The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313 Ahead

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At the Beyond Grade A Association headquarters, the first plenary since the three Universal Civilizations decided to back off was underway. All the Beyond Grade A members arrived early at the venue, and none were not curious about what agreement Black Star had achieved with the three Universal Civilizations. They were all waiting for the president to give them an explanation.

"Frankly, this is all quite sudden for Black Star to just come to an agreement with the three Universal Civilizations. We heard nothing about it at all," Kasuyi complained.

"I wonder what kind of agreement the president made with the three Universal Civilizations. Given Black Stars personality, we shouldnt be the ones losing more than we have to gain." Kants tone was uncertain.

Of course, no one present believed the three Universal Civilizations public announcement. They all knew that Black Star had definitely made a deal with them privately; only, no one knew anything about it.

Psyker turned around. "By the way, Ames, youre close to Black Star. Did he tell you anything?"

"He didnt tell me anything." Ames turned to look at Hila, smiled faintly, and said, "But Hila might know a thing or two."

" I have no idea either. I havent seen him lately." Hila shook her head.

The people chatted for a while before Han Xiaos remote projection finally appeared in the main seat. He looked around and smiled.

"Since everyone is here, lets jump right in. Ive summoned you guys mainly to tell you about the agreement Ive made with the three Universal Civilizations, as well as the next steps for the association."



Han Xiao looked around, and seeing that everyone was listening attentively, he continued.

"The three Universal Civilizations have agreed to my terms. Theyve decided to remove the trade sanctions against us and will compensate us very generously for it. Also, theyll admit the official position of the Beyond Grade A Association, granting us the same rights as advanced civilizations. This will be written in galactic law. At the same time, well receive a territory at the edge of the explored universe that well have full rule over. Thats roughly it."

As he said that, the entire place became completely silent.

The Beyond Grade As members were astounded, looking at Han Xiao with disbelief.

It was not that this agreement was bad but that it was way too good. They did not expect Black Star to be able to negotiate such outstanding terms, not to mention the fact that the three Universal Civilizations actually agreed with it.

A usual truce would be reasonable, but this was not a truce from the three Universal Civilizations at all. It was basically a surrender! No one would compromise this much unless there was a gun pointing at their productive organ! Originally, they thought it would be good if the three Universal Civilizations were even willing to give any compensation. To their surprise, these terms solved more than half of the problems that had been bothering the association all this time.

"How did you do it?" Kasuyi could not help but ask.

Han Xiao subtly glanced at those Beyond Grade As from the Star Clusters and said, "I know youre all curious as to why the three Universal Civilizations agreed to such terms, but this is quite a complicated matter that doesnt have a definitive result yet. Plus, these benefits are not given to us for free; theyre part of the deal, and the price is that well have to help the three Universal Civilizations in some situations."

Hearing this, everyone exchanged looks.

Seeing this, Han Xiao nodded and said, "If you guys have any ideas, feel free to bring them up. The foundation of the existence of our association is respecting the opinions of all members. If you guys arent satisfied, we can discuss it."

Beiger coughed and made his stand, saying, "I think this is quite good. After all, us Revivors have already died once and cant use the Sanctum Revival again. Its good we dont have to take the risks of fighting a war."

Hearing this, quite a number of Revivors nodded. Completely convinced by Oathkeeper, they thought if they died again, they would have no choice but to live a meaningless life in the Underworld.

Dylan, however, snorted with disdain and said, "Tsk, what a disappointment. I thought a massacre was about to begin so that we could teach the three Universal Civilizations an unforgettable lesson to pay them back for what they did to us back then. Who wouldve thought that after a few hundred years, the three Universal Civilizations became cowards too? Black Star, why did you even bother to negotiate? The three Universal Civilizations are definitely in a difficult situation if theyre willing to compromise, so we shouldve used this opportunity and made their situation even worse. I used to think youre a cruel and decisive person; I was wrong about you!"

"Hmm?" Han Xiao raised his brows and made a sound.

Dylan snorted and said with still a strong tone, "To think youre not a despicable person I thought you are but a wise man with vision, generosity, and greatness. No wonder youre our leader."

"Hmm." Han Xiao nodded with satisfaction.

The others looked away with despise and ignored Dylans voice.

