The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1330

Chapter 1330 Public Announcement And Response

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In the area where the exploration team had been wiped out, Han Xiaos mechanical army had already set up the stargate and activated the channel. The space vortex slowly spun, and not long after, batches of troops from the three Universal Civilizations flew out from the stargate.

Simon immediately saw the mechanical base floating in the starry sky outside the window. This was a temporary stronghold built by Han Xiao.

Simon sent Han Xiao a message. "Were here."

"I see you. Here is the exploration teams projected route. Ill leave the rest to you," Han Xiao replied casually before sending the intelligence to the various commanders.

Simon nodded. Without exchanging pleasantries, he turned and gave the order for the fleet to start moving. The allied troops of the three Universal Civilizations immediately split up, and the construction team built the prototype of the defense circle on the spot. The mechanical army then followed the exploration teams route, setting up a space stabilization device along the way. Because the World Tree could only take coordinates based on the exploration teams route to open wormholes, the three Universal Civilizations method was a perfect counter.

Looking at the three Universal Civilizations fleets working in an orderly manner, Han Xiao nodded.

Although both sides had come into contact in advance, compared to his previous life, the three Universal Civilizations were in a much better position. The World Tree had yet to grasp their strength and was not prepared, so they could not invade from the secondary dimensions. Therefore, the three Universal Civilizations only needed to pay attention to the battlefront of the main universe for the time being, which saved them a lot of time and energy. Furthermore, they still had the upper hand at the moment, managing to keep the enemy outside their territory. The situation was quite good.

Everyone was engrossed in their preparations for a long time. Suddenly, a spacetime anomaly occurred somewhere on the exploration teams route, attracting everyones attention.

A wormhole vortex appeared out of thin air. However, along the way, the wormhole was disrupted by the stabilizing anchor nearby. The process was interrupted, and the wormhole was destroyed. "The teleportation of the World Tree failed."

Seeing this, many of the officers of the three Universal Civilizations were overjoyed. This was obviously because after the exploration team died, the World Tree had tried to send the next batch of troops. This proved to the three Universal Civilizations that their current plan was effective, able to successfully stop the World Trees teleportation team.

This way, the World Tree could only choose to teleport to further coordinates and keep trying until it succeeded. At that time, the three Universal Civilizations, who were prepared, would naturally surround and intercept them. Since the plan was effective, Han Xiao did not keep an eye on it. The three Universal Civilizations would be in charge of this. With more people, the efficacy would naturally be higher.

Leaving behind a Throne, Han Xiao changed into the King and returned to the explored universe. He still had many things to do.

After Han Xiao returned to the Beyond Grade A Association headquarters, he immediately called an emergency meeting. The association members received the news and all attended.

Ever since the three Universal Civilizations ban was lifted, Black Star had not summoned everyone so urgently. In the venue, many Beyond Grade A projections landed on their seats and gazed at Han Xiao curiously.

Kasuyi turned and asked, "Black Star, why did you call us for an emergency meeting?" Han Xiao looked around and said with a deep voice, "I know that all of you have always been curious about the basis of our ceasefire with the three Universal Civilizations. Previously, due to the confidentiality agreement and some strategic considerations, I did not disclose it to the outside world. However, the situation has changed. I can tell all of you that because the three Universal Civilizations discovered a foreign civilization that lives on aggression and threatened the safety of the entire galactic society, they chose to compromise with us at the crucial moment. They hope to work together with us to fight against the foreign enemy."

Hearing this, the expressions of the Beyond Grade As present changed. Some came to a realization, some were shocked, and others remained unsurprised.

Many people had already faintly expected this possibility, so they did not show a great reaction.

Manisons eyes flashed, and he slowly said, "This is the deal that the three Universal Civilizations gave us for our independence?"

"Thats right." Han Xiao nodded.

"How strong is this enemy?" Kasuyi was curious.

"Because of some reasons, its not convenient to reveal the details for the time being, but the overall strength is very strong" Han Xiao briefly described the size of the World Tree.

