The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1331

Chapter 1331 Scheming Against The Enemy

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Chapter 1331 Scheming Against the Enemy

In the conference room of the Super Star Cluster Alliance, many leaders were discussing the coming war intensely.

Ever since the three Universal Civilizations issued the universal war mobilization, the leaders of the various civilizations had put aside their other work, treating it as their top priority at the moment and actively asking the three Universal Civilizations about their enemies.

However, due to the magnitude of the issue, there were too many civilizations that were eager to obtain information. The three Universal Civilizations only gave a unified reply and briefly explained the situation of the information entanglement. They said that they wanted to control the number of people who knew about it and that it was not convenient to publicize any intelligence on the enemy for the time being. Therefore, the other civilizations did not know anything about the enemy. However, even if some civilizations were dissatisfied with the three Universal Civilizations, they would still follow the instructions of the three Universal Civilizations and cooperate with the strategic plan when facing external wars. After all, the three Universal Civilizations were the rulers, and their determination to protect the safety of the explored universe was unquestionable. At the same time, they were also the pillars of the galactic society. None of the civilizations objected to the three Universal Civilizations having unified command during the war, and even the Super Star Cluster Alliance did not dare object.

A Super Star Cluster leader knocked on the table and said, "The invasion of foreign civilizations is not a small matter. For some reason, the three Universal Civilizations did not reveal the details of the enemy, but for them to put on such a show, its clear that they have met a strong enemy." "According to the attitude of the three Universal Civilizations, this time, its most likely a mature Universal Civilization, not something those natives can compare to," another person guessed. Everyone had a heavy expression on their face. This was not the first time that the explored universe had dealt with an unknown civilization. In history, there would occasionally be new Star Fields being developed, and the most recent example was the Flickering World. The Kunde Race war was similar, but the natives and Universal Civilizations were worlds apart. The intensity of the war was on a completely different level.

The Universal Civilizations in the unexplored universe were basically the overlords of a region. This was no longer a small skirmish when they were fighting the natives but an interstellar war. They no longer had a perfect chance of winning like they did when they were teaching the natives a lesson. The three Universal Civilizations had put up a defensive stance in their base camp, so it was obviously not the side that took the initiative to attack. It was most likely the side that was invaded, which made the heads of the Super Star Cluster Civilizations feel that something was wrong. No one wanted to start a war in their own territory, and even if they won, their territory would suffer a huge loss. However, the three Universal Civilizations had chosen a defensive strategy, which proved that they were likely at a disadvantage, so they could only passively resist the other partys invasion.

"The conservative strategy of the three Universal Civilizations has exposed their lack of confidence. We should prepare a path of retreat. If the three Universal Civilizations become losers, we must think of a way to protect our civilizations," the leader of the Star Arc Civilization said.

In the eyes of the upper echelons, nothing was inevitable. They would never believe that the three Universal Civilizations could not be defeated or destroyed. They had to consider every possibility and plan ahead.

"Its a pity that the three Universal Civilizations will not disclose information about this foreign enemy. We cant analyze the other partys social status, political orientation, and attitude toward the outside world" Someone shook his head.

"It seems like we can only wait until the war starts before we know the situation of this foreign civilization. Only then can we make a decision based on the actual situation. Before that, we can only arrange our own life tinder storages," the leader of the Star Arc Civilization replied.

After discussing for a while, one of the Modo Three Kings suddenly spoke in a low voice.

"Speaking of which, this might be our chance to break the stalemate."

Hearing this, the eyes of many Super Star Cluster leaders flickered.

They stayed in the explored universe and had always been restricted by the three Universal Civilizations. Only external forces could help them break the balance. Their previous attempt to enter the Flickering World had failed, and although the Beyond Grade A Association had potential, it did not seem to be of much use now. However, external enemies were the biggest variable, and it was an opportunity to change the situation. The Star Arc Civilization leader rubbed his chin and slowly said, "The most ideal situation would be for the three Universal Civilizations and the foreign civilizations to both suffer. We would then take over and rule the galactic society.

