The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1325

Chapter 1325 Cause And Effect

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Chapter 1325 Cause and Effect

After staying in the deep layers of the secondary dimension world for a few days, Han Xiao returned to the explored universe and immediately visited the Holy Accord Organization to ask Destinys Child about the World Tree Civilizations movements. As he arrived at Destinys Childs laboratory with ease, the staff around looked at him before lowering their heads and continuing with their work.

"You came to see me"

Destinys Child sensed something and turned toward Han Xiao. He pressed his hands on the inner wall of the container and let out a happy mental wave.

Han Xiao smiled and knocked on the container.

Destinys Child noticed that the mark on Han Xiaos body had yet to fade. He tilted his head and said, "You didnt set the area?"

"There was an accident, so I didnt have a chance to do this." Han Xiao shook his head and said, "I need you to tell me what the other side is doing."


Destinys Child did not reject and shared the information in the mental link.

Han Xiao quickly browsed through the images. He could almost see the real-time movements of the World Tree Civilization.

He soon saw that the World Tree Civilization had been stimulated by him during the few days that he stayed in the deep layer of the secondary dimension, and they were looking for clues related to him. They had also increased the frequency at which the Foreseers activated their abilities, indirectly increasing the surveillance of Destinys Child.

His trip had left a deep impression on the other party. The reactions of the World Tree Civilization entered his eyes through Destinys Childs surveillance, so he was not completely clueless about the developments in the World Tree Civilization. Destinys Child was the most important intelligence channel at the moment. Observing the real-time movements of the other party would allow him to make targeted arrangements ahead of time. Like two players in a real-time strategy game, one side removed the fog of war while the other side was still trying to figure out the opponents position. The difference was obvious.

Seeing the World Tree Civilizations disordered movements, Han Xiao heaved a sigh of relief.

At this moment, black flames surged, and Oathkeeper arrived. "Black Star, why didnt you tell me before coming?"

As he spoke, Oathkeepers gaze swept between Han Xiao and Destinys Child. His expression had the feeling of you guys had a rendezvous behind my back.

"Im just here to ask about the surveillance. Ill come over more often in the future. If I have to tell you every time, it will be too troublesome. Just get used to it."

Han Xiao waved his hands.

Do you think youre the leader? Inspecting whenever you want Oathkeeper cursed silently.

"Alright, thats all. I have other things to do, so Ill take my leave." Han Xiao nodded. Without waiting for Oathkeeper to speak, he changed into another King suit and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Oathkeeper helplessly retracted his gaze and turned to look at Destinys Child.

Destinys Child also ignored him. Seeing that Han Xiao had left, he went back to sleep. There was no initiative like when he met Han Xiao earlier, as if he was treating Oathkeeper like air; the discrimination was obvious.

Seeing that Destinys Child was not giving him any face, Oathkeepers mouth twitched. He took a deep breath, suppressed his heartache, and turned to leave.

In the conference room of the three Universal Civilizations

Marbruce sized up Han Xiaos remote projection and said with a confused tone, "Black Star, youre finally back. What took you so long?"

Louis and the church leader were also curious.

After sending Han Xiao away, they had thought that Han Xiaos first exploration would not take too long, but half a month had passed in the blink of an eye, and there had been no news from him. If not for the fact that Han Xiao contacted them, they would have been unaware that Han Xiao had returned.

In the past half a month, the three of them had been living on tenterhooks. Because they were unable to contact Han Xiao, who was far away in the World Tree Civilizations territory, they had been worrying every day, thinking that something had happened to Black Star.

Seeing that Han Xiao had taken the initiative to contact them, the three of them heaved sighs of relief. They were curious about what Han Xiao had done during his long stay in the World Tree Civilization.

"There was an accident along the way, and I was delayed. Lets not talk about that for now. I got some intelligence on this trip. Take a look."

Han Xiao waved his hands. He was too lazy to chat with the three of them and went straight to the point, sending the World Tree secrets that were revealed by Barbani to the three of them.

A virtual screen appeared on the table, and the three of them could not take their eyes off it.

"This this is all information you obtained from this trip!"

Marbruces eyes widened in disbelief to the point of being stunned.

The three of them originally had limited expectations for this intelligence. They felt that since Han Xiao had gone to the enemys headquarters, it would be difficult for him to move easily. Even if he did gain something, it would not be too shocking. However, what was with this piece of intelligence? It was all unheard-of secrets!

Information Form warning network, Information Form camera a ton of important strategic intelligence. It was obvious that this was not information that could be easily obtained. Could it be that Black Star had hacked the World Trees secret database?

The three of them could not help but feel a little dazed.

How many times had they explored the World Tree Civilization? The best they could have done was steal some general information from the internet, but it was all superficial. Black Star had only gone there once, but he had already obtained an explosive harvest. Be it the quality or quantity of information, it was countless times greater than theirs!

