The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1338

Chapter 1338 Battle 3

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Kasuyi seemed to have turned into a phantom as he instantly dodged the magical energy beam from his opponent. He was not worried about Hila at all.

Hilas level was not at the peak Beyond Grade A realm, but in the eyes of the Beyond Grade As including Kasuyi, she was one of the most difficult to deal with. Not only could she reduce ones lifespan, but she also had a milkmaid bound to her. She was like an unkillable cockroach. Even if others were strong, no one was willing to provoke Hila. Kasuyi turned his attention back to his opponent, and his eyes narrowed slightly. The invisible Psychic energy was like thousands of needles, giving his opponent a high-level Psychic Blast, but it was like hitting a solid wall. Most of its power was diverted by the opponents Mental Defense Spell, turning into chaotic mental disturbances that spread to the surroundings, immediately triggering a large number of battleships mental defense shields and even shattering the mental defense shields of the battleships at the front.

The other party was not willing to be outdone. Under the surge of energy, magic formations appeared one after another, gathering into a spherical shell. All kinds of exclusive spells poured out, dazzling and colorful. The dense wave of spells chased after Kasuyi, bombarding him with attacks.

"What a smooth magic connection. There are no flaws"

Kasuyis cells were all active, and his eyes emitted a strong light, observing his opponent while fighting

Although he was not a Mage, he was knowledgeable. He could tell with one look that the other party had a lot of combat experience and was an extremely strong Mage. The coordination between spells was smooth and free, giving him the feeling that everything was integrated. Furthermore, the World Tree was extremely powerful in terms of mental strength. If there was no overwhelming difference in strength, a Psychic would actually be at a disadvantage against a World Tree powerhouse. This was especially obvious in a battle of the same level. Kasuyi discovered that the opponents mental barrier was extremely thick, and his mental attacks could not penetrate it as though it was indestructible.

"This guy seems to be a high-level Ancestral Spirit"

Kasuyi adjusted his vision and saw the mark on the other partys forehead.

Black Star had once explained the composition of the World Tree powerhouses and helped them differentiate them. Ancestral Spirits had a special mark on their body that made them easy to recognize. At this moment, he was fighting a member of the Thirteen Ancestral Spirits of the World Tree. He was ranked second, and his strength was among the top of the World Tree. He was not much weaker than the Three or Four Leaf Executive Officials.

While Kasuyi was making observations, the second Ancestral Spirit suddenly spoke.

"I recognize you. Youre the one who killed Manny."


Upon hearing this unfamiliar name, Kasuyis eyes flashed. He immediately realized that this was the Holy Tree Emissary that he had killed some time ago.

The second Ancestral Spirit said indifferently, "I like strong enemies. Youre a good opponent. I hope you can let me enjoy myself."

Kasuyi raised his brows.

We were just fighting to the death. Why did you suddenly start chatting? He looked at the temporary chat channel of the Beyond Grade A team and realized that most of the people had been messaged by the World Tree powerhouses. It seemed like this was intentional.

On second thought, Kasuyi understood.

The mentality of the World Trees experts is different from ours. They know that they wont really die in battle, so they are fearless and relaxed. We, on the other hand, have to fight with our all and are in a tense state. Therefore, they took the initiative to speak. It should be a psychological battle to affect our mentality On the other hand, maybe they are trying to deepen the information connection and collect intelligence. Why not Better not to answer.

Kasuyi changed his mind and gave up on responding. After leaving a dont answer message in the chat channel, he focused on dealing with the second Ancestral Spirit. Psychic energy and magic flew all over the place.

A Starry Spiritual Dragon soared above the battlefield. Its eyes were like burning golden-red flames, and its enormous battleship-size body was extremely conspicuous. Every time its wings flapped, countless Dragon Spells would be cast, creating a storm of mana. Layers of defensive arrays covered its body. It was Dragon King Milizaus.

One of the army commanders was fighting with him. It looked like a tiny gray meteor was flying around the old dragon and attacking him continuously. He was wearing heavy armor and had all kinds of special firearms on his hands. He was a rare Cannon Master.

The World Tree Military Department was in charge of foreign battles, and a commander of the army meant the chief combatant of the military. Only the top Beyond Grade As in the military could obtain such a title.