After hearing the introduction, many people looked at each other and frowned. They were afraid of the strong enemy that Han Xiao described.

"I never thought that I would have to fight alongside the three Universal Civilizations in the blink of an eye."

"The enemies are so strong. Can the three Universal Civilizations win?"

"Even if we win, it will probably be a tragic victory."

Many people whispered to each other, worried. Dillon frowned. "In other words, we still have to work for the three Universal Civilizations?"

Han Xiao waved his hand and said, "Its just a deal. Furthermore, were also the prey of the foreign enemies. We have nothing to do with the three Universal Civilizations."

"Bullsh*t! The three Universal Civilizations cant even take care of themselves, so we can definitely leave on our own. They wont dare stop us at this juncture, but arent they using our lives to protect the three Universal Civilizations?"

Dillon was clearly dissatisfied. His hostility toward the three Universal Civilizations was very firm.

"If we join the battle, who knows how many people will die? Even if theres the Sanctum Revival, I think" Beiger hesitated.

The majority of people there were willing to fight the three Universal Civilizations for the treatment of the Beyond Grade As because of what happened in history, but for them to ally and fight alongside the three Universal Civilizations, it was the exact opposite.

Among that group, the Revivors took the lions share. They felt that since they could no longer enjoy the Sanctum Revival, losing their lives for the three Universal Civilizations was not worth it.

Protecting the people was not a priority for a portion of the Beyond Grade As. After all, the strength of an individual was different from that of a civilization. If they did not need to rely on the masses, they naturally did not have much obligation to protect them.

Now that the problem of the Beyond Grade As was basically solved, many of the Revivors had achieved their goal, and their mentality was inevitably going to shift toward being independent.

Han Xiao took in everyones expression and said, "These are the terms of the deal. If we dont participate in the battle, the associations independence and status will be nullified." Dillon snorted. "Come on. Its not even certain if the three Universal Civilizations can win. Well be risking our lives to fight, but if the three Universal Civilizations lose, these agreements will still be useless. To us, its a bloody loss There is clearly a method to gain something without risking our lives!" "Youre right, but there are two sides to everything. This is also an opportunity. Furthermore, we were all born from this galactic society, so this is not the time to abandon our homeland. Escaping should not be the first choice." Han Xiao shook his head. "Alright, lets assume that weve defeated the enemy. But what if the three Universal Civilizations take the opportunity to wipe us out again? Will we still have the strength to fight back then?" Dillon questioned.

"Of course, Ive considered this. Dont worry, we wont be the main force fighting against the foreign enemies. The three Universal Civilizations will only suffer greater losses than us. By then, the association will still be able to retain enough strength or come out even stronger."

Dillon snorted coldly. "Its easy to say. I dont care about the others, but I wont agree. You want me to fight for the three Universal Civilizations? No way!"

Han Xiao ignored him and looked at the others. "What are your thoughts?"

Listening to the argument between the two, many Beyond Grade As had different expressions. Some were hesitant, while others remained calm.

"Black Star is right. This is a deal with risks and benefits. Were not fighting for the three Universal Civilizations but for our homeland. At least for me, Im already used to living here. If its not necessary, I dont want to watch the galactic society be destroyed," Kant said slowly.

Kasuyi nodded and said, "No matter what, its too early to discuss escaping before the battle starts. I believe that Black Stars intention is not to fight to the death. If the situation is truly irreversible, with his style, he will not lead us down a path of no return."

"Thats right." Secret Master nodded expressionlessly.

Other than the Revivors, most Beyond Grade As understood Han Xiaos actions. After all, not everyone was willing to abandon their hometown. Furthermore, as a Beyond Grade A, even in the face of a universal war, they still had the confidence to protect themselves and would not panic. Being scared away by the enemy was not within the consideration of most. Whether they could win or not would only be known after they fought.

Hearing this, Han Xiao nodded before looking at Dillon and the others. "The war has yet to break out, so you still have plenty of time to consider. The association respects the opinions of every member and will not force anyone to participate in the war Of course, if you change your mind one day, I welcome all of you to fight alongside us."

