The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1318

Chapter 1318 Establishment And Setting Off

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As the saying went, if the sky collapsed, there would be a tall man to hold it up. Currently, only the three Universal Civilizations and Han Xiao were stopping the World Tree Civilization from pressuring the Galactic Society.

Under the surface of peace, undercurrents were brewing. Half a month quickly passed, and it was time for the Galaxy Central Civilization Court Assembly.

The Galaxy Central Civilization Court was hosted by the three Universal Civilizations, and the participants included the Super Star Cluster, Star Cluster, and Star System Civilizations.

Unlike the regional Civilization Conference of the various Star Fields, the Galaxy Central Civilization Court was the most authoritative Civilization Conference, the core of the entire galactic society. It was solemn and respectful, also known as the Central Council.

Every year, there would be a fixed meeting period that lasted several months. During this period, there would be frequent meetings to review the issues submitted by the various civilizations, to coordinate the development of all the galactic civilizations, to mediate disputes, to discuss the management of the galactic society, and so on, including many topics such as civilian life, economy, military, and disaster relief.

However, the galactic residents did not pay much attention to this matter because they had meetings every year. Most of the time, they only talked about some old topics. Most of the galactic residents only looked at the brief news coverage after the meeting.

The venue of the Galaxy Central Civilization Court was shaped like a flower petal. In the center was the chairmans board, and around it were the representatives of the three Universal Civilizations. There were rows of fan-shaped seats that were arranged according to the level of the civilization. The Super Star Cluster Civilizations sat in the inner circle, and the Star System Civilizations sat in the outermost circle. The invited news reporters had a dedicated broadcast area.

At this moment, the venue was filled with diplomatic envoys from various civilizations. This conference had been going on for quite some time.

The president had just finished a round of voting and rejected a proposal to increase the security budget of the region. He then flipped to the next topic and looked at the representatives of the three Universal Civilizations. He cleared his throat before speaking

"Then the next topic is a joint proposal by the Federation of Light, the Crimson Dynasty, and the Arcane Church. This proposal believes that the Beyond Grade A Development Association plays an indispensable role in maintaining the galactic society and has extraordinary influence. At the same time, it is dedicated to maintaining the peace and stability of the Galactic Society and has made an indelible contribution. This proposal is to revise the universal laws of the universe such as the Peace Treaty and make an exception to accept the Beyond Grade A Development Association, allowing it to enjoy an independent official position. Its rights and benefits are equivalent to the treatment of the advanced civilizations. May the proposer of the proposal come on stage to explain."

The president finished reading the topic according to the script. The venue, which was originally filled with small discussions, suddenly became silent.

Other than a portion of the subsidiary civilizations that were in close contact with the three Universal Civilizations, the other representatives were all stunned.

The three Universal Civilizations had made peace with the Beyond Grade A Association not too long ago, and now they were eager to help?

Not to mention the inside story, there had never been such a precedent in history for a civil organization to have the same official position as a civilization. The three Universal Civilizations proposal had opened a new path, and the rebound from the outside world could be imagined.

What made the three Universal Civilizations willing to pay such a price to obtain political benefits for the association?

Most of the civilizations representatives were dumbfounded. They thought that this was just a routine meeting, but they did not expect the three Universal Civilizations to suddenly throw out such a bombshell.

The news reporters immediately perked up.

This was juicy news!

Under the attention of everyone, the dynastys diplomatic representative stood up and walked up the stage. He looked around the venue and slowly explained the reason for the proposal, emphasizing the unique position of the Beyond Grade A Association in the current galactic structure. His speech was full of praise, as though he wanted to praise the association to the skies.

After listening for a while, the expressions of the various civilization representatives turned strange.

Why does it sound so familiar? Did you guys just slack off and simply just change the negativity of the trade sanction declaration into positivity?

After the representatives of the three Universal Civilizations finished their respective statements, the president announced the start of the debate and consultation. A large number of civilization representatives immediately requested to speak. Although the Galaxy Central Civilization Court was presided over by the three Universal Civilizations, if they wanted to add a new clause in the Universal Civilization Law, they still had to put it to a vote.

