The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1323

Chapter 1323 Using Force To Break Tactic

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Chapter 1323 Using Force to Break Tactic

Just as Han Xiao was about to use the King suit to teleport and finish another fleet, spatial rifts appeared around him, and the troops that had surrounded him earlier rushed over again.

However, before Tedrian and the others could arrive, Han Xiao changed into another King and disappeared in front of everyone. This time, he was teleported to a bait team that had yet to be caught.

When the Tree King, Tedrian, and the others arrived, they were only left with the wreckage of the fleet and the corpse of another Holy Tree emissary.

"Damn it!"

Tedrian was furious.

Even though the World Tree Express reinforcement speed in its territory was already fast enough, they were still a step too late, allowing the outsider to kill another one of their companions. The other Holy Tree Emissaries and Ancestral Spirits also had gloomy expressions.

High Dimensional Information Vision had locked onto the target. Everyone had thought that this outsider had nowhere to run, but they did not expect him to have such a method, catching them off guard. Although the other partys trails were still visible, he teleported to another bait team that had yet to be caught, so they could not immediately lock onto Han Xiaos position. They had to retrace the trails.

The three Universal Civilizations did not know much about the World Tree, but equally, the World Tree Civilization had even less of an understanding about the explored universe. This was also the first time they had seen the Kings teleportation method. "If thats the case, the outsider might appear in other bait trails at any time. The trails are dangerous, and its very likely that the pursuing troops will be killed instead" Roxilians face turned grave.

When they thought of the outsiders strength, they could not help but feel a chill down their spines. They could chase after him, but it was hard to say who would be the unlucky one.

"This outsider definitely wants to use this method to chip away at our forces. As long as we split up and chase after him, there will be a risk of us being killed. However, we have to chase after him and not let this level of strength roam freely in our territory Speaking of which, what kind of civilization does he come from? To actually send out a Super of this level to take the risk alone, could it be that this civilization has many high-level combatants of the same level?" Offerman said with unease.


When they thought about how the outsider was not only strong individually but also had this kind of powerful mobility method, most of the people present felt a deep sense of fear.

Just one person had caused them so much trouble, running amok in their territory. This was a provocation to the entire World Tree Civilization.

Originally, it was a one-sided hunt, but not only did the outsider not flee, he even treated them as prey. They did not expect to fall into a passive situation in their own territory. This was something that had never happened before.

After fighting in the universe for so many years, which hostile civilization would not make careful probes when coming into contact with them? They had never seen such an arrogant guy.

" No matter what, we have to solve this problem," Tedrian said with a deep voice. "Wake up those guys who are not showing themselves and join the pursuit!"

For the time being, he did not think of a way to deal with the strange teleportation ability of the outsider. However, since the target of the outsider was to kill the lone troops, it was a good idea to increase the manpower of every pursuing force to restrict the other party so that he could not deal any damage before the reinforcements arrived.

However, Tedrian was very worried that the outsider would send out another batch of bait to force them to split up. Initially, he could have collected a high-dimensional information sample to lock onto the outsiders route, but the other partys teleportation method made it possible for every bait to turn into the main body, so there was no way to tell.

With that, Tedrian turned to look at the Tree King and nodded. "Your Excellency Tree King, what do you think?"

The Subduing Tree King had been listening to the discussion and did not interrupt. He then said slowly, "Notify me when you surround him Also, I will clear out this Star Field and lock it down. Theres no need to care about the losses."

After saying that, Subduing Tree King turned into a turquoise stream of light and disappeared among the World Tree roots.

He had already made a wasted trip this time, and it was likely that he would not be able to get rid of the outsider anytime soon. He did not want to be messed around along with the others.

Hearing this, Tedrian and the others heaved a sigh of relief.

The planets in the World Tree Civilizations territory were not formed naturally. Instead, they were high-value planets that the World Tree had regurgitated using Information Form. They could freeze the current evolution at any time, swallow it back, store it in the information state, and restore it in another location.

With this characteristic, the World Tree was like a mobile base, taking away the entire civilization and relocating its base in the universe to deal with all kinds of situations. It was almost born for war.

Clearing this Star Field meant letting the World Tree take back all the planets and creatures in this area. This way, they did not have to worry about the outsider wreaking havoc everywhere.

Only the Tree Kings were given this level of authority by the World Tree and could give such an order to the World Tree. The others did not have the authority to do so.

However, the World Tree could not leave as it wished. After changing the location of the base camp, it had to take root in this area from the beginning and turn into its own information assembly points, fusing with each other. Some abilities could only be used in areas after fusion, such as the World Tree Express, which could only travel quickly in ones own territory like the stargates. In other places in the universe, it was impossible to arrive as casually as now.


At this moment, spatial rifts appeared again, and many troops that had received Tedrians summons came to reinforce them.

Among them were many high-level Holy Tree Emissaries and Ancestral Spirits who had woken up from their deep sleep. There were also a few executive officers who had arrived, as well as some high-ranking military generals who were in charge of foreign battles. The size of the group was snowballing.

Although the opponent was only one person, the World Tree gave him a very high level of treatment. An army of this size was more than enough for a universal war.

The pursuit battle continued, and ten days passed in the blink of an eye.

In the past few days, Han Xiao had been kiting around this Star Field to deal with the encirclement of the World Trees troops.

