The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1302

Chapter 1302 Challenge

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Many military base planets were stationed in the Dawn Star Cluster, filled with countless deep holes that had enormous caliber Super-Long-Range Psionic Planetary Obliteration Cannons that were aimed at the nearby Star Clustersthe Garu Star Cluster, Crown Star Cluster, and the Renault Star Cluster. These were all areas of the second exploration phase and were now prosperous areas with many Beyond Grade A Organizations stationed in them. Of the Planetary Obliteration Cannons, Black Stars territories had the highest number of them aimed at them.

The Dawn Star Cluster was the area the Crimson Dynasty had taken over the earliest. Many of the planets there were military restricted areas. In the past few decades, these planets had all been modified into weapons.

After the first Meeting of the Gods a few decades ago, the Crimson Dynasty had secretly started carrying out this project, planning for the future. What was happening today was exactly what they had been preparing for. If a fight broke out, this Star Cluster could immediately become the bridgehead of the war. At the same time, the regular route between the Flickering World and the explored universe would be sealed up.

Fleets belonging to the three Universal Civilizations stationed in the various places of the Dawn Star Cluster, while the three Universal Civilizations temporary combat command center also moved from Planet Lighthouse to a military planet at the heart of the Dawn Star Cluster.

"Maintain the highest alert level in the next ten days. Once the joint fleet starts to fight on the Mechanical Races territory, thatll be our signal to fire at all Beyond Grade A organizations, including the Black Star Armys territories."

Inside the temporary combat command center, Euwan Fabick looked around at the many military officers in the room with eyes as sharp as an eagle.

He was a high-level military officer of the Crimson Dynasty who had taken over the position as the Marshal of the dynastys exploration army after Tarrokov retired. Due to all the things happening lately, the three Universal Civilizations classified the Flickering World as an independent key war zone, and he had become the commander of this war zone directly, in charge of the military operations of the three Universal Civilizations in the Flickering World.

"Understood," the others replied simultaneously.

Euwan turned to one of the military officers and said, "Due to shortage of manpower, the people above cant send direct Beyond Grade As here to help. Hows the setup of the defense measures doing? After the battle starts, the Beyond Grade As will definitely try to assassinate the people in the command center. If we cant stop them from invading the Dawn Star Clusters core, the situation is going to be very tough."

"The engineering team is setting up the defense measures as quickly as possible. Theyve also left traps and quick support routes. If the Beyond Grade As go too deep, theres a chance we can surround and eliminate them"

"Give me a report later." Euwan raised his hand and stopped him. He then asked about the progress of other things.

Whether the three Universal Civilizations would end up fighting the association or not, this was not something he cared about. He only cared about his own duty, making sure the strategy could be carried out if a battle did start.

In some desolate universe belt in the Dawn Star Cluster, many hovering shrouding devices circled around a small planet and orbited in the exterior atmosphere, putting out illusions to shroud what was happening on the surface so that it would not be detected by others.

From the outside, this was just a desolate planet. However, the real look of the planet would only show when entering the atmosphere. This was a mechanical fortress that was armed to the teeth, filled with countless battleships and mechanical armies.

In the past few decades, the Black Star Army was not only operating its territory but also setting up many secret bases in other areas, and this was one of them.

At the top of a building, Aurora stood at the edge of the balcony looking at the enormous white mechanical ring far away. This was a new fixed directional teleportation technology Han Xiao had obtained from Jayzs treasure that could transport troops on a large scale. It was not yet activated.

Behind her was a huge crowd. Everyones body was giving off a faint light. They were all Hero Spirits who had acquired a physical body. The eight Hero Spirit Kings stood in one row in front of thousands of Calamity Grade Hero Spirits, followed by countless Grade B Hero Spirits.

As early as when Manisons database was attacked, Han Xiao had urgently recalled Aurora, who was traveling at the time, and given her a secret mission. She was to hide in one secret base and keep using her ability. Other than eating and sleeping, she spent all her time summoning Hero Spirits of the Underworld.

Auroras life in this period of time was summoning Hero Spirit, resting, and recovering. Then she would continue summoning more Hero Spirits and repeat. By doing that every day to the limits of her stamina, she finally summoned so many Hero Spirits.

The amount of time these Hero Spirits with a physical body could exist relied on the speed their body was losing vitality. Basically, as long as they were not killed or Aurora did not take away their body, they could last for a very long time. That was especially so when they were in the standby mode as they were now. The speed they were losing vitality was negligible. This was how Aurora had accumulated such a huge army.

Aurora turned to look at the Hero Spirits and softly said, "Black Star said that you guys will have to make a big mess in the Dawn Star Cluster before the ten days are up. Destroy as many of the three Universal Civilizations Planetary Obliteration weapons as possible."

Sorokin snorted. "He really likes to order people around."

After spending more than four decades as a Hero Spirit, he had accepted his fate and gotten used to his identity. However, he had never given up his hobby of making money. In order to satisfy that, he had found a way to change the societal environment of the Underworld.

As Hero Spirits basically had zero physical needs when they were in the spirit form, through observing over a very long time, Sorokin discovered what they all needed. Hence, he created a concept currency system based on Promises. One promise meant one owed another person a favor, while the promises from Hero Spirits of different levels and identity represented different values.

When a Hero Spirit gave promises to one or more other Hero Spirits, it was the equivalent of printing money. Sorokin designed a special credibility system to prevent the Hero Spirits from giving out promises without restraint, which would have led to inflation, at the same time solving a series of problems associated with damaged promises. Plus, the number of promises every Hero Spirit could create in a certain period was limited. Also, this kind of promises currency was allowed to be sold to others, similar to giving others ones debts.

