The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1316

Chapter 1316 Destinys Childs Prophecy

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At the Holy Accord Organizations secret base, Han Xiao, who was wearing the King mechanical suit, teleported to the exclusive Throne Teleportation Platform. Law and Fay were already waiting there.

"Your Excellency Black Star," the two greeted.

"Wheres Oathkeeper?" Han Xiao looked around.

"Hes waiting for you in the Destinys Child lab. This is very sudden. Please follow us."

The two of them did not have much and led the way. Han Xiao followed them to their destination.

Walking into the laboratory, the room was filled with busy operators. Han Xiao immediately saw Destinys Child locked in the transparent container and Oathkeeper standing beside it.

At this time, Destinys Child had already woken up from his deep sleep. His body was curled up, trembling nonstop, and white spots kept flashing like a projection when the signal was not good. He turned blurry every now and then, and Oathkeeper had to constantly release his Soul Flame as if to comfort him.

The researchers in the room were sweating profusely as they operated the apparatus, activating the binding force field at full power and stabilizing his anchor in reality.

Han Xiao came to the device and looked at the various parameters. "Whats the situation now?"

Oathkeeper frowned. "Destinys Child has woken up and is now in a state of Information Form disturbance. The amplitude is the highest so far, almost breaking through the containment and turning into a High Dimensional Information Form. Its not over it yet."

"Have you found the reason?"

"Not sure yet. We can only communicate after he stabilizes."

Hearing this, Han Xiao clicked his fingers and summoned a set of stabilizing anchors. He set them up around him to provide assistance, and at the same time, he carefully sized up Destinys Child. This was the first time he had seen his true body.

Every time Destinys Child activated his ability, there would be an information state disturbance, which would cause the prophetic ability seeds to be planted randomly across the universe. Lodi, who had been receiving treatment, was one of the children who had awakened after the last disturbance. There had already been a breakthrough in stopping the transformation process.

At this time, Destinys Child suddenly stopped shaking and turned to look at Han Xiao as though he was observing in curiosity. Suddenly, he raised his hands and pressed them on the inner wall of the container, releasing a happy mental wave. Everyone heard a child-like laughter materialize out of thin air.

Destinys Child stared at Han Xiao like that. Not long after, his flickering body gradually stabilized and returned to normal.

Seeing this, Oathkeeper stopped what he was doing and looked surprised.

"How did you settle this the moment you arrived? He seems to like you very much."

"This is the first time weve met. Youre too unreserved Speaking of which, why do you sound like youve been robbed of your love?"

"What nonsense are you talking about?"

Han Xiao teased Oathkeeper, but he himself was secretly surprised as well.

Destinys Child seemed to be strangely close to him. Could it be that his (Primal Esper Ability Affinity) and (Perfect Energy Affinity Physique) had a part to play in this?

There was such a possibility. After all, the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy has thought that I was attractive on more than one occasion, and it even wanted to mess around with me

Perhaps to a Primal Esper Ability Entity, these two talents are like catnip to a feline. No wonder Destinys Child was attracted to me the moment he saw me. Who told me to make myself so attractive toward energy life forms?

Han Xiao thought to himself for a while before knocking on the container. Destinys Child immediately imitated it, and the two of them interacted happily.

This scene made Oathkeeper a little frustrated.

In the past, Destinys Child liked him the most, and he would personally do all the comforting work. He did not expect Black Star to only come once, and Destinys Child, whom he had nurtured their relationship for so many years, immediately ignored him.

The most infuriating thing was that even before Black Star appeared, Destinys Child would never take the initiative to get close to him

Its clearly me thats supposed to be the one Forget it, lets not talk about this.

After watching for a while, Oathkeeper said, "Alright, whatever the reason, its enough to stabilize it. Ill ask him whats going on."

As he spoke, he pushed Han Xiao away and gathered his Soul Flame to communicate with Destinys Child.

A few seconds later, Han Xiao heard Destinys Childs intermittent words.