He split up the bait troops time and time again, constantly using Kings teleportation to cut through the pursuing troops of the World Tree. Sometimes, he set up a Throne, but sometimes, it was just Primordial Psionic Energy bombs mixed with fake ones. At the same time, he also used the Kings positioning function to repeatedly warp around, making the World Tree troops suffer. The King was like a god of guerrilla warfare. Using this tactic, Han Xiao obtained some results, killing six Beyond Grade As. However, as the World Tree experts gathered, it became more and more difficult to kill the enemies in every battle. Every pursuing force had a sufficient number of experts, enough to restrain Han Xiao for a short while. In the blink of an eye, dozens of Beyond Grade As would appear as reinforcements. With the peak Beyond Grade As appearing, Han Xiao was forced to reduce the time of each battle, not daring to stay in one place.

Furthermore, the size of the World Tree fleet was too large, and they surrounded the entire Star Field. Han Xiaos guerrilla warfare range also decreased, and the time it took for the pursuing troops to catch up to the bait was getting shorter.

At the same time, Han Xiao also realized that the navigation star map had lost its effect. The planets in this area seemed to have disappeared, and he could not locate them accurately.

"Could it be that the World Tree swallowed all the nearby planets? To deal with me alone, it actually paid such a large price."

In the empty space, Han Xiao sped forward alone while pondering.

This was somewhat out of his expectations. Only the World Tree had such rich assets and did not care about such a small loss, resolutely clearing out the field.

After more than ten days of guerrilla warfare, he had already fought the World Tree experts almost a hundred times and met a lot of acquaintances. Other than the Tree King, almost all the pursuers had fought him.

Although he did not get the chance to kill the enemies later, Han Xiao was able to obtain a lot of information about the attributes of the World Tree experts through combat information. He also learned about the specific abilities of many of his opponents, which was all extremely valuable information.

"My guerrilla warfare range is getting smaller and smaller. If this goes on, Ill be blocked very soon. Furthermore, I cant kill the enemys experts now. Theres no need to continue guerrilla warfare" It was true that the World Tree could not restrain the Kings guerrilla tactics, but this was their base camp; they could destroy all tactics with their army.

Although guerrilla warfare was good, when faced with the overwhelming strength of the World Tree Civilization and the rapid reinforcement system, it was reaching its limits.

"Time to slip away."

Han Xiao nodded inwardly.

Although he did not complete the map this time, the harvest was beyond his expectations. Not only did he obtain a lot of important intelligence, he also sent several World Tree experts to heaven. This was more than he had expected, so he could retreat. It would not be good if he stayed.

However, before he left, Han Xiao wanted to find an opportunity to meet the Tree King and find out more about the other partys combat information.

"All the bait has been cleared, and theres only one high-dimensional information trail left. The outsider has not sent any more bait, so we can lock onto his main body."

In the command room of the main ship, Tedrian looked at the current situation; his gloomy expression that had lasted for over ten days finally disappeared.

"Weve finally surrounded him. This outsider is too difficult to deal with."

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. God knew how they had spent the past ten days. An outsider had disturbed their peace.

The number of World Tree experts participating in the chase was much higher than ten days ago. There were six high-level Holy Tree Emissaries, seven of the thirteen Ancestral Spirits, and a few military commanders and executives. There were about twenty peak Beyond Grade As with an Energy Rank above 71,000, which was equivalent to two-fifths of all the peak Beyond Grade As of the World Tree Civilization.

At this moment, a high-ranking general in a military uniform coldly said, "Dont be too happy yet. Since he has such a teleportation method, theres a high chance he can escape."

Hearing this, everyone was a little helpless. They naturally understood this logic, but after researching for more than ten days, they still could not crack the teleportation method of the outsider. Their requirements had already decreased from killing the outsider to banishing him.

"Lets chase the outsider away first before considering what happens next. This might be the strongest civilization weve ever encountered," Tedrian replied with a frown.

At this time, everyones mental network suddenly received a message. The pursuing troops had finally caught up to the outsiders main body and shared the coordinates.


The faces of everyone present turned dim. They immediately activated the World Trees Express and quickly moved through the roots.

Not long after, they arrived at their destination.

The outsider was floating in space and did not attack the pursuing troops like before. The pursuing troops were waiting for reinforcements and did not dare take the initiative to attack. For a time, there was no movement on either side. Seeing this, many World Tree experts turned into streams of light and shot out of the fleet, landing around Han Xiao and forming an encirclement. More reinforcements were also arriving unceasingly. The number of Beyond Grade As present quickly approached a hundred, surrounding Han Xiao like a tiger eying its prey. Due to the elimination of all the bait this time, the outsider could no longer use guerrilla warfare to trick them. Tedrian then informed the Subduing Tree King. Boom!

The next moment, the Tree Kings figure descended rapidly, and his oppressive might swept through the entire place.

"Your Excellency Tree King."

Tedrian and the many World Tree experts greeted him in the mental network. The Subduing Tree King looked at the situation and nodded. "You have finally surrounded him. Why arent you attacking?"

"This outsider seems to be fearless. He will probably use that teleportation method to escape our territory," Tedrian explained.

Just as the two of them were conversing, Han Xiao suddenly raised his hand and pointed at the Subduing Tree King. He then curled his finger; energy fluctuations increased steadily, locking onto Subduing Tree King.

Seeing this action, everyone present understood what the outsider meant. He was provoking their Tree King.

The Subduing Tree King looked at Han Xiao with an expressionless face. He casually raised his hand and waved it down.

"Get rid of him."

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