The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1315

Chapter 1315 Movement

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In a certain part of the World Tree Civilization, an artificial teleportation wormhole suddenly appeared and expanded. A few unmanned engineering ships flew out and quickly set up camouflaging and communication relay stations.

After the temporary base station was completed, the three direct Beyond Grade A Mechanics of the three Universal Civilizations used it as a springboard to send the data over.

In the data field, the quantum souls of Defender Romo, Quantum Demon Spirit Judith, and the other appeared. In their sights were the quantum network nodes that formed something akin to a resplendent sea of stars.

"Pay attention to the data disguise. If anything abnormal happens, cut the link immediately."

Judith gave a few stern instructions.

After the initial preparations, the three Universal Civilizations were officially carrying out their espionage plan. They sent out three direct Mechanics to make use of the various civilizations main artificial intelligence computing power to browse the World Tree Civilizations network.

The World Tree passageway was only used as a springboard. Currently, the coordinates of the wormholes leading to the World Tree Civilization that the three Universal Civilizations had obtained were not limited to the data that EsGod had left behind. For safety reasons, they would rarely use the same wormhole coordinates twice.

This was the first time these coordinates were being used. They had also planned to temporarily seal it after stealing the intel.

The three of them did not waste any time, immediately using the basic translation language that they had deciphered not long ago, working together with their teammates to infiltrate a quantum network node. They began to collect data on a large scale and search for public information on the internet.

Every second, a huge amount of data would be sent to the advanced encrypted information processing warehouse created by the three Universal Civilizations.

The three Universal Civilizations monitored the situation from afar, and their efficiency was extremely high. The operation was completed very smoothly. The engineering ship immediately dismantled and retrieved all the equipment, leaving behind a few strange-shaped bombs before returning to the explored universe through the wormhole.

The moment the engineering ships returned, the three Universal Civilizations closed the World Tree passageway on the other side of the wormhole. The artificial wormhole rapidly shrank and disappeared.

Immediately after, the bomb that was left in this area exploded at the right time. Chaotic energy waves spread out, covering the area and erasing all traces.

The area regained its calmness as though nothing had happened.

After an unknown period of time, a spatial rift suddenly appeared, and a translucent turquoise root emerged from within.

Ripples appeared on the surface of the roots, and a fleet flew out. At first, it was a little ethereal, like a phantom, but when it completely left the roots, the appearance of the fleet turned solid.

In the command room of the main ship, the captain stood beside a tall figure and respectfully said, "This is the abnormal reaction area shown on the information state alert. Holy Tree Emissary, should we start the inspection?"

This tall figures name was Barbani, and he had a ferocious appearance. He looked like some kind of arthropod, clad in a suit armor, and his body exuded a weak blue-green energy. He was not of the same species as the surrounding crew. Within the World Tree Civilization, the Holy Tree Emissaries were a special group with a high status and were the executors of the highest will. Only individuals who had a deep connection with the World Tree could take on this role. They could use some of the World Trees abilities, such as warping, transformation, and so on.

"Activate the Information Form camera and see whats going on here." Barbanis voice was short and sharp.

This device could trace back what had happened in an area at the Information Form level. The more power injected into it, the longer it could trace back, and the clearer the details.

The order was given, and the fleet started operating very quickly. They could only see light green light beams scanning the surroundings, but there was no reaction from the areas they passed.

"There are no traces of any information form, so we cant know what happened here We can basically confirm that an outsider has infiltrated this area."

The captain looked at the scan results and quickly came to a conclusion.

"Even the traces of any past Information Forms have disappeared. This means that the outsiders have a certain level of Information Form technology. Their level of civilization should not be low."

"Looks like we have new prey." Barbani was excited.

The captain looked at the time and analyzed, "Based on the time difference between us arriving at the scene, the target of the outsiders infiltration might be entering our quantum network to steal intelligence."

"This is a good thing." Barbani did not care at all.

He was not worried that the information on the internet would be leaked. There were no key secrets hidden there. At the same time, this served as bait.

The Information Form warning network covered the entire World Tree Civilizations information collection, and it could detect if an outsider was spying on them. As long as they were entangled with the foreign information gathering, they would send out a warning. However, it was only limited to the alarm, and there was no way to steal the other partys information. Therefore, they could only discover that there were outsiders spying on them, and they did not know the exact situation of the other party.