"I feel the feedback of the sub-bodies a convergence of information threat"

As Destinys Child spoke, Han Xiaos mind was filled with chaotic and blurry images. Han Xiaos eyes narrowed. In these complicated images, he suddenly saw information about the World Tree, such as the image of the World Tree roots spreading across the galaxy, or a group of robed people wreathed in turquoise energy meditating on the ground.

Oathkeeper did not know about the existence of the World Tree, so he could not understandit.

"What is this?"

"Wait, let me ask you a few questions" Han Xiao did not have the time to explain to him. He asked a few random questions and received a reply very quickly.

After listening to Destinys Childs reply, Han Xiao quickly pieced the information together and analyzed it.

The sudden abnormal reaction of Destinys Child originated from the World Tree. Both parties were entangled in the information state, and it sensed that the World Tree was using some method to locate their explored universe.

The reason he had a reaction was because of its affinity with the sub-bodies. The sub-bodies he once produced were randomly distributed across the entire universe. Not only did it affect the explored universe, but there were also Destinys Children on the World Trees side, which triggered its foresight ability.

To Destinys Child, these sub-bodies were like his eyes, ears, and antennae, collecting information about the outside world.

Not long ago, the child of the World Tree activated its foresight ability. Because the medium was connected to the information gathering from the explored universe, the two parties had crossed paths. Because the explored universe was also where the main body was, it immediately triggered the warning mechanism. Therefore, Destinys Child activated his ability to foresee the future and shared the memories and vision of his sub-bodies with the rest.

During this process, Destinys Child felt the threat from the World Tree, akin to that of a natural enemy. He even foresaw the possibility of him being swallowed by the World Tree, thus leading to him almost wanting to turn into a high-dimensional information form and flee, which explained his previous actions.

In that case, the World Tree is using a prediction method to sense the explored universe, and the three Universal Civilizations are already exposed?

Han Xiaos heart tightened.

Indeed, as long as they had any sort of contact, the situation was already irreversible. They would be able to quickly sense each other sooner or later. The World Tree Civilization was stronger than the three Universal Civilizations, and even the three Universal Civilizations in his previous life did not know all the abilities and technology of the World Tree. It was too ideal to completely hide their tracks.

In his previous life, the three Universal Civilizations had been beaten to a bloody pulp. Even if they had won in the end, they had not completely understood the World Tree. Some of the auxiliary skills such as the Information Form warning alarms had not been used in the war, so the three Universal Civilizations were unclear of the full scope of their abilities.

Because the World Tree had taken the initiative to invade, their Information Form warning network that was used to prevent outsiders from spying was basically useless. Even the three Universal Civilizations did not know about it, let alone the players in his previous life.

The only good news now is that the World Tree Civilization only detected the existence of outsiders, and it does not have much information. Therefore, they are using the Information Form to search for us, which resulted in their interaction being discovered by Destinys Child

Han Xiaos brain worked quickly.

Luckily, Destinys Child had scattered his body all over Galaxy itself, or else he would not even know that he had been discovered. At that time, even he would have been caught off guard by the other partys sudden attack.

Destinys Child referred to the World Tree as his natural enemy. One was a Primal Esper Ability Entity, while the other was a Space Wonder. Both of them had information-type abilities, but their focus was different.

According to the explanation of Destinys Child, it could share information about the contact of the child. Because the child was connected to the World Tree, it could observe the overall movements of the World Tree Civilization to a certain extent, but there was also the risk of being exposed.

Only when the sub-body actively used its foresight ability and was entangled with the information form would the main body be able to use it as a disguise to obtain information from the sub-body. Otherwise, it would be easily discovered by the World Tree.

Even so, Destinys Child was probably the only low-risk channel to monitor the movements of the World Tree. It was more convenient, more secretive, and more efficient than the detection methods used by the three Universal Civilizations.

Such an intelligence channel was a pleasant surprise, and there was no reason to ignore it.

Han Xiao thought about it and said in a deep voice, "You dont want to be devoured by the World Tree. Helping us is the best choice. Only by eliminating the other party can we eliminate the threat once and for all. Otherwise, even if you escape far away, there will still be risks."

