The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1305

Chapter 1305 Intense Battle

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In the blink of an eye, the black Mechanical Deitys appearance changed. Flesh grew out from the gaps of the mechanical parts like roots of a plant rapidly digging into the ground. The Mechanical Deitys body seemed to have become the bones, wrapped in firm and strong flesh tissues. It turned from a mechanical giant to a biochemical prosthetic giant.

During the shapeshift, the energy presence Han Xiao was releasing was also enhanced. The radars of all the battleships around were shocking record-breaking individual energy readings.

At the same time, the blood-red energy and the golden Mechanical Force electronic arcs entangled each other, releasing from the Mechanical Deitys body like water vapor. It was very flashy. The mechanical army around reflected the light from it and painted the battlefield gold and red.

Clotti and the others looked at this in dismay. They felt a sense of pressure, and fear surfaced in their hearts uncontrollably, awakening memories that had been buried for a very long time This feeling was like the life hierarchy pressure they had experienced before when they were young, and it had been a very long time since they felt it after becoming Beyond Grade As!

"What the hell is that? Ive never seen a Mechanical Deity like this!" Oulous expression changed drastically.

Clottis expression was grave. "Ive never seen other Mechanics use this. This is probably Black Stars own innovation. It has some similarities with the Polar Channel Flow, so it should be some kind of burst ability It doesnt look simple. Stay alert!"

Manisons eyes were opening wide, and his heart was filled with shock.

"What ability is this?"

As a senior Mechanic, he was shocked to realize he could not figure it out right away, and he was filled with questions.

This doesnt look like a Mechanics ability!

What has Black Star been studying?

However, as he looked closer, Manison discovered something.

There are signs of the Felon technology Did Black Star reverse engineer the Felons?

Manison was astounded.

While everyone was shocked, the spacetime suddenly shook, and a ring of energy suddenly exploded at where the Mechanical Deity was standing. The next moment, the Mechanical Deitys enormous body disappeared. Dragging a chain of electronic tracks behind, it came right before Clotti and the others. Its dash was almost as quick as teleportation, and its size did not make it slower at all.

Wrapped with blue psionic energy, the tip of a trident instantly appeared in front of Clottiseyes!

Getta Hadoken-Vortex Blade!

In the blink of the eye, Clotti took a deep breath, absorbed the dark energy that was everywhere in the universe, and released it at the blade of the trident like a tsunami.


The next moment, a ring-shaped shockwave exploded from the point of impact!

Clottis body shot out like a cannonball, turning into a stream of light, and penetrated battleships one after another.

In just one move, the Crimson Dynastys National Pillar, Dark Lord, was blown away!

The many direct Beyond Grade As reacted instantly. Not having the leisure to be shocked, they immediately worked together and attacked Han Xiao. The battle broke out in a flash!

At the same time, Clottis serious toned voice sounded in their team channel. "Dont fight him head-on!"

Clotti finally stopped himself from flying backward and charged back toward the battlefield, covered in a crystal yellow prism-shaped shield that was now filled with cracks.

This shield was not his ability but a protective Universal Treasure with an extremely high defense that was triggered. Since the three Universal Civilizations had sent them to fight Black Star, they were not going to be petty with their Universal Treasures. They had given several Universal Treasures to each direct member.

Although he was not injured, this attack from Han Xiao still shocked Clotti.

While the defense capability of this protection type Universal Treasure was not invincible like the Spacetime Amber, it was still exceptional. If the attack damage did not reach a certain standard, it could almost block all damage. Even he had to charge his attack for some time to penetrate it. It was a complete surprise to Clotti how Han Xiao casually broke it with one attack.

Hearing Clottis words, the direct member Beyond Grade As spread out and moved swiftly in the battlefield. The Mechanics brought out their armies, and the Mages pulled out their summoned creature armies too, covering the skies and restraining Han Xiao. At the same time, Han Xiaos mechanical army arrived and joined the battle.

Both sides used the Human Wave Tactic, and the battle instantly became a huge brawl.

