The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1341

Chapter 1341 Victory

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"Beautifully done!"


Seeing the Subduing Tree King explode into fireworks, Simon suppressed his excitement, choosing to smash the table instead.

Black Star was reliable. He had gotten rid of the enemy and stabilized the situation.

Without the halo of the entire army, the sudden advancement of the World Tree fleet during this period caused a large number of their fleets to fall into a bad situation.

Simon saw an opportunity and quickly calculated for a few seconds before decisively speaking in the command channel.

"Attention, all units! Pressure them!"

The three Universal Civilizations received the news and immediately took action. They worked together and gradually suppressed the enemy fleet.

Many of the World Tree Race experts saw that the Subduing Tree King had died in battle, and there was a slight commotion. Due to the loss of the halo amplification, their combat strength had decreased, and the advantage they had obtained before was quickly recovered by the Beyond Grade As of the three Universal Civilizations.

Without the Subduing Tree King holding him back, Han Xiao returned to the battlefield where the Beyond Grade As were. He attacked the other World Tree experts like a tiger entering a pack of wolves, quickly bringing an overwhelming victory.

Han Xiaos goal was to use the Spacetime Amber to seal the World Tree experts, but it did not go so smoothly. Before the Subduing Tree King self-destructed, he had already informed all the high-level combatants of the World Tree on the mental network. When the World Tree experts felt that they could not hold on any longer, they self-destructed without hesitation.

The World Tree had suspected that this was the home civilization of the intruder, so they naturally would not make such a low-level mistake. They did not send any foreign experts to participate in the battle, still guarding against the virtual purification that they had yet to figure out.

Even so, Han Xiao had the upper hand in terms of strength. After many attempts, he successfully managed to seal a target. Before the other party self-destructed, he beat him up with lightning speed and swallowed him in the amber.

However, this made the self-destruction of the other World Tree experts even more decisive. Some of them even hugged a Beyond Grade A and tried to blow up their opponents. With the death of the Subduing Tree King, the balance of the high-level combatants completely shifted to the three Universal Civilizations side. Balls of explosions lit up the battlefield. Not long after, the last Holy Tree Emissary also self-destructed and died. Only then did the Beyond Grade As retreat from the battlefield and return to the formation behind the three Universal Civilizations. They stepped into the command ship, and almost everyone was injured.

Simon stepped forward and exhaled with respect.

"Thank you for your hard work. Take a rest first. However, Mechanics still have to provide technical support." Han Xiao nodded. "Okay."

This battle was still underway, but it was time for the main fleet to act. The missions of these high-level combatants were basically completed. "This victory is all thanks to you guys," Simon said. "We achieved a complete victory in the high-level combatants and killed a hundred Beyond Grade As on the World Tree. We will talk about this after the battle officially ends."

With that, he turned back to the command center and continued to control the flow of the battle.

The Beyond Grade As looked at each other and remained silent.

Because of Aurora and Black Star, they had only paid the price of six Beyond Grade As to wipe out a hundred Beyond Grade As from the World Tree. From the battle losses alone, it was a complete victory.

However, life was not a number. When they thought about how these six companions had been chatting with each other not too long ago, many Beyond Grade As felt sad.

The ones who were sacrificed this time were someone else, but the World Tree would always make a comeback. Any of those present could be the next to die.

A similar thought appeared in everyones mind.

Although they hoped that they would be able to resurrect through Han Xiaos Sanctum, no one dared to guarantee when it would be their turn.

Many of them were filled with worry about the uncertain future.

Han Xiao turned around and took in everyones expressions. He said, "Aurora, you did well this time. If not for you, we might have lost half of our total members."

Hearing this, everyone turned to look at Aurora, and gratitude flashed in their eyes.

No matter what, most of the people present had been saved by Aurora more than once today, and they owed her a favor.

"I only did my part."

Aurora took a deep breath and imitated Han Xiaos humility.

Her face was rather pale. This high intensity battle had drained her life force too much, and her milk was almost used up.

Hila felt her heart ache a little, but her face remained expressionless.

Han Xiao patted Auroras shoulder, looked at everyone, and said, "This battle will take at least a few days. Everyone is injured. Go and rest for now."

Hearing this, no one declined, and they left with their own thoughts, leaving only the direct Beyond Grade As, Manison, Kasuyi, and the other important members of the association.

Manison looked at the four blocks of Spacetime Amber beside him. There were four World Tree powerhouses sealed inside.

"What do you plan to do with these four?"

"Seal them first and store them in the interception circle. Ill leave a Throne here to supervise it." Han Xiao sighed.

