The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1337

Chapter 1337 Battle 2

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Chapter 1337 Battle (2)

Multicolored lights spread out from the point of impact like a supernova.

The energy tsunami created by the combined forces of more than two hundred Beyond Grade As swallowed the large fleets around them. The high-energy reaction instantly alerted the countless battleship radars on the battlefield, and it instantly became the most eye-catching area in the entire battlefield.

The light cannons on the surface of the Mechanical Deitys body continuously bombarded a green meteor, but they were unable to penetrate the defense of the protective flames and were all reduced to light fragments. Wrapped in green flames, the Subduing Tree King channeled his energy and punched out. His fist, which was flickering with dazzling light, hit the blade of the Celestial Punishment Edge heavily. At the point of contact, a violent shockwave exploded, and a loud ringing sound rang in the souls of living beings.

"Outsider, it really is you." The Subduing Tree King propped up Celestial Punishment Edge and released a cold mental wave.

Han Xiao could not be bothered to guess what the other party was thinking. Mechanical Force burst out from his body, and he activated the Getta Hadoken. The Celestial Punishment Edge maintained its momentum, and psionic energy gushed out along the edge of the blade. The powerful dark blue wave of energy sent the Subduing Tree King flying.

However, the next moment, the Subduing Tree King came to a halt, spun around, and charged again, continuing to face the Mechanical Deitys attacks head-on.

Fists and kicks brought about afterimages, and endless green shockwave blasts gushed out from his body, condensing to the point of almost solidifying. It was as if glowing spears were stabbing into the Mechanical Deitys psionic shield. With the support of the World Tree, the Subduing Tree Kings protective flames were like an indestructible shield, constantly creating countless electric arcs and energy sparks in front of him. His fighting style had a strong suppression style. The blade of the Celestial Punishment Edge swept up a wave of dark-blue psionic energy, each strike faster than the last. In the blink of an eye, Han Xiao had clashed thousands of times with the Tree King. The two of them were constantly moving forward and back at high speed, and the overlapping force fields caused the surrounding space to bend slightly.

If not for the fact that its not suitable to use private messages, I would have said a few words

Han Xiao pursed his lips and suppressed the urge to send a message to ask for the name of the move.

While fighting, he also observed the situation around him.

On a battlefield like this, there was no tacit understanding between armies to not attack high-level combatants. The countless battleships in the surroundings did not stop their attacks toward this side. Large numbers of troops were thrown into the war zone, forming a crisscross pattern.

However, the fleets on both sides wanted to kill the enemys high-level combatants while protecting their own Supers. Thus, they formed a restraint, indirectly giving the Beyond Grade As on both sides room to maneuver.

It was also because of this reason that many Mechanics, including Han Xiao, did not summon too many mechanical troops. Otherwise, the target would be too large, and they would have no choice but to endure the concentrated fire of the surrounding fleets. This would result in significant additional losses, reducing their military strength. Limited resources needed to be used where they were needed the most, and this was not worth it.


Just as Han Xiao was analyzing the situation, the Subduing Tree Kings body suddenly glowed, and he utilized his Pugilist skills. His charging speed suddenly increased, and he charged straight at the Mechanical Deitys body. It was as if his entire body suddenly became invincible, and he actually crashed through the psionic shield. The green meteor smashed into the Mechanical Deitys abdomen, creating a huge pit, and large cracks spread on the armor.

Right after that, the Subduing Tree Kings head suddenly started spinning as though it was going to turn into a drill and drill through the pit on the Mechanical Deity. Clearly, his head was not something ordinary.

However, right at this moment, large swaths of black nanoparticles suddenly seeped out from the pit in the Mechanical Deitys abdomen armor, quickly condensing and transforming into countless mechanical tentacles that lashed out at the Subduing Tree King. The tentacles suddenly tightened when the power reached the end, turning from a whip into a spear. A neat round of stabs landed on the Subduing Tree Kings protective flames, pushing him out.

