The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304 Something New

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Beep beep

At this time, Verenas coded communicator rang. The face of the federations president, Louis, appeared on the screen with an unsatisfied expression.

The leaders of the three Universal Civilizations were watching the broadcast too and were just about as unsatisfied as they could be about the battle earlier.

"What are you doing? I told you guys to go there to help, not to get beat up!"

"Sorry, we wanted to test Black Stars strength, but hes much stronger than the intelligence says" Verena explained. " Dont be so careless again. Oulou losing this easily isnt good for the federations reputation. I dont want to see it happen again," Louis suppressed the shock and rage in his heart.


Verena hung up the communication and sighed.

They had only lost one battle, and their bosses were already scolding them. Usually, these upper echelons would not be as impatient as this, but they were probably shocked by that battle too and could not keep it in any longer, so they quickly hinted for these direct members to not hold back.

She knew very well why the upper echelons summoned all the direct members here. They thought that with so many of them working together, they could at least suppress Black Star by outnumbering him. At the start, Verena was filled with confidence, but not anymore.

The upper echelons had this idea based on the records of Black Stars strength. However, the last public battle Black Star was in was decades ago when he fought Manison. Back then, the two of them had fought intensely, and Black Star had quite a hard time defeating Mechanic Emperors Lords Avatar.

Hence, in the eyes of the three Universal Civilizations, Black Star was a bit stronger than Manison at his peak, but not a lot stronger. Therefore, the three Universal Civilizations felt that as long as they sent all their direct members, it would be more than enough to teach Black Star a lesson. After all, they had three peak Beyond Grade As, and Gods Chosen was acknowledged by all as the strongest who could defeat even Mechanic Emperor. There was no reason they would fail.

However, the strength Black Star had just displayed refreshed the three Universal Civilizations knowledge. Oulou, whose strength was also in the top tier, lost so embarrassingly, and Black Star did not even use his full strength.

Although they knew that Black Star had remained low profile for decades and that their intelligence was already outdated, the difference was way too huge! " What now?"

The people suppressed their emotions and exchanged looks.

Being shocked was one thing, but they still had to execute the mission given to them.

Verena pondered for a while and said, "The targets strength is beyond expectations. Dueling will do nothing. Looks like we have no choice but to fight him in groups. Lets all discuss how we should deal with him."

They started discussing it as if they were facing a terrifying enemy.

They were all intimidated by Han Xiaos strength. Even though they were going to fight him together, they did not dare strik carelessly before coming up with a reliable plan.

Wuornos stood at the edge of the crowd and did not participate in the discussion. He looked through the porthole at Han Xiao, who was hovering in the cosmic space. His eyes kept flickering, and he mumbled in his mind, 11,000 Energy Rank minimum, at least one Gods Trait Transformation route fully completed Worthy target to turn.

Inside the Mechanical Races main ship, the many crew members were thrilled by the results of this one-sided battle and started cheering.

In front of the porthole, Manison looked at Han Xiaos back in silence. Although his avatar was expressionless, a tsunami was roaring in his mind.

How is this guy so strong? Manison was naturally shocked. His impression of Han Xiao also remained in the last time they fought. It had been a very long time since he saw Black Star fight anyone.

Although he knew he was probably no match for Black Star, he never thought the difference would be so huge. Even if he had to fight Oulou, he could not have done it so easily and casually. It would be an extremely intense and suspenseful battle.

Black Star is becoming more and more unfathomable. How the hell does he become stronger so quickly?

Having realized that Black Star was already so much ahead of him and that he could no longer figure out Han Xiaos limits, Manison could not help but feel complicated and a little sour.

However, after being down for a few seconds, Manison let it go and sighed.

Maybe only someone like this was capable enough of leading the Beyond Grade As into a higher level Having a leader like this was a blessing for the Beyond Grade As of this era.

The only thing Black Star lacked was probably accumulation

Manisons eyes spun, and he made up his mind.

He was not a petty man. If Black Star had needs, he did not mind lending his machines to Black Star.

With Black Stars strength and my inventory, hell probably have no match in the universe.

"I knew it. The three Universal Civilizations are overconfident. How can they possibly bring out someone who can fight Black Star?"

The four old hermits including Joey were watching the broadcast and looked relieved.

They had fought Black Star only about a year ago and were the ones who knew Black Stars strength the best in the universe. Back then, their confidence was absolutely crushed and still had yet to recover; they felt shivers every time they saw Black Star.