Kasuyi stepped out and said with a smile, "These terms are all pleasant surprises, so we have no problems with it. But, Black Star, the three Universal Civilizations are only saying all these things for now. They have yet to acknowledge our independence publicly. Are you sure theyll live up to the agreement? I still think they wont compromise easily."

"Im sure for the most part, but well have to wait for some time."

Han Xiao shook his head.

He had already gotten Herberlon to speak with the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations, making what he said more convincing. When the three Universal Civilizations came to some results in their exploration, they would carry out the terms.

Furthermore, this matter was the center of attention for now, so the three Universal Civilizations planned to not bring more attention to it for some time. They only planned to announce it after the matter had cooled down to reduce its impact.

"I hope so." Kasuyi nodded before asking, "What are the next steps for the association then? Do you have any ideas?"

Han Xiao shook his head. "Continue to rest and accumulate our forces. Well deal with the future by the time the three Universal Civilizations carry out the terms."

He recalled another idea he once had. When their political position is recognized and their territory was granted, the associations reputation among the Supers would reach a new level. Maybe they could then create a nation belonging exclusively to Supers, taking in all free Supers in the universe, making the association the ruling parliament of the nation.

One reason was that in order to develop further, they had to expand the size of the association and recruit more members. Of course, as the seeds of Beyond Grade As, the more Supers, the better. Another reason was to maintain independence. Ordinary Supers living under the three Universal Civilizations rule would have many worries, but if they had a new place to go, they would have a choice, and there would definitely be people who would be willing to become this nations resident.

Furthermore, the conflict between the ordinary people and Supers had been getting worse and worse; both sides hated each other. Maybe giving Supers an opportunity to live away from the other side would be beneficial for both sides. Of course, the three Universal Civilizations would undoubtedly be unhappy with this. Therefore, Han Xiao would not carry out any part of this idea before the threat of the World Tree Civilization erupted.

"All races are welcomed as long as theyre Supers Hmm, why does this idea sound so familiar?"

Han Xiao scratched his head.

If I remember correctly, this is quite similar to a character in an ongoing comic in my previous life, Big Mom.

What am I then? Big Dad?

Putting this random thought behind, Han Xiao continued discussing with the others.

The meeting only ended after discussing matters for more than an hour. Everyone left relaxed and excited.

Han Xiao deactivated his remote projection. The moment his sight returned to the office, Phillip popped up. "Master, hum you have an advanced encrypted message. Its from the Super Star Cluster Alliance, hum"

"Yoho, looks like their patience is running out."

Han Xiao opened the message, and it was an invitation from the Super Star Cluster Alliance to meet him in person.

He was not surprised. The association was originally working with the Super Star Cluster Alliance against the three Universal Civilizations. Now that it had stopped fighting the three Universal Civilizations, the Super Star Cluster Alliance became alone again.

Plus, the Beyond Grade As belonging to the Super Star Cluster Alliance who were in the meeting earlier definitely passed on the information about the agreement, and the Super Star Cluster Alliance would certainly be worried that the association and the three Universal Civilizations might work together again. Hence, they hastily came to test his stand.

Ten minutes later, in the Super Star Cluster Alliance conference room, the various leaders gathered and sat in their seats apprehensively.

Han Xiaos remote projection appeared in the room and immediately felt all the eyes focusing on him.

The Star Arc Civilization leader said with a deep voice, "Black Star, we agreed to fight the three Universal Civilizations together. Whats all this?"

Han Xiao shrugged and said, "The goal of conflict is peace. The associations goal has already been achieved, so of course, theres no longer a need to continue fighting the three Universal Civilizations. This is beneficial for the association."

"What about our agreement?"

Han Xiao said slowly and calmly, "Our agreement consisted of four terms. Other than the first one being fighting the three Universal Civilizations together, the other three are all related to resources partnerships, which we can continue to do."

The Star Arc Civilization leader could not help but ask, "What if the three Universal Civilizations have a problem with that? Will you ignore our agreement because of it?"

"Since the three Universal Civilizations have recognized that the association can take care of the virus itself, its an indirect way to admit that others have no right to interfere with the internal affairs of the association. Which galactic law did we violate by forming an alliance with you guys? So what if they have a problem with it?" Han Xiao shrugged. "Maybe we can change one of our terms from fighting the three Universal Civilizations together to the association not attacking the Super Star Cluster Civilizations actively other than to retaliate. Besides, the Sanctum Revival allocations I promised you guys are still effective."