Turning into a Mechanical Deity, Han Xiao swung the Mechanic Emperors Sacred Trident speedily and slashed his way in the crowd. Everything his attacks landed on was either heavily damaged or broken instantly. The blade of the trident shattered piles and piles of enemies. He looked invincible.

His ranged weapons were also firing nonstop, chasing the direct member Beyond Grade As everywhere. His body was also covered in electromagnetic and space fields, so anything that got close was either immobilized or shattered.

This form of Mechanical Deity was what Han Xiao had invented from imitating SWY-001. Its name was (Mechanical DeitySemi-living Body). It was a special shapeshifting technology he innovated by using SWY-001 as the foundation and adding in more technology. It was an upgraded version of the Mechanical Deity, and all of its performance parameters were superior compared to the normal version.

The prerequisite was not only (Polar Channel Flow-Blood Rage] but also Hilas death energy and Auroras life energy. In the past few years, through using the Gaud Character Summon Cards (Energy Analysis), he had studied the principles and nature of these two special types of energy. He had achieved some results and fused them into this technology. Only then was he able to turn blood energy back to flesh and tissue. At the same time, he did indeed use some of the Felon technologys concepts, successfully fusing the Super cells and the machines together, which made the flesh tissues increase the energy output tremendously.

It was only semi because the functions of the flesh tissues were not complete. His ideal goal was to achieve the level of SWY-001, meaning the flesh tissues could both increase energy output and provide energy, balanced and whole like an independent living body.

Unfortunately, Han Xiao could not completely duplicate this mechanism. The flesh cells that covered the Mechanical Deity could only increase the Mechanical Deitys energy output but not provide energy, which meant that the Mechanical Deitys energy consumption increased but its maximum energy remained the same, so the balance was broken. He did not know if the reason was because the flesh tissues came from only one person or not, he just could not reach a balance like SWY-001 could. This led to the energy consumption of (Mechanical DeitySemi-living Body] being extremely outrageous; even peak Beyond Grade As could barely afford it.

However, Han Xiao was already at the top of the Void Race system and had linked with the Void Dimension. He could use the Void energy like Kasuyi could. Even without getting beat up, he had almost an infinite amount of mana, so this was not a problem for him at


Han Xiaos burst strength was too incredible, chasing the direct Beyond Grade As all around the battlefield. However, after their initial shock, Clotti and the others gradually adapted to this amount of pressure. The two sides fought intensely.

Clotti and Oulou were both top tier peak Beyond Grade As whose Energy Rank was above 90,000, and they had received a lot of enhancements. Although they were no match for Han Xiao alone, as they fought together, their combined strength multiplied.

Both their Esper Abilities were AOE types that were amazing at this type of large scale battle. Plus, mana was also no issue for them. With all kinds of Universal Treasures, they took care of more than half of Han Xiaos attacks.

Furthermore, Clotti and Oulou had a group of teammates who were quite strong too. They were not the only two who had above a 70,000 Energy Rank; those stationed in the secondary dimension bases were mostly elites, only they did not appear in public often.


Enormous electromagnetic bolts formed dancing lightning chains crisscrossing between the mechanical army, causing tremendous damage. Covered in bright blue lightning arcs, Guzar stirred up a lightning storm like the god of thunder. Every time he raised his hand, electromagnetic cannons were released and landed on Han Xiaos protective shield, causing countless explosions.

He was someone from the same generation as Clotti. Although his potential was not as high as Clottis, he was still a very powerful Beyond Grade A. If not, he would not have been sent by the dynasty to defend a secondary dimension outpost.

Holy Disciple Mornan, who was wearing a monk outfit, teleported continuously within the mechanical army with the help of some kind of teleportation type Universal Treasure. His fists and legs struck at an ordinary speed, as if they were hitting a transparent barrier. The particles in large portions of the cosmic space resonated, dealing continuous large area vibration damage to Han Xiaos mechanical army. Although he was a Pugilist, the many Universal Treasures he had made up for what he lacked.