He had succeeded four times in using the Spacetime Amber, all because of the huge difference in strength. It allowed him to forcefully control the target before sealing them with the Spacetime Amber. Thus, the four high-level combatants of the World Tree that he had captured were all ordinary Beyond Grade As, while there were dozens of similar failures. It was an accomplishment for him to have succeeded even four times. The Executive Officer of the World Tree, the Ancestral Spirits, and the Head of the Army were all extremely powerful, and they were extremely difficult to deal with. They had self-destructed too decisively, so he could not catch them at all.

The six Beyond Grade As who died on their side were mainly killed by the self-destruction tactics of the World Tree. The dead were ordinary or fragile Beyond Grade As who died on the spot. Even Aurora could not save them in time.

Although he had won the battle between high-level combatants, Han Xiao had also fully felt how difficult it was to deal with the World Tree experts. It was not just their strength that was an issue but also their synchronized mental network and fearless attitude.

Even though he had many advantages now, the battle-hardened World Tree was not easy to deal with. He had his own methods, and the other party had all kinds of countermeasures.

"Although the Spacetime Amber has already proven its characteristics, we still have to prevent the World Tree from cracking its principles. What is impossible for us might not be the case for the World Tree."

Manison nodded. He was not confident that the World Tree would be unable to crack the Spacetime Amber.

Han Xiao did not say anything and glanced at Hila, gesturing with his eyes.

Seeing this, Hila nodded slightly.

This was a secret signal between the two of them. Seeing Hilas reaction, Han Xiao knew that Hila had been using the Underworld to collect the souls of the deceased. She should have gained a lot, but it was not the time to check.

"World Tree"

Han Xiao turned around and looked at the battle again, his eyes shining with an unknown light.

"Our high-level combatants have achieved a complete victory. Only six of them died, and Black Star even used the Spacetime Amber to capture four enemies"

In the conference room of the three Universal Civilizations, the three leaders were currently receiving reports from the frontlines and discussing in low voices.

"Black Star is as strong as ever. Luckily, we have the associations help. Otherwise, our direct lineage would not have been able to deal with so many enemies." Louis shook his head.

"Only six people died in battle. Their results are better than I expected." Marbruce exhaled.

"After destroying this wave of attacks from the World Tree, their next wave shouldnt be so quick. Theyve bought us more time." The Pope also nodded.

Although the three of them hoped to damage the Beyond Grade As of the association, they were still united against a common enemy. Seeing that their losses were low, they were also happy.

"However Hilas Underworld is collecting the souls of our soldiers. This is a problem," Louis said in a deep voice.

Marbruce lowered his voice. "Now is not the time to be calculative."

The existence of the Underworld was no longer a secret, and the three Universal Civilizations had known about it before the war. They knew that Hila might absorb the soldiers and talents that they had lost in the war, but in the current situation, they had no choice but to turn a blind eye.

This was akin to poaching. However, for a large number of soldiers that would have actually died in battle, entering the Underworld gave them a second lease of life. This was equivalent to reducing the losses of their war capital. Since this was a special situation, the three Universal Civilizations could only acquiesce.

The three of them were also worried that Hila would use the Underworld to take away the Beyond Grade As who had died in battle, but currently, not many Beyond Grade As were willing to become heroes who could not be free, with most of them choosing to believe in the Sanctum Revival.

No matter what, this was a hidden danger, but it was not the time to be calculative. The main problem was dealing with the World Tree Civilization, and the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations could do nothing about the Underworld.

The battle between the two fleets lasted a week, and the battlefront had already been stretched to the extreme.

The reinforcements from the three Universal Civilizations came in an endless stream, and the rest of the Beyond Grade As would attack together from time to time, gradually turning the tide of the battle in the three Universal Civilizations favor.

The expedition army of the World Tree had been devoured by batches, and they had changed their tactics when the situation was not looking good. They no longer attacked head-on and split up in an attempt to create loopholes in the interception network with their large numbers.

At this stage of the war, this wave of attacks had already been declared a failure. To the three Universal Civilizations, the only thing left was to clean up the mess.

Although they had defeated the enemy with a small loss and won the battle, the upper echelons were not happy. The revival ability of the World Tree shrouded their hearts like dark clouds.

However, no matter how heavy their hearts were, the officers still had to focus on commanding the troops to clean up the mess.

Seeing that the battle had come to an end, the three Universal Civilizations finally sent the frontline battle report back to the galactic society, promoting this victory and boosting the hearts of the people.

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