However, this was not a problem. The World Tree itself had the nature of a high-dimensional information entity. The more outsiders knew of its existence, or the deeper the pilfering of data, the more obvious the connection would be.

As long as the interaction reached a certain standard, the World Tree would obtain a signal and sense the location of the other partys information gathering. Then, it would send the long-distance team to search in the direction of the other party.

This was similar to the soul connection of a Universal Treasure. It could be remotely located, but this relationship was reversed.

Most Universal Treasures would find it difficult to establish a soul connection, and they were extremely cold and aloof. Even if they acknowledged their master, they would only give in halfway. The Evolution Cube and the Spacetime Amber were both like this, but the World Tree was a Universal Treasure that accepted almost everyone.

However, outsiders would only be able to rub against the outside and would not be able to obtain any substantial benefits from it. Instead, they would expose themselves.

This was similar to how if you said my name, I would be able to obtain information about you. It was similar to the characteristics of certain life forms in the universe, as though they had divinity.

Therefore, the intelligence of the quantum network was a kind of bait. It was to catch the fish in the universe that had the ability to discover them and find prey.

However, the intelligence on the internet was not fake data. It was indeed true information left behind by the daily activities of countless citizens. However, all the secrets regarding the World Tree itself were strictly restricted and could not be uploaded.

"Alright, your mission is complete." Barbani let out a sharp laugh. "Ill suggest that the Tree King activate all the Information Form Foreseers and see if they can predict any information on these outsiders. Lets go." As his voice fell, the turquoise energy on his body suddenly surged. The gigantic root that was quietly lying on the side seemed to have received a signal. It suddenly curled up and swallowed the fleet before quickly retreating into the spatial rift.

The next moment, the spatial rift quickly closed, as though it never existed.

A few days later, on a secret training planet in the Black Star Armys territory, Han Xiao floated in outer space and looked down at the two meteors chasing each other on the ground. They collided time and time again, leaving huge potholes in the ground. One of them was Lothaire, and the other was Karlot.

Lothaire controlled his strength and continuously trained Karlot in actual combat. While imparting his comprehension of martial arts, he was also practicing precise control of his strength. Karlot was like a sponge, rapidly absorbing the essence of the training to enrich himself.

"Now that Ive found the right training method, this guys improvement is tremendous."

Han Xiao nodded with satisfaction.

Karlot was not the only one. In the past few days, he had also been training the other Beyond Grade A seeds. He was teaching them according to their talents and providing them with a customized cultivation plan. The effect was not bad. He felt that if this continued for a long time, there should be many seeds that could sprout.

Beep beep

At this time, his communicator rang.

Han Xiao took a look and saw that it was a message from the three Universal Civilizations. It contained the intelligence from the World Tree Civilizations network.

He raised his brows, and his spirits immediately perked up.

As the players intelligence channels were limited, it was difficult for them to be involved in high-level secrets. His understanding of the World Tree Civilization came from the war in his previous life, and it was basically common knowledge.

He knew very little about the situation of the World Tree Civilization at this time, and this information could help him to understand more.

"Before the war, the daily life of the World Tree Civilization was similar to that of the galactic society. Speaking of which, in my previous life, the three Universal Civilizations only dealt with the invasion and never attacked the territory of the World Tree Civilization. This is the first time Ive seen the detailed star map of their territory."

Han Xiao looked through it carefully and realized that it was all ordinary information. None of it was more important than the World Tree itself.

He found the three Universal Civilizations names at the end of the message, saying that they would fulfill the agreement and acknowledge the associations position.

Although they did not verify the accuracy of the secret that I provided, the other ordinary intelligence reports have all been matched. The three Universal Civilizations should no longer be suspicious

Just as he was reading the message, his communicator rang again. Han Xiao looked at it, and it was from Oathkeeper. The content made his heart tighten.

"An abnormal reaction from Destinys Child?"

Han Xiaos eyes twitched.

If he did not remember wrongly, the last abnormal reaction of Destinys Child was when the Intelligent Plague erupted in advance. Furthermore, it had created a new batch of sub-bodies, one of which was in his hands.

This was something that Oathkeeper had told him personally after he had formed a good relationship with him.

At this juncture, for Destinys Child to cause problems again, he vaguely felt that something bad was going to happen.

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