"Of course, they will be wary of us. If this path doesnt work, we can take the opportunity to evacuate. The three Universal Civilizations wont have the strength to stop us. We can bring our civilization to a faraway place and become the new rulers there. We can enjoy the resources and develop freely. We wont be restricted and suppressed like today."

Everyones eyes lit up.

As the saying went, they would rather be a chickens head than a phoenixs tail. The Super Star Cluster Alliance had been the number two for too long, and they had been beaten up by the three Universal Civilizations every day. If there was no outside interference, they would never have the chance to turn the tables and would forever be positioned below the three Universal Civilizations.

If they could get rid of the restrictions, then migrating to the enemy would also be a choice.

At this moment, the Star Arc Civilization leader changed the topic.

"However, without the enemys intelligence, its not suitable for us to make a decision The three Universal Civilizations will most likely be wary of us and force us to be the main force. This will reduce our strength and cause us to be less of a threat. Therefore, we still have to see how the war goes."

All the leaders nodded with subtle expressions.

Since the enemy had yet to arrive, it was impossible for the civilizations to be united.

The war was sudden, and the announcement of the three Universal Civilizations spread throughout the galaxy. This also shocked the players, and their reactions were intense. "Suddenly going to war? I havent even brushed my teeth!"

"Isnt the main storyline the rise of a Beyond Grade A nation? Why did it suddenly become a galactic war?"

"Tsk, I got the main storyline wrong again. I really cant guess this version!"

"Actually, all of this is possible, but the level of intelligence we have access to is not high enough. We cant get any inside information and can only analyze the surface."

Many players on the forums were shocked, but shortly after, most of them became excited.

War? Thats good! I can participate in the main storyline again! As a group that wanted to see the world in chaos, the players welcomed war. After the three Universal Civilizations and the association became good friends again, many players could only operate the black markets to farm daily necessities. Although they were very free, they did not have a main storyline goal, so they were still overly idle and dying of boredom.

Now that a universal war was about to break out, it might be the largest war they had ever seen. Most of the players could not wait to participate. Coincidentally, Han Xiao also issued a recruitment order to the army players, gathering all the combat-ready soldiers of the army to await orders in the Flickering World.

At Black Stars call, almost all the players in the army responded, dropping the black market mission in their hands and gathering at Black Star Palace.

At the border stargate station of the Dawn Star Cluster, the diverse civilian spaceships lined up in front of the stargate and entered in batches under the supervision of the Crimson Dynasty fleet. These were all galactic residents who had responded to the migration and were leaving the Flickering World on a large scale.

Practically all the galactic travel companies assisted in the migration, mobilizing their spaceships to transport batch after batch of galactic residents out of the country. Not only did they respond to the call, but they also took the opportunity to make a huge profit. Currently, all galactic flights did not care about comfort, only the number of passengers. Unless they chose VIP cabins that were many times more expensive, they could not expect any special treatment. In a large travel ship, countless galactic residents were squeezed into the main hall of the ship, and all kinds of races could be seen there. These were all ordinary passengers, and most of them were chatting with their companions. There were many worried people, and the main hall was extremely noisy. "The recent disturbances have been too frequent. Those rulers have been creating trouble for us, and now we cant even rest in peace," one universal human could not help but complain.

One of the people beside him said with a dissatisfied expression, "Who says so? Some time ago, the three Universal Civilizations confronted the Beyond Grade A Association, and I thought that something big was going to happen. It was not easy to get rid of the storm, and now theres going to be a war. How annoying."

"Since it has already happened, lets not complain too much." A well-dressed passenger sighed and said, "I only hope that this migration will ensure our safety."

"As long as the three Universal Civilizations can stop the enemy at the border Star Field, we shouldnt have to worry. No matter how fierce the battle is, it wont threaten us," another passenger said.

"Its hard to say. In the past, when we encountered foreign civilizations, the three Universal Civilizations did not order us to migrate on a large scale. The enemy this time is probably very strong. I hope the three Universal Civilizations can be more reliable. Otherwise, the inner Star Fields wont be safe either," someone said worriedly.

The cabin was filled with anxiety, and the more they chatted, the more worried they became.

