The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1311

Chapter 1311 Negotiation And The New Stage

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Looking at the solemn expressions of the three of them, Han Xiao raised his hand and shook his index finger.


"You dont want to?" Marbruces expression became nervous.


"No, I mean its not enough."


Han Xiao looked calm but tutted in his mind.


You guys really are incomparable in terms of being shameless. Only not long ago you were still targeting the Beyond Grade As with all your forces, now you changed your attitude right away and want to work with us? Although your motive is right, do you guys think the Beyond Grade As are tools at your disposal anytime?


Ever since the new law was made, the association had suffered severe losses. Even though they were on the same boat now, since the World Tree had yet to attack, there was no way the association was going to help the three Universal Civilizations without anything in return.


Considering the association members interests was part of his duty too; he was not going to let the three Universal Civilizations morally kidnap him.


"Whats your suggestion then?"


The three of them narrowed their eyes and leaned forward slightly.


No matter how much they admired Han Xiaos contribution, when it came to matters like this, they were not going to agree to everything Han Xiao said.


Maybe, with respect to the fact that they were on the same boat and that Black Star actively shared the information about the World Tree, they could consider compromising. However, if the terms were too over the line, the three of them were still not going to agree with it. Han Xiao nodded and said, "Though were working together for the big pictures sake, I hope you can understand that Im the associations president, which means I have to give my members an explanation The trade sanctions have caused severe losses for the Beyond Grade A members of the association, so firstly, they have to go. Furthermore, their losses have to be made up for. What do you guys think?".


"Sure." The three of them nodded. This was already within their expectations.


Han Xiao then continued, "Also, the association requires compensation for the time wasted and the emotional damage caused, in the form of resources. In our future partnership, the three Universal Civilizations will also have to continue providing us with resources. Although we have a common enemy, you guys are the rulers of the explored universe, which means were protecting your territories for you. We wont be working for free."


The three of them pondered for a moment and agreed as well. "Thats not a problem. The exact numbers can be discussed."


Han Xiao paused before slowly saying, "Lastly, the three Universal Civilizations have to approve the Beyond Grade A associations authority. It shall no longer be a civilian organization but an official Super organization. This means that our independence and the sanctity of our territory will be recognized. Well be allowed to openly share all Super knowledges, and our political position will be on the same level as the advanced civilizations, having the same rights. All of this will also be written into galactical law Furthermore, at the edge of the explored universe, the association shall be given a territory, of which it has the full rights of governing."


Hearing this, the three of them frowned in their minds.


One of the most crucial reasons they could openly suppress the Beyond Grade A Association was that it was still a civilian organization that was not protected by galactical law, including the Peace Treaty. Never had any civilian organization been treated the same way as advanced civilizations, not even the powerful Beyond Grade A organizations. This request meant they had to make the first exception in history.


Plus, this was not just a verbal agreement but had to be added into the laws. By doing this, the Beyond Grade A Association would be attempting to become the true authorized and official Super Organization. Once they approved that, the associations rocketing reputation would be able to almost monopolize all the Supers. Plus, if the association was protected by the law, tons of methods they could use against them before would no longer be effective. It would be very troublesome.


At the same time, by asking for a territory it had the full rights to govern, it would almost be like forming a civilization on its own. Furthermore, asking for it to be located at the edge of the explored universe was most likely because it would allow the association to retreat away anytime, preventing the possible cleansing that might happen again in the future.


Han Xiao waited for a while. Seeing that the three of them looked like they were contemplating, he tutted and added, "Dont take it the wrong way. This is a request made with the associations safety in mind. I believe the three Universal Civilizations are willing to satisfy the associations wish of keeping itself safe, right?" The three of them exchanged looks and quickly exchanged opinions in their private channel.


After not long, Marbruce tapped the table and said, "If the information regarding the World Tree is true, well agree with this condition. At the same time, if a war against them breaks out, the association will need to contribute all of its forces. Well confirm the detailed terms later."


"Good then. When you guys fulfil your side of the agreement, well have more bases to work together."


Han Xiao nodded. He was crystal clear in his mind that this was an exchange of interests and gamble of risks.


Even with the knowledge of an exterior enemy existing, life had to go on. The three Universal Civilizations would undoubtedly plan for what to do after the exterior enemy was banished. Then, they would still have to solve the problem of too many Beyond Grade As existing. Agreeing with this term would make their future cleansing plans tougher.


However, due to the pressure of an exterior enemy, the three Universal Civilizations had no choice but to compromise to a certain extent. If they disagreed with this request, their motive would be too obvious. Even if the association still worked with them, they would not be trusted. This request was one they could not reject despite knowing the consequences.


Furthermore, it was completely unexpected for Black Star to know about this, which disrupted their plans. Satisfying Black Star was even more important than keeping the association steady.


