The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1317

Chapter 1317 Dispute

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The two of them chatted for a while before reaching a consensus. Han Xiao left a Throne and a Lords Avatar in the Destinys Child laboratory and interacted with Destinys Child for a while before leaving the room. He turned around and went to visit the Revivors who were living in seclusion in the Holy Accord, gathering them for a meeting. The current President of the Beyond Grade A Association had pointed out in the meeting that the Holy Accord Organization had to take the mental states of the Revivors seriously and help the Revivors follow the pace of the times. They had to follow the basic principles of people as their core and implement the two for one requirement, which was to ensure the best treatment of every Revivor, yet not lose their vigilance.

The founder of the Holy Accord organization, Oathkeeper, praised the associations current achievements and emphasized that both parties had always worked together to contribute to the Beyond Grade As. He hoped that the association would continue to work together with the Holy Accord.

Many of the revivors expressed their admiration for Black Stars contributions to the Beyond Grade As and unanimously welcomed Black Star to come and give guidance to the Holy Accord.

No matter what, both parties still had a good exchange of opinions. After the daily communication, Han Xiao then left the Holy Accord Organization base and teleported back to Black Star Palace, which was a few Star Fields away.

Returning to his office, Han Xiao rubbed his chin. Without any delay, he contacted the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations and sent the information he had obtained from Destinys Child through the encrypted channel.

Not long after, his communicator rang, and he received an invitation.

Han Xiao turned on the remote projection and arrived at the joint office of the three Universal Civilizations. He immediately saw the three leaders.

"Black Star, where did you get this information from? Is the situation true? You have to be responsible if you spout nonsense!"

As soon as they met, Marbruce fired off a string of questions. His tone was extremely serious, as if he was doing an interrogation. The intelligence provided by Han Xiao showed that the World Tree Civilization had already discovered the traces of the outsiders and was trying to track them in reverse. This was a huge matter that affected the entire strategy, and they could not afford to be careless.

This piece of intelligence did not contain any evidence, so it looked like an irresponsible guess. Furthermore, even they only dared to carefully explore the uninhabited areas and had no clue about the World Tree Civilizations movements. Where did Han Xiaos intelligence come from? The three of them could not help but doubt its authenticity.

"I have a special intelligence channel. This is a special Primal Esper Ability Entity called Destinys Child. It has extraordinary abilities at the Information Form level" Han Xiao explained Destinys Childs ability.

"Destinys Child?"

The three of them looked at each other with doubt in their eyes.

This Primal Esper Ability Entity did not exist in the known Super High Risk Esper Ability Table, nor was it recorded in the secret database of the three Universal Civilizations. This was the first time the three of them had heard of this Primal Esper Ability Entity.

"So, you guys really dont know?" Han Xiao was helpless.

He had once tried to find out more about Destinys Child. There were no records in the dynastys database, so he thought that the information might be stored in a secret database. It seemed like the three Universal Civilizations did not know about Destinys Child either, but they were indeed good at hiding their existence.

"The Destinys Child is in your hands now? Is it reliable?" Louis asked.

"Its indeed in my hands, and theres no problem with the intelligence."

Han Xiao nodded and hid the existence of the Holy Accord.

Hearing this, the Pope of the Arcane Church said with a deep voice, "Words have no evidence. We can only confirm its authenticity after checking it. Furthermore, this kind of intelligence channel should be controlled by us."

Han Xiao shook his head, and his tone became solemn.

"At this point, you guys still have doubts about me? Who provided the secret information about the World Tree? It was me, right? I showed my sincerity, but what did you guys do? In order to confirm that the information is true, you guys went to explore the World Tree Civilization through the wormhole, and in the end, you were exposed Of course, from your standpoint, this is understandable. I understand you guys, but its also a fact that you were discovered by the enemy. No matter how correct your motives are, theres no way to change the predetermined bad outcome Because I knew that you guys might mess up, I didnt tell you about the World Tree beforehand."

The three of them were stunned.

Marbruce coughed and took the initiative to explain.

"Its not that we doubt you, but we cant just trust the authenticity of the information. If we dont confirm it beforehand, it will be too late when a problem arises"

"This isnt the first time youve said this, but what happened in the end? Youre still following the confidential information I provided. The so-called confirmation is just unnecessary in my eyes. It will only increase the risk of exposure."

The three of them opened their mouths, not knowing what to say.

"Black Star, dont get too emotional," Louis said. "We have always been cautious and did not meet any life forms of the World Tree Civilization. With just the senses of a Primal Esper Ability Entity, I dont think we can be completely sure that they have already detected our presence"

"You still want a hundred percent confirmation?" Han Xiaos eyes widened. "Then why dont you just show yourself and ask the World Tree Civilization? That will definitely be a hundred percent."

Louis mouth twitched, and he stopped talking

Marbruce said helplessly, "But the intelligence"

Han Xiao cut Marbruce off.

"I know youre worried, and I dont expect you to completely trust me. However, you stole the intel from the network, so you should have confirmed the World Trees attitude toward the outside world. Since everyone is prey, were on the same side. Do you still need to worry about me having any bad intentions and remain specially guarded against me?

"The threat is imminent. Now is not the time for internal speculation. We all have to believe that what were doing is for the same goal. We will not deliberately cause trouble. If I cannot confirm the authenticity of this information, would I dare say it? If you insist on checking and this information channel is exposed, what should we do?"

