The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1335

Chapter 1335 The World Trees Strongest

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In the territory of the World Tree Civilization, a multitude of wormholes were maintained in the starry sky, and the roots of the World Tree extended out from them. Fleet after fleet shuttled back and forth, continuously adding to the size of the expedition army. There were all kinds of battleships.

There was a floating lookout tower made of pale green roots nearby. The Subduing Tree King and the Heart Tree King stood there, scanning the expeditionary armys lineup.

The Heart Tree King calmly said, "The high-level combatants this time include Executive Officers Three Leaves to Nine Leaves, seven high-level Holy Tree Envoys, the Thirteen Ancestral Spirits who are ranked from second to sixth, four army leaders, and other experts. There are 107 of them. This size is enough to test the strength of the opponents and see how well developed they are."

"Pretty good." The Subduing Tree King nodded.

There were more than a hundred World Tree experts participating in the expedition. Normally, such an expeditionary force would have a rather low survival rate. However, when the Heart Tree King sent out these members, he was already prepared to sacrifice all of them.

Sacrifices did not mean that they would be given for nothing. Using high-level combatants to kill each other was their usual method of fighting against strong enemies. If the enemys high-level combatants died, they would be gone, but their high-level combatants would only return to their seed form after dying. They would be able to reawaken after waiting for a certain amount of time in their bodies, which was undoubtedly beneficial to the World Tree. They opted for a war of attrition to disintegrate the enemys strength step by step, reducing the strength of both sides.

The World Tree had used this method to defeat one enemy after another. Up till now, it had never been defeated by anyone, so there was no reason not to use it.

The Heart Tree King turned around to look at the Subduing Tree King and said, "They lack a leader. You will go with them this time."

"I want to go too? Three Leaf Forest, Four Leaf Amrein, and a few commanders are enough to lead the troops. Theres no need for me to take the risk."



The Subduing Tree King frowned. He was not too willing to participate in this expedition. The experience of returning to the seed form was not comfortable, and the recovery time of a Tree King was longer than others.

The Heart Tree King shook his head. "The other partys information gathering has not been interfered with by our side. The Mother Trees authority will not be able to penetrate the area covered by their information gathering. It will require the level of a Tree King to allow the Mother Trees projection to descend, so you have to go." "Okay."

The Subduing Tree King nodded and did not ask why it was not left to the other Tree Kings.

Among the five Great Tree Kings, he was the only one who had no other abilities other than fighting. From a pragmatic point of view, sacrificing him was the most cost-effective. He was already used to being the vanguard.

"We might meet that outsider on this trip. Youd better accept a baptism before setting off, or you might not be his match," the Heart Tree King instructed.

"Ill go and prepare."

As soon as he finished his sentence, the Subduing Tree King turned to leave.

After receiving the intelligence that the World Tree was preparing to launch an attack, the three Universal Civilizations quickly reacted. The highest-level military order was passed down like an electrical signal through a neural network, controlling the limbs of the giant Universal Civilization. All the armies rushed to the front line like they were gathering strength with clenched fists.

Every few minutes to a few hours, a fleet would arrive at the intercepting zone. Other than transferring the main army, the three Universal Civilizations also recruited the troops of the other advanced civilizations, mobilizing the entire explored universe. As a result, the strength of the intercepting zone increased rapidly, increasing by one billion per day.

While staying near the teleportation point, Han Xiao had seen almost all the main battleships of the various civilizations in the past few days. The three Universal Civilizations had all kinds of battleships, and the top-class battleships that represented the strongest units stood out like cranes among chickens.

At the same time, the transportation troops of the three Universal Civilizations continuously sent over all kinds of Universal Treasures. All the equipment used for individual strength was temporarily lent to the Beyond Grade As, and even the members of the association could distribute them according to their needs. The other strategic Universal Treasures were given to different fleets.

Atop the temporary bases lookout tower, many Beyond Grade As stood in front of the window and looked out.

The surroundings had already become a sea of battleships, almost blocking out the starry sky. It was as if there were only countless battleships glowing with a metallic luster. If one looked far away, this scene was like the scales of a gigantic beast.

"What a huge army. This is the first time Ive seen something like this."

Many people gasped. It was rare to see the three Universal Civilizations mobilize so many troops. Internal conflicts did not have such intensity, and only the exploration era war could be compared to the current one.

This was the first time that many of them had experienced a Universal War. Seeing this, they had a new understanding of the mobilization of the three Universal Civilizations.

Although they did not know what the World Tree Army was like, just the sight of the three Universal Civilizations army was enough to raise their morale.

"Theres not much we can do in such a fierce war. Strangling the high-level combatants on the other side is our mission," Kasuyi said with a deep voice.

"The enemy has many high-level combatants, so it wont be easy for us. With their style, they will surely think of a way to deal with us," a Beyond Grade A beside him said with concern.

Hearing this, Aurora interrupted with a gentle tone. "As long as you dont leave my healing range, I should be able to ensure your safety."

Many people immediately replied politely.

"Im counting on you this time."

"Luckily, youre here."

"Sorry to trouble you."

Through the mechanisms of the World Tree, it was not difficult to guess that the other party was good at fighting. Everyone present knew very well that in such a fierce battle, the healer was the one who could increase their chances of survival. Many people gathered around Aurora as though they were her bodyguards.

Hila, on the other hand, was watching coldly from the side.

Manison ignored the noisy crowd and walked to Han Xiaos side. "Black Star, you seem a little nervous. Are you worried that your Indestructible Body wont be able to withstand such a fierce battle?"

Han Xiao turned around and sized him up. He then poked Manison Lords Avatars chest and said, "Come over with your true body if you dare. Let me see if youll be nervous too."

"Heh, what a joke. Im not an anomaly among Mechanics like you. I never do anything that puts myself in danger." Manison snorted. "Come on, just say it. With just your small physique, you still dare to sashay in front of me?"

Han Xiao expressed his strong disdain.

Manison also laughed before continuing in a low voice after a brief pause. "You should know who the strongest person on the World Tree side is, right?"



"Hmm, the strongest should be the Ancestral Tree King, the leader of the five Great Tree Kings."

"Can you deal with him?" Manison was curious.

"This person is unfathomable. I cant say with any confidence."

Han Xiao shook his head.

Among the five Great Tree Kings, the Subduing Tree King as a Pugilist was the weakest, and the Ancestral Tree King was the strongest. Even in the heated battles of his previous life, the Ancestral Tree King was an elusive existence, and the number of times he had fought could be counted on one hand. However, the battle record of the Ancestral Tree King was extremely impressive, and those who died in his hands were all peak Beyond Grade As. None of them were weak, as if ordinary opponents were not worth his time.

At the same time, the Ancestral Tree King was the person who had the most connections with the World Tree. In a sense, he was the only master of the World Tree, and Han Xiao was not sure if he could defeat him.

"Even you dont have confidence" Manison was deep in thought.

Just as Han Xiao was about to say something, his communicator suddenly vibrated. The room immediately fell silent, and everyones eyes focused on Han Xiao. They all realized something, and their expressions turned solemn.

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes and took out his communicator. He paused and took a deep breath.

"Theyre here."

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