The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1324

Chapter 1324 Escape And Fear

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Chapter 1324 Escape and Fear

Ten minutes later, in a certain space deep in the secondary dimension world, a light suddenly flashed; a figure fell out of nowhere and landed on a boundless, white sea of sand. It was as if it lost its balance and staggered. Han Xiao barely managed to stabilize himself. He took a deep breath and put away the dark gold King mechanical suit, revealing his body that was covered in wounds. Blood spurted out from his wounds and seeped into the sand. Very soon, the ground was dyed golden red. There were large scorch marks on his body, and his cells were dying.

"Phew almost lost my life. One against a hundred is indeed too much. Ouch, it hurts."

A burning pain filled his entire body, as though every single cell in his body was screaming in pain. Han Xiaos face trembled slightly. He took out a syringe and injected a tube of highly concentrated life essence from Aurora into his body. A numbing and comfortable feeling immediately swept through his body, suppressing the pain and filling his body with warmth.

The pale golden light surged, and the wounds on Han Xiaos body quickly closed up, restoring his body to its peak state. There were only congealed blood stains left.

It was quite a close call just now. The combined strength of more than a hundred Beyond Grade As had exceeded his limit, and there were more than twenty peak Beyond Grade As, as well as experts at the level of the Tree Guardian King. However, he was fighting alone.

They were all Beyond Grade As, so even if his combat capability was off the charts, as long as he did not break through to a new level, he could not completely ignore the difference in numbers. Just the Subduing Tree King alone would be difficult to deal with, and he was the strongest Pugilist he had fought so far. Furthermore, he had the help of a group of experts.

There was no need to elaborate on the process. It was impossible for him to have the upper hand, and it was also an extravagant hope to ask for a draw. The combined damage of so many experts had already exceeded his recovery speed, his HP fluctuating up and down like a roller coaster. At the most dangerous moment, his HP had even dropped below sixteen percent. If it were any other Beyond Grade As of the explored universe, they would already have died, and even Wuornos with Church National Treasure would most likely not be able to take it.

However, Han Xiao did not plan to fight to the death. He had hidden many abilities, mainly to achieve his goal and obtain the combat information of Subduing Tree King. Although the other partys level was higher and some of his attributes were question marks, many of his abilities were exposed. The value of the information was not small. If he met the Subduing Tree King again, he would have a rough gauge in his heart. After receiving the information of the Subduing Tree King, Han Xiao did not continue fighting. He immediately changed into the King and left. He came to the temporary secondary dimension where the Kings Throne was buried and escaped from the siege.

"With the secondary dimension as a buffer, it will be safer."

Han Xiao patted his chest, shaking off the bloodstains on his body, and changed into a new set of clothes.

Although the probability of Kings Teleportation being tracked by the World Tree was very low, to be safe, he still used the secondary dimension as a transit zone and did not directly teleport back to the explored universe.

Then, Han Xiao took back the throne and left behind the secondary dimension destruction device, shattering this secondary dimension and allowing it to be devoured by the chaotic space flow, removing all trails.

After doing all this, Han Xiao opened the interface to take a look. The (World Trees Rage] mission was completed.

As expected, the bigger the ruckus he caused, the higher the mission rating. He had already reached the highest rating, and the reward was quite generous. Just the EXP alone was 740 billion, which was more than the EXP he had gained from defeating the three Universal Civilizations. With a large amount of EXP, he was closer to the level 360 Promotion.

Another reward notification popped up.

You have received 5 Random Rewards and the milestone talent (World Tree Nemesis).

(World Tree Nemesis]: When fighting enemies of the World Tree faction, damage increased by 12% and a certain probability of triggering [Fear] status.

You have received 5 Gods Trait Transformation Points.

You have received 1 Universe Legendary Point.

Universal Legendary Point: (Mysterious Outsider]You have made a name for yourself in the World Tree Civilization. Countless people know about you, a powerful and mysterious outsider, and they are shocked. Your deeds are being spread around here, awing the World Tree, and able to make children stop crying.

"Sweet." Han Xiaos eyes sparkled. There was no need to talk about (World Tree Nemesis). It was a faction targeting talent, similar to (Elderly Killer). Although its effect was simple, it was quite useful.

Five Gods Trait Transformation Points was exactly what he needed. It was equivalent to building five Universal Treasures. Currently, the Gods Trait Transformation-Void had reached the thirteenth level, and he was just short of the last two points to level up. This windfall was enough to raise the Gods Trait TransformationVoid to the fourteenth level and still have some surplus that would push him close to the fifteenth level. This reduced his workload.

Finally, this Universe Legendary Point had clearly left a deep impression on the World Tree Civilization, and they were filled with fear of him. The next time they met, the people of the World Tree should be able to recognize him immediately.

There was also the last reward notification on the interface. Han Xiao looked at it and saw that it was a piece of each Sanctum fragment. This meant that his level of authority in each Sanctum had increased by one level. This was the bonus reward for the highest mission rating.

"Yo, good stuff!"

Han Xiao was stunned for a moment before he was pleasantly surprised.