The three of them frowned.

That was true. They were comrades who were united against the enemy. They should at least trust each other.

However, since Black Star had made such a statement, could it be that he did not want them to confirm it on purpose so as to hide the fishy side of this intelligence? They had no choice but to think in this direction.

Seeing their reactions, Han Xiao knew what they were thinking and shook his head in disappointment.

"At the end of the day, the countless years of peace have made you arrogant, thinking that you can deal with any situation Maybe my intelligence gave you too many misconceptions, making you feel that you have an advantage and can control the situation. Its a huge mistake! I hope you guys can recognize the reality. The World Tree is stronger than all of you combined. As long as it finds us to start a war, the situation will instantly go out of control. We can be wiped out at any time and become the next Karma Republic!"

" What do you suggest?" Marbruce asked.

"Ill be straightforward. I will never give you this information channel. Even if you dont believe me now, you should consider dealing with this situation. The World Tree Civilization has advanced unknown detection methods and has discovered the traces of outsiders. They have entered a state of alert, but they have yet to succeed in tracking us down Therefore, I suggest that we stop the regular exploration and reduce the chances of further contact. We will standby for the time being and give the secondary dimension expedition team more time to find the World Trees main body."

"But if we dont explore, how will the intelligence come?" "With all due respect, most of the intelligence that you guys have obtained so far is meaningless. Since there are no results, you might as well stop and use the channels of Destinys Child."

"It means that we dont have to do anything but listen to you obediently, and take whatever you say Do you think thats possible?" The head of the church, who was standing at the side, spoke with a dissatisfied tone. He paused for a moment before adding on.

"You can either give us Destinys Child or let us send some researchers to study it together to prove that the intelligence is reliable."

Han Xiao smiled.

"Are you forcing me now? Yes, I can make concessions for the sake of righteousness. We can study Destinys Child together and dispel your suspicions. If I dont do this, it will appear to be my fault. Because I have the channels, I have to make concessions and give in to benefits. If I dont let you guys have a share, you wont accept my opinion."

"You misunderstood. We" Marbruce felt that the atmosphere was a little off and wanted to explain.

Han Xiao interrupted him once more, his smile turning cold. "You three dogsh*ts, Ive already tolerated you all for a long time! You guys dont seem to have figured out who here needs whom. Do you really think I have no other choice? Im willing to protect the Galactic Society; thats why Im helping you, since both of you are closely related. However, the universe is so big. Do you think I really need to stay here? If you anger me, I can just leave with the Beyond Grade A Association and the organizations under me. Its fine if I move to the unexplored universe or the secondary dimensions, leaving you guys to deal with the World Tree Civilization alone. Do you want to try?"

The three of them were shocked.

They almost forgot that the Beyond Grade A Association had a way out. With their abilities, they would be able to live very well even if they escaped into the unexplored universe. To the three Universal Civilizations, this was definitely the worst outcome.

As long as the Beyond Grade As made up their minds, they could completely abandon the galactic society that they had lived in for a long time. To be honest, even if all the living beings here died, it would have nothing to do with most Beyond Grade As. There was no reason for them to stay and fight.

If news of the World Tree spread, there would definitely be people who would choose to escape. If even Black Star, who had the Sanctum Revival, was not willing to stay, then the other Beyond Grade As would definitely choose to escape.

With such influence, Black Star was not a partner with no way out. He was an equal who held the bargaining power, a force that they had to fight for.

Marbruce could no longer sit still. "Dont be angry. Thats not what we meant."

"Black Star Your Excellency, our doubts are just a matter of fact. We dont have any thoughts about benefits," Louis quickly comforted.

Even the Pope had no choice but to lower his head in frustration. "I didnt choose my words correctly and caused a misunderstanding. Please dont take it to heart."

Were the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations. When have we ever been so humble?

Seeing this, Han Xiao stopped being angry and regained his poker face as he slowly stated, "I will continue to share the intelligence, but whether you believe it or not is your problem. I cant be bothered. Also, I will be going to the World Tree Civilizations territory in a while to increase the surveillance of Destinys Child. Remember to prepare the World Tree passageway or the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device If we dont even have this bit of trust, I think theres really no need for us to cooperate."

"Alright, we will deal with it," Marbruce answered. Now was not the time to continue bargaining

Han Xiao nodded and suddenly added, "One more thing. Hurry up and fulfill your promise, admit the independence of the association. Dont think of delaying it. Dont think that you can get away with it when the war breaks out. As I said, Ill just leave."

With that, the communication was cut off. and the remote projection disappeared.

There were only three people left in the room. They looked at each other with complicated expressions.

"I didnt expect to be scolded by him in person. Did we push him too hard?" Louis smiled bitterly. "Dont look down on him. How could someone as ambitious as Black Star lose his cool so easily? Hes just using this as an excuse." The Pope shook his head, paused, and said helplessly, "However, he did hit the nail on the head."

"Black Star is really" Marbruce hesitated for a moment before sighing. "His wings are completely spread open."

When Han Xiao returned to his office, he snorted and threw the communicator aside.

"These three are definitely born in the year of the dog. If I didnt give them two slaps, how would they understand who their daddy is?"

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