The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1339

Chapter 1339 Advanced Mutually Assured Destruction

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The moment that the Subduing Tree King released the power of the World Tree, all the World Tree members on the battlefield glowed with a green light. As if they were on steroids, their overall combat power increased by a large amount.

The halo covered the entire army, and the flow of the entire battlefield immediately changed. The entire World Tree fleet was buffed, and many of the three Universal Civilizations fleets that were originally in a stalemate suffered heavy damage.

Many Beyond Grade As were the first ones to feel the change. The increase in the strength of the World Trees experts broke the stalemate. Many of the Beyond Grade As who were originally in a tug-of-war with their opponents were suddenly robbed of the initiative and fell into a disadvantage in the blink of an eye. Many of them fell into mortal danger.

Golden rays of light shot out frequently, landing on the Beyond Grade As who were in danger one after another, providing them with healing at critical moments, allowing a large number of Beyond Grade As to breathe a sigh of relief. However, the World Tree powerhouse also responded, using various methods to try to disperse or isolate the life force that shot over, preventing this recovery-type Esper from healing her comrades.

Hila was the only one who had a Soul Connection with Aurora. She could ignore the distance between them and receive Auroras Dawn of Life instantly. It was as if she was bound with a healing source. The other Beyond Grade As naturally did not receive such treatment; although there was enough healing power, they needed to receive it first.

Although Auroras Esper Ability was powerful, her current level was only that of an ordinary Beyond Grade A, so she could not ignore all kinds of obstructive methods This was even more of a test for her. Not only did she have to pay attention to the life state of every Beyond Grade A, but she also had to find a way to successfully heal her target.

Han Xiao used his quantum network vision to monitor the situation of the various areas. He could see the changes in the battlefield clearly.

"The halo of the entire army is still very powerful. Luckily, it cant be stacked. Otherwise, the effect of the five Great Tree Kings transforming together would be insane"

Han Xiaos eyes were fixed on the Subduing Tree King.

Only by killing the Subduing Tree King would they be able to remove the halo of the enemy and turn the situation around. Otherwise, their total losses would skyrocket.

However, right at this moment, the Subduing Tree King, who had been strengthened after liberating the power of the World Tree, did not charge forward. Instead, he retreated into the layers of protection of the World Tree fleets and retracted the World Tree Roots. He had no intention of fighting Han Xiao.

Han Xiaos expression changed, and his emotions were in turmoil.

He had thought that after transforming, the Subduing Tree King would rush forward to continue fighting and try to defeat him. He did not expect the other party to directly avoid the battle after unleashing his potential.

If you didnt want to fight, you should have said so earlier. You were so imposing, it made my blood boil.

This is not good. If I dont get rid of him quickly, it will be troublesome

Han Xiao felt helpless.

After transforming, the Tree King had an extremely high strategic value. He no longer took risks and hid in the fleet, continuously providing bonuses to the army. This was a safe method, but this rarely happened in his previous life. The Tree King had finally released the power of the World Tree, and his desire for battle also increased. Usually, he would fight to his hearts content.

If the other Tree Kings had chosen to avoid the battle, he would have been able to accept it, but this time, it was the Subduing Tree King

Holy sh*t, a Pugilist is no longer stubborn. My youth is over!

Countless World Tree battleships protected their commander, the Subduing Tree King. Facing the countless cannons, Han Xiao felt his scalp go numb. Although he was confident in his tankiness, charging alone in a battlefield of this scale was too arrogant.

Furthermore, the Subduing Tree King was strong. He would not be able to deal with him amid the enemy camp in a short period of time. If he charged in, he would only be a target for focus fire.

"If you have the guts, dont ever come out."

Seeing this, Han Xiao left the Subduing Tree King behind and turned to attack the other World Tree experts.

If you dont stop me, I will kill your teammates! Although the members of the World Tree had never cared about the casualties of their teammates, this battle was an exchange battle, and the Subduing Tree King cared about the capital used for this. Otherwise, the meaning of his transformation would be very limited.

However, Han Xiaos attention did not completely leave the Subduing Tree King. He was still focused on the other partys movements, preventing the Subduing Tree King from adjusting his tactics.

The Subduing Tree King did not stop him. From another perspective, it could also be said that he got rid of this annoyance and used his companions as bait to lure him away. He also used his superior combat strength to attack the other Beyond Grade As.

"Because this is an exchange battle, he doesnt want to waste time on an expert like me. He is targeting and killing the other high-level combatants; killing one means one win. Maybe thats what he thinks"

Han Xiao guessed the intentions of the Subduing Tree King.

At the same time, from behind the protection of layers of fleets, the Subduing Tree King watched Han Xiao moving from one target to another. After the battle just now, he judged that even if he transformed, he might not be able to take down this outsider with astonishing combat strength. Therefore, he suppressed his desire to attack and focused on the strategic goal. As a tree king who had fought many civilizations, he would not lose his cool so easily.

However, he also could not remain idle. Otherwise, if he allowed the outsider to kill his comrades, there would be no point in him trying to improve the exchange results with his transformation.

