The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1336

Chapter 1336 Battle

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Ten minutes later, in the command room, the highest commanders like Simon and the commanding officers of the various armies gathered together to analyze the enemy. Many Beyond Grade As listened from the side, and only Han Xiao, the consultant, participated in the discussion.

"The enemys location has been exposed. They have set up a temporary base in this distant area and have sent out many scouts. They have increased the teleportation coordinates and shortened the distance of the march. We estimate that when they encounter the intercepting troops, the main force will jump over"

The tactical star map was displayed on the virtual screen, and there were many coordinates marked on it. Simon would enlarge or shrink areas of the map to match his explanation, and everyone listened attentively.

The main force of the World Tree Civilization had already gathered in their territory, but they did not set off immediately. Instead, they sent out scouts to build temporary strongholds and get closer to the interception circle, obtaining closer coordinates as jump points to shorten the distance.

This was because once the main force arrived at the war zone, they would not be able to hide and could only travel normally. There was a high chance that they would be attacked by the super-long-range attacks of the three Universal Civilizations. If the teleportation point was too far away from the intercepting circle, the damage would increase, so they had to reduce the distance as much as possible. Although the World Tree Civilization was not afraid of war damage, they did not want to bathe in cannon fire. This was the intelligence that Han Xiao had obtained from Destinys Child, and he had shared it with the three Universal Civilizations. Thus, this council of war was held.

"The enemys troops mobilization ability is astonishing. They came very quickly and did not give us much time to gather. Although we have more troops, we do not have much of an advantage. This battle wont be easy," another commander said.

"Currently, our biggest advantage lies in our home-field advantage and depth of preparation. We have already set up many traps, ambush areas, and attack zones that exceed our visual range. If the enemys main fleet is delayed for more than seven days from the jump point to the interception circle, we estimate that we can reduce the enemys fleet by two billion to seven billion However, the premise is that the information stolen is accurate enough. The enemys battleship technology is not inferior to ours, so they wont bring out any more advanced technology," the senior officer in charge of managing the defense line construction muttered.

As they spoke, they all turned to look at Han Xiao. Most of the information about the World Tree was provided by Han Xiao, and they could only rely on Han Xiao for intelligence. A single persons contribution was countless times greater than all of them. "There is no issue with the intelligence." Han Xiao nodded.

Although the World Tree Civilization was strong and had a lot of black technology, their battleship technology did not have much of an advantage. The technology of the main battleships was similar to that of the three Universal Civilizations, and there was no difference in their performance. It was shown during the battle in his previous life, so the three Universal Civilizations did not collapse even after being attacked suddenly.

Simon clapped his hands and said, "The situation is clear now. Now, the task for you"

He quickly assigned the missions according to the plan, and it was soon the turn of the Beyond Grade As.

Simon looked at everyone and said in a deep voice, "You guys dont need to participate in the fire support and harassment battle in the early stages. Remain on standby at the base and wait for the battle to begin. Also, Mechanics, dont be idle. Provide technical support in the Virtual Networks."


Everyone nodded without any objections.

In a universe-level battle with billions of battleships, the amount of manpower they had was like a drop in the ocean for the enemy. The risk of fighting a fleet alone was far higher than the benefits. Such a mission did not require the participation of high-level combatants.

The battle conference was brief and concise, and the results were soon out. Not long after, the official announcement was sent, and the war machines were activated.

The commanders took action, and fleet after fleet left the dock, turning into streams of light and disappearing into the universe.

The players who were on standby in the various fleets received a few Main Storyline War Missions that they were waiting for, and the forums were once again filled with discussion.

Han Xiao had also triggered these missions, and after browsing through them carefully, he realized that the situation was similar to the main storyline missions of the World Tree War in his previous life. They were all about killing enemies for merit points, but there were slight differences in the description of the missions.

In his previous life, most of the terms used were resistance and blocking. Now, the mission description was more proactive, and the corresponding missions were adjusted according to the butterfly effect.

For example, this intercepting battle that did not exist in his previous life had formed a branch mission. If he could complete the strategic goal of blocking the enemy, not only would he receive a high reward, there was also a specific remark that it would have a positive impact on the overall battle. This was also the characteristic of the World Tree main storyline. Every part of the battle would form a branch mission, and the results would affect the overall strategy. In his previous life, the players had quite a lot of combat power in the later versions. Sometimes, they would be able to command some of the battles. However, in a war of this scale, victory or defeat was not decided by them. They could only try their best to break through and create opportunities for the majority of the troops. This was also the role that the players often played in the battles in his previous life.

The reward for such main storyline missions was mainly experience. It was a drop in the ocean for Han Xiao, but it was extremely enticing for the players. If they could obtain the victory reward of the interception mission, their experience would increase by a large amount.

As a terminal of harvesting experience, the players were like a reservoir for Han Xiao. The players would do missions, work to create wealth, and then a portion of the wealth would flow into his hands through consumption and other methods to help him develop. If the leeks did not have a chance to shine, how could he maintain the rapid growth of his combat power over the years?

Therefore, Han Xiao had always loved such large-scale missions. Whether it was out of strategic consideration or for the goal of harvesting experience, he wanted to try his best to obtain victory in this battle and increase the accumulation of experience.

As Han Xiao and the other Beyond Grade As did not participate in the frontline harassment battle, they only watched the frontline battle report in the base every day and monitored the entire situation.

The three Universal Civilizations first intercepted and eliminated the scouts. Not long after, the World Tree finally chose the nearest jump point, and the expeditionary army officially arrived, heading toward the intercepting circle. The large fleet suffered from the attacks of the long-range firepower during the voyage, and they also suffered a certain amount of damage while passing through the areas with traps. However, even though they were frequently harassed by the three Universal Civilizations, the distance between the large fleet and the intercepting circle was still shrinking every day, getting closer and closer.

