The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1301

Chapter 1301 Negotiation

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At the Mechanical Race territorys defense circle, the three Universal Civilizations joint fleet and the Beyond Grade A Association had been standing opposite each other for quite some time, and the atmosphere was very intense.

At the edge of their fleets, spaceships with symbols of differing galactic media groups were broadcasting the situation live. None of the sides banished the battlefield reporters.

As this place might become a battlefield, these media groups only sent unmanned spaceships to carry out remote broadcasting. This place had become the eye of the storm, and the entire universes attention was focused there, so the audience count had already broken records.

"The three Universal Civilizations fleet has been stopped. The two sides have not fired though the reason is unknown, a battle did not break out. We sincerely hope things will come to change"

In the broadcast channel of a galactic media, the host spoke with a serious expression. Countless viewers watched the images nervously and anxiously. With all the comments online, the majority of people already knew that what was about to happen would be the turning point. If the two sides started a battle, it might lead to an all-out war between the three Universal Civilizations and the Beyond Grade A Association, and countless people were terrified of that.

At this time, two streams of light appeared in the broadcast, dashing quickly from inside the defense circle toward the middle area, showing themselves in front of everyone.

"The center of all this, the Mechanic Emperor has finally appeared. The person beside him is the Beyond Grade A Associations president, Black Star. Did he come personally to stop the three Universal Civilizations?"

Hearing the hosts introduction, the eyes of the countless galactic residents focused on the two of them. Many felt complicated toward these two people who caused the situation of the entire universe to become like this.

Han Xiao stepped out of the association fleets formation, came to between the two armies, and hovered in the center, instantly becoming the focus of everyones attention. The battleships of both sides all focused their cameras on him and displayed his enlarged image on their screens.

He glanced at the enormous fleet of the three Universal Civilizations, opened the public channel, and said to everyone,

"Youre neither fighting nor retreating. Bring out someone whos in charge. I believe no one wanted to see things escalate to this point. If we can come up with a plan we can all accept, no one will want to solve problems with violence."

As he said that, the battlefield became silent for some time. Then, three beams shot out from the main ship, forming the remote projections of the three Universal Civilizations in front of Han Xiao, entering the public channel at the same time.

As soon as the communication was picked up, Louis cut to the chase and said with a deep voice, "Black Star, are you going to hold on to the Virtual Mutiny Virus that might endanger the entire explored universe and protect the malicious Mechanic Emperor?"

Han Xiao shook his head. "The Virtual Mutiny Virus was destroyed long ago. The Mechanic Emperor only studied it and achieved some results. Its his innovation to begin with. Although this technology is dangerous, we have no obligation to submit it to the three Universal Civilizations, nor did it ever endanger the galactic society. How is it malicious? On the other hand, attempting to threaten the Mechanic Emperor to give up his technology by sending an army to surround the Mechanical Race territory isnt all that honorable."

"Judging from past experiences, the Mechanic Emperors motive to study this technology is suspicious. Out of safety reasons, we need to obtain this technology, as well as control the Mechanic Emperor himself. This is all to protect the galactic society. Thats where the duty of the three Universal Civilizations lies," Marbruce said with a serious expression.

With the same calm expression, Han Xiao said, "Back during the Intelligent Plague, multiple Beyond Grade A Mechanics worked together to defuse the disaster, which proved that the association is also protecting the safety of the universe. We will ensure that this technology wont endanger the galactic society all the same. This is the internal matter for the association to handle; we wont accept the three Universal Civilizations interference."

The churchs pope said seriously, "The Beyond Grade A Development Union is only a civilian organization. Its promise doesnt mean anything. The three Universal Civilizations have the authority to carry out needed measures and monitor anything that might endanger the galactic society. This is within the boundaries of the law. The Mechanic Emperor must submit the Virtual Mutiny Virus!"

"Impossible." Han Xiao rejected it instantly. "The association has already stated its stance in the announcement. Its members have the freedom to research what they want, and we wont accept forceful measures. The association will restrain the application range of the technology. We hope the three Universal Civilizations will retreat immediately!"

Louis paused and said with a louder and more serious voice, "We will pull our army back as soon as the Mechanic Emperor submits the technology. Before that, we wont terminate this operation for any reason. You have ten days. We hope the association will think carefully in this time and not make the wrong decision."

"Theres no need to talk further then?"

"You have ten days."

Han Xiao nodded and said with a serious voice, "Since thats the case, Ill stay here from now on, and if you want to force the association to submit the technology, youll have to get past me!"

Then, he crossed his legs and hovered in the center between the two armies. Although he was alone, it was like he had drawn an invisible line that extended out infinitely.

The three Universal Civilizations leaders gave him a deep look before their remote projections disappeared.

The two sides had spoken in the public channel, so everyone present had heard it, including the media.

The expressions of countless galactic residents changed.

"Does this mean the negotiation failed?"

"Neither side is willing to take a step back. Looks like theyre really going to fight!" "Theres still ten days. I wonder if I have enough time to take refuge."

The galactic society was in fear.

Han Xiao looked around at the three Universal Civilizations fleet. Seeing that they were still on standby, he shook his head.

As the president, he represented the association. There was no way he was going to step back and submit the technology. It was the same for the three Universal Civilizations; they were not going to retreat before achieving their goal.