Earlier, when they saw the three Universal Civilizations only send Oulou to fight Black Star, they were surprised. They thought the three Universal Civilizations had hidden some direct members who were as strong as Black Star, and that made them uneasy.

However, when they saw the one-sided battle, Joey and the others knew that they were overthinking it and worrying for nothing

"The three Universal Civilizations intelligence is way too outdated. One peak Beyond Grade A is probably nothing to Black Star." Joey shook his head.

"Theyll have to fight as more than one if they want to win, just like what we did" Joey felt a little awkward. "Black Star seemed relaxed when fighting the four of us too. God knows what his limit is."

" Do you guys think he expected this long ago, which is why he kept a low profile for decades?"

"Who knows?"

The few of them softly gossiped.

After defeating Oulou, the three Universal Civilizations seemed to be shocked and did not immediately send someone new in right after. Han Xiao sat on his throne and waited patiently.

"Looks like the three Universal Civilizations expectation of my strength was not high enough."

Seeing the three Universal Civilizations fleet that was not making a move, Han Xiao curled his lips.

In the past few decades, he had kept a low profile and quietly accumulated his strength. Only the Holy Accord, Joeys group, and Kasuyi had seen his strength; the outside world almost knew nothing about it.

The main reason was that there was not really a chance for him to fight publicly. The Beyond Grade A circle was quite small, and there were only a few he could fight.

More than a year ago when he beat up Joey and the others, Han Xiao had gained a rough estimate about his own strength. It would take at least a dozen high-level Beyond Grade As to cause any threat to him.

For now, not only were his growth talents growing steadily, but he had also even obtained (The Ancient Ones) and his first Unique Talent, and he had acquired some new technology from SWY-001. His strength had grown even higher, and the number of Beyond Grade As it would take to cause any threat to him increased once again.

Fighting Oulou was nothing but an appetizer to him. He had gone there with the mindset of starting a slaughter, showing the outside world the strength that fitted the identity of the leader of the Beyond Grade As while getting some talents. Stepping up on his personal behalf at such an important occasion, he was certain there would be opportunities for him to fight.

Seeing that the three Universal Civilizations were not making a move, Han Xiao opened the interface. The Challenge Mission triggered by Oulou was already shown as completed. Since he could not leave at this point and could not acquire some luck, Han Xiao chose to conclude it on the spot.

(Beyond Grade A Challenge Mission-Golden Ring Oulou) completed!

You have completed all the mission requirements. You have received 86 Billion EXP!

You have received (Character Summon Card Golden Ring Oulou)!

Character Summon Card Golden Ring Oulou: (Golden Treasure Ship-Ram] Condense the energy of the Golden Treasure Ship dimension in your body and carry out a long-distance charging attack. Youre immune to any Crowd Control abilities during the charge. Deals a high amount of melee combat damage. Usages: 0/3

"Aiyo, a distance closing ability, nice."

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

Sadly, Oulou did not use this ability earlier, or he would have had the chance to do some stretching

"If theres a chance in the future, I shall try to see if I can get some taunt-type ability. I feel like this is what my combat style needs"

If he could just yell, "Come here, ya coward!" and the enemy actively went to him, it would be amazing

Shaking his head, he put these thoughts behind and looked at the rest of the notification.

You have received a reward: Draw one of Oulous Abilities/Talents.

Note: Oulou is an Esper, so part of the abilities/talents are adjusted according to your class.

Randomizing complete!

Please select one from the five options below as the reward.

Han Xiao tutted. "My luck is ordinary as always without touching Feidin."

After all, due to the difference in class, most of the core abilities of Espers were unobtainable. A surprise like with Gaud would not happen every time.

Looking through, Han Xiao made a decision very quickly.

You have received the talent (Secondary Dimension Affinity]!

He had a link with the Void Dimension and the Underworld, and his Racial Talent was also related to the Void Dimension, so choosing this talent would indirectly enhance his Racial Talent. As for the other options, they were either too ordinary, or he already had something similar.

Comparatively, the ability of this Character Summon Card was quite good. After all, it gave immunity to Crowd Control abilities, which might be amazing in some scenarios.

After concluding the reward, seeing that the three Universal Civilizations still did not make any move, Han Xiao started looking at the forums.

More than half a day passed like this. When only eight and a half days were left till the end of the three Universal Civilizations ultimatum deadline, they finally struck the second time.

A total of thirteen direct Beyond Grade As stepped up and walked out. Only then did Han Xiao close the forums and size them up. He saw that Clotti and Oulou among them, clearly the leaders.

