The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1319

Chapter 1319 Nothing To Hide

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Chapter 1319 Nothing to Hide

The Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device felt almost the same as the Kings Teleportation. His vision blurred, and his body became light. The figures of the three Universal Civilizations soldiers around him disappeared, and he reappeared in an empty space in the universe.

This is the territory of the World Tree Civilization Lets determine my location first.

Han Xiao quickly activated all kinds of detection devices to observe the surroundings. It was indeed a deserted region.

The exploration of the three Universal Civilizations was not completely useless. At the very least, they had stolen the star map of the World Tree territory from the internet, which gave him a lot of assistance in his infiltration.

However, because it was not convenient for him to connect to the network of the World Tree Civilization, he could not enjoy the GPS positioning of the network. He had to find a planet as a reference to confirm his exact location. Then, he would use a backup artificial intelligence synchronized star map model and utilize the space measurement technology as well as the calculation formula of star distance and vision to create a self-made navigation device. He had no need to rely on a network link. Although there would be some errors, it would be precise enough.

As he had come to the territory of the World Tree Civilization alone, it would not be convenient for him to communicate with the explored universe. Therefore, he could not obtain remote assistance at the moment and could only act on his own.

Han Xiao entered the quantum network but did not connect to the node. Instead, he used this method to check for densely packed areas of the node to determine where there were people.

I wonder what the World Tree Civilizations detection method is

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled. Ever since he came to the territory of the World Tree Civilization, there was a faint sense of danger in his heart, as if just staying in the territory of the World Tree Civilization was a dangerous thing.

Just relying on this intuition, Han Xiao could guess the reason for the three Universal Civilizations exposure.

Just staying here makes me feel out of place, as if Im being spied on. The World Tree has a powerful information state ability, so maybe its a detection method specifically for foreign information states?

Logically speaking, the three Universal Civilizations had never come into contact with any life forms of the World Tree Civilization, and the areas they had explored before were all uninhabited areas. They had made sure to conceal themselves, so they should not be discovered. However, if the World Tree Civilization had set up an unknown information network in its entire territory, the situation would be a different case.

According to Han Xiaos understanding, the progress of the three Universal Civilizations research in the Information Form state had always been slow, and there was no related technology to it. If their roles were changed and the World Tree Civilization used the same method to spy on the explored universe, the three Universal Civilizations would most likely not discover it.

I hope the mark of Destinys Child will be of some use.

Han Xiao looked at the mark on his hand.

Destinys Child was also an expert in the Information Form field, and he had the trait of being unobservable as a High Dimensional Information Form. This temporary mark could activate the corresponding concealment function, achieving a closed information loop like Rody. It would not be observed by ordinary people, and it might be able to hide from the unknown surveillance methods of the World Tree Civilization to a certain extent.

However, the three Universal Civilizations had already alerted the World Tree to detect the presence of outsiders. The main reason he hid his tracks was to make it easier for him to carry out missions. As long as he did not reveal any information about the explored universe, it would not be a big deal if he was discovered. It was fine as long as he could escape in time.

Lets set up the map.

Han Xiao calmed himself down and activated all kinds of concealment devices before picking one direction.

After sailing in the direction of the quantum node for a period of time, a yellow planet finally appeared in his vision. It seemed to be a colonial planet. A few spatial cracks had opened up near it, and translucent turquoise roots extended out from within, inserted into the planet. They kept expanding and shrinking as though they were breathing.

The roots of the World Tree

Han Xiao stopped and used this planet to calibrate his position in the star map, finally creating a navigation module.

He only looked from afar and did not approach.

If he could obtain a portion of the roots and use it to find the location of the World Trees main body It was a pity that his previous life had proven that this method would not work. He had to think of a different method.

Han Xiao looked at the yellow planet again and nodded.

This should be a planet that has been transformed.

Everything that the World Tree devoured would turn into information form storage after digestion, which could be remade into a physical entity. A planet being devoured did not mean that it would disappear, but it existed in a different form. The World Tree could build it again, and it only required a certain amount of energy and resources.

However, the resources needed to materialize did not require matching materials. The World Tree had an inseparable relationship with psionic energy. Psionic energy could be decomposed into many forms of energy, and it was often treated as a form of universal energy. The World Tree also had a similar function, involving changes in matter.

For example, the materials used to make steel through the World Tree could be wood, seawater, or all kinds of random things. With enough energy, a series of unknown transformations within the World Tree would eventually turn into solid steel, like a high-level alchemy product that no one could understand.