"Ten days" Han Xiao mumbled. This was the time the three Universal Civilizations had given him. In ten days, if they still could not come to an agreement, a fight might really break out. The three Universal Civilizations probably made up their minds this time and were willing to accept the consequences of starting a war.

He glanced at the interface. In his mission list, a new mission was pinned to the top. It was the mission he had triggered from Manison. The requirement was to defuse the danger the Mechanical Race was in by any means necessary. As long as he could make the three Universal Civilizations retreat, the mission would be considered complete.

Maybe because Manison personally asked him to help, other than the high experience, the reward also included one chance to draw an ability from Manison.

Of course, Han Xiao was not going to let this opportunity slip.

He casually opened the forums. The stand he made earlier was also recorded by the players in the fleet.

Unlike the galactic residents who were panicking, the players were all looking forward to it. They were all excited about the current situation.

Beep beep

This time, his communicator suddenly rang. It was surprisingly a call from Marbruce.

Han Xiao was not surprised at all. The open negotiation was more to express their stand to the outside world. The real negotiation still had to be carried out privately.

Picking up the communication, the three Universal Civilizations leaders appeared on the screen inside the mechanical suit.

"Black Star, do you really want to start a war?" Marbruce questioned.

"I should be asking you guys that."

"Dont be overconfident just because you have the Sanctum Revival. Youre leading the Beyond Grade As to their deaths," Louis said coldly.

"Isnt that exactly what you guys want to see? If not because youre worried about the damages a war might cause, why would you contact me privately now?"

"Hehe, we have already come to some results in our research. We know that using the Sanctum Revival will consume some special resources, and its not free; you cant bluff us. Plus, these revivors have already used their one chance of revival. If a fight really breaks out, you guys will incur damages too. No one wants that," the pope said.

"What great ideas do you have then?" Han Xiao curled his lips. "We want the Virtual Mutiny Virus and the related information of the Sanctum Revival. In exchange, not only will we pull away our army, but well also void the new law against the association and support your developments. We can even provide you with more than enough Universal Treasures and blueprints, and we can promise that no one in the Black Star Army will be on the cleanse list in the future. These deals will be done privately and not shared with the public. We can say we pulled out our army because we were intimidated by your strength, so your reputation will become even higher"

"Youre daydreaming, good-freaking-bye."

Before they could respond, Han Xiao hung up the communication right away.

This was the first time he had hung up on the call from the three Universal Civilizations leaders. He would have never done it if it were in the past before the association and the three Universal Civilizations became complete oppositions. He felt great doing it.

" Hmm, okay, understood."

After hearing the orders from above, Fleet Commander Simon put down the communicator, returned to the command table, and calmly ordered, "Pass down my orders. Engineering team, start to assemble the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device. Start preheating in twelve hours and connect with the otherside."

"Were getting reinforcements?" the chief staff sergeant on the side asked.


Simon turned around and looked outside the porthole at Han Xiao, who was sitting alone in the cosmic space. He said with a meaningful one, "Orders from above, were going to receive the direct Beyond Grade As who will be sent here."

"How many?"

Hearing this, Simon looked at him.

"All of them."

In Black Star Palaces guest hall, a group of Beyond Grade As gathered and watched the news broadcast of what was happening at the Mechanical Race territory with varied expressions, discussing the matter softly. "Black Stars stand is too strong. There wont be room for negotiation like this." Milizaus was worried.

While adjusting his gun, Sun Hunter said, "Bullsh*t negotiation, this fight is unavoidable. Black Star isnt just putting on a show by standing there. Im guessing hes waiting for the three Universal Civilizations to send their direct members to fight him. Be it duels or fighting them all at once, hell accept it. Hes doing this on purpose to intimidate them."

"Can he do it alone?" Kant frowned. "If the three Universal Civilizations go all-out, Dark Lord and Golden Ring will definitely be there. Those who are stationed in the secondary dimension bases will most likely be called back too. No matter how strong Black Star is, he has limits. Plus, even God Chooser mightgo."

"Black Star should be able to deal with the others, but God Chooser" Kasuyi hesitated. "If he uses the Arcane Churchs National Treasure, Black Star might have problems."

Hila crossed her arms, put one leg on top the other, and said coldly, "You dont have to be concerned about Black Star. His skin is thick enough. Better think of the threat were facing right now. The three Universal Civilizations army have already locked down the Flickering Worlds entrance, the Dawn Star Cluster, so they could attack us any time There are probably already at least ten thousand Super Long Range Planet Annihilation Weapons aimed at this placenow."

"Ten thousand? Youre underestimating the three Universal Civilizations way too much." Sun Hunter snorted.

Kasuyi shook his head. "Weve done what we needed. We can only wait for the results at the Primeval Star River. The three Universal Civilizations wont fire at the other areas before they do anything to the Mechanical Races territory at least."

The others sighed. Although they knew this would happen sooner or later, when it really did, they still were not confident about it.

No matter what, their opponents were the rulers of this universe. The fear in their hearts that had lasted for so long in the past could not be cleared this easily.

The situation turned way too quickly. Even many Beyond Grade As could not get used to it. However, the changes of time were always sudden. Rarely did it give people the time to adapt. They could only accept the reality.

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