This was a horrifying enough team. In a direct head-on battle, other than Gods Chosen who no one knew what his limits were, no one else in the universe could match up to it. Plus, there were no actors among these people; they had the same goal and would not hold back at all.

"Yo, no more duels?" Han Xiao said with a mocking tone.

Oulou looked ashamed. He had already adjusted back to normal after the humiliating loss, and he could not have been more embarrassed.

This time, Clotti slowly said, "Black Star, you are indeed strong. However, since you stepped up to take challenges, you wont mind us fighting you in a group, will you?"

"Whatever. No matter how many Beyond Grade As you send, as long as you can defeat me." Han Xiao did not mind.

Clotti nodded. He suddenly changed the topic and said, "His Excellency told me to ask you a question Gaud, you killed him, didnt you?"

As he said that, the other direct members were surprised. Even the many onlookers were stunned.

The Gaud incident was huge back then, and many people still had an impression of it. Now that it was brought up, many people were reminded of it once more.

"Oh? Im warning you. We might be enemies, but I wont just let you frame me like this," Han Xiao said with a poker face.

Clotti added with a deep voice, "Originally, we didnt suspect you because you were the dynastys ally. However, there were way too many suspicious parts about that incident back then. In recent years, youve become more and more lawless, so our suspicion of you has grown as well. You had plenty of reasons to attack Gaud Sorokin might not be the culprit, just someone you framed!"

Han Xiao waved, interrupted him, and said casually, "What you say means nothing without evidence. Ive never even thought of killing Gaud." "You think you can clear your suspicion?" "Hehe, Im not guilty." Han Xiao did not mind it.

Of course, I never thought of killing Gaud. I only sealed him up. Hes still alive, so this isnt a lie.

Plus, other than him, probably no one else knew about the fact that Gaud was EsGod. He never regretted capturing that guy; it was only a pity no one knew his contribution.

While speaking, Han Xiao stood up from his throne. The gates of the secondary dimensional army boxes opened behind him.

Even Han Xiao did not dare act overconfident facing this situation. None of these thirteen direct members were ordinary. The three Universal Civilizations had probably given each of them Universal Treasures, so they might have some trump cards. Plus, when fighting together, their strength would not just add up but multiply. However, taking the opponents seriously was one thing, but he was not going to say it out loud.

"Thirteen Beyond Grade As its at least enough for me to warm up a little."

As he said that, the swarm of mechanical army appeared once again. This time, they gathered around Han Xiao and quickly assembled into a Mechanical Deity.

Seeing this, Clotti and the others spread out and formed an encirclement. Their energy presence became unrestrained and clashed with Han Xiaos energy presence. The energy readings in the area rocketed, and the spacetime stability started to fluctuate.

In this extremely tense moment, another Mechanical Deity suddenly appeared in the Mechanical Races fleet. It was Manison, and he instantly attracted everyones attention.

The next moment, Manison suddenly threw out the Emperor Mechanics Sacred Trident at Han Xiao, the rest of the Universal Treasures on the body of his Mechanical Deity also detached and flew toward Han Xiao.

Han Xiao caught the Emperor Mechanics Sacred Trident that was covered in electronic sparks. The various Mechanical Deity exclusive weapons of Manison also attached to his Mechanical Deitys body, assembling perfectly. The controls of these equipment were transferred to Han Xiao, and his Mechanical Deity looked more magnificent right away.

He turned around and looked at Manison. He then heard Manison speaking in their channel.

"Since theyre fighting you as more than one, Ill lend you my weapons."

" I dont need it, but thanks."

Han Xiao weighed the Emperor Mechanics Sacred Trident and felt complicated.

Old Manison had always taken the secrecy of his technology extremely importantly and treated these Universal Treasures almost like his wives.

I could only secretly steal them, but now hes willing to lend them to me Damn, Im touched.

Han Xiao turned and looked at Clotti and the others. Psionic energy spun around the blade of the trident, leaving ripple-like afterimages as Han Xiao swung it.

"Old Manison, since youre so generous this time, let me show you something new."

As he said that, blood-colored energy erupted and entangled around the Mechanical Deitys body. Its appearance changed subtly. It was as if these streams of blood energy were forming flesh on the Mechanical Deitys body!

A strange energy ripple spread, giving the Beyond Grade As even greater pressure.

Clotti, the others, and Manison all looked with surprise at Han Xiao, whose appearance was changing rapidly.

"This guys Mechanical Deity why does it look different from the others?"

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