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Chapter 1327 Navigation

Half a day later, a light green force field rolled up a set of clothes and brought it into the air. Han Xiao reached out and put it on. He rubbed his tired waist, came before a mirror, and rubbed his cheeks.

Ames untied her hair and ran her fingers through it, letting her black hair flow down like a waterfall. She opened the fridge with her force field and took out a half-finished bottle of hard liquor. She poured it into two glasses and walked to Han Xiaos side. She sat on the edge of the table and handed one glass to Han Xiao with a smile.

"Have a drink?"

Hearing this, Han Xiao looked at her and took a sip of the wine. Ames smiled, tidying Han Xiaos clothes and straightening his collar.

"Youve been quite busy recently. I tried to look for you some time ago, but I couldnt reach you."

"When am I not busy?"

Han Xiao licked his lips and tasted the wine; the sweet and cold taste filled his mouth.

Ames took a sip of wine elegantly and said with a teasing tone, "Be honest, where did you go a few days ago? Did you go to the secondary dimensions with someone else?".

"Nonsense. Ive only entered the secondary dimension with you. At most, Ill add Kasuyi." Han Xiao finished the wine in one gulp, put down the glass, and casually combed his hair with his fingers.

Ames shook her cup and said with a smile, "You can be considered successful now. Youve won independence for the Beyond Grade A Association. The three Universal Civilizations have acknowledged your identity once again. Most of the goals set by the association are completed. You can relax now, right?"

"Its still early. Its not the time to relax yet."

"Why? Are you still not satisfied and want to continue climbing up?" Ames raised her brows. "Youre already one of the top big shots in the universe. Its a little dangerous for you to continue climbing up. Could it be that you want to steal the position of the rulers of the three Universal Civilizations?"

"Youre thinking too much. Im not referring to that but some other things. Theres still a huge threat that hasnt been resolved, but I cant tell you yet."

Han Xiao glanced at her helplessly. He did not reveal too much information about the World Tree, not even to those close to him.

"Alright, you always have big plans anyway but you wont be so busy all the time. Youll have to stop sometime."

"If this matter can be resolved successfully, I should be able to rest for a long time."

"Then Ill wait. Dont go back on your word." Ames smiled.

"Well see how it goes. If I am free, Ill spend more time with you."

Han Xiao casually chatted for a while and was about to change into a King suit and leave when his communicator suddenly rang.

When he took it out, Han Xiao was delighted to see that it was Aesop. "Heh, its the old man. His timing is really accurate."

Ames looked over and said indifferently, "He must have called you because the earthquakes stopped."

"Do you want to come along?" Han Xiao waved his communicator.

"Hes looking for you, not me. He probably has some prophecy to talk to you about, so I wont be going. I still have to see Hila and the others later. Go see the old man yourself. Im going to take a shower."

Ames waved her hand lazily and patted Han Xiaos butt before leaving the room.

Han Xiao shook his head and left Dragon Emperor Palace. He arrived at Aesops house with ease and was quickly welcomed in by the AI butler.

The moment he entered, he saw Aesop sitting on the sofa and raising his eyebrows at him.

"Youre out?"

"Youre asking the obvious."

Han Xiao curled his lips, picked up a piece of fruit from the fruit plate on the table, and threw it into his mouth. He sat on the sofa beside Aesop, placed one arm on the back of the chair, crossed his legs, and casually asked, "Whyd you call me?" "Dont make so much noise next time." Aesop sounded helpless. "Its not the first time. When did you start to care so much?" Han Xiao looked at him strangely.

"Im saying pay attention to the impact it causes. Every time you guys are done, the logistics department has to repair it. They even thought that Ames was training, and theyve complained to me more than once. They told me to tell her not to keep causing trouble for Floating Dragon."

Aesop shook his head.

He knew that the relationship between Han Xiao and Ames had been going on for a very long time. Although Ames was his adopted daughter in name, he knew that this kind of private matter had nothing to do with him, so he did not interfere nor did he have the ability to. Furthermore, Black Star had always satisfied him.

As an Ancient One with a rich romantic history, Aesop was quite open-minded in this respect, and he was not surprised at all that Ames had hooked up with Black Star. In his eyes, the two adults of the galactic era had known each other for close to a hundred years, and their statuses were on the same level. They had experienced many things together and found each other pleasing to the eye. Sleeping on the same bed was just a matter of time.

As for the fact that the two of them were not married, it was not a big deal in Aesops eyes. The old marriage system had gone out of fashion a few thousand years ago. Galactic races had long lifespans, and they lived colorful lives. Lifetime monogamy was a backward system that many galactic civilizations had eliminated. Now, the mainstream marriage contract type was usually the legal polygamy system, as well as contracted monogamy system. However, no matter which type of marriage it was, it was no longer a necessity for galactic residents. Due to the strong population circulation, the identity registration of most galactic civilizations had long been simplified. The household registration was very simple, and many galactic residents raised their offspring before marriage. The civilization gave them high subsidies and even built a public foster home.

Han Xiao was speechless.

"You didnt call me here just for this, did you? If theres nothing serious, Im going back."

"Im not that bored. Of course, I have business to discuss with you."

Aesop calmed himself down, threw away the distracting thoughts, and said solemnly, "I recently saw a new prophecy. I saw an ominous cloud looming over the galactic society, containing blood and fire, roars and screams. Its very likely that a disaster is brewing Do you still remember my prophecy? Endless wormholes opened, and countless fleets invaded. The two seem to be related, and an unknown war might break out in the near future."