Following which, Han Xiao twisted the blade handle and used his other hand to slap the other party as if swatting a fly, sending the Tree King flying and knocking over three or four Beyond Grade As along the way.

"Want to enter my body? Dream on." Han Xiao patted the Mechanical Deitys abdomen, and the depression quickly recovered.

Against Mechanics, Pugilists would basically target the mechanics main body or Lords Avatar. This was the most efficient method, and the Subduing Tree King wanted to enter the Mechanical Deitys body to attack the main body.

Although he had caused a ruckus in the World Tree territory last time and lasted for about ten minutes under the siege of more than a hundred Beyond Grade As, this World Tree powerhouse still did not believe in his physical strength and tried to attack his main body.

After all, the three Universal Civilizations had accepted the title of Indestructible Body because they had witnessed Han Xiaos achievements over the years. However, this information was not circulated in the World Tree Civilization. Han Xiao had only shown his strength once in the other partys territory before retreating with heavy injuries, Therefore, most of the World Tree experts did not know much about Han Xiao and would not easily give up on attacking his main body. Han Xiao pondered. The strength of a Tree King is indeed extraordinary. I wont be able to take him down quickly.

Last time, they had fought in a hurry, so he did not experience the full strength of the Subduing Tree King. Now that he looked at it, the other party was indeed not weak. Before Karlot was fully matured, the Subduing Tree King was undoubtedly above all the Pugilists he had met so far. Be it Beast Ancestor Gorutan or Star Shatterer Sierron, they were all inferior compared to the Subduing Tree King. If they fought, they probably would not survive a day in the hands of the Tree King.

However, even if the Subduing Tree King was powerful, Han Xiaos raw strength was still above him.

At the same time, the Subduing Tree King also perfectly met the criteria of being a peak Beyond Grade A Super of the World Tree Faction. On the interface, the four talents of (World Tree Nemesis], [Civilization Leader Slayer], [Elderly Killer), and [Fearless Heart] all lit up.

"Lets fight steadily and defeat him." Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

He had the upper hand in terms of combat strength and class, but the Subduing Tree King was not someone to be trifled with. He could still exchange a few blows and would not be taken down in a short time.

The two of them fought intensely, and the other Beyond Grade As also engaged in a chaotic battle.

The energy from so many Beyond Grade As kept pushing the others away, causing everyones battlefield to be further away from each other. Although most of them did not intend to fight one-on-one, they could support each other if they wanted to fight one after another. Thus, they formed small groups and fought fiercely.


The Mechanical Emperors Sacred Trident stabbed forward but was blocked by a broadsword. Psionic energy surrounded by Mechanical Force collided with each other on both sides of the trident, and the light blue energy ball exploded. The two Mechanical Deities fought each other evenly, like two blurry afterimages that kept colliding. One of them was silver, and the other was gold and red with green energy surrounding its body. The color coordination was extremely bad. "What a sharp fellow"

Manison knocked his opponent away with his trident and narrowed his eyes. He had already learned from Black Star that the individual strength of the World Tree was extremely powerful, but he only experienced the other sides powers after fighting them personally.

Although he had suffered a series of attacks from Black Star and was no longer at his peak, he was still firmly in the first tier. Ordinary peak Beyond Grade As were still no match for him. However, this enemy was now fighting him back and forth, even giving him quite a bit of pressure. Even though Manison realized that his strength slightly exceeded his opponent, it was not enough to give him an overwhelming advantage. Furthermore, this person was not in the data of the World Tree experts that Han Xiao had provided. He was an unknown enemy.

Just as Manison was thinking, the other party suddenly sent out a mental wave.

"Youre very powerful. Whats your name?"

Hearing this, Manison did not respond.

Even after receiving no response, the other party did not stop and continued sending mental messages.

"It doesnt matter if you dont say it. I have my eyes on you. You have the right to be my trophy. The World Trees Three Leaf Executive Officer, Lynn Karen. Remember this name. Your life is destined to be mine."

"You talk too much."

Manison was not affected at all.

After Black Stars training, he was no longer afraid of message bombardment.