Since he could not stop the other sides strongest person, he could only make the same choice and change his target.

All sorts of thoughts flashed through his mind, and the Subduing Tree King turned around to look in the direction of the recovery-type Esper.

In one area of the battlefield, a group of Arcane Church troops had their defenses breached by the World Tree Assault Team, and the formation of the frigate was torn apart. The Glorious Sun Grade flagship in the middle was latched onto by the World Tree Assault Battleship, and the charge cabins bit onto the main ship one after another, penetrating through the armor and sending in batches of World Tree Supers to launch a boarding battle, attempting to snatch this flagship from within.

The interior of the flagship had turned into a chaotic battlefield, and bloody battles broke out in all the cabins and corridors. The guards on the ship were constantly resisting the World Tree Supers, and from time to time, new charge cabins would smash open new holes.

"Reinforcements! Reinforcements!"

One of the squad leaders pulled out the blade that had been stabbed into the enemys body, and a large amount of blood splashed onto the armor. He had no time to wipe it as he requested reinforcements in the channel.

However, the next moment, a blurry shadow flashed past his eyes, and a huge force suddenly exploded on the side of his head. His head was gripped by a large hand and smashed into the wall. His body twitched a few times before stopping.

The owner of the hand was a burly World Tree officer. A large group of troops were massacring the soldiers inside the flagship, and they had already broken through the defense line.

"Head to the main control room!" the officer shouted and was about to lead the team forward.

However, right at this moment, the ground beneath their feet suddenly shook, and the wall nearby shattered, revealing half of a black charge cabin.

The hatch opened, and a group of army players rushed out. Without saying a word, they charged toward the World Tree squads. Battle erupted instantly. After a fierce battle, the burly officer wiped out this team of players with his troops, but they also suffered quite a bit from their opponents fearless and ferocious fighting style.

"Do these people not care about their lives?" This officer frowned. He had seen people who were not afraid of death, but just now, this group of people had charged forward one after another, practically using their own heads in exchange for their injuries In his opinion, there was only one possibility, and it was that the enemy had a strong belief and did not hesitate to exchange their lives for injuries.

However, as a member of the World Tree, he was not afraid of death at all. No one was afraid of death.

If you want to risk your life, Ill fight you. Whos afraid of who?

Without any time to rest and reorganize, this World Tree officer threw this matter to the back of his mind and was about to lead his troops forward.

However, at this moment, the sound of footsteps could be heard in the corridor ahead. Another batch of reinforcements had arrived. Their appearance and abilities were exactly the same as the team that had been wiped out earlier.

"Hmm? These people"

The World Tree officer was shocked.

They had just killed this group of people, and now they appeared again. What was going on with this group of people? Could it be that they could not be killed and could revive like them!

Before he could think about it, battle erupted once again. Due to the damage from the previous wave, the combat strength of this World Tree battle team had decreased, and they were wiped out by the same group of players. This officer was also surrounded and blasted into piecesa similar scene played out in many battleships.

In the command ship of the three Universal Civilizations, Aurora used Dawn of Life a few times, but before it could reach her comrades who were in danger, the skill was scattered by the high-level combatants of the World Tree.

Aurora frowned and lowered her hand.

"Im too far away from the battlefield. The opponent has plenty of time to react and can easily block my energy. This wont do. Its difficult for me to unleash my abilities. I need to get closer and shorten the distance."

Without waiting for Simons reply, Aurora left the cabin and stepped into space. She turned into a golden stream of light and quickly approached the battlefield where the Beyond Grade As were.

This scene immediately attracted the attention of many World Tree powerhouses. A large number of high-level combatants immediately approached this Esper, but they were stopped by their opponents.

Not long after, Aurora stopped inside the main fleet of the three Universal Civilizations. Although she had closed the distance between them, she did not step onto the battlefield. She kept releasing the Dawn of Life, scattering rays of light. If the previous time the distance that the Dawn of Life needed to cross was ten, now it was at most two to three. The hit rate was higher than before.

Not only that, all the life forms on her side within a certain range would receive an increase in recovery speed. This was the passive halo of Auroras Esper Ability after she entered the Beyond Grade A realm, and the range would increase with her grade. When she was on the command ship, the range of the halo was not enough to cover this area, but now that she was on this battlefield, her halo took effect and covered most of the Beyond Grade As on her side.

"This place is very dangerous. Dont come closer!" Hila saw Aurora immediately, and her expression changed.

Aurora turned a deaf ear and softly harrumphed.

Ever since she entered the Beyond Grade A realm, she had never experienced such a fierce battle. She had healed more than a hundred Beyond Grade As, and the amount of life energy consumed far exceeded the speed of replenishment. Her face gradually turned pale, and she felt like her body was being squeezed dry.

At this time, dozens of World Tree Roots suddenly attacked the main fleet from the side. Every root contained astonishing energy, and they quickly shattered a large number of battleships, creating a hole in the formation. The next moment, the Subduing Tree King shot toward Aurora through the gap like a green beam of light.