"Is that so?"

Han Xiao raised his brows. Aesops prophecy probably referred to the World Tree.

"You dont seem surprised?" Aesop blinked.

"Since you saw a prophecy, theres no need to hide it from you. You must be very curious about the reason the three Universal Civilizations compromised so much. This is the reason." Han Xiao shrugged.

Aesop was shocked. "So there are enemies. This makes sense. The three Universal Civilizations had no choice but to unite their forces, so they reached an agreement with you."

"Thats about it. I can give you some information. The enemy this time is very difficult to deal with. It might be the strongest enemy the three Universal Civilizations have seen in all these years. As for the details, I cant tell you for now. Just be mentally prepared," Han Xiao said.

"So a universal war is about to break out. Sigh, the days of peace are always so short. If its an external enemy, it wont be a small war. Who knows how many people will die then?" Aesop sighed.

As he spoke, his expression turned solemn. "Black Star, if the situation isnt good, I hope you can leave with Ames. Theres no need for you to be buried with the three Universal Civilizations."

" How tragic was the scene you foresaw that made you so pessimistic?"

Han Xiao raised his brows.

Aesop said with a serious expression, "Im just taking precautions. Remember, if the situation isnt right, dont walk down the wrong path."

In the Void Dimension, at Kasuyis palace, Kasuyi sat at one end of the table, facing Manisons remote projection. On the table was a virtual interface of Wayne Cards. The two of them were playing cards and chatting casually. Kasuyi casually threw out a card and slowly said, "Now that the association has an official position, according to Black Stars personality, he should strike while the iron is hot and carry out the next step of the plan. But hes keeping a low profile and has yet to start a new plan. This isnt like him."

Manison looked at his cards and casually replied, "Black Star definitely has his own plans."

"Recently, hes been acting mysteriously, connecting with the three Universal Civilizations. I dont know what hes doing. Speaking of which, the three Universal Civilizations concessions are quite strange." Kasuyi crossed his arms.

Manison did not mind. "The three Universal Civilizations choice is obviously due to pressure, and there are only a few scenarios where pressure would worry them. Based on the current situation, the most likely scenario is the invasion of the enemy. Black Star should have reached an agreement with the three Universal Civilizations to fight the enemy together. Lets just wait."

"Not necessarily." Kasuyi shook his head.

Because he had information about the Iterations, he thought more about it. Other than the possibility of foreign enemies, he also felt that the three Universal Civilizations might have discovered the existence of the Iterations and thus dropped the conflict. However, this was all speculation. No matter what, he supported Han Xiaos current actions.

Although Han Xiao did not reveal the truth of the World Tree, many Beyond Grade As had thought about it over the past few days and roughly guessed that the reason for the current situation was the existence of external enemies.

However, since Black Star did not announce it, many of the association members had a tacit understanding and pretended not to know. In fact, many Beyond Grade As were already secretly preparing for battle.

Somewhere in the unexplored universe, the World Tree exploration teams spaceship had changed direction and was moving at full speed in hyperdrive. The crew in the cockpit were all excited, and there were a few trembling old Kunde Race members tied up in the corner.

"After so many years, Ive finally found some prey."

The captain stared at the coordinates on the screen with excitement.

After wandering in the universe for so many years, they had been searching for unknown civilizations alone. The universe was so vast, so their chances were like finding a needle in a haystack. To the long-distance fleet, this was akin to a punishment of exile, and they only had a harvest today.

Not long ago, they discovered an escape pod with low technology and captured the beings inside. Through various methods, they obtained information from the memories of these intelligent creatures who called themselves the Kunde Race.

When the dynasty defeated the Kunde Race civilization, there were batches of people who escaped through the escape pods. After many years of travel and some chance factors, some survivors left the explored universe, and this escape pod was one of the escapees.

The Kunde Races memories of the explored universe were only at the stage of the war between the Crimson Dynasty and them. Because they were a native civilization of the Flickering World and had never integrated into the galactic society, they did not know much about the explored universe.

However, to the World Tree exploration team, the most valuable information was the coordinates recorded in this escape pod, as well as the navigation records of the past few years. This gave them a navigation target that pointed to the original location of the Kunde Race civilization, which was the Flickering World Star Field.

Due to the uniqueness of the World Tree mental network, every exploration team was a universe coordinate recorder that was connected in real time. The coordinates of every location would be sent to the World Tree simultaneously.

This meant that as long as the exploration team arrived at their destination, they would be able to obtain the coordinates of their enemies. After the World Tree base analyzed it, it would be able to use the wormhole generator to send a large number of troops over. The three Universal Civilizations had also used this method when entering the World Tree Civilizations territory for the first time. It was basically a spatial technology that the advanced civilizations used.

At the same time, the exploration team was also responsible for carrying out intelligence work. They would infiltrate the unknown civilization and collect information about the other party. The World Tree would only invade on a large scale if they knew about the other partys state. They would not start a war the moment they discovered their prey. "I wonder what level of civilization the prey we discovered this time is. Could it be the nest of the outsider who recently caused a ruckus in our territory? Tsk, I have to be careful!" The captain muttered to himself and was extremely vigilant. He had also learned of Han Xiaos battle in the World Tree Civilization.

If the coordinates were really the hometown of that brave outsider, the danger level would be raised to the highest!

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