Army Leader Padro summoned countless creatures and magic colossuses nonstop, fighting with Han Xiaos mechanical army. There were also many boss level units that attempted to retrain Han Xiao by any means necessary without having a care about their casualties. At the same time, Army Flag Enid activated her abilities all the time, providing all kinds of enhancements to her allies present.

The thirteen direct Beyond Grade As were not only powerful but their coordination was amazing too. Along with the Universal Treasures they had, they could match up to Han Xiao, even enduring the pressure of dozens of Apostle Weapons.

With the Universal Treasures he had built in the past years, Han Xiao did not show signs of defeat even when facing such a luxurious team.

Once again blowing Clotti away, Han Xiao looked around the battlefield and pondered.

The situation was in a stalemate, but he did not feel pressure at all, which was mainly because the enemies posed a limited threat to him. Although he could not break away from these people for the time being, he was not in a dangerous situation. He had the absolute upper hand in terms of individual strength. Any time he had the opportunity to get into a one versus one battle, he would crush the opponent. Be it Clotti or Oulou, no one could stop his powerful attacks. However, when that happened, the others always came to restrain him and defuse their teammates danger.

"I need to aim for the weak spot and find a breakthrough."

The essence of fighting a group was to target and chase after one person. Without hesitation, Han Xiao changed his attack target and charged toward a comparatively weaker direct Beyond Grade A.

The others saw and hastily came to focus fire on Han Xiao. Han Xiao bathed in attacks and ignored them. His Sacred Trident swung heavily up and down. Every attack seemed like it could shatter space itself.


The enormous trident blade slashed down once again, painting a blood rose in midair. This direct member Beyond Grade A was sent out flying, heavily injured.

As Han Xiao wanted to end him, the other dozen Beyond Grade As ignored the damage they took and held him back with their lives while a traction beam shot out from the three Universal Civilizations joint fleets main ship and took the wounded away.

The next moment, three more direct Beyond Grade As flew out of the main ship and joined the battle. Han Xiaos opponents increased to fifteen. The situation went back to a stalemate, and the pressure he faced increased again.

Han Xiaos eyes gleamed.

He understood what the three Universal Civilizations were planning. They brought a group of direct members here. Anyone who was heavily injured by him would be pulled back and healed up, and more would be sent into the battlefield. Using the advantage of their fleet not being attacked, they could give their direct Beyond Grade A members time to recover.

After all, Han Xiao was alone and could not take a break, while the three Universal Civilizations had dozens of direct members. They made up their mind to exhaust Han Xiao by any means.

They wanted both to win and not suffer any casualties.

"Tsk, dirty enough."

Han Xiao curled his lips and did not say anything. After all, nowhere was there a rule that said the three Universal Civilizations could not do this.

"Since you all want to do it like this, lets see who can last longer."

He shook his head, got rid of these thoughts, and focused on the battle.

The two sides fought intensely for six days and six nights.

The battlefield had shifted multiple times. Everywhere was filled with machinery fragments and carcasses of summoned creatures. The size of the armies on both sides had shrunk tremendously. Be it Han Xiaos mechanical army or the direct Beyond Grade As all kinds of armies, they all suffered severe damage.

The Mechanical Deity that Han Xiao turned into was still fighting intensely with Clotti and the others. However, comparatively, Han Xiao was still very energetic, while many of his opponents were already showing signs of being exhausted.

The number of direct Beyond Grade As in the battlefield had increased to twenty-one. Having fought with everything they had for six days consecutively, most people were exhausted, and their status dropped unavoidably. Even though some of them exchanged shifts more than a dozen times, they could not take it much longer.

The entire process was broadcast live by the media.

Not many galactic residents could keep watching in front of the screen all the time. However, whenever they turned to this channel, the intense fight was still going on.

God knew how many people were praying night day for Black Star to be defeated. However, despite facing such a grand team, Black Star was still as strong as he was at the start, not showing any signs of defeat at all. The feelings of many galactic residents changed from shock to despair, then numbness, watching the intense battle on the screen with an empty mind.

What monster is Black Star? Doesnt he get tired!

Seeing that there was no hope the war could be avoided, many galactic residents became irritated and started to condemn Han Xiao. It was as if strength became a sin. They found a way to vent all their rage, panic, and dissatisfaction at Han Xiao, like the roars of the powerless.