However, he did remember the other partys name. According to Black Star, the ten Executive Officers were all at the top of the World Tree, and the higher they ranked, the more powerful they would be. Third Leaf was in the first tier of the World Tree experts, and she would definitely be in the top fifteen. "Looks like a big fish"

Manisons eyes flashed, and he silently increased his strength. His attacks became more and more vicious, and his killing intent overflowed.

In a certain part of the battlefield, a black and a white energy current collided with each other with a loud bang, causing countless sparks to fly like water.

Dark Lord Clotti controlled the surging dark energy and was fighting with a frail World Tree member.

The other party was also an Esper. He controlled dazzling white energy that was like flowing white gold. The texture was like a light muslin or like rolling fog, but it was extremely corrosive.

"What Esper Ability is this? Its on par with mine."

Clotti frowned slightly.

The strength of an Esper depended partly on their grade and partly on the effect of their Esper Ability. If their grade was the same, then the higher the grade of the Esper Ability, the more stable the advantage. For example, Gauds energy control was one of the highest-grade Esper Abilities. If they grew to the same grade, Clotti basically had no chance of winning.

Clottis dark energy control was already a Super High Risk Esper Ability, but the other partys Esper Ability was comparable to his. Although the other party did not hit him, he realized that his cells had become weak, and his energy consumption was much higher than usual. It was as if the other party had used energy as a medium to attack him from afar.

This time, this person suddenly sent out a mental message and calmly said, "Your ability is not bad. If I present you to the mother tree, it will definitely be very happy."

"The World Tree also likes to collect Esper Abilities?" Clotti thought and tried to probe for information.

However, the other party did not reply.

Clotti thought that his opponent did not want to answer, so he gave up on the idea and continued to fight in silence. However, after fighting for a while, the other party suddenly spoke. "Im the Four Leaf Executive Officer of the World Tree, Enrin Zarro."

Clotti was stunned. He thought that the other party was going to say something, so he immediately perked up.

However, after his opponent said this, he did not continue and fell silent.

Clotti frowned, feeling confused Why did he suddenly introduce himself and stopped speaking?

After a while, Enrin spoke again.

"When you enter the embrace of the World Tree, we can become colleagues."

After saying this, he fell silent again, as though he was talking to himself and did not expect the other party to reply. Clottis eyelids twitched.

He confirmed that this was a weirdo who did whatever he wanted.

On the other side, Hila, who was wearing the Crimson Snake mechanical suit, was facing the attacks of four enemies. Crimson death energy gushed out like a tsunami, and the battle was extremely intense.

Compared to the other battlefields, there was a significant difference on Hilas side. When she was surrounded, there were no other Beyond Grade As supporting her. It was as though everyone was letting her face the attacks of multiple enemies alone.


A Pugilist World Tree expert passed through the sea of death energy and beat Hila up. Just as she was about to break free from the chain attack, he kicked her in the abdomen.

While Hila was sent flying, another World Tree expert blocked her way. A series of spells rained down on Hilas back, sending her in another direction and inflicting another round of damage on her.

Hila tried her best to stabilize herself. Suddenly, she used Death Stealth and teleported to another location, gaining a short respite.

Her entire body was covered in blood. She looked like a ferocious evil spirit, heavily injured and weak.

Kasuyi, who was the closest, glanced over and quickly looked away. He had no intention of going over to help and even led his opponent further and further away.

Seeing this, one of the four attackers, a Holy Tree Emissary, said, "Youve almost been beaten to death, but your companions are still ignoring you. No one is coming to help you I didnt expect you guys to still be in the mood to have internal conflicts in the face of our invasion. Interesting."

Hila wiped the blood off her face, as though she did not feel any pain at all. "No one came to help me Thats because I dont need help."

As soon as she finished speaking, a golden light suddenly erupted from her body, and all her injuries disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Hila straightened her back, and the chaotic energy waves returned to their peak. The refined death energy flowed out continuously, and her aura soared. "It doesnt hurt at all. With this standard, its a thousand years too early for you to try killing me!"

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