inside the conference room of the Super Star Cluster Alliance, the various leaders were all surprised.

According to their analysis, due to all kinds of reasons, the three Universal Civilizations would not easily start a war, same for the association. Why did both of them suddenly become so headstrong?

If they assumed Manison was the fuse, they did not think it was that big of a deal. All that happened was some of the information in his database was stolen. Manison had not been killed or anything. Was there a need to escalate the situation this much?

"Did the three Universal Civilizations change their strategy and want to eliminate the problems no matter the cost?" someone pondered aloud.

"Probably not likely. Dont forget, were still here. If the three Universal Civilizations and the association both get heavily damaged, wont that be giving us an opportunity to rise?" the Star Arc Civilizations leader said hesitantly.

Their existence was the exact reason a weak balance could be maintained. If not because both sides were worried about the Super Star Cluster Alliance, they might have acted long ago.

"What do we do?"

"Just watch. If theyre really going to fight, its a good thing for us" the Star Arc Civilization leader said. "But we need to be careful about the three Universal Civilizations dragging us in. It wont be the first time theyve done something like that. Wed best station heavy troops at our borders. Dont have to interfere with their war, just protect our territories."

The Super Star Cluster leaders discussed their options quietly. They all sounded excited. Although they had no idea why the three Universal Civilizations and the association both suddenly became so impulsive, it was not bad news for them.

Time passed by quickly in the intense atmosphere. Under the close attention of the galactic society, both sides dispatched their troops more and more frequently without hiding their movements at all. They set up their formations like playing chess but never clashed with each other as if they ignored each others existence.

However, neither of the two sides made any announcements, which caused all kinds of rumors to spread, leading to panic everywhere.

The population flow of the various Star Fields showed the publics reaction. The galactic residents in the Flickering World left in large numbers, causing the stargates to jam. The number of people going to the Central Galaxy and some border Star Fields to take refuge increased tremendously day by day. Under the eyes of the entire world, an enormous joint fleet of the three Universal Civilizations advanced into the Primeval Star River and right toward the Mechanical Races territory.

At the same time, the three Universal Civilizations finally made a new joint announcement.

"Through the Science Institutes analysis of Mechanic Emperors database, we have acquired solid evidence that proves the Mechanic Emperors has been privately studying the Virtual Mutiny Virus, hoping to replicate this possible source of a universal level disaster. He has already achieved results and could attempt to bring catastrophe to the galaxy.

"On behalf of the galactic society, the Federation of Light, the Crimson Dynasty, and the Arcane Church have made a joint warning to the Mechanic Emperor-give up the Virtual Mutiny Virus technology immediately and destroy all backup data under our supervision. We will protect the safety of the galactic society no matter the cost!"

On the day this announcement was made, the dark clouds of the Intelligent Plague once again shrouded galactic society and the hearts of countless galactic residents. Panic swept one Star System after another at an unbelievable speed.

The Virtual Mutiny Virus is still in this world

Someone produced this monstrous virus capable of threatening the entire universe again for his own interests?

The galactic society exploded!

Along with shock and fear, there was incomparable rage. The Mechanic Emperor deserves to die!

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