While the three Universal Civilizations soldiers present at the scenes morale kept dropping in the past few days. They were dumbfounded by Black Stars strength.

Their high-level combatants put down their pride and used such an unethical strategy just to outnumber Black Star. Changing shifts to fight him was already embarrassing enough, yet not only could they not take Black Star down, but some of them even got killed.

They were still getting thrashed!

The Beyond Grade As who were watching from various channels were even more shocked. They knew how difficult this was more than the others, and as if this was the first time they met Han Xiao, they were all astonished.

Although we knew our president was strong all along, isnt this too strong?

In the entire history of Supers, there did not seem to be anyone who ever achieved something like this. The many Beyond Grade As were astounded.

It seemed to them that the strength Black Star was displaying probably exceeded any Beyond Grade A ever recorded in the history of the explored universe. He was on an entirely new level.

"What the f*ck? Is old Black still a human?"

"I finally understand the meaning of the version name Is this the definition of the Age of Black Star?"

"Whos next!"

Compared to others, the players were the most excited. Having watched a six-day-long action movie, their passion was boiling.

No matter how the others responded, the battle still carried on.


The blade of the trident slashed down time after time chasing after a direct Beyond Grade A, shattering his shield and spilling blood.

Just as Han Xiao was about to give him the last hit as usual, Clotti and Oulou stood before him. Dark energy and golden energy gushed out and clashed with the trident!


A blinding explosion erupted. Clotti and Oulou were pushed back afar as blood poured out from their mouths. Their injuries got heavier once again.

At the same time, the already heavily damaged Sacred Trident finally reached its limits and shattered into fragments.

Han Xiao looked at his empty hands and then looked around. All the direct Beyond Grade As who were surrounding him were wounded and looked visibly exhausted.

"Looks like you guys cant last much longer."

Han Xiao clenched his fist and pulled out a melee mechanical weapon that looked like a spear. It was black and gold, and its tip was pyramid shaped, like the spear of a cavalry. This was also a Universal Treasure. It came from Jayz technology treasure.

Clotti coughed a few times, spitting out a cloud of blood. He forced himself to stay alert and said with a deep voice, "You dont have many troops left either."

"I have enough. On the other hand, Oulou and you seem to have reached your limits. The others can swap with the rest, but not the two of you. Can you still fight?"

Han Xiao did not mind it.

Clotti remained silent. He could not disagree.

The other direct members could swap with the others and rest. However, without Clotti or Oulou, their team had no chance of fighting Black Star; the others would only be crushed.

Therefore, for the past six days, the two of them did not rest either and were covered in wounds. Although they were not short on energy, their wounds were getting more severe. They were close to their limits.

It would be great if Gods Chosen was willing to step in. Sadly, he had been watching on the side for the past six days and never did anything, as if he was really there just to watch.

There were only two days left till the end of the ten-day warning period the three Universal Civilizations gave. They probably could not complete the mission given to them anymore

When Clotti was about to give everything he had left, a sigh suddenly sounded in their team channel.

A person flew out from the main ship of the three Universal Civilizations joint fleet and entered the battlefield.

The others turned to look at him and were shocked. It was Wuornos, who had remained silent till then.

Ignoring his teammates, Wuornos looked at Han Xiao, sighed with resignation, and said, "Black Star, although weve only met once, I actually have quite the respect for you and dont want to fight you. Unfortunately Im a direct member of the Arcane Church, and I cant disobey orders."

After that, ignoring everyone elses reactions, Wuornos raised his hand, aimed his finger in Han Xiaos direction, and tapped softly.

As an invisible energy was released from his fingers, a pale-golden light suddenly flew out from inside the Mechanical Deitys body and entered Wuornoss body.

At this instant, an enormous shadow of the Mechanical Deity came out of his body from his back.

The next moment, this Mechanical Deity detached from his body and quickly materialized. It had Wuornoss face, but its appearance was extremely similar to Han Xiaos Mechanical Deity, as if they were twins!

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