He had been looking for an opportunity to kill this recovery-type Esper. The moment Aurora arrived at the frontline, he saw an opportunity. He used the fleet as cover to launch a sneak attack near the edge of the main fleet, vowing to eliminate the biggest factor that affected their battle strategy.

The World Tree roots seemed to have formed a gigantic war chariot, charging forward and sweeping away the obstacles in the way. At the same time, they blocked the concentrated fire of the fleet for the Subduing Tree King. With the protection of the World Trees power, the Subduing Tree King dug his way into the main battleship.

Aurora seemed to be in a panic as she hurriedly retreated, condensing beams of holy light to hit the Subduing Tree Kings body. However, it was like scratching an itch, unable to stop the Subduing Tree Kings momentum.

In the blink of an eye, the Subduing Tree King appeared in front of Aurora as though he had teleported. A green light shot out from his arm and slashed at Auroras head in a semicircle, as though he wanted to smash her into meat paste.

The pressure from a being two levels higher locked onto Auroras body. Aurora seemed to have been stunned; she maintained a panicked expression without moving.

However, right at this moment, a violent mental shockwave exploded with Aurora as the center. It was extremely invasive and almost materialized.

The Subduing Tree King felt a sharp pain in his head, and his fist could not help but tilt to the side. The crescent-shaped fist lightly brushed past Aurora and shattered hundreds of battleships along the way.

Sorokins figure separated from Auroras body, and he appeared behind her like a double agent. He gently pressed his forehead, and his mental energy was constantly being released.

"Another protector?".

The Subduing Tree Kings expression did not change. Just as he was about to get rid of Sorokins mental power and continue attacking Aurora, something happened.

The panic on Auroras face disappeared in an instant, and she regained her calmness as though she had expected it. The necklace she was wearing suddenly opened up, and the mechanical structure instantly covered her entire body, turning into a familiar mechanical suit.


The next moment, there was a flash of light, and Aurora disappeared, leaving only Sorokin and a throne.

At the same time, Han Xiaos figure appeared out of thin air and replaced her original position. Without waiting for the Subduing Tree King to respond, he locked himself onto the Subduing Tree King, hanging on his body. "I knew you wouldnt give up on attacking our milkmaid!"

Han Xiaos strong arms wrapped around the Subduing Tree Kings neck, and he felt a huge force slamming into his chest. It was as though he was hugging a big, lively fish, and the Subduing Tree King was struggling in his arms.

The Subduing Tree King had always been hiding in the fleet, so Han Xiao did not have many opportunities to attack. He had deliberately made Aurora come out. Although it was a simple bait tactic, he believed that the World Tree experts would not be able to sit still. After all, the World Trees battle strategy was different. Han Xiao thought about it from the other partys point of view and felt that only by cutting off the healer could he successfully carry out the exchange battle tactic. It was worth sacrificing some high-level combatants for this. There was a certain chance of luring the Subduing Tree King out with this move. Although the bait was straight, the desires of the other party did not stop. It was a simple and effective plan.

Without any expression on his face, the Subduing Tree King continued to slam his elbow behind at Han Xiaos stomach. Shockwaves spread from their fight.

Some of the World Tree Roots in the surroundings blocked the focus fire of the fleets, while other roots landed heavy blows on the two of them, wanting to pull Han Xiao away from the Subduing Tree King.

In terms of strength, the Subduing Tree King was still stronger, and Han Xiao could not lock him down. However, just as he was about to break free, mechanical structures quickly spread out from the point of contact between Han Xiao and him, turning into a King Armor that wrapped around him.

"Take this move, inseparable lovers!"

Han Xiaos Mechanical Force flashed, and the two of them disappeared.


The next moment, the two of them appeared out of thin air in a strange empty area behind the formation of the three Universal Civilizations, as if the fleet had deliberately left this empty space. The moment the two of them appeared, the prepared fleets around them activated their protective shields and quickly formed a spherical barrier that covered the entire area. They then retreated immediately.

The Subduing Tree King frowned and finally broke free from Han Xiaos embrace, sending Han Xiao flying with a kick. He looked around and realized that there were hundreds of strange mechanical devices floating in the area.

Just as he was observing, hundreds of mechanical devices suddenly lit up, as if hundreds of wormholes had been opened. The insides of the tunnels were filled with blinding light, emitting frightening energy waves. Han Xiao stopped flying and narrowed his eyes.

"A few hundred improved Keys of Destruction are enough for you and me!"

Before the battle began, Han Xiao had specifically instructed the three Universal Civilizations to set up this type of trap and placed the throne in it.

The three Universal Civilizations had set up many similar traps before the battle, and they had tried to form a combination technique with the mechanisms of different Universal Treasures. This trap was one of the examples, and it was also the plan that Han Xiao had suggested to use the teleportation of the King mechanical suit and the destructive power of the Key of Destruction to form a lethal zone.

Advanced Mutually Assured Destruction!


The next moment, a blinding light shot out from hundreds of tunnels, instantly filling the entire area and drowning the two of them.

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