They were quite surprised to hear this. They were already prepared for Black Star to stab them in the back, but for now at least, Black Star seemed to have no intention of doing that.

Han Xiao smiled and said, "Frankly, we dont trust the three Universal Civilizations, so we need to have a backup plan, which is why were willing to maintain a good relationship with the Super Star Cluster Alliance. Also, you guys provided help when the association was troubled by the trade law, so personally, Im willing to continue working with you guys. I have that much decency." "I see" The Star Arc Civilization leader was relieved.

Although this felt as wrong as cheating, Black Star keeping the promise of the Sanctum Revival allocations given to them was good enough.

After the participants made their stands, no matter how wild the conspiracies were, the matter calmed down very quickly. The galactic residents and the organizations gradually went back to their normal lives.

As the trade law was removed, the various channels of the association reopened, gradually regaining business. However, the plan of uniting the black markets was still ongoing and carried out by the players. Big things happened every day, but life for ordinary people still had to go on. The issues between the three Universal Civilizations and the association went on and became just something people talked about over the dinner table, no longer brought up every single day.

However, under the calm surface, a storm was brewing. The three Universal Civilizations were secretly preparing for war while exploring the wormhole data left by EsGod that was named World Tree Path.

With Han Xiaos warning, the three Universal Civilizations were very cautious. They had yet to discover any life belonging to the World Tree Civilization.

At the same time, taking Han Xiaos suggestion, the three Universal Civilizations formed a joint expeditionary army to enter the deep layers of the secondary dimensions in search of the so-called main body of the World Tree.

At one of the dynastys outposts in the secondary dimensions, an enormous expedition fleet had gathered, carrying out its last checkup before departing. The dock was filled with the three Universal Civilizations soldiers with serious expressions on their faces.

Han Xiao stood on the dock and watched this.

Harrison stood beside him carrying a backpack. Not knowing what to do, he said softly, "Your Excellency Black Star, what is the fleet searching for? Why do I have to participate in it?"

Han Xiao patted his shoulder. "Searching for something that will affect the fate of the explored universe."

"Must I go?" Harrison was on the verge of tears.

He was still young, yet to be that experienced senior explorer from Han Xiaos previous life. Plus, the World Tree war had not broken out yet, so people were not all on their highest alert, nor could he prioritize other things above his life.



Traversing into the deep layers of the secondary dimension was no easy mission. They had to pass through countless strange secondary dimensions, so god only knew what situations they would run into. Any mistakes could cause severe damages. Plus, communication was not convenient, meaning they would be like a fleet that advanced deep into enemy territory without having stable communication with the rest.

"What are you so afraid of? Didnt I give you a lot of equipment? Theyre more than enough to protect you in times of danger. You even have a Lords Avatar and a Throne with you. I can teleport over anytime."

Han Xiao slapped his forehead.

"Im scared Ill die before I can call you." Harrison looked discouraged. "Plus, there are so many people participating. With or without me wont make much of a difference, will it?"

Han Xiao sighed but could not reply. In his previous life, Harrison discovered the main body of the World Tree, but this time, who knew if the Goddess of Luck would help him again?

Furthermore, the World Trees main body was not without protection. Countless armies were stationed in the secondary dimensions around it; it was extremely dangerous. Once the fleet discovered them, it would be when they were discovered by the World Tree too.

However, without finding the World Trees main body, the chances of winning were extremely thin. Sending an expedition army in advance was already being one step ahead. Han Xiao was currently the only outsider working together with the three Universal Civilizations to find the World Tree. Other than Harrison, he had picked some trustworthy people to join the first batch of the secondary dimension expedition army, most of which were mechanical lives, along with some members of the Black Spirit Race.

As he comforted Harrison, the expedition fleet was finally ready.

Looking back several times every step he took, Harrison still entered the spaceship in the end.

Accompanied by the roaring engines made for travelling in the secondary dimensions, the joint expedition fleet slowly took off, turned into flashes of light, and disappeared in everyones sights, heading toward the unknown future.


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