The three of them pondered for some time and agreed in the end. Other than this being a compromise, they were also betting on another possibility-rather than doing the cleansing themselves, they were hoping for the exterior enemy to reduce the number of Beyond Grade As. This was a more suitable path.


The Beyond Grade A Association suffering heavy casualties in the war against the exterior enemy was the most ideal result for them, much better than internal conflicts. Not only would it temporarily solve the problem of individual strength being out of balance, but it would also get the most value of these Beyond Grade As deaths. This way, the side effects of agreeing with Black Stars request would be reduced. They would have more than enough time to consider what to do before the individual strength in the universe next went out of balance.


Han Xiao knew what the three Universal Civilizations were thinking too, but causing heavy casualties to the Beyond Grade A Association was also one of his goals.


The core reason for that was that Sanctum Revival could be carried out an infinite number of times. He claimed it was a one-time thing; when he exposed the truth, only then would his goal of making the three Universal Civilizations fearful be achieved.


In order for the Beyond Grade As to die, there were only two ways-internal conflict and external war. It was not he could make them collectively commit suicide.


Comparatively, of course, fighting an exterior war would maximize the profits. No keys would be wasted, no internal losses would be incurred, and the effects of the Sanctum Revival could be shown.


The three Universal Civilizations only had to see the effects of the Sanctum Revival to know just how important and extremely threatening it was to them. He intended on fighting the World Tree Civilization and intimidating the three Universal Civilizations at the same time, killing two birds with one stone.


Also, he planned to add some Sanctum key materials in the compensation list. Given the rich inventory of the three Universal Civilizations, they definitely had them.


This was basically the equivalent of using their raw materials to make weapons that would be used against them, which was nice.


Making contact with the World Tree was already a certainty, so Han Xiao changed his plan to maximize the profits. Of course, the three of them did not know that; they probably still mistakenly thought he was ensuring their safety. With varied plans in their minds, the two sides reached a temporary agreement.


"Also, about the World Tree Civilization, dont announce it yet. The fewer people who know about it, the better, or it would cause chaos," Marbruce said.


"I know, of course." Han Xiao nodded. In the World Tree war in his previous life, the ones who fought were only the advanced civilizations, the armed force, and the Supers. The civilians were all protected and had limited use. It was not the time to announce it publicly yet; the public knowing about it would only add trouble.


Han Xiao paused. "By the way, since you guys invited me to be the Special Safety Consultant, Ill have to monitor this matter too. Ill need you guys to share your exploration report of the World Tree Civilization."


"No problem."


Marbruce agreed very quickly this time. After all, they had even less information than Black Star.


Han Xiao received the research report of the wormhole data from the dynastys Science Institute right away and started reading it on the spot.


He agreed to come back to being the Special Safety Consultant because he wanted to monitor the three Universal Civilizations exploration progress and acquire firsthand information. Currently, he was the only outsider who had the right to interfere with the three Universal Civilizations exploration of the World Tree Civilization.


Quickly looking through it, Han Xiaos eyes locked onto the first report. On the Confirmed existence of a Universal Civilization conclusion, there was a question mark beside. He then looked back at the data and realized that this conclusion was not really accurate.


"Hmm? Whats with the researcher who wrote this conclusion? This data isnt sufficient to prove its a Universal Civilization. Though he guessed it right, its too assumptive." Han Xiao raised his brows.


"Which is why I fired him. Its too careless." Marbruce nodded.


Han Xiao had a guess.


Did this guy do it on purpose? He sighed in his mind. Even insignificant people can change the world.


Han Xiao arranged his emotions and jokingly said, "No matter what, that guy made a huge contribution. Dont wrong him."


Marbruce glanced at him and did not reply.


Seeing this, Han Xiao smiled, skipped this topic, and got back to business.


"Based on the current progress, I have a few suggestions"


This meeting lasted many hours. After achieving the remain in close contact agreement, only then did Han Xiao deactivate the remote projection.


As Han Xiaos sight returned to his office, he exhaled deeply, rubbed his cheeks, and mumbled, "Luckily, at least the internal war has been avoided for the time being"


He knew the three Universal Civilizations were certainly not going to completely let go of their hostility toward the Beyond Grade As. However, at this point, they surely knew their priorities. As long as an agreement was made, they would forget yesterdays matters and make up. As long as there was a need, the relationship between the two sides did not matter, and an exterior threat was exactly what created that need.


The two sides did not turn from enemies to friends, only temporary partners at most, working together to solve the main and shared problem.


From today onward, well step into a new stage of fighting the exterior enemy together. Its time to prepare for war against the World Tree Civilization.


This matter had been troubling him for close to a century, and it was finally time to face it

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