The repeated explorations of the three Universal Civilizations were not as good as Black Stars one trip The three of them looked at each other with complicated feelings.

Black Star had given them a headache when he was their opponent, but he was extremely reliable when he was their teammate. If not for the confidential intelligence that Black Star provided, they would not have known how passive their three Universal Civilizations were. Suppressing the shock in their hearts, the three of them focused on browsing through the secrets of the World Tree that Han Xiao had shared. Their expressions kept changingsometimes grave, sometimes surprised, and sometimes frustrated.

Very soon, the three of them read through the information and showed complicated expressions.

"So, this is how we were exposed"

Louis sighed. After seeing the Information Form warning network, they finally understood how the World Tree Civilization discovered them.

"This kind of technology is impossible to guard against. The World Tree Civilizations research standard is much higher than ours regarding Information Form." The Pope frowned with concern.

"Looks like Black Star is right. Wed better stop the regular exploration"

The three of them looked at the intel and felt immense pressure. At the same time, they were glad.

It was all thanks to Black Star for stealing these secrets. If not, they would have continued exploring without knowing what was going on, and they might have suffered a heavy blow one day. Now that they knew about the World Trees detection method, they would be able to deal with it.

Marbruce could not help but ask, " Black Star, how did you get this information?"

The other two also pricked up their ears.

"Nothing much, I just fought them and interrogated some people By the way, I recorded the abilities of all the high-level combatants of the World Tree I fought. I am sending the files to you."

Han Xiao did not reveal his ability and gave a simple explanation. After thinking for a while, he shared the intelligence about the World Tree experts with the three of them. The information recorded was not as detailed as the combat information on the interface, but it was enough to roughly understand the abilities and combat strength of more than a hundred World Tree experts.

Gathering this information was not for his own use but also to let the Beyond Grade As in the explored universe gain a basic understanding of the enemy so that they would not be caught off guard. There was no need to hide it. Seeing the data of over a hundred World Tree experts, the three of them were stunned.

Damn, did you go to infiltrate or to fight?

Having fought over a hundred high-level combatants in someone elses base camp, your life is really full of excitement!

"Isnt this too radical?" Louis could not help saying

Han Xiao looked at him and spread out his hands. "If I did not do this, do you think those secrets would fall from the sky? Dont worry, although I fought the enemy, all traces were cleared. My intelligence channel monitored the real-time movements of the World Tree Civilization. They did not discover anything."

Marbruce was speechless and somewhat moved.

"Black Star, you took such a huge risk to gather intelligence. Everyone will remember your contribution"

From his point of view, if not for collecting strategic intelligence, Black Star would not have taken the risk to fight the World Tree experts, resulting in him being pursued. All of this was for the big picture.

The other two also nodded and sighed.

Han Xiao raised his brows.

Seeing that the three of them had misunderstood his motives, he did not bother to explain himself. He was more than glad for them to think that way since there was no harm in it.

"No matter what, this piece of information you brought has extremely high strategic importance. It can provide an important reference for our strategic direction."

The three of them sighed for a while before getting excited.

Whatever the case, the intelligence that Black Star had obtained this time had solved their urgent needs. It was more than enough to change their strategic deployment.

The three of them began to discuss the next step of the plan, asking for Han Xiaos opinion from time to time.

Hearing that the three of them had finally accepted the suggestion and decided to stop the regular exploration, Han Xiao let out a sigh of relief. He had finally convinced the three Universal Civilizations not to do anything unnecessary, and his trust level had increased.

Somewhere in the unexplored universe, two spindle-shaped, dark-green spaceships sped through the endless desolate universe. Their concealment devices covered the trajectory of the hyperdrive light. In the cockpit, more than ten operators sat in their seats and worked. No one spoke, and the room was silent other than the operating sounds. The cabin looked clean and tidy, but traces of time could still be found in some subtle areas.

Every once in a while, the World Tree Civilization would send out exploration teams in different directions in an attempt to find other civilizations in the vast galaxy. These two spaceships were one of them, and the crew could not remember how many years they had flown for. It was like they were silently wandering in the cold universe. Suddenly, the radar that had been silent for many years made a sound.

"Unknown metal object detected, direction"

The people in the room were stunned for a moment, but they quickly reacted and immediately controlled the spaceship to fly in the direction indicated by the radar.

The two spaceships dragged streams of light and turned around. Very soon, the object locked onto by the radar entered their sights.

Not far away, an egg-shaped metal cabin was slowly traveling through the universe while letting out low-power exhaust flame. Its outer shell was mottled and had traces of cosmic radiation erosion, as if it had been sailing for a long time.

The people present looked at the metal cabin on the observation screen and had the same thought.

"This looks like an escape pod?"

The group of them turned on the vital sign detection device; the extremely high level of technology penetrated the outer shell of the escape pod, detecting the life signals inside.

The appearance of the life forms in the escape pod was quickly displayed on the screen.

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