Every army commander had their own code name, which usually depended on their military unit. The army commander fighting the old dragon belonged to a World Tree Army called Dark Light, so he was known as Commander Dark Light.

The two of them were evenly matched, but because of his striking size, Milizaus became a target, attracting the firepower of most of the battleships around him.

In fact, when World Tree experts who were fighting with the other Beyond Grade As passed by, they would even throw a few skills at Old Dragon. After all, the target was so big, so the hit rate was extremely high.

Because of this, Milizaus suffered too much damage. The injuries on his body kept accumulating, and many dragon scales were torn off. His flesh and bones were deeply cut, and blood splattered everywhere. His situation was getting worse.

Only the old dragon was being beaten up.

Bam! A beam of light shot out from the muzzle of Commander Dark Lights cannon, piercing through the cracked defensive arrays and hitting the old dragons back, shattering a large chunk of scales and flesh, adding a new injury to him.

"This is the first time Ive seen a creature like you. I wonder what your meat tastes like," Commander Dark Light said as he fired his cannon.

Milizaus felt a sharp pain on his back. He swung his dragon head and let out an angry roar. The sound wave condensed from magic power surged out and hit Commander Dark Light, sending him flying.

However, Milizaus did not take the opportunity to chase after him. Instead, with a spiral movement, he flipped his body vertically, and a large number of magic patterns suddenly lit up on his body. The next moment, he disappeared from where he was and, with a flash, arrived elsewhere on the battlefield. There was a battle between more than ten people there, and he had his eyes on a Holy Tree Emissary who was heavily injured and was about to use his companions to cover his retreat.

Milizaus appeared instantly behind the Holy Tree Emissary. Before the other party could turn around and make a hasty defense, he opened his mouth and spat out a jade- like dragon breath that was enhanced by the Dragon Magic. It was like a golden-red flame that surged out and swallowed the target in an instant.

The Holy Tree Emissarys body melted and turned into a pile of dust that floated in the air before dissipating Not long after the battle started, the first casualty was born!


After claiming first blood, Milizaus felt that he had vented his anger. He was rejuvenated, fully displaying the essence of a kill steal.

However, his happiness did not last long. He was immediately beaten up. The World Tree experts around him turned around and focused their fire on Milizaus. They shattered a large number of dragon scales, and his life force flowed out rapidly.

At the same time, Commander Dark Light also rushed over. He switched to a Universal Treasure-level firearm and fired at Milizaus from afar. Powerful beams of light bombarded Milizaus body, exploding into balls of flames and even shattering one dragon eye.

The surrounding battleships also turned their cannons around and focused their fire on Milizaus. He had gotten the first blood, but he was immediately targeted. He fell into danger, and his injuries were severe. "Kill him!"

Commander Dark Light saw an opportunity and was prepared to kill the enemy in one go.

However, right at this moment, a change occurred.


A dazzling pale golden light shot out from the back of the three Universal Civilizations fleet and accurately landed on Milizaus.

An enormous amount of life energy poured in, and Milizaus battered body immediately began to recover. In the blink of an eye, more than half of the heavily injured dragons body had recovered, and he was full of energy again. The dragon tail swung excitedly and playfully shattered several World Tree battleships.

This scene attracted the attention of many World Tree experts, and their expressions changed slightly. "Recovery-type Esper Ability?"

After fighting in the universe for so many years, the World Tree experts had seen many things, and it was not rare to see Espers with recovery abilities. However, those who could reach the Beyond Grade A level were extremely rare. After all, recovery-type Esper Abilities were considered functional Esper Abilities and were not suitable for combat. Furthermore, most Esper Abilities did not have high potential, so training and sublimation were extremely difficult.

However, this time, not only did the enemy civilization have a recovery-type Esper, the recovery effect was unbelievably strong. It could heal a peak Beyond Grade A life form in just moments. It was no exaggeration to say that this was the strongest recovery-type Esper they had ever seen!

"I didnt expect this prey to have such a card."

The expressions of many World Tree experts changed, and they immediately realized that something was wrong.

If they did not get rid of this recovery-type Esper, their losses would be extremely huge, and this mutual destruction mission would be less effective!

"We have to kill the Esper first!"

A portion of the World Tree experts quickly completed their communication through the mental network. They immediately abandoned their current opponents, gathered together, and charged toward the source of the life force. Although the Esper was at the rear of the three Universal Civilizations fleet, they had no choice but to charge head-on.

