The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1328

Chapter 1328 Discovered

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In a certain restricted military area of the Black Star Army, two large Mechanical Deities were clashing like interstellar beasts in close combat. With every clash, sparks flew everywhere, and shockwaves spread out like endless ripples.


Among them, the black and gold Mechanical Deity with a thick psionic shield slammed into the opponents abdomen, causing light fragments to fly everywhere. Taking advantage of this collision, it opened up a small distance; countless light beams shot out from the cannon barrels on its shoulders, condensing into a golden beam of light that pushed the opponent away.

The Mechanical Deity that was sent flying rolled in space for a while before quickly stabilizing its body. Its flickering shield blocked the attack, and it was not injured.

"You are recovering well."

The black and gold Mechanical Deity did not chase after him. Its body opened and closed like scales. It retracted its weapon and spoke in the channel. It was Han Xiao himself.

The other Mechanical Deity was Herberlon. Hearing this, he stopped, stretched his shoulders, and said, "This configuration needs to be readjusted. The power output is not enough."

After waking up to prove the existence of the World Tree, Herberlon repaired his body with Han Xiaos help and recovered his combat capability. He then added various weapons and equipment to form different sets of equipment, constantly adjusting his state of operation. From time to time, he would spar with Han Xiao to test the combat capability of different configurations.

"I think this set of close combat equipment suits you quite well. Just add a few more sets of reactor modules. Although you cant beat me, you should be able to fight on par with the Mechanic Emperor." Han Xiao smiled.

To him, sparring with Herberlon was a good leisure activity. After all, most Beyond Grade As would not be able to withstand his size, and Herberlon was about the same size as him. At the same time, he was also durable and could fight freely.

Although Herberlon had once been defeated by the World Tree powerhouses, the situation he faced was one against many. His strength could not be underestimated. After recovering his strength, he would be able to enter the first tier of the Beyond Grade As in the explored universe, and he would even be able to reach the top tier. He would be a great help.

Hearing this, Herberlon disarmed himself, removed a metal tube from the groove on his arm armor, and threw it to Han Xiao. "Another mutated carrier."

Han Xiao took the metal tube and sized it up. He sensed some special structures from it, nodded, and put it away.

Although he was now a living body Mechanical Deity, that was a cheap trick, and it did not completely replicate the uniqueness of Herberlon.

Herberlons body was extremely strange. Flesh and blood life combined with mechanical life, and the mechanical parts that were assembled over a long period of time had a chance to undergo a natural mutation like biological tissues, turning into special equipment similar to Apostle Weapons.

A body like Herberlon was a treasure in the eyes of the average person. Any piece of it would contain a shocking amount of technology. However, Han Xiao only needed the mutation module; he made Herberlon dig out the mutated body tissue from time to time and give it to him for research. This was one of the rewards for testing Herberlons body.

After doing all this, Herberlon asked, "Hows your contact with the World Tree going?"

"Not too bad. I have obtained quite a few secrets now, so Ill temporarily hold back and accumulate my strength"

Han Xiao briefly explained the process of him stealing the secrets of the World Tree, as well as his current strategy. This was the information that he said he would share when he invited Herberlon to fight the World Tree together.

Hearing that the three Universal Civilizations had gained an advantage in intelligence with Han Xiaos help, Herberlon hesitated for two seconds before saying, "The three Universal Civilizations are really lucky to have someone like you"

If one were to ask Herberlon how he felt right now, it would be envy and jealousy.

The Karma Republic that he was in did not react until they were attacked by the World Tree Civilization. They were caught off guard and easily defeated. He could not help but envy the fact that the explored universe had Black Star. If the Karma Republic had Black Stars help, at least they would not have lost without any resistance

Herberlon had mixed feelings as he said, "Its a pity that we didnt have such luck and did not have someone like you."

"Cough, its not that bad"

Han Xiao was helpless.

Why are you suddenly flattering me? Did I ask you to flatter? Just as he was about to comfort, his communicator rang.

He took it out and saw Oathkeepers message.

There are new discoveries in Destinys Child surveillance. Come quickly!

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes and immediately lost the mood to chat.

He casually bade farewell to Herberlon and teleported to the Holy Accord with the King.

His vision blurred, and he arrived at Destinys Child laboratory. This time, Oathkeeper was waiting for him in the room.

"Whats going on? Whats the situation?"

Han Xiao looked at Destinys Child and walked to Oathkeepers side. "Things have changed. Take a look."