Other than personal safety concerns, many people were worried about their lives. "The people from the border Star Fields have all migrated to the inner Star Fields. It will be crowded, and living resources will be more scarce. The prices will definitely increase" "Sigh, it wasnt easy for me to build up some savings. I dont know how long I can last. I hope my job opportunities wont be affected. As long as I dont go to the frontlines, Im willing to do anything."


Many passengers sighed.

At this moment, something happened outside the window, attracting everyones attention.

There was a long queue in front of the stargate, and the neighboring stargate was deserted. However, at this time, a fleet of ships suddenly sailed out from the stargate and arrived in the Flickering World. The armor of the ships had the insignia belonging to different Beyond Grade A organizations.

The next moment, these fleets turned into dense streams of light and headed in the opposite direction of the refugee fleet, heading toward the war zone.

"Are those the fleet from the Beyond Grade A Association?"

As the passengers watched the fleet disappear from their sights, some of them suddenly had a strange expression. Among the crowd, there were some galactic residents who had criticized the association online during the confrontation between the three Universal Civilizations and the association. Seeing this scene, their emotions were complicated.

In the intercept area, a large number of mechanical strongholds were lined up in the starry sky, and the orbit formed by the Space Stabilization Anchor extended out, covering the route of the World Tree exploration team.

The efficiency of the three Universal Civilizations was astonishing, and it did not take long for them to form a defensive circle, forming a war zone as the frontline to intercept the World Tree.

In the past few days, the three Universal Civilizations had been setting up a space stabilization orbit along the exploration teams route all day long. The range was getting larger and larger, and they had already discovered that the World Tree had tried to form wormholes in different locations many times, but it had been disrupted by the space stabilization anchors and ultimately failed.

In the temporary base, Simon and the other commanders stayed in the combat staff room and spoke softly before the tactical star map while Han Xiao and many Beyond Grade As listened from the side.

After the meeting, Han Xiao brought Kasuyi, Kant, and the rest of the Beyond Grade As to the intercept area. They took charge while understanding the current situation.

The Flickering World had many Beyond Grade A organizations territories, and they were already preparing for war. With so many officers, there was no need for them to keep an eye on them.

Other than the association members, there were also many Beyond Grade As from the direct line of descent of the three Universal Civilizations present. They were also there to prevent the World Tree from sending Beyond Grade As.

Simon pointed at the star map and solemnly said, "According to the statistics, the other party has already attempted to open the wormhole channel five times. The coordinates are getting further and further away, and the last time, they approached the edge of a stable space orbit. "The coordinates that the other party will choose next should be a long distance away. It might be outside our observation range The defense circle is not complete yet. Black Star, we still need your help."

"Ill try my best."

Han Xiao nodded.

Setting up a space stabilization orbit would only buy some time, and the teleportation location of the World Tree would be far away from the defense circle. However, it would not be able to cover the route that the exploration team had left behind over countless years. As long as the World Tree moved the teleportation coordinates far enough, it would sooner or later teleport a new exploration team over.

If the new World Tree exploration team was outside of their observation range, it would be more troublesome. The other party could take a large detour, and the defense circle of the three Universal Civilizations had yet to be completely built, so the probability of intercepting them was limited. The best way now was to rely on Destinys Childs intelligence channel to locate the subsequent exploration teams location and target it to prevent anyone from escaping.

The premise was that its sub-body on the World Tree side had grasped this information, or else Destinys Child would not be able to obtain the location. Luckily, this channel was very hidden, and the World Tree side should not be aware of its own information leak. They would still use the power of the sub-body to solve the problems for the exploration team.

Beep beep beep At this time, Han Xiaos communicator suddenly rang.

The room immediately fell silent. Everyone stopped talking and looked at Han Xiao.

Han Xiao took out his communicator. It was a message from Oathkeeper.

After reading the content, his eyes flashed.

"The World Tree has successfully opened the wormhole, and the new exploration team has arrived. Its four days away from the most stable spatial node Everyone, we have to fight them."

Hearing this, everyones pupils constricted.

Although they were mentally prepared, they were still in a heavy mood upon hearing that they would officially fight the World Tree troops. Han Xiao was the only one in the room who could treat this calmly.

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