"Humph, even if the galactic society is gone, I will not regret my attitude today!" Dillon snorted.

Han Xiaos expression was calm, and he was not angry. It was normal to have disagreements. He had already considered this point.

However, in his previous life, everyone in the explored universe was a soldier, so it was clear that most of them were upright. Furthermore, in his previous life, Oathkeeper had convinced many Revivors to participate in the battle at the critical moment. Clearly, it was not just because they were emotionally moved but more because the Sanctum Revival was used as a bargaining chip to move all the Beyond Grade As.

When the truth of the unlimited number to Sanctum revivals was exposed, he believed that these cold and aloof combat avoiders would come back knocking.

Han Xiao gave some instructions before announcing the end of the meeting. Everyone left with their own thoughts, except Manison.

Han Xiao looked at him and asked, "What do you have to say to me?"

Manison crossed his hands on his legs and calmly said, "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do you want to reconsider my route?"

"What, you want to replace the three Universal Civilizations?" Han Xiao smiled.

"Cant we?" Manison glanced at Han Xiao. "If we lose, just pretend that I didnt say anything. If we win, this is a very good opportunity. It might be the weakest moment of the three Universal Civilizations so far, and the Virtual Mutiny Virus in our hands will come in handy."

"You still havent given up. In fact, the things you want are even more exaggerated." Han Xiao shook his head.

Manison was expressionless. "When the three Universal Civilizations recover, they will still see us as a thorn in their side. As long as they stay on our side, we wont be able to have any true peace. Your method of checks and balances is effective, but isnt it better to solve the threat once and for all?" "Its too early to say that. Lets focus on dealing with the enemies." Han Xiao waved his hands.

To the citizens of the galactic society, this was a normal day, but on this day, the peaceful life in their eyes was easily broken by the galactic announcement issued by the three Universal Civilizations. The three Universal Civilizations announced that a powerful foreign civilization was planning to invade the galactic society. The entire universe was to enter a state of war, requesting the Flickering World and many other Star Fields to begin mass migration.

This earth-shattering news swept through every Star Field like a hurricane. All galactic residents and civil forces who saw the news could not believe their eyes, thinking that it was fake news.

However, the actions of the three Universal Civilizations proved that this was not a joke. Large batches of official fleets forcefully migrated the civilians in the various Star Fields, and the various civilizations cooperated extremely well. Spaceship after spaceship of galactic residents of different races were sent to the transport ship, heading toward the hinterlands of the explored universe.

The recently renowned Beyond Grade A Association also issued a statement, proving that the three Universal Civilizations were not lying. They would fight against the enemies together and start to recruit Supers from all over the universe.

This series of actions did not pause at all. It was as if they had been prepared for this. The tension of the impending storm swept through the entire galactic society.

There had been no related news before this, and the situation had come too suddenly. It was as if a meteor had landed on the calm surface of the sea, causing huge waves. The public opinion exploded instantly. However, one characteristic of the interstellar era was that the people were used to seeing all kinds of strange things. They were adaptable and could accept things fast enough. Although the period of long and comfortable life slowed down the reactions of many people, the majority of the galactic residents still quickly accepted the fact that a war was about to break out. They did not have time to think too much and quickly responded.

Fortunately, the conflict between the three Universal Civilizations and the Beyond Grade A Association had given many galactic residents an experience. At this moment, they were practically escaping without hesitation.

Without the forced migration of the three Universal Civilizations, most of the galactic residents left the border Star Field of their own accord, forming a huge migration wave. The public stargates were all jammed, and the fleet could extend to the end of their sights.

At the same time, the armies of the three Universal Civilizations began to move toward the periphery of the Star Field, requiring the majority of the area to start their war preparations.

In daily life, the various Star Fields were all living areas. Once a war broke out, the entire explored universe would be a strategic location in the eyes of the three Universal Civilizations. All Star Fields were war zones with different functions.

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