Oathkeeper had a serious expression and was not in the mood to joke. He moved aside.

Han Xiao turned around and connected with Destinys Child. Information flowed into his mind, and his expression changed.

"The World Tree exploration team got our coordinates?"

This information was somewhat unexpected, and Han Xiaos mood immediately became heavy. Destinys Childs surveillance came from the interaction of information when the sub-bodies activated their foresight ability. This time, the intelligence that was caught was that an exploration team of the World Tree had found the coordinates of a new unknown civilization. The World Tree used all the information that this exploration team had as a medium for foresight and organized a large number of foreseers to activate their abilities. Therefore, Destinys Child knew about the situation of the exploration team.

As such, Han Xiao saw in the intelligence that the World Tree exploration team had discovered a group of Kunde Race members, as well as the information they had obtained from them. The coordinates pointed to the old location of the Kunde Race civilization, which was in the middle of the Flickering World.

The surveillance intel showed the origins of these Kunde Race individuals. They were the survivors of the war. Although the refugees knew almost nothing about the galactic society, causing the World Tree to not know if this unknown civilization was the same group as the outsiders who were spying on them, the coordinates exposure was a fatal matter. The World Tree would definitely investigate thoroughly before letting the matter rest. Then, they would be able to find out more about the three Universal Civilizations.

Han Xiao frowned. "For such a thing to occur"

In his previous life, the World Tree invasion had been unstoppable, and they had come prepared. It was obvious that the exploration team had discovered the three Universal Civilizations long ago, but they had been secretly stealing intelligence and only started fighting when they were ready. No one knew when the World Tree first discovered the three Universal Civilizations, but to Han Xiao, it did not make sense for it to be so early. It was most likely due to the butterfly effect. Due to his influence, the path of the Kunde Race refugees had changed, and they had unfortunately run into the World Tree exploration team.

Without the coordinates, it would be difficult to find something. If they knew the location, their efficiency would be multiplied countless times, not to mention in the vast galactic universe. The World Tree exploration team had the same logic. In his previous life, the exploration team had most likely searched aimlessly, finding a needle in a haystack, and coincidentally arrived in the explored universe. Now that they had the navigation coordinates, they could directly travel in the direction of the explored universe. The time to arrive in the explored universe would definitely be much earlier, exposing the three Universal Civilizations in advance.

"What do you plan to do?" Oathkeeper asked with a deep voice.

Han Xiao came back to his senses and frowned.

"If thats the case, I can only interfere. I cant let the World Tree find us easily."

Destinys Childs surveillance showed the location of the exploration team. The only thing he could do now was intercept the exploration team halfway and try not to let the World Tree figure out the three Universal Civilizations details. He would win some time and let the three Universal Civilizations mobilize their forces publicly, officially turning into war mode to face the enemies.

However, no matter what he did, the World Tree had already obtained the coordinates, and finding the Flickering World was a foregone conclusion. Even if he destroyed this exploration team, there would be a continuous stream of reinforcements.

"I thought there was still a lot of time, but plans cant keep up with the changes"

Han Xiao shook his head helplessly.

He had finally managed to convince the three Universal Civilizations to follow his suggestion and reduce their contact with the World Tree Civilization, giving the secondary dimension expedition team more time. However, the unexpected factors turned out contrary to expectations. The Kunde Race Civilization had once been destroyed by the dynasty, and now, the refugees brought an even greater disaster to the three Universal Civilizations. It was like a cycle of fate; no one could be blamed.

Sighing, Han Xiao composed himself.

No matter what, it had already happened. He could only think of a way to deal with it and accept reality.

"The World Tree has discovered our coordinates?"

In the conference room of the three Universal Civilizations, the three of them received Han Xiaos intelligence and were shocked.

"As for the details"

Han Xiao explained the whole story. After he left the Holy Accord, he had immediately shared this intelligence with the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations.

After hearing the explanation, the three of them looked solemn.

The three of them did not have any other thoughts about the Kunde Race escapees leaking the secret. At most, they would curse that they were unlucky. They were more relieved that Han Xiao had the surveillance channels to discover the World Trees movements this time.

After all, they did not have the overpowered information network like the World Tree. If they were infiltrated, no one would be aware of it.

After pondering for a while, Marbruce said in a serious tone, "Black Star, Ill leave the exploration team to you Everyone, from now on, we have to enter a state of war."

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