This was actually in-line with the players strategy After all, who would not cut the healer first in a team battle?

However, at this moment, a few streams of light suddenly shot out from the fleet, fearlessly facing this group of attackers who had the advantage in numbers. The two sides collided.

With a flash of light, violent explosions spread out, and the World Tree experts advancement was immediately stopped.

The group of World Tree experts looked up and saw five Beyond Grade A life forms covered in light blocking their path. "Theres still a group hiding?"

Seeing this, many World Tree experts were surprised. They thought that the high-level combatants of their opponents had all joined the battlefield.

The five of them looked at the large number of World Tree powerhouses. Not only were they not nervous, they even looked eager. They were the five Underworld Hero Spirit Kings.

The other three Heroic Spirit Kings, including Sorokin, did not appear. Aurora only sent five of them, and the leader was the second strongest Heroic Spirit King, Rega.

"Heh, I can finally exercise."

Rega stretched his shoulders, and without another word, he charged forward with the other four Hero Spirit Kings, starting a new brawl. Even though the other Beyond Grade As knew about the Sanctum Revival, they did not want to sacrifice themselves so easily. In comparison, the Underworld Hero Spirits were the ones who were truly unafraid of death.

Meanwhile, in the three Universal Civilizations command ship, Simon watched the battles of Han Xiao, Hila, and the Underworld Hero Spirits. He then turned to look at the calm Aurora and shook his head.

"Those from Planet Aquamarine are all monsters."


The Mechanical Deity and the Subduing Tree King clashed once again, and an intense shockwave erupted.

"This outsider seems to be even stronger than the last time we met"

The Subduing Tree King stretched his aching fingers. Beneath his cold exterior was his racing heart.

Although the outcome of the battle could not be determined for the time being, he felt a long-forgotten pressure from Han Xiao. He had only experienced such an unparalleled sense of power from one person-the unfathomable Ancestral Tree King.

He did not expect that the civilization they had chosen this time would have such high-level combatants. They had met a tough opponent! Although he did not want to admit it, he had to face reality. He might not be able to defeat this outsider who had such amazing abilities.

The Subduing Tree King quickly scanned the battlefield. In the mental network, there were already six or seven silent companions, which meant that they had died in battle.

With the help of the recovery-type Esper, not a single enemy was killed!

If this continued, would they not be completely wiped out?

How could this do?

"We cant wait any longer!"

The Subduing Tree Kings eyes darkened. Seeing that the situation was not right, he immediately changed his mind.


The Subduing Tree King suddenly retreated and covered his face with his palm. His mouth was wide open as if he was screaming in pain.

The next moment, a dazzling green light appeared all over his body, as if he had released the energy of the World Tree in his body. An endless green light overflowed from his body. Then, with a bang, an irresistible pressure burst out from him, as if a higher being had descended!

The green light quickly condensed and turned into translucent light green roots of the World Tree. At first, they were just like many small snakes, floating beside the Subduing Tree King. However, the size of these roots quickly grew and expanded, whipping around the battlefield crazily!

The appearance of the Subduing Tree King had also changed. His entire body was different, and his body gained a texture like that of the World Tree roots. Green World Tree power flowed within his translucent body, as if he had undergone a transformation.

A powerful aura blew over like a suffocating gale!

Previously, the Subduing Tree King had mainly relied on his own strength to fight, but at this moment, he had started to borrow the World Trees strength to a large extent. This was the World Trees ability that could only be activated by the connection level of a Tree King, and it was also the reason why a Tree King was a Tree King.

All of this happened in an instant. During the transformation, Han Xiao did not stop his long-range attacks, but they were all blocked by the World Tree Roots.

"Oh? Using an ultimate move?"

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes.

He was no stranger to this transformation. This was the unique power of the Tree King. It turned his body into a branch of the World Tree, like a temporary base station. In his previous life, every time a Tree King activated this form, it would be a sign that they were going to start a massacre.

The most terrifying thing was not the increase in strength from this transformation but the branch of the World Tree that their body had turned into. It could bring about an exclusive faction buff halo that covered an extremely wide area, increasing the combat power of all the World Tree members on the battlefield!

This was the Tree Kings war form!

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