Hearing this, Destinys Child shook his body, his voice ethereal.

"How can I help you?"

"Just try to hide yourself, monitor the other partys movements, and tell me everything."

"I can do this."

Destinys Child did not reject him. He suddenly clapped his hands together, and a small white ball of light separated from his body and floated in the container, drifting toward Han Xiao and sticking to the inner wall of the container.

Han Xiao understood and raised his brows.

"Is this for me?"

"Use it to create a sub-body and extend my senses"

In his mind, Destinys Child explained the use of this light cluster.

When it activated its ability, it could give birth to a sub-body in the entire universe, or it could give birth to a sub-body in a designated area. However, the latter had a prerequisite. It had to use its own energy to circle an area in advance and turn this area into an independent information assembly location. Only then could it be designated as the birthplace of the sub-body.

To put it simply, this was akin to a hose running around its area or rather, it was like a dog peeing on its territory.

Just as Han Xiao finished listening to Destinys Childs explanation, a notification appeared on his interface.

You have triggered the mission (Destinys Childs Plea)!

Mission Introduction: Destinys Child has a good impression of you. Because it feels threatened, it has decided to seek your help.

Mission Requirements: Head to the designated location and use the energy of Destinys Child to circle a sufficiently large area.

Reward: 120,000,000 Experience, +25 Destinys Child Favorability, 1 Random Reward, milestone talent (Deep Within Enemy Territory). [Deep Within Enemy Territory]: When you are operating within your enemys sphere of influence, you are not easily discovered. At the same time, you will obtain a 3% buff to all Attributes.

"You want me to go to the World Tree Civilization?"

Han Xiao was stunned.

By limiting the birth area of Destinys Child to the territory of the World Tree Civilization, the number of children would increase, which meant that more information would be intercepted.

Although the ability to encircle land had a time limit, its duration was measured by years. This could be used for a long period oftime.

"It seems like Im the most suitable person for such a hit-and-run mission. It seems like Ill have to apply to the three Universal Civilizations to head to the World Tree Civilization"

Han Xiao nodded.

He got Oathkeeper to temporarily open the container and took out the ball of light.

As soon as it came into contact with him, the ball of light entered his palm and turned into a mark that stored the energy Destinys Child had lent him.

"Whats going on? What are you guys talking about?"

Oathkeepers face was filled with confusion.

Han Xiao thought about it, pulled Oathkeeper aside, and briefly explained the situation.

"Youre saying that the three Universal Civilizations discovered an even stronger Unknown Civilization?" Oathkeeper was surprised, but he soon understood what was going on. "No wonder the three Universal Civilizations made so many concessions."

"Its good that you know about this. Its not suitable for you to tell anyone for now. Remember to keep it a secret," Han Xiao instructed.

With the help of Destinys Child, he naturally could not avoid Oathkeeper, so he told him the truth and made him understand the importance of the matter. Only then would he cooperate.

In addition, Oathkeepers character had been tested, and he was quite trustworthy. There was no harm in letting him know.

"Dont worry, I wont tell anyone about this."

Oathkeepers expression was solemn. He suddenly paused and softly asked, "You mentioned in the meeting that the three Universal Civilizations acknowledged the associations position, and we will have to help at some point. Is this what you mean?" Han Xiao nodded. "Thats right. If a war breaks out, the members of the association will have to participate in the war with all their might to fight against the foreign enemies. This is the deal, and we dont have any choice. Therefore, I need you to prepare more Sanctum keys." "I understand your plan. I will cooperate with you." Oathkeeper exhaled.

If the Beyond Grade As went all out to fight, they would probably suffer heavy casualties. Black Star probably wanted to use this opportunity to show everyone the truth of unlimited Sanctum Revivals. As someone who knew the truth, he felt that this was a very feasible plan.

While he was thinking, Han Xiao suddenly patted his shoulder.

"Then work hard. The organization will not treat you badly after this is done."

Oathkeeper frowned.

Tsk, I was so busy digesting the information that I forgot to steal the lines!

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