The situation developed step by step, and the World Tree expeditionary army finally came into contact with the interception circle. The armies of the three Universal Civilizations were on high alert, and the main forces of both sides finally started a direct battle. Many Beyond Grade As were summoned.

The light from the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device occupied his vision, and the next moment, Han Xiao and the Beyond Grade As were teleported to the main command ship at the rear of the battlefield.

"Youre finally here."

Simon nodded as a greeting.

"Hows the situation now?" Han Xiao asked while looking outside the window.

What appeared before his eyes was a magnificent battlefield that stretched as far as the eye could see. There were hundreds of billions of battleships on the battlefield, and they were all locked in battle. It was as if there was an endless net of light created by the cannons of the battleships. In such a large-scale battle, it was extremely difficult to coordinate all the battles together. The base commanders were divided into different battle zones, and the special technology and Universal Treasures of both sides were brought in the battle one after the other. All kinds of strange phenomena occurred in different areas, and more than a hundred thousand battleships exploded into fireworks every second.

The two sides naturally would not set battle arrays again. The war had begun the moment the harassment troops fired their first shot. The World Tree expeditionary army had been fighting the three Universal Civilizations all the way from the jump point to the intercepting circle, and they had not stopped fighting for a moment. Now, they were only going from harassment to a head-on battle, so there was no chance for them to temporarily stop to adjust. Seeing this sight of the universe-level battle, many Beyond Grade As gasped in shock. The temperature in the room dropped a few degrees.

Looking at such an intense battle, the Beyond Grade As felt a headache coming on.

In this kind of intense battle, a Beyond Grade A individual would be negligible, and his life would be in danger at any time.

Only on a battlefield where two universe overlords clashed would one be able to understand that the internal conflicts of the past were mostly small skirmishes. This was the highest level of war.

Without caring about their thoughts, Simon replied with a deep voice, "Currently, were still evenly matched. The direction of the situation is still unclear. The opponents high-level combatants have yet to take action." Han Xiao retracted his gaze and said, "Are the World Trees experts still watching? We dont have to participate in the main battlefield, right?"

Simon shook his head. "No need. Other than the Mechanics providing Virtual Technology support, the mission for the rest of you is to deal with the high-level combatants of the World Tree. Dont worry about anything else for now."

Individual strengths were rarely responsible for direct combat in large-scale battles. Most of them used a series of tactics such as a sudden attack, assassinations, storm strongholds, and guarding the main ship. The commander would not allow the high-level combatants to waste their energy on the main battlefield. After all, a normal Beyond Grade As strength and stamina were limited.

Only Mechanics with Virtual Technology would be able to play a huge role in the large galactic battlefield, constantly hacking into the enemys network to seize control of the battleships. Their role was much more useful than other four Super classes.

"Sure." Han Xiao had no objections.

In a battlefield like this, they only had to take care of their own responsibilities. Controlling the entire situation was the responsibility of the commander, not the work of Beyond Grade As like them.

At this time, the real-time battlefield star map changed, and more than a hundred high-energy sources appeared in one of the war zones. The three Universal Civilizations fleets in this area instantly suffered a large number of casualties, and many war flagships exploded. The situation quickly became one-sided.

"The World Tree has sent out high-level combatants?" Simons eyes narrowed, and he turned around to look at the surveillance screen. He saw World Tree experts of all shapes and sizes charging forward, destroying the fleets of the three Universal Civilizations one after another with all kinds of abilities, opening up the situation for this war zone.

Han Xiao identified the enemies and locked his gaze on the Subduing Tree King.

He had thought that the Subduing Tree King would not participate in such a battle. However, considering that the other party was a Pugilist who specialized in charging forward, it was reasonable for him to be in the suicide squad. After all, this was the only specialty a Pugilist had.

This time, Simon retracted his gaze, looked at everyone, and nodded. "Everyone, Ill leave it to you."

The moment he said that, the direct Beyond Grade As of the three Universal Civilizations did not hesitate and headed toward the hatch. The expressions of the other Beyond Grade As turned serious, but they did not say anything. They shook their heads and followed.

Since they had chosen to come here, even if the battlefield was dangerous, it was impossible for them to escape.

Very soon, the Beyond Grade As left the spaceships one after another and flew at high speed on the battlefield. They moved along their own formation and quickly arrived at the battle zone.

Even though they were far away from each other, the auras of both parties that were unique to their individual strength resonated with each other and locked onto each other.

Han Xiaos gaze was locked on the Subduing Tree King from afar, and the Subduing Tree King also noticed it. He stared at Han Xiao, and his Pugilist flames continued to rise.

"Leave that Tree King to me. You guys deal with the rest," Han Xiao said in the channel.


The members of the association responded one after another. The direct Beyond Grade As distanced themselves a little and expressed the same attitude.

The Arcane Church did not allow Wuornos to participate in the battle. Black Star was currently the number one combatant in the three Universal Civilizations army, so they naturally had no objections.

As Han Xiao charged forward, he activated all kinds of skills. His eyes never left the Subduing Tree King, and the two of them looked as though sparks were flying between them.

"In your territory, I could not touch you. I also have teammates now. What I didnt do last time will be resolved now!"

A cold light flashed past Han Xiaos eyes, and Mechanical Force suddenly shot out. The mechanical soldiers in his body were released and flew behind him, transforming and sticking to his body. The dense mechanical armor quickly covered his face that showed killing intent.

In the endless sea of fleets, the two groups of people approached each other rapidly with dazzling flames trailing behind them. Then, two streams of light suddenly collided, and a chaotic battle broke out!

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