Sorokin worked quite hard to promote this system. He even convinced Aurora and Onicelu to semi-relate the monetization of this currency with the chances of reviving and the duration of being revived. This way, the Underworld Hero Spirits who usually had nothing to do gradually accepted this system.

Having created a market, using the capitalist methods he was most proficient in, Sorokin harvested a ton of promises. Currently, the Hero Spirits of the Underworld owed him 0.37 Promises on average. He became the wealthiest person in the Underworld Although this did not mean much, seeing his wealth increase was satisfying to him on its own.

This war made Sorokin see an opportunity to largely monopolize the promise currency. After all, if a war broke out, the Underworld Hero Spirits would definitely be revived frequently. Although they were summoned for a war, it was much better than staying in the Underworld and doing nothing.

As for the conflict between the association and the three Universal Civilizations, Sorokin was not interested. His position was no longer the same; it was not his problem to worry about anymore.

Aurora turned back and continued to look in front. Facing away from the many Hero Spirits, her expression became worried.

Both the three Universal Civilizations and the association had set up secret bases like this in the various key Star Fields. Once an all-out war erupted, tons of places would be drawing in blood, and she did not really want to see that.

"If a war really breaks out, I hope I can save more people with the Underworld"

Back in the Mechanical Races territory, the media and news groups were still broadcasting the situation. A lot of time had already passed after the failed negotiation. Han Xiao sat in the middle as if he was dividing the fleets of the two sides. None of them moved.

Looking at the broadcast that was like a still image, the countless galactic residents kept feeling more anxious.

More than half a day had already passed, yet neither side had made a move. Were they going to just keep looking at each other for ten days? If that was the case, their stand would not change even after ten days.

While many were feeling pessimistic, a change happened in the three Universal Civilizations joint fleet. The Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device was suddenly activated. After rapidly spinning for a while, it released a bright light, and a small fleet arrived through teleportation.


Countless galactic residents were excited. Although they did not know what the three Universal Civilizations were doing, change was good.

Through the broadcast, countless peoples eyes followed this small fleet as it passed through the fleets formation and arrived at the main ship of the joint fleet.

At the same time, inside the command room in the main fleet, all crew members including Simon stood up to welcome the people who were arriving.

As footsteps approached, a group of people with varied appearances walked into the command room.

Seeing this, thrilled chatter sounded among the crews, naming these people like reading off a list.

"The Crimson Dynastys Dark Lord Clotti, Thunder Guzar, Army Leader Padro, Army Flag Enid

"The Federation of Lights Golden Ring Oulou, Super Mentor Verena, Defender Romo "The Arcane Churchs God Chooser Wuornos, Mechanical Catastrophe Francisco, Holy Disciple Mornan Its them!"

The people who had just arrived were indeed all the direct Beyond Grade As of the three Universal Civilizations. There were as many as dozens of them. They had all been urgently summoned.

Simon took a few steps forward, nodded at them, and said, "I wont say much. I believe youve already been given orders and know what to do."

Hearing this, they all turned to look outside the porthole and focused on Han Xiao.

Oulou grinned with a tint of cruelty.

"Dont worry. Were here now. He wont be arrogant for long."

"Ill leave Black Star to you guys." Simon nodded.

The fleet firing was the signal to start an all-out war. Before the ten days period ended, the three Universal Civilizations were not going to do that. However, since Black Star had come out on his own, they could test him. Therefore, the three Universal Civilizations had summoned their direct members and planned to pressure the association.

This time, Verena looked around at everyone and said slowly, "Black Star is very strong and difficult to deal with, but if we fight him together from the start, it wont look good. Only Clotti, Oulou, and Wuornos here are capable of fighting Black Star alone. Which of you will go first?"

Hearing this, everyone focused on the three of them. Most people were looking at Wuornos, who was known as the strongest.

Wuornos eyes were closed, and he remained silent, not looking interested in this mission. It was true. If not because the church pope had called him here, he would not have left the Temple of Ten Thousand Gods at all.

Seeing that he did not speak, the others turned to look at Clotti.

"You used to work with Black Star. You should know about his abilities more than us," Verena said.

Clotti frowned. "I dont know more than you do. He"

This time, Oulou interrupted him.

"Ill deal with him. Ive been wanting to fight Black Star for a long time. Maybe I can take him on the spot."

Seeing this, the others nodded and did not fight with him for the spot.

This time, Verena tapped her forehead with her finger. A pure white glow flew out and landed on Oulou. Suddenly, Oulou felt the energy in his body start to boil. His ability strength kept increasing

"Hehe, I can deal with Black Star without this enhancement."

Oulou was not very thankful.

"Its for just in case," Verena replied calmly.

She was the principal of the Federation of Lights Super Research Institution. She had a utility Esper Ability that leaned toward supporting others, enhancing the abilities of other Supers. She could also analyze the targets abilitys growth path and design comprehensive training plans for them. This was why she was given the nickname of Super Mentor.

A few minutes later, Han Xiao, who was resting in the battlefield, slowly opened his eyes.

In his sights, a familiar person stepped out of the three Universal Civilizations fleet and hovered not far from him, giving off a powerful presence that was exclusive to peak Beyond Grade As.

"Oulou?" Han Xiao said softly in the public channel.

Oulou narrowed his eyes. "I heard that in order to make the association submit the technology, well have to get past you?" "As long as you can defeat me, I can consider it," Han Xiao answered casually.

Hearing this, Oulous eyes flickered, and he said with a deep voice, "Then you can start considering that option now!"

After that, his presence rapidly grew. Tons of golden rings appeared behind him, linking to a bright golden world, giving him seemingly infinite energy. It was indeed the Golden Treasure Ship dimension he was known to have.

Seeing this, Han Xiao shook his head and slowly said, "Do you want to consider joining the association to enjoy the Sanctum Revival chance? You wont get killed for nothing that way."

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