Although the World Tree had a will, it was also a tool-type Space Wonder that was used by the civilization. After many years of experimentation, they had managed to calculate the synthesis requirements of countless objects.

It was because of this characteristic that the World Tree Civilizations war strength was extremely strong. They had almost never been disadvantaged, and their army was endless.

Many resources came from planets, and the World Tree Civilization would convert those valuable planets back in their main camp, allowing them to continue evolving and produce all kinds of materials. From there, they would accumulate more resources. Swallowing a planet in one go was like getting a one-time deal, and after it was converted, there would be a long-term harvest.

Now was not the time to cause trouble. After Han Xiao activated the navigation star map, he immediately left and disappeared. After a long time, ripples suddenly appeared on the roots of the earth yellow planet, and a fleet quickly materialized.

In the command room, Barbani looked at the yellow planet curiously. "There seems to be an abnormal reaction in the vicinity? Could it be that the outsiders are not satisfied with exploring the outskirts and wish to spy on our planet?"

The captain shook his head. "Im not sure. The reaction of this information state alert is very weak. I dont know if it was a false report."

"Lets take a look at the Information Form camera first." Barbani waved his hand.

Very soon, the fleet activated this device, and the light green light screen quickly scanned the surrounding area. The results showed that everything was normal, and there was no situation where all traces of Han Xiao were cleared like the three Universal Civilizations.

The captain looked at the results, nodded, and said, "The traces of the information state are intact, and there are no abnormal clues. Given how the outsiders cleared all their traces last time, its either a false report, or this time, the outsiders have even higher level Information Form technology."

"Could it be new prey?" Barbani got excited again.

"Hmm, I cant rule out this possibility. The level of the later intruders Information Form technology is clearly higher than the outsiders who cleared all the traces last time. They might be two different groups of people However, theres the World Tree Root beside them. If the outsiders cleared all traces here like the previous time, they would have been discovered immediately. Im more inclined to it being misinformation." The captain analyzed the situation for a moment before speaking out again. "To be safe, since the camera has lost its effectiveness, the other party might have used a high-dimensional information form, so we need you to personally investigate."

Hearing this, Barbani nodded and flew out of the cabin, entering space with just his bare body.

Then, a turquoise light emerged from his body and concentrated on his visual organs, emitting a hazy green light. He patrolled the area while scanning the surroundings.

Suddenly, Barbani stopped and looked in a certain direction. It was the area that Han Xiao had stayed in previously.

The green light in his eyes gradually grew stronger. At this time, within the range of the light, a blurry shadow that looked like water ripples suddenly appeared. It was like a cluster of glowing particles, just extremely dispersed.

"I see it. Its indeed a high-dimensional information form."

Barbani perked up.

The high-dimensional information state had an unobservable nature, and the related technology was very advanced. Even if one stood in front of it, ordinary people would not be able to detect it, and the information state camera would not be able to detect it either. The disguise provided by Destinys Childs Mark was the high-dimensional information form state.

However, as the Holy Tree Emissary, Barbani could use the high-dimensional information vision of the World Tree to offset the Closed Information Feedback Loop. He could view any High Dimensional Information Forms were previously unviewable to the eyes of others. That was how he discovered the trail.

Just by borrowing the high-dimensional information vision, he was unable to completely reverse the situation like a camera. He could not obtain any specific information and could only detect certain traces of movement.

"The number of outsiders is unknown, so there shouldnt be too many. They stayed around for a few seconds" Barbani suddenly exclaimed in excitement. "Eh, this outsider seems to still be here."

In his vision, this light particle-like trail extended in two directions, pointing in the directions the outsiders had come and gone in. This meant that the outsiders had not teleported away but had continued staying in the territory of their civilization.

"Holy Tree Emissary, what do we do next?" the captain asked in the channel.

"Humph, wait in the tree. Ill chase after them and see if I can capture this outsider alive."

Barbani could not wait to move. He turned into a turquoise beam of light and chased after Han Xiao.

Meanwhile, Han Xiao was speeding through the universe, looking for a suitable starting point according to the star map. Just as he was focused on his journey, the interface suddenly pinged.

You have triggered an urgent mission: Nowhere to Hide!

Mission Introduction: In the territory of the World Tree Civilization, outsiders have almost nowhere to hide. Your whereabouts have been discovered. Someone is following the clues you left behind.

Mission Requirements: Face the pursuers.

Reward: Unknown

Han Xiao frowned. "I had the concealment device activated and even used the high-dimensional information form of Destinys Childs Mark, but I was still discovered so quickly. Is the World Trees surveillance method so penetrative?"

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