Sanctum authority was something that he needed urgently. The higher the authority, the closer the time flow of the Sanctum was to the main universe. It was a pleasant surprise to be able to level up the authority from the mission. Suppressing his excitement, Han Xiao left with his bountiful harvest.

In order to be safe, he planned to travel in the deep layers in secondary dimensions for some time before returning to the explored universe.

In the World Tree Civilizations territory, the battlefield was a mess. The wreckage of the World Tree fleet was everywhere. Roots were sweeping the battlefield and swallowing all the debris.

In the command room of a flagship not far away, many World Tree experts who had participated in the siege surrounded the Subduing Tree King. Their expressions were solemn and somewhat horrified. A portion of them had injuries on their bodies.

Tedrian pressed down on the table and said with a surprised tone, "Theres no doubt about this outsiders combat strength. Hes one of the strongest individuals weve seen in our many years of fighting in the universe. Its unbelievable that so many of us couldnt even kill him Its basically certain that none of us are his match in a one-on-one fight. Even His Excellency, the Tree King, will find it difficult to gain the upper hand." Many of the World Tree powerhouses felt a lingering fear, and many peak Beyond Grade As fell silent.

Even the expressionless Subduing Tree King did not refute and only shook his head.

Facing the siege of more than a hundred people, this outsider actually dared to stay behind and fight head-on. This was already very shocking to them, but they did not expect him to still have the strength to fight back and even injure quite a number of them.

Although they had the absolute upper hand in the siege just now, this outsider was unbelievably tough. He endured the focus fire of more than a hundred people and held on for more than ten minutes before retreating with the strange teleportation method.

Although the enemy had been expelled, the strong performance of the outsider had been deeply imprinted in everyones hearts, almost becoming a trauma. Every time they thought about it, many of them could not help feeling deeply shocked.

"Although we chased this outsider away this time, we cant guarantee that he wont come again. This is very tricky," Roxilian said with a deep voice.

Tedrian nodded, his tone grave.


"If we cant restrict the other partys special teleportation method, our territory will become the other partys backyard. He can come and go as he pleases, putting us in a passive position We cant always clear out the Star Field and send so many people to chase after him."

As he spoke, his expression became even more shocked.

"Furthermore, only a civilization with extremely strong individual strength will produce Supers of this level. Who knows how many high-level combatants there are in this foreign civilization? Weve leaked too many secrets this time. If they send more Supers of the same level next time, well be in trouble."

Hearing this, everyone was worried. Han Xiaos astonishing combat strength made them make the wrong judgment. They thought that there were more experts of the same level in the explored universe, and they could not help but be frightened.

They had always been conquerors, and they were basically the ones who took the initiative to invade. However, at this moment, they felt a rare sense of fear, and they even had thoughts of escaping

"Then, what do you suggest?" an Executive Officer asked.

Tedrian clenched his teeth and said, "This unknown civilization has already grasped our coordinates. My suggestion is to clear out all the Star Fields and move our base immediately. This way, we can avoid being harassed by them. Then, we will think of a way to find out more about them."

"This is indeed a method, but we cant use our advantage" someone objected. "If we stay here and let the enemy continue to harass us, information will become more connected. This way, we will be able to locate this unknown civilization faster. ".

Before Tedrian could speak, someone else interrupted. "I dont think thats possible. This outsider used some tricks to bewitch Barbani. Now that the other party knows about the secrets of these abilities, they will definitely avoid more information connection."

Hearing this, everyone had a helpless look on their face. The biggest problem now was not that the outsider was strong but that the intelligence gap was too big. Their side had leaked too much information, but they knew almost nothing about the outsider. The group was divided into two factions. One side suggested migrating while the other suggested staying. Both started arguing.

Tedrian turned around. "Your Excellency Tree King, what do you think?"

Everyone stopped discussing. In the end, it was the Tree King who would make the final decision.

The Subduing Tree King closed his eyes and pondered for a while before opening them again.

"Theres no need to migrate. The loss of territories is not important, but the information connection is crucial. Now that we have had some interaction, I will speed up the sensing speed of the World Tree. At the same time, I will inform the Information Form Foreseers to increase the frequency of the prophecies. Then, I will get the expedition team sent out in recent years to speed up their journey"

Subduing Tree King paused before continuing.

"Also, strengthen our internal surveillance and set up more detection devices. The outsider has already obtained some of our confidential information. We cant just rely on the Information Form warning network If you find the outsider again, inform me immediately."

Despite the calm expression on the Subduing Tree Kings face, his heart was actually racing. Han Xiaos strength had also shocked him, but he did not show it on his face.

Although he did not say anything, the Subduing Tree King had already engraved Han Xiao in his mind and was looking forward to fighting him again.

It was because of the fighting spirit that was compulsory to a Pugilist. But more than that, the World Tree had expressed its desire for Han Xiao

In the face of all new things, the mother tree had an extremely strong appetite. It requested that the Subduing Tree King send this outsider into its mouth as a tribute.

As one of the executors of the World Trees will, the World Trees request was his mission, and he could not reject it.

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