However, as the final winner of the exploration era, the three Universal Civilizations naturally would not be so stupid as to hand over too much power. They all gave themselves the privilege of having one veto and one decision vote.

The veto vote would negate the voting result of an issue, returning it to the proposal stage, to repeat another round of presentations, debates, amendments, and voting, and so on until they were satisfied with the result. If the decision vote power was used, the voting stage was skipped directly, but the priority was lower compared to the veto vote, which meant that only the three major civilizations could exempt each others decision vote power.

However, the number of times the three Universal Civilizations had used their privileges could be counted on ones fingers. As long as it did not involve their own benefits, they would not interfere. Most of the time, they only acted as the judges and rarely took part in the battle.

The representatives of the three Universal Civilizations easily dealt with the questions of the participants, and they answered the sharp questions with one sentence.

Among them, the Super Star Cluster Civilizations were the calmest. They had long received this news, and while watching coldly, they were secretly trying to figure out what was going on between Black Star and the three Universal Civilizations.

Amid the excitement of the crowd, it was soon time for the voting. The civilizations representatives who did not know about this earlier all had different opinions, and no one wanted to be the first to take on this issue.

The result of the vote was shown on the virtual screen. There were a lot of objections, and they did not meet the criteria to pass the draft.

The president took a look and said, "We dont have enough votes, so we shall reject this"

Before he could finish, the Federation of Light representative knocked on the table and said, "My side will use our right to veto."

The president nodded, not surprised at all. "Then, lets enter the proposal stage again. Please"

However, before he could finish, the Crimson Dynasty representative slowly said, "My side will exercise the decision vote."

The moment he said that, the Federation of Light and Arcane Church expressed their agreement.

Seeing this, the representatives of the various civilizations did not find it out of their expectations, but they were still surprised.

They had expected that the three Universal Civilizations would use their privileges, but no one expected them to use two privileges.

The three Universal Civilizations had basically never used two privileges at the same time. After a single veto, they would usually let everyone re-evaluate their decision and do things like lobbying during this period to fight for votes. This would more or less make the other civilizations feel they had a sense of participation. However, after vetoing the proposal, a decision was immediately made. The representatives attitude was very firm, implying that this proposal had to be approved. It was unquestionable and very overbearing, as though they did not mind performing a one-man show.

"Are the three Universal Civilizations so determined to stand up for the Beyond Grade A Association? What exactly is going on?"

The representatives of the civilizations felt an inexplicable itch to understand the situation.

As many media outlets fought to repost the news, the news that the three Universal Civilizations were fighting for the Beyond Grade A Associations official identity spread like wildfire in the Galactic Society!

The conflict between the three Universal Civilizations and the Beyond Grade A Association had just ended, but another shocking news story broke out, instantly turning into the hottest topic.

The majority of galactic residents could not understand what the three Universal Civilizations were doing.

Not long ago, during the peace negotiations, although the three Universal Civilizations had given in, they at least had a dignified reason. How could they explain this now? Just reconciliation was not enough, and they even had to help the association to be promoted. What were they doing? Compensation for what?

First, they attacked aggressively. In the end, they were so scared that they took the initiative to give in. This was already embarrassing enough. He did not expect the three Universal Civilizations to compensate the association and furthermore insist that they were not cowards Only a fool would believe that!

As soon as this proposal was exposed, it was met with strong opposition from a large number of galactic residents. Originally, they had already suppressed their dissatisfaction toward Beyond Grade As, but seeing that the association was about to become an official organization, many people could not take it anymore and started attacking the association. The most mainstream argument was that the association did not have the right to become an official organization and that they should not allow a Beyond Grade A group to have such an identity.

Due to the escalation of the class conflict, the Beyond Grade A Association had already become the main target of hatred. Seeing that the association was going to develop further and even be purified, many galactic residents were furious. This mentality was akin to seeing their enemy living a good life.

On the contrary, most of the Supers in the various Star Fields were excited. They had been looking forward to the Beyond Grade A Association being their leader, but they did not expect it to really come true. Furthermore, it was the first time in history. No matter how the association did it, many Supers were full of admiration.

With the official position, the three Universal Civilizations could no longer promote the associations illegitimacy. Supers no longer had to worry about losing their citizenship after joining the association.

Due to the three Universal Civilizations having a say in the Galaxy Central Civilization Court, many civilizations expressed their opinions through various channels. They first acknowledged the important influence of the association, but they tactfully felt that giving them an exception was a little too much. They claimed that they did not know about the private transactions between the three Universal Civilizations and the association and expressed their dissatisfaction.

Comparatively, the reaction of the players to this news was a little delayed, mainly because most of them did not quite understand the meaning behind it. In their eyes, it was enough as long as the Beyond Grade A Association was strong enough. These political things seemed meaningless. However, after some storyline-loving players explained it on the forums, the players finally understood the difference.

"Treating a civilization as a country, which means that the Beyond Grade A Association used to be a company but is now a country?"

"Does this mean that the Beyond Grade As are building a nation?"

"More or less. Initially, no matter how powerful the association was, it was still a civilian organization. Now, it has finally evolved."

"Ive figured it out! The main storyline should be based on the Beyond Grade A nation as the main body to witness the birth of a different Super civilization. Black Star is the highest leader, so its called the Black Star Era?"

"66666, I understand."

"Sigh, as an old player who fell into this rathole in Version 1.0, I personally witnessed Old Black starting from nothing and climbing to his current position step by step. Im so touched. Its like Im recalling my youth No, I have to watch Bun-Hit-Dogs Black Star Army series from the start!"

"Previous poster, please cover your ID when youre advertising yourself. Thank you for your cooperation."

On the forums, many players were extremely excited.

When the three Universal Civilizations and the association were in a standoff, many players thought that the main storyline would be a battle between the two sides, but they did not expect it to end with a truce. Now that a Beyond Grade A nation had been founded, the players felt that the main storyline missions would definitely revolve around this point, and they could not possibly be wrong this time!

While the outside world was abuzz with the news of the association being promoted, Han Xiao was already prepared and headed toward the territory of the World Tree Civilization.

At the border of the Abyss of Stars, an enormous fleet surrounded a Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device, which was currently heating up. Han Xiao was the only one inside.

"We have set the coordinates, which lead to a location that has never been activated. Its located in an uninhabited area. If what you said is true, then the World Tree Civilization has an unknown detection method. Its best if you leave immediately when you reach the other side and find a way to hide yourself" In the communication channel of the mechanical suit, Fleet Commander Simon was carefully instructing him on what to take note of.

"You guys can just send me there. Ill take care of the rest," Han Xiao replied. Simon nodded. "Hmm, since you have the King mechanical suit, you dont need us to pick you up. Just adapt to the situation."

In the end, the three Universal Civilizations agreed to send Han Xiao to the territory of the World Tree Civilization. Because Han Xiao had the King, there was no need for them to wait and receive him.

To Han Xiao, as long as he left behind a Throne in the past, he could teleport to it anytime in the future. This was the reason the three Universal Civilizations did not allow him to participate in the previous exploration.

However, he was worried that the connection between the King and Throne would serve as a clue to his location, so he placed many Thrones in different secondary dimensions. Furthermore, he had to choose his location carefully when leaving the Throne in the World Tree Civilizations territory.

I hope I can achieve something this time

Han Xiaos brain worked quickly.

This trip to the territory of the World Tree Civilization was only one of the goals of helping Destinys Child. Besides, the World Tree Civilization had already discovered the outsiders. So long as he did not leak any information about the explored universe, he might be able to act more boldly. If there was a chance, he wanted to see if he could find clues about the World Trees main body on the other side. This was extremely important. Just relying on the expedition fleet left too much to chance.

At the same time, he also wanted to see if (Virtual Purification-Restore) was effective on the members of the World Tree Civilization.

Just as Han Xiao was thinking, the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device finally finished its preheating and began to spin rapidly, turning into a circle of light.

"Cut off all the links," Simon said in the channel before turning off the communication network.

Han Xiao activated the silenced mode of his mechanical suit, blocking all network links, including Phillip. Very soon, the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device reached its maximum speed.


All of a sudden, there was a flash of light, and the teleportation device rapidly slowed down. Han Xiaos